Record of Agarest War Is Coming To Android Devices

By Ishaan . October 30, 2013 . 12:50am


Now that Record of Agarest War is out on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, its quest for platform conquest continues outside the confines of traditional consoles. Next up—a release for Android devices.


Record of Agarest War is being ported to Android by HyperDevbox, who say that the game will be available for Android devices in “a few weeks”. The game has been optimized into 1.8 GB for mobile devices (down from the original 6 GB). HyperDevBox add that this includes the game in its entirety, including all the original DLC.


"We are extremely excited to bring yet another premium full video console game to mobile devices," said HyperDevbox founder and CEO Carlo Perconti.


"After our successful launch of Spectral Souls and Blazing Souls Accelate for Android users worldwide, we are confident that Record of Agarest War, one of the most profound and exciting game series in the genre, will satisfy the thirst of J-RPG fans at home or on the go."

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  • Audie Bakerson

    … So why can’t a good game get ported around like this?

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s not that there the first Agarest was bad, but there are so many better games out there that should get ported. Also, I don’t see how in the hell they had successful launches of Spectral Souls and Blazing Souls. Those games were much worse than Agarest.

      • Ladius

        If that’s your issue, you should criticize the developers and publishers of those “better games” for not being interested in porting their titles to new platforms instead of attacking Idea Factory because they’re progressive enough to let small western developers work on their games in order to have them on PC and Android.

        It isn’t like HyperDevBox had a choice between Agarest and a random TalesPersonaAtelierSMT game.

        • Of course HDB doesn’t have choice with bigger and better titles, but they could have picked something better from a company that already has a poor reputation here in the states. One would think that they’d try to release something that wasn’t such a demanding and subpar game such as the first Agarest. Heck, if the news was about Agarest Zero, then that would be something more exciting than this. But, like I said, it’s not a bad game.

      • Hyperdevbox

        There is always a better game for somebody else that should be ported. We believe it is good to have choices of different games for customers. Spectral Souls is a good game and We brought the genre on Android (full console game 1 GB J-RPG) so it is a logic evolution to continue with more recent title as Android devices are getting better and better and can now support full HD resolution ^^

      • Lumi

        Simple, the android market (the mobile market in general) is pretty devoid of jsrpgs and hyperdevbox filled the hole

    • Ladius

      Maybe because Idea Factory is actively invested in getting their games localized and ported to new platforms, while some other developers barely think about the oversea markets and would never let other teams work on their games’ code.

      Agarest isn’t a bad game either, it’s obviously not a masterpiece but it’s a serviceable jrpg that can be fairly enjoyable in its own right despite its faults.

      • Hyperdevbox

        Thank you Having Record of Agarest War on Android will bring the best of the 2 worlds, a portable version of the game you can carry and play on the go everywhere and then back home, connect your device to an HDTV , plug external controller and enjoy the console version ^^

    • My thoughts exactly :P

  • IDSD


  • Go2hell66

    No iOS? D:

    not often apple users get left out of the fun :(

    • NoOneSeesWhatWeSee

      And too often Android users get left out of the fun.

  • Lumi

    Oh HyperDevBox. it’ll probably be a $15 dollar game then? I bought their Spectral Souls port and the controls were so confusing that I gave up on it… To clarify, the playstation’s command buttons were mapped to 4 on-screen buttons that are marked 1,2,3,4, etc placed horizontally at the bottom of the screen. There’s some degree of full-touch control (at least I don’t remember tapping on virtual directional buttons), but it’s still hard to play without a controller. Hope they do something different with this one…

    • Hyperdevbox

      Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Spectral Souls controls are indeed oriented more to virtual controls because on a small screen you cannot select and point & click easily unless you have a validation to every single step. Once you get used to the controls which are exactly the same as a PSP controller then you’ll see that this is the fastest and most efficient way to play the game. Now for Record of Agarest War and tablets getting more and more popular, We are taking the time to implement more controls schemes : external controller, virtual controller and touch too, so hopefully your hope should be fulfilled :)

      • Lumi

        Glad to hear it, if tablet controls are nice I’d be getting this for my tablet

      • FurbyTime

        So, out of curiosity, are the other games you’ve brought over to android the same in terms of controls? I was turned off of Spectral Souls because of the control scheme, but of the others play differently I’d love to play them.

        • Hyperdevbox

          Yes, Spectral Souls , Blazing Souls and Generation of Chaos all shares the same control scheme. Some people just want to play point and click game and some are enjoying the precision of our virtual controls which really are not intrusive, allow precise and quick selection in a game that was designed anyway for such of inputs. We also provide different pattern for the buttons position that you can chooses from the option screen, at the end it is also depending of your devices capabilities as we do also provide keyboards mapping and Moga controllers support (only on Blazing Souls thought). I invite you to look our YT video to see how controls are embedded into the game screen.

  • Neppygear

    They’re really whoring out Agarest, huh.

    • I see what you did there.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      They have a series with just enough naughty rep to catch peoples notice and are continuing to run with it. Decent business sense. As Ladius notes below, CH/IF is willing and has been willing for some time to bring stuff West — and with some recognition of where the differences are in the two markets. Especially among developers of smaller VNs and VN-styled games, that hasn’t much been the case.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    If you have ever played vandal hearts I see not reason for why you shouldn’t like this as well. Sure, it require some brainpower early on, and if you fall behind you’d be forced to grind some as you cant get your gear going to continue the momentum. That said this is one of very very few under 20 euro game on steam I’ve actually enjoyed and bothered to play.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Good god…

  • artemisthemp

    I may pick the game up if, it doesn’t cost a fortune

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    Well I think PS3 version was around 15 GB, so 1.8 GB is really nice! I’ll surely replay this on my phone!

  • NoOneSeesWhatWeSee

    Hmmm. I already have this on the PC, so I don’t need any other version.

    But I’m happy to see Android getting some exclusive support for once.

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