New Deception Game For PS3 And Vita Coming To The West [Update: Early 2014]

By Ishaan . September 19, 2013 . 9:20am

The new Deception game in development for PlayStation 3 and Vita, announced earlier in the month, is headed westward.


Tecmo Koei Europe confirmed this morning that Deception IV: Blood Ties will be released on PS3 and Vita in Europe, although they didn’t provide a release date.


The Deception series began on the original PlayStation and has the player setting imaginative traps to lure their enemies into.


Update: Tecmo Koei America said they plan to release Deception IV: Blood Ties in early 2014.

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  • Tom

    “New Deception Game For PS3 And Vita Coming To The West” – everything is in the title I need to know. New Deception game, and it’s on home consoles and portables, and it’s even coming to the west. GREAT! I really like the series, can’t wait for something new.

    • haku67

      yeah I know right I kept looking for the negative but there none :D
      this is great I loved trapt for the ps2. :D

  • Pdugna

    wait deception…..ok iam lost now…what game is this now? Alittle to many games comming out now.

    • Odin

      It’s an interesting concept from the same group who worked on the Zero/Fatal Frame games.

    • haku67 here this is an pretty good overview of it.
      I have only played trapt ( the 3rd game in this series ) and the 2nd on the psx

      • Dede Ogbe

        my interest in this game just sky rocketed. The concept look awesome. Story wise kind of reminds me of drakengard because of the setting and the whole story of despair thing.

        • haku67

          I’m glad its an really good series that is overlooked :D

        • haku67

          I’m glad its an really good series that is overlooked :D

  • Espoir

    Seems interesting! Can’t wait to know more info about it.

  • sherimae1324

    hey ishaan, is there no mention of NA release?

    • pimpalicious

      If there isn’t atleast both PS3/Vita are region free so importing will be easy.

      I never played the PS1 game and don’t know much about the series but I’ll look into it now. It somewhat sounds like Dungeon Keeper.

  • RovCal

    I am really grateful to tecmo they are localizing almost every title they develop. i hope other japanese companies learn from them.

  • jengo

    Instant purchase. Such awesome news!

  • GibbRS

    So excited. This gives me a glimmer of hope that there will be an HD collection released of the other games.

  • Kayseur

    When I learned there would be a new game of this series I knew nothing of, I looked it up on Youtube and it looked pretty interesting. So I wished there would be a localization announcement someday, but I wouldn’t have expected it to come so quickly.
    Great news, I’m still slightly angry at TK EU not to have got us retail release for the Atelier Plus, buuuut they confirmed retail release for this one (along with Toukiden) so I guess I can like them at least a bit. Will surely buy it.

  • Any chance of the previous PS1 classic editions coming west?
    I want to get into this series but I guess I”ll buy the original copies.

  • leingod

    I’m hoping for some really gory trap combos this time around :D

  • 3PointDecoupage

    So is this like an RPG? Monster hunter-style game?

    • Frederick Anchores Panahon

      The first one was awesome. You hunt heroes coming in to your mansion by placing traps.

    • mirumu

      Not really.

      Think of a large building you can run around in 3D, and then imagine people are going to enter the building to try and kill your character. They are armed and you don’t have the ability to fight them, but you can lay elaborate traps. Levelling up involves getting better traps. These games usually explain your ability to lay these traps by saying it’s a magical power is granted by some dark supernatural entity.

      I guess the best analogy I can come up with is that it’s like the movie Home Alone, but way way darker.

      • Guest

        So like a Tower Defense?

        • mirumu

          That’s closer in a way, but the gameplay is still a little different. You control a character running around in third person and you have to protect them from harm. This is your primary concern at all times really.

          When you go to lay a trap you have a grid to position it. Some traps can only go on the ground, some on walls, some on doors, some on stairs, etc. As you position them enemies keep coming for you.

          • 3PointDecoupage

            Sounds pretty cool. I might pick it up when it comes out. thanks.

      • 3PointDecoupage

        So like a Tower Defense?

  • Mordina

    I played the previous game in japanese lots, it was fun decorating painful traps and see the enemies suffer >:3 I will keep an eye on this one.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    They got me when they said Deception

  • Neppygear

    At first I was like “wtf is Deception” but then I read the comments and went “oh Trapt”.

    I’ll bite. I need some non-Persona, non-Project Diva action on m’Vita, anyway.

  • Doctor Nebula

    Yeees, Trapt had a really nice system of setting traps, I wonder are they going to keep third person though..

    • InfectedAI

      Why wouldn’t day? It would be a huge change to go to first person and they’d have to completely change the way the series works.

  • amagidyne


    I was hoping something like this would come out. Deception was such a delightful mix of goofiness and PURE EVIL. Day 1!

  • InfectedAI

    Deception on the PS1 was really cool. Looking forward to this.

  • Mister_Nep

    There’s been three games in this series? This is the first time I’ve heard about it. Besides that quick description in the article I don’t have anything to go by. Can somebody explain the series to me?

  • Aristides

    YES, YES, YES, YES!!! Keep up the pace TK!! Can’t wait for this :P I loved Trapt on PS2!

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