Mighty No. 9 Adds Nintendo 3DS And PlayStation Vita Stretch Goal

By Ishaan . September 27, 2013 . 9:30am

Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to the Mega Man series, has added a new Kickstarter stretch goal for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita versions. The portable versions of the game will be greenlit at the $3.5 million mark.


Should the stretch goal be hit, the portable versions of Mighty No. 9 will be developed by Abstraction Games, the studio that brought Hotline Miami to Sony platforms.


Mighty No. 9 is currently at $2.6 million in Kickstarter contributions, which means it has nearly $1 million to go before the portable versions of the game have a chance of being developed—that said, with just four days left in its Kickstarter campaign, it looks unlikely that the game will hit that goal.


Mighty No. 9 is currently in development for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

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  • Mental

    “with just four days left in its Kickstarter campaign, it looks unlikely that the game will hit that goal.”

    I dunno. The game did hit its original goal of $900,000 within less than two days.

    • Xaltmas

      And most get a huge bump right at the end.

      Nearly a million is pushing it though…

  • Go2hell66

    Someone needs to do some kind of fundraiser. As in right now

    • InfectedAI

      You mean, like a Kickstarter? =P

      • Go2hell66

        Yes, a kickstarter for the kickstarter

        Or we can hope some robs a bank that would work too

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    I hope it meets that goal at least

    • InfectedAI

      It has to meet pretty much every goal to meet that. Though they have added 1 more after that. I wonder what it could possibly be?

      • Onizuka Gio Hikari

        Yeah i wish it had a final jump to meet all the goals

  • Sergio Briceño

    Well, there have been some other games before that after their kickstarter deadline (and the game having been funded) they continue to gather money through other means, so it really doesn’t mean this won’t be possible. Kickstarter has already fulfilled it’s purpose, the game is now funded and they don’t have to return the money they’ve gathered up until now. But that is about it.

    Yes, after the period is over I expect a LOT less contributions via Pay-pal or whatever other means they provide, but there is a huge chance that even more stretch goals are added and achieved between now and it’s 2015 release.

    It’s still got 2 more years of development people. It got 2M in 20 days, just think how much it could potentially make in 100 weeks. That is, if they continue to come up with meaningful stretch goals. If they are capable of this, 5M-10M wouldn’t seem an extraordinary figure at all.

  • TheExile285

    I don’t think they will meet this kickstarter goal. That being said, I think will still need Vita and 3DS versions of this. Just not right away when it launches on consoles and PC.

    • César H. Sandoval

      I’m sure it will reach the goal, the final 48hours of every popular KS project always get a crazy amount of money in pledges.

    • JuhRo

      But it may be the push the game needs..

      I think the Vita version will definitely eventually come out.. the game is bound to be a success.

    • British_Otaku

      Yep, additional console platforms are stretch goals are almost guaranteed to happen in the future if the game does well. Given that the game can only make more money when it is released on more platforms and it doesn’t require new content (optional use of touch screen, double screen and such interfaces aside).

      The rest of the stuff is fairly likely to be forgotten (or at least Wayforward suggest that they won’t release the other stuff as DLC) even if an $1 worth of donations could be the wall between a great game which does well and an excellent game which does very well.

  • Saculogir

    As long as we reach $2.75 mil, then that’s all I need to be satisfied. Lets go. late game backers!

  • No_Limitz

    How hard is it to develop a cross-play title between the vita and ps3 versions? Genuine curiosity, I’m not trying to be a smart ass. lol

    I would understand the 3DS version needing more work to port over to take advantage of the hardware but the Vita and its indie library would imply it wouldn’t be too much work to port?

    • Minos


      Netither between the WiiU and the 3DS.

      This is cash-grab, nothing else.

      • AkuLord3


        • TheExile285

          Games don’t cost money…


          • Minos

            Unless that he breakdown me the total cost of this game I have no reason to believe Inafume nor any other Kickstarter.

            Actually, as an invesor I think I have all the right to know where the money is going.

          • But when you start speaking like that, you sound like the companies that kickstarter projects like these either can’t get or try to stay away from.

          • Minos

            No, that is what Kickstarters whant people to think.

            How much did Minecraft cost?
            How much did Tetris cost?
            Did they asked for money?

            What I am seeing here is this:

            Years ago, people weren’t sure if their games would sell, and they took a huge monetary risk when creating a game. So, they used all their “Might” to create the best posible game. It was either fly or die.

            That is how Final Fantasy was born for example.

            Now, they only ask for money, they risk nothing, there is no reason to be pasionate, they can fly but not die, is like playing a game with infinite health.

          • CptPokerface

            And you don’t think theres a risk in someone working so hard to make a 2d platformer in the day and age of huge world-scaled RPG’s and AAA Shooters?

            Aside from that, you’re grossly generalizing everyone who starts a kickstarter fund as some lazy slob just looking for a handout. You’re crazy if you think Inafune isn’t passionate about something like this.

          • Minos

            Quick question:

            How do you know that the game is not founded yet?

            That is my point, we don’t know, there is no reason for Inafume to ask 2 days prior the closing of the Kickstarter campain for extra money, he could have asked for it from the begining.

            This is a trust thing, you guys trust him for no reason, I don’t beause I have no reason to.

          • CptPokerface

            It’s called a stretch goal. These are added when initial goals are filled to do more with the game/ get the game onto other platforms/etc. This is done all the time with successful kickstarter campaigns. Skullgirls added several stretch goals during it’s funding period as well.

            I don’t see how it’s possible that you don’t know where the money is going where it’s made plain as day what donating for each goal achieves. I won’t presume to know you but you seem to have serious trust issues.

          • Minos

            Between $1.5 and $2 million there a is a documentary and Boss Rush.

            So, making a Boss Rush costs $250.000…

            Next question:

            How do I know these “Stretch Goals” weren’t present on the original design and weren’t already funded?

          • InfectedAI

            By your logic you should never trust anyone about anything. You’re really paranoid.

          • Testsubject909

            You know, you kinda ignored the smaller details just to obsess over this.

            It’s really closer to doing a full priced pre-order with a more flexible swag/limited edition loot gain.

            If it is indeed “made beforehand and they’re just cash-grabbing”. Then it’s far closer to gaining more free DLC unlocked to all and implemented fully in the main package when the community reaches a certain level.

            Even if your paranoia would be validated, the end result is a far more beneficial one then the current business models utilized by the great majority of game companies when it comes to DLCs and the likes.

            Purely as a consumer, this is a good deal for you. And as a conspiracy theorist, this is entirely harmless to you.

          • CptPokerface

            Because games can be completely playable without an additional mode like Boss Rush.

            Look, I don’t know where all this mistrust comes from but I can’t sit here and tell you every little thing that goes on with this kickstarter. I’m not Keiji Inafune nor am I a programmer so I can’t sit here and explain why some things get added before others, when they get included, how much it costs, etc.

            I’m curious, what games DO you play? Who do you buy games from? Because if you need to know every detail under the sun about the game before you’re convinced then I can’t imagine you play many games at all.

          • Testsubject909

            I wonder if he looks at freeware games like Pixel’s Cave Story and goes “Why is this game free? Does it have a bug in it? Is it carrying a trojan virus? I can’t trust this. Even if hundreds of thousands of people downloaded the game and it’s been reviewed professionally what guarantees me that the guy who made the game didn’t bug it up and is going to steal my credit card number through this?” or something.

          • CptPokerface

            This is why even though I totally understand concerns gamers have with major corporations like EA or Activision or Capcom, at the end of the day I just opt to buy whatever game and DLC that appeals to me.

            Worrying about what gets funded when, how much things should cost vs the actual cost, how long it should take, how it’s implemented..it all just distracts me from what i Really want to do : play some damn vidya games. All the power to people who actively want to get the most out of their money for their games but I can’t spare the energy to hound every corporation out there about DLC and their business practices.

          • Testsubject909

            Fair enough.

            I don’t use much in terms of social media like twitter or facebook, so I’m not actively hounding them. But I am mindful of what I purchase. If it’s something that I feel is disgustingly unethical, such as the Xbox One, I’ll actively avoid purchasing it, or if it’s plainly incompetent or idiotic or suicidal, such as always-online DRM like with Diablo 3 on PC. Well I’ll also avoid that.

            Plus it’s just plainly unpleasant as a gaming experience.

          • CptPokerface

            True..you should always be mindful. I was pretty much against the One as well until the 180. I’ve seen what always-online did to games like Sim City as well.

            I just feel like these days people are so quick to get activist minded when it comes to smaller-scaled things like DLC and the like and it gets me weary.

          • Testsubject909

            Also. Nobody’s telling you to fund it. You don’t wanna pay X amount of money for the bare minimum of a digital download? Your choice.

            If you had absolutely zero interest in ever getting the game, that’s fine.

            But if you actually wanted the game and opted to just wait until it releases digitally for you to buy full price when it does… Okay? I don’t get it but sure.

            Your life, your money, your choice.

            But just so you know, you truly are sounding not only paranoid but also slightly unreasonable.

          • Enzo

            No, making a Boss Rush mode doesn’t cost $250,000. That goal is there so the project would be easier to fund.

            Also, even if you DID want to say they were already funded, that doesn’t change the fact that a game like Mighty no. 9 costs more than $2 million to make.

          • You need to remember the money isn’t pure profit.The game has yet to be made. The people who are lined up to work on it, wont do very much until its certain they can get their paycheck for it.

            Profits for the game are going to come from the sales afterward. If it turns out to be a flop, it’s not likely anyone outside the people who already own it through donating, will own a copy.

            There’s pretty strong motivation for them to do their best. For one, they aren’t going to be able to retire off this one game. They need to make money, not just from this game, but from any future games they might work on. They can’t do that if they let this game flop.

            It’s not infinite health. If the game flops, their reputation will suffer. Do you think they’d ever be able to raise another successful kickstarter after that? Do you think game companies would be eager to hire them after what happened?

            Back in the day, you could fail a few times before you had to reveal your Final Fantasy. Here if someone fails, that’s usually that.

          • César H. Sandoval

            There is already a breakdown in the Goal list of the KS project. But you don’t believe in it because you still think games just spawn into existence for free, not because of the time, money and work of developers and testers.

          • And do you ever question yourself where the money goes when you buy a game…?
            You are essentially buying the game with your investment, so isn’t it the same? With your reasoning you shouldnt buy anything unless you know exactly why it’s priced the way it is!

          • Minos

            Actually I do.

            That is why I don’t buy $60 games nor at any price from “Evil” companies like EA.

          • I understand where you come from and having critique for where your money goes is good. However, I believe you are taking it to an extreme by pushing companies as “evil” or “cashgrabbers”. That’s far from being smart; it’s borderline childish and paranoid.
            If you feel this way about capitalism you might as well not waste any money period. Who knows who could betray you next, right?
            Most people won’t take people who aren’t willing to do the first step of trust at face value. And if everyone thought like you the world would be full of paranoia and distrust; it’s a circular logic.

          • lozffvii

            You’re not an investor.
            You’re participating in crowdfunding.
            HUGE difference.
            If you’re INVESTING in something, you’re putting money in to get money out.
            CROWDFUNDING is when you put money into something to see it get made. The only return is knowledge that you helped something get made that you wanted to see get made.
            That, and some of the nice little backer rewards that they give you in return.

          • well you’re paying for the game if you pledge the amount that is required to receive it

    • There are a lot of costs involved in making handheld games which we as consumers aren’t fully aware of. It’s actually pretty cheap what they are asking for considering how many platforms they are offering to cover.
      Also, the money doesnt go exclusively to the porting. Remember there are multiple other goals and transparent costs outside the stated goals.

    • César H. Sandoval

      You always have to invest time, money, programmers and other personal to do the work for it, it’s not that simple, It’s not something that can effortless be done ina couple of hours.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Way to be a Negative Nancy, Ishaan. =/

    The one thing that should be clarified is the “that said, with just four days left in its Kickstarter campaign, it looks unlikely that the game will hit that goal.” statement. Even though the campaign will end, they’ll still be accepting donations through Paypal. So all of that money will be used to reach any stretch goals that weren’t met initially.

    • I’d say it’s realistic rather than negative. While it will keep getting donations expect the game to fall from the face of earth in terms of popularity for a while. One extra million after many people already funded does seem unlikely.
      Not impossible, but I feel the same as Ishaan; it looks unlikely.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Oh it’s totally unlikely that it’ll gain $1 million to get there (I’ve backed quite a few projects, so I’m well aware of the “late push”), I was just wanting to point it out.

    • Rohan Viajar

      That could be true, but I don’t think they explicitly said that they were going to keep Paypal open after the Kickstarter (unless they did and I missed it).

      It would be nice if they did though.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Most Kickstarter games keep their Paypal option open for at least a month or two (or much longer) after their campaigns have ended.

  • Zangetsu777

    This is pleasing to hear but also disappointing i wonder how long they will keep paypal open after the kickstarter campaign ends.

    Because an extended paypal campaign is the only way they will reach this goal.

  • Zangetsu777

    This is pleasing to hear but also disappointing i wonder how long they will keep paypal open after the kickstarter campaign ends.

    Because an extended paypal campaign is the only way they will reach this goal.

  • Sardorim

    At the very least it better hit the Beck and Call co-op stuff.

    I can see, if this game sells, a Vita/3DS port in the future. It just will be launched quite a bit later.

    • TrueDefault

      It’s still another 60k+ to go and only 3 days, I’m a bit worried.

      • Enzo

        It will make it. The rate in which money is flowing in has went up. It was probably about 24 hours ago where it needed 200k to go.

  • Tincho D

    Pink Klonoa is love

    • Namuro

      While I really like the blonde one since you can tell right away that she represents Roll, I really want…uh, Pink…Klonoa… to be Beck’s partner! This game could really use a unique and interesting-looking character like her. Looking at her expression, though, can’t help but think that she’s gonna end up being a Tsundere. LOL

      • Sardorim

        Sadly Pink Klonoa didn’t make it to the next voting poll for some reason. Really saddened as it was my favorite design by far. None of the ones up for vote even come close to this design. =*(

        • Tincho D


          BUT WHY? ;_;

        • s07195

          Wait, WHAT? Are you kidding me?

        • Namuro

          What!? I haven’t been following the news regarding Mighty No.9 for a while now, so I still have my hope up. Aw man…orz

    • Sardorim

      My favorite design for Call!

    • Spirit Macardi

      I never even thought about that until you said it… She seriously does look like what would happen if Klonoa and Lolo had a kid o.o

  • Aaronrules380

    I think you should also note about how you can now pledge extra to get an extra copy of the game with a physical medium. You’ll still get the digital version, but you can also get a disk or cartridge version now by pledging extra

  • Aaron K Stone

    Hey look it’s something for 3DS and Vita owners to team up on. ^^

  • leingod

    Vita version is the PERFECT version for me… but, but… I already put some money :/

  • KiTA

    Meanwhile, the Mutant League Football and Shantae kickstarters are struggling. =/

    • Spirit Macardi

      Didn’t Shantae meet its funding goal? I’m sure there’s still stretch goals left, but that’s why they’re stretch goals; they aren’t necessary, they just provide some extra incentive for more backing.

  • Saintdante

    I think even if it doesn’t manage to make the Vita stretch goal Sony will try to get it for Vita and PS4 considering how indie crazy they are right now.

  • In these last days of this game’s KS, we need that Mighty Miracle from the very first day once again to snare that last handheld stretch goal~!

  • Göran Isacson

    I’d rather they push up the XBone and PS4 stretch goals to reach the portable stretch goals quicker, if only because it feels like they would reach a bigger audience if they went for portables first, next-gen consoles later. But, I’m not the one in charge of the kick-starter. I guess that porting the games to portable consoles when it really looks like it’s designed for higher end PC-s/Consoles would be more work than just making a next-gen version though, so I guess I can see the logic behind it.

  • Natalie Rath

    DAMN IT only 3 more days :( Not possibru… I mean I want a 3DS version SOOOOO BAD. :(

  • Spirit Macardi

    “Mighty No. 9 is currently at $2.6 million in Kickstarter contributions.”

    Somewhere a Capcom executive is slamming his head against a desk XD

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope it makes the goal, but I doubt it. A million bucks is a lot of moolah.

  • s07195

    I’ll probably try and pledge some money, if only to get a copy of the game even on PC. Need my platformer fix.

    On the other hand, just found out that the twintail call design didn’t make it to the next voting round, so feeling a bit down now since I didn’t back early enough to vote for it…

  • Ric Vazquez

    Oh God please grant them a freaking miracle, I so want this for vita and 3ds!

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    Is this the spiritual successor to Mega Man or the exact same thing as Mega Man?

  • Erwin MadJelly

    Hmm I wonder if this is actually better to play on My VITA or PC?

  • artemisthemp

    There is a minor chance for 3DS/Vita version been meet, when looking ad days remain vs Goal meet pr. day

  • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

    THEY WONT MEET IT AT ALL T_T /ubermegasobbing

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