Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Shows Off Its Tales of the Abyss Costumes

By Ishaan . October 14, 2013 . 12:59pm

Lloyd and Genis will have costumes from Tales of the Abyss in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and Namco Bandai showed them off today, along with a batch of new screenshots for the game. Check them out below, and in case you missed it, you can find details on the collector’s edition of the game here.


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    That’s really cool. Cameo costumes in Tales Series are always awesome! Bring more of those in Bamco!

  • i wish zelos was the one to get luke’s costume. D:

    • Masengan

      Yeah, missed opportunity unless they have DLC.

  • Shippoyasha

    I almost wished they had a Vita edition of this. Either way, the whole package is stunning! Finally a collectors edition that is Japanese caliber in terms of extra goodies.

  • Luke Blackwood

    Is it SERIOUSLY too much to ask for ONE SINGLE COSTUME for Emil or Marta? C’mon, they announced a good number of costumes for Symphonia’s cast, but NOT EVEN ONE for DOTNW’s characters.

    • GH56734

      They confirmed the European extras for Symphonia 2 will be included, including costumes. Beyond that, err..
      It’s an escort title, ie a spin-off with lower relevance (and budget). I doubt they’re investing that much inside it.
      … aside from the dummied Mystic Artes (that can be found with cheats on the Wii version) that were somehow dubbed to English, that is. Those are more likely to get included, actually.

      • Luke Blackwood

        Oh, if that’s the case, I’m sorry, I didn’t really knew they had already confirmed costumes for DOTNW.

        Anyway, if they are going to include it in a collection, they at least should put equal work to both games. DOTNW might be a sequel and not be considered a mothership tales game (dunno why, since Xillia 2 is considered as one but oh well), but it IS a Symphonia game and, since it is a more recent game, many people got to know Symphonia through it(myself included), so it’s sorta sadenning to those people to see Symphonia 1 get all the love :c

        • GH56734

          Oh, it’s all right. You were right actually, beyond using the PAL version (which had so far the most content, kind of like when they said for Symphonia they’re using the PS2 version) they didn’t confirm new PS3-exclusive costumes for the Symphonia 2 part.

          For example, Symphonia PS2 Lloyd (among others) had a pirate outfit, but they confirmed they’ll add for the PS3 version as well another ToA costume (the one in this article).

          Sadly Symphonia 2 being an escort title meant that during its development it got lower budget and quality standards. I think that crept to the re-release as well :(

          It’s similar in some ways to Narikiri Dungeon (Tales of Phantasia sequel) but that one did get a proper remake in 2010.
          And Xillia 2 isn’t the first mothership sequel: there’s the Japanese Destiny 2 for the PS2.

          But hey, at least you have dual audio, the Japanese voices were more interesting in the sequel.

          • Luke Blackwood

            I actually like the american voices best in the sequel. Johny Yong Bosch + Laura Bailey is like my favourite pairing of English Voice Actors (and separatedely some of my favourites too)

  • John Diamond

    i told you once i told ya twice. zelos would be waaaaay better a person for luke’s costume

  • Nitraion

    Hmm i wish they use original TOS game with DoNTW chara model…
    but oh well both game looks good

  • LonelyGuardian

    Genis looks odd in Luke’s costume..Regal or Zelos would have worked better. Should have given him Jade’s instead, or made Tear’s available for Sheena

  • I cant wait till this comes out :D does it have a release date yet?

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