Dragon’s Crown Now Supports Cross-Play Between PS3 And Vita In Japan

By Ishaan . October 9, 2013 . 5:01am

Dragon’s Crown now has cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation 3 and Vita in Japan, Atlus have announced. The game’s fourth update patch adds the feature as part of a larger list of tweaks and adjustments.


Other adjustments made to the game include being able to lock your items so you don’t discard them by mistake, adjustments to skill effects, NPC behaviour and the ability to set whether or not NPCs will join under Game Settings 2, and other improvements regarding stability and more.


Atlus have not yet announced when this patch will be made available in the U.S.

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  • XiaomuArisu

    2 days till its in the EU

    • MewkaKazami

      That feel when I caved in and bought the PS3 US version and now I’m going to buy the PS Vita version for the EU because it’s just that fucking good.

      • XiaomuArisu

        Atlus thanks you for your support!!!

  • d19xx

    Dragon’s Crown is the gift that keeps on giving…

  • Go2hell66

    Well no need to worry about vita community being to small then

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      The Vita version is pretty much the only one I play now, but this patch is hugely welcomed.

  • Dagobert

    So anyone else get that email from Atlus saying this game would be 29.99$ on the vita? Apparently the deal is going on now and it’s for the physical copy of it too, but I can’t seem to find any stores selling it for that price. It says the temporary price drop will go on until the 15th of this month. Same with the PS3 version it’s 10$ cheaper.

    • TheExile285

      Try Amazon

      • Dagobert

        That’s the first place I checked. They don’t have the 10$ price drop either. I mean the PSN version is on sale but the email said “Pick up a boxed copy of Dragon’s Crown from participating retailers or click on the links below to purchase the digital version and DLC.” It does mention that it’s a physical version as well.

        • TheExile285

          Hmmm, well I would keep checking periodically then

          • Dagobert

            I guess, it’s just weird Atlus would send out the email about this offer so early if no retailer has decided to participate in it or updated their prices yet. I really want to try the game but I don’t feel like spending 39$ when I’ve spent so much on damn limited edition releases of games recently.

          • TheExile285

            I understand. Have fun when you dog get it. Its a great game.

        • ShadowDivz

          Don’t you have a Gamestop/Eb games or best buy near you?

          • Dagobert

            It’s not on sale at those stores. Either way I refuse to shop at best buy, they stole almost 10,000$ from me. I think Atlus might have made a mistake and meant psn only. Oh well.

          • X_Bacon

            Play-Asia already have it cheaper, so at least it’s not PSN-only…

          • Dagobert

            I’ve never actually bought games from them. They actually region 1 games as well? Yeah I know Vita is region free and all but as long as the game is in English and or German, I’m fine.

          • X_Bacon

            They sell games from all regions, I buy US ones from them all the time. They also offer free shipping.

    • RichyGaming

      Dat avatar face…

  • koksuckaahh

    Cross play?, now i regret trading this game in…

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Hallelujah, praise be to Atlus and Vanillaware for their continued support for this game.

    Let us adventurers, regardless of platform, unite to save the land from the Ancient Dragons!

  • TheExile285


  • Brimfyre

    Before it came out Vanilliaware said it wasn’t possible to do Cross Play at this point because of budget issues. That makes me think this game is selling way over expectations. Great news.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Stop tempting me…. I already got it pre-ordered for Friday…. ;_;
    Hopefully this happens in NA and EU too.

  • IS | 桂木


  • ShadowDivz


  • Wafflenaut

    Wow, that’s pretty big. Might just jump back into the fray and conquer the rest of the Chaos Lab.

  • Naux

    Wouldn’t the frame rate issues on the PS Vita cause problems during crossplay with the PS3 version? Or have those issues been addressed?

    • X_Bacon

      …that’s a good question. I hope they don’t just make everyone else have a slowdown in case there’s someone lagging on a Vita.

    • Daniel Williams

      shouldnt be that big of an issue. Until you said this, I didnt even realize that there were frame rate issues on the vita which means they cant be that common

  • artemisthemp

    Now I just wait for EU patch to Dragon’s Crown

  • SlickRoach

    Better late than never, just now to wait until a NA patch hopefully.

  • benhofb

    I’m pretty surprised this is a thing since before launch, Atlus said multiple times that cross play would not be possible. Pretty cool that they got it working and whatnot. Here is to hoping it runs smoothly!

  • eilegz

    good news, now i want this…. more :D hopefully crossbuy in the future

    • TheExile285

      probably not

  • r0gamer940

    On an unrelated note Drakengard 3 is coming to the US is 2014

  • MewkaKazami


  • Anthony Birken

    Now to get back into this game~

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Fuck yeah~.

  • ShootThatWay

    This will mean more people to play with. My elf gets lonely when she goes into a dungeon and no one joins her.

    If you ever find my elf’s corpse, she’s a lvl 39 elf wearing red and named Velvet.

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