Aerith Outfit Confirmed For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII In Europe

By Ishaan . September 24, 2013 . 8:30am

This past weekend, Square Enix Japan streamed a trailer for an Aerith Gainsborough outfit from Final Fantasy VII for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This outfit has now been confirmed for inclusion in Europe by Square Enix Europe, who shared a clearer trailer for it on their YouTube channel this morning:



Square Enix Europe have not yet confirmed just how the Aerith costume will be unlocked in Lightning Returns. We’ll have details on that front as soon as they’re available.


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  • Smooosh


  • Dark Zerato

    If SE gives us the Japan voice for US/EU, it would be perfect.

    • seyEliveD

      And no Ali Hillis? :(

      • shadowind

        I actually met Ali Hillis at a signing in London last year along with Courtney Taylor aka the voice of Ada Wong and they were really cool people. In fact, I ended up getting an extra autograph from Ms Hillis as I gave her a plushie of a Liver Bird (a symbol of my home city of Liverpool) as a present which she liked quite a lot.

      • Dark Zerato

        The whole point of this outfit is a VA reference. Aerith and Lightning have the same VA in Japan.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    It looks bad on Light.

  • James Williams

    Just give us a damn collector’s edition already!

  • negineBIT

    My Lightning cannot be this cute/innocent/pure/etc! The way she walks in Aerith’s costume.. omg. I prefer her cool demeanor waaayyyy better.

    But since Lightning’s getting one hella of a wardrobe the size of Cocoon, so why not add Aerith’s right? XD

    …..wonders how Lightning looks in Tifa’s costume…….wait. *nosebleed*

    • xavier axol

      I guess…. lighting is trying to steal aerith’s thunder. XD
      now, what are the chances she encounters the same fate as Aerith?

      • MXC

        Woah dude spoiler I still havent finished FFVII

        • xavier axol

          sorry, I fixed it. but it’s a really old game that you should had finished it by now, there’s no excuses…. as to how critically acclaimed this game had been for years.

          • Barrylocke89

            Normally I’d agree 100%, but FF7 did recently get a release on Steam, so I can see some younger/late fans only now playing the game.

          • xavier axol

            it has been on pc for quite a while, just not on steam. not to mention on the psn where you could played it on psp, psv, and ps3. but I get your point.

          • Anime10121

            I’m hoping that was a joke…

          • xavier axol

            -_- no it wasn’t, why? out of all final fantasy games, it’s the most recognizable.

          • Anime10121

            …but it was, MXC has said he’s known about it for years

          • MXC

            Actually I had known since a long time ago and have been spoiled multiple times over the years but when I played it a long time ago the second disc got scratched and couldn’t continue until the steam release recently. So don’t worry about it too much.

          • xavier axol

            yeah I know it happen to me as well, though it was my fault since I only gotten around playing it years after it came out. anyways… what’s important, it’s that you have the chance to play the entire game.

    • popo123

      Nah Lightning would not look as cool and sexy as Tifa. She lacks both the front and the back haha

  • SerendipityX

    The outfit looks good, its the victory pose thats jarring.

  • Nyanmar

    True to its origin, the staff attaches to nothing on her back.

    • d19xx

      It’s velcro…

      • Detrimont

        i always thought it was magnetism

  • Anime10121

    I wish/hope since we’re getting TWO costumes from 7, we at least get a costume from 8 (Rinoa)! Or better yet! Give me a costume from each mainline title!

    • Mihel

      Nope, only FF7 is so special to have more than one costume featured in LR.

      • Anime10121

        lol, *sighs* so true…

  • Linhua

    … lol… looks like some Dress Sphere Combos she was doing… XD

    … Cloud x Aerith Combos!!

    … wait .-. Is her name actually Aerith or Aeris…?

    … I never knew… =

    • Anime10121

      Both! Its realistically/correctly supposed to be Aerith, but Aeris is the name that was actually in the game and in everything else up until the original Kingdom Hearts. Ever since KH release, they’ve changed her name to the more correct Aerith.

      • Linhua

        … ahh… so that’s why more people are calling her Aerith over Aeris.

        … thank you for the brief explanation!

      • JoJo_649

        Didn’t Square admit that Aeris was a mistranslation done by Sony and that Aerith is her true name?

        • Anime10121

          Not a mistranslation by Sony, as Sony never had anything to do with the game’s translation. It was a mistranslation by Square EA. Square’s US localizing team which was then partnered with EA games…yes THAT EA games.

          • Ixbran

            doesn’t change the fact it was still a mistranslation. A fuck up is still a fuck up. And because of it, now the fandom is divided, on how to spell her name of all things.

            its as bad as the Cloud/Tifa vs Cloud/Aerith fights.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I still have an old Playstation magazine explaining this! You see, it was a literal mistranslation from Square. When you pronounce Aerith in Japanese, it’s like this Earisu. As you can see, the su at the end threw off translators. Many Japanese words can be translated differently, so it’s mostly likely up to the creators to decide how to officially romanize it :D

  • MXC

    I just thought of a good costume idea. How bout an Agrias costume!

  • unsquidable

    I just want the Barret costume pack.

  • popo123

    They should include a Lenneth costume for Lightning. They’re practically the same character. I want her saying NIBLUNG VALESTI in LR.

  • Shippoyasha

    It is hilarious how overblown the drama is over this costume on forums around the net. I think all the costumes are cool and I love visual changes to characters when they swap armor. Not to mention Square Enix is not some indie studio that would be severely hit in their development of the rest of the game doing this. I personally love fanservice in this game.

  • ishyg

    Yes, our hopes of a remake, condensed in costumes…

  • Chris Cruz

    Square, Square, Square. What the hell are ya doin’ to Lightning…?

  • iLoveLightning

    She looks fucking awesome ^_^

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