A Closer Look At Vanille In Lightning Returns… And Lightning In A Dress

By Ishaan . October 9, 2013 . 8:30am

As reported in the past, Vanille is back in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This morning, Square Enix shared official screenshots of her. Vanille can hear the voices of the deceased, and dubbed “the Saint,” now spends her days under the Order’s protection in Luxerion. Check her out below.


Additionally, Square Enix mention a feature called “Outerworld Service,” that will let you submit snapshots, messages and battle scores via social media from the game.



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  • Sardorim

    Well, we all know whose going to be happy to see her in a dress.

    • mockturtle


  • Not a bad outfit… I’m more surprised that Lightning has like 400 new clothing options and Vanille gets a head dress. C’est la vie.

    I still think Lightning would look better in these outfits if she was a plainer looking character. Light Pink curls don’t seem to match with much… Ah well.

    • Somber

      Lightning needs those garbs in order to cover all abilities since she is alone in this game. I guess they didn’t have enough time for Vanille.

      EDIT: All of those garbs are different ver. of 12 base costumes. So, Lightning got only 12 costumes. :)

    • Max

      Yeah I know. The head dress is cool but when I saw the other picture I thought she would be wearing an Indian or middle east style dress but it was just the headdress. It would be cool if Lighting have something alike.

  • TheExile285

    Dat Dress O.O

    • Freya2012

      It looked like she is dancing in that dress :)

  • DivinePhoenix69

    Interesting, really wish Vanille would have atleast gotten a new look but its whatever i guess.

    looking forward to 2014, with this game, TOS:HD, TOX2 and with Drakengard 3 recently confirmed for a 2014 release in the US i have many reasons to be hyped.

    • Dark Zerato

      Wait. Where did you hear about Drakengard 3 being localized in 2014 ?

      • Anime10121

        The articles EVERYWHERE buddy (its on Siliconera’s front page btw) :D

        • Dark Zerato

          OK, i see. Not refreshing the front page for a while. So SE actually do us a favor once in a while.

      • DivinePhoenix69

        I actually saw IGN post the announcementrailer about an hour ago,i was suprised myself honestly. This was before Silliconera posted the article about it btw.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Really? You can’t give ex-party members like Fang, Vanile, and Szah new costumes?

    I mean jesus you could even sell new toys of them if you did.

  • I… actually like that dress Lightning has on for a change.
    Wish more costumes were like that instead of silly catsuit or cameo stuff.

    • Somber

      there are several hot and cool garbs! :D

      Miqo’te and cameo are just for promotions and fanservice.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Lol most of her outfits are like that stop looking at the cameo stuff and the sexy stuff

  • Wait what

    I’m really annoyed at how much of this game is being spoiled for me before it even comes out. I’m mostly annoyed at Square Enix for showing all of this, so I’m not going to take it out on siliconera for reporting on the spoilers, but I wish you guys would at least not put the spoilers in the title of the post.

    The fact that some of these characters are returning is a major plot development considering the previous two games that I would rather not have found out before the game comes out…

    • Steven Higgins

      Square said a while ago that all the original FF XIII would have their stories resolved in this game.

      • Wait what

        I considered Vanille’s story pretty damn resolved at the end of XIII. But even if they were going to expand on it and give it even more resolution, that didn’t necessarily mean she was going to come BACK. If you finished XIII, then you’d know that this is a pretty big spoiler. I have no idea why Square Enix felt the need to show us every single character doing every single thing. I’d rather find out what they have been up to and what they are like now IN the game.

        • Steven Higgins

          Well, if that’s what your concern is then you can just not click. Yeah the title has spoilers like “This character is back” but they only go into detail in the actual article. It may not completely eliminate spoilers but it does reduce them. if you don’t want ANY spoilers whatsoever, then I’m afraid the only choice is to stop visiting the site altogether until the game is released. Inconvenient but effective. Too bad there isn’t a filter like “don’t show this game on my browser”

          And didn’t they swear to find a way to free them in the last scene? That still leaves it open.

          • Wait what

            As I said, I don’t blame siliconera, I blame Square Enix. This news has been everywhere. Even on their own Twitter. It’s impossible to avoid and it’s a pretty decent spoiler I’d rather not have known.


    *see the pics and try to don’t read anything*
    awesome dress

    enough with the spoilers SE are you going to concour to dengeki to put a HUGE spoiler pic in the cover like you did with Reishiki?
    *leaves the article*

  • Dark Zerato

    Why is Lightning screenshots in a Vanille article ?
    And how can she move around in a battle on that heel ?

    • Maybe she’s using that anti-gravity she was supposed to use TWO games ago!

    • Somber

      becuz they were released along this batch :)

    • Kaihedgie

      This is a video game, specifically Final Fantasy, where battle ability is not impeded by your choice of footwear or any sort of implausible clothing not practical in any battle setting

    • Wtv

      If mahou shoujos can fight on high heel, Lightning can too.

  • Somber

    Super hot Lightning!!!! Luv dat garb!

  • Dark Zerato

    The 2nd pic looks like Fang is going to “rescue” Vanille or something.

  • Skode

    Who knew? Lightning actually DOES suit wearing a dress!

  • d19xx

    “Vanille can hear the voices of the deceased”

    Vanille: I can hear dead people…

    Spoilers: Lighting is actually dead…

    • Max

      Oh God now I really hate you!

    • natchu96

      They all supposed to be dead people just waiting to have it pointed out to them anyway (violently), so I wonder what that sentence could refer to . . .

  • O_O! Holy…….
    Lightning looks electrifying in that dress =^_^=

  • revenent hell

    Reading this made me miss playing the games that when you equip a new armor or something it changes your appearance in the game. It almost strikes me as wrong how people make it DLC and charge for it…… Im probably just being nitpicky…
    I cant believe they didn’t give Fang a new outfit :( as one of the sole redeeming characters I find in this trilogy I think she deserved something more than the same outfit.

  • Cursingcomet

    Lightning looks like a vampire slayer in that dress.

  • DyLaN

    Vanille…. ur….. priestess(?) veil is nice, but the horns is a bit excessive.

    Lightning looks gorgeus in that dress.

  • Göran Isacson

    Holy heck, practically ALL of Lightnings outfits in these screens look awesome! And Vanille… well, she’s there, I guess. And she hears dead people. Now I really want her to meet Sora, for delicious meta-lulz. I wonder if she’s helping the Order of her own free will, or if she’ll join Lightning the second she’s set free…

  • Vash bane

    -prepares for the infamous panty shots-


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