Valve Demonstrate The Steam Controller With Portal 2

By Ishaan . October 11, 2013 . 11:35am

Valve have shared a new video that demonstrates the Steam Controller the company released announced for use with—or without—their upcoming Steam Machines. Details on the controller can be found in this report, and you can watch the demo below.



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  • TheExile285

    Looks promising

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Looks like it functions a lot better than I expected. You have my attention now.

  • malek86

    Looks okay for Portal 2 (though not that much better than a regular joypad), while Civilization still doesn’t look particularly comfortable.

  • gerald

    The way he keeps lifting and flicking his right thumb to look around seems very awkward compared to an analog stick. It’s like a mini laptop trackpad and I hate those things.

    • Shady Shariest

      They are trackpads.
      Edit: “Heptic touchpads” in fancy schmancy pr-talk.

      • gerald

        Yeah, but they said it’d feel better and be more responsive with haptics. I guess I expected it to look different in action. I don’t know how it feels but it looks like it controls exactly like a regular trackpad, which I hate for games.

        • Shady Shariest

          It kinda is… My guess is that the difference is in the buttons that are set in the pad and in some better responsiveness.

          Valve has tried to hype these things to an extent where people would not really care about anything but the brand.

          …And the words “New” “Improved” or “Not a pricey HDMI-cable” in case of SteamBox.

    • malek86

      Technically speaking, you do the same thing with a mouse. You can avoid it by increasing the mouse speed, but then you’ll lose some short-range accuracy. I prefer to mantain a low speed, and even if I have to move the mouse twice to look behind me, in a shootout my headshots are much quicker.

      • JuhRo

        But you don’t do the same thing with an analog stick,
        is what he’s trying to say.
        So it’s kind of an odd replacement of an analog stick.

        I can see both pros and cons of it.. I’d like the option for either or in the future. It’s kinda like the touch pad in the middle of the ps4 controller. Oddly similar.

  • Shady Shariest

    Only one odd point : The quick edit and skip when the tester accidentally fired at the wall in the CS demo… Seems like they thought it would be bad to see even a single slip.

    The overall movement on the trackpad seems awkward. For example in peppers plesh there was a sluggish moment with handing the documents. And then scrolling the map with Civ 5, which seemed slow.

    But those are just a few minor flauds. It’s very interesting to see this live… They explained the trackpads in an overly complicated way, i think.It all makes more sense now :3

    • neocatzon

      Watching this video, I get the gist. It’s slapping trackpads on where dpad usually supposed to be. Personally I want to try this thing.

      Just like when playing on normal trackpad, it looks like these problem can be solved by controlling the sensitivity. It may be too simple of solution for Civ 5 and Paper Please, but for the FPSs, switching sensitivy on the go might do the thing.

    • gold163

      What edit and skip are you talking about? You know you can fire through walls in CS right, and that he might have been firing through the wall in order to hit the targets on the other side (that’s why they don’t have full HP when he reaches the room)? The reason why he was facing the wall was because in that part of the obstacle course there is a flashbang and you’re not supposed to be facing it. If you’re referring to when the lighting shifts at around 3:20 into the video I’m not sure what’s up with that, but I’m pretty sure nothing is edited out or accidental.

      • Shady Shariest

        Ah, sorry, didn’t know that :x

  • Enzo

    Although I can see the usefulness of this kind of controller, this video confirms its own weaknesses as well.

  • TrevHead

    The fact it could do a 180 deg instant rotation in a FPS is good enough for me.

  • SnarkySram

    I can very easily see this causing RSI over 1 campaign of Civ5.

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