Rune Factory 4 Reaches Europe In Spring 2014

By Ishaan . October 1, 2013 . 11:02am

Rune Factory 4 will be available in Europe in spring 2014, Marvelous AQL and Zen United announced today. The European release will use Xseed’s localization for the U.S.


Meanwhile, Rune Factory 4 is out in North America today. The game features an enhanced dating system, the ability to pick either a male or female character, and a new feature that allows the player to help build up their town.

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  • Mordina

    I should’ve imported a US 3DS :<

    • Tenetan

      You should, thats what I did, and this is a game I’m currently playing :D Got it 2h ago.

      • JohnNiles

        And to think I was getting itchy because I ordered it through the mail instead of trying to buy it at retail. When spring 2014 arrives, I’ll see the headline here and think, “Rune Factory 5 is out already?”

      • Kemail

        Some battles you win, some you don’t. I don’t like it that I’ve to wait for some games, like SMT, EO and RF4. On the other hand, Europe seems to get Bravely Default before the US, so it’s not all bad.
        Still though, RF4 took a good damn while to get a release date for Europe, even as vague as “spring 2014”.

  • Masa

    2014? man that is hell of a wait but i guess its understandable as in America they only translate to one Language, it translates a few different ones for Europe right?

    • Hello

      Zen United have never translated into a language other than English.
      Except with the first Blazblue.

      • Masa

        so why such a long wait then?
        Guess they are just really slow.

  • Ardus

    Better late then never. Cant wait to date.

  • TheExile285

    Picking this up on tomorrow. Can’t wait! :D

  • artemisthemp

    Rune Factory Ocean and Rune Factory 4 connect in any way and does you their will be a demo on Estore?

    • InfectedAI

      As of right now there’s no demo on the eShop. I don’t think it’s getting one.

      • artemisthemp

        Then I most likely won’t play it :(

    • Dust Huynh

      Is RFO going to tie in with RF4?
      I mean haven’t all the game in the series been standalones except for cameos?

  • AxionAzure

    I aways wanted to try Rune Factory, guess I’ll check it out when I have the chance.

  • Periklis

    Ugh… this gives me a bad premonition for SMT4

  • Dust Huynh

    I managed to get the ONLY EO Maiden Maid there…
    I’VE WAITED FOR SO LONG and…it still isn’ there on release date…T_T

    • TheExile285

      Gotta pre-order man. GS is terrible with niche portable games >_>

      • Dust Huynh

        The thing is I did preordered ALL THE WAY FROM SUMMER. T_T
        Idk why I love the RF games so much…I just do. XD

    • School Idol Addict

      To be fair though today isn’t the release date, but the shipping date, so that mean it’s not guarantee that shop will have copie to sell today.

      • Dust Huynh

        Ohhh…Okay that makes sense.

  • Rue

    Picking this up on friday. 8-)

  • AkiraScare

    Ahhhhhh Got mine… waited for more than a year… Man really sucks for europe having to wait even longer (-_-) just make it an eshop for them or something to stop the torture…

  • TrueDefault

    Better late than never I suppose.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, well… I guess by then my wallet will have recovered, so there’s that plus. Just gotta play the waiting game…

  • Briannon Dudek

    Weren’t the previous Rune Factory games localised by Rising Star? Or was that just the Harvest Moon series? If so, why is Zen United picking it up?

  • s07195

    I guess I’ll pick up a US ver. 2DS for this game. T_T

  • sakiu

    Zen United? Then I guess next status update will be around 2015…. -_-

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