PlayStation 3 Hits 80 Million In Worldwide Shipments

By Ishaan . November 5, 2013 . 11:18pm

Global shipments of PlayStation 3 have reached over 80 million units since its 2006 release, Sony have announced. That sales figure is as of November 2nd, 2013.


Currently in its seventh year on the market, PlayStation 3 will soon be joined by the PlayStation 4, which is set to launch later this month in North America and Europe.


Despite the PS4 launch, however, Sony are continuing to release first-party PlayStation 3 games such as Gran Turismo 6, which will be available on December 6th.

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  • nororu

    it was a nice console… its a nice console, even if i buy a ps4, i will keep giving it love

  • Tom

    Yeah, that’s because my 60GB PAL fat PS3 died and I had to buy a new one (it was PS2 backwards compatible so I have to get a PS2 as well). I’m a bit angry at Sony but happy with the new 500GB white superslim model :)

    • Zalin

      Not bad at all if you ask me, how long did it last 7 years? My 360 I bought last year only lasted 6 months before it kicked the bucket got a new one from microsoft and now that one is dead too. I think ill stick with sony for now.

    • Koji Kabuto

      MIne is alive and I use it nearly every day.

      On the other hand my first 360 died in less than a month…

      • Tom

        At least you still had varranty. The first gen fat PS3s tend to die 18-24 months after purchase. Which is out of the varranty time but you can be sure it will happen… Bad construction is bad.

        • Trevor Nicolaysen

          That’s just not true, like, at all…

        • TacoBomber

          Had mine since they announced they would be discontinuing the backwards compatible models. Upgraded to a 1TB hard drive, still working fine today.

    • Lucky Dan

      You were essentially beta testing the consoles cause they don’t do any longterm testing cause their isn’t much competition compared to other products.

      This will be the same for the XBOX ONE and the PS4 so essentially you will be beta testing the console my suggestion wait for a couple of years then think about buying one when the first generation of consoles have been fully sold.

      • Tom

        Yeah, I guess you’re right. I like the PS4’s design but I don’t want to risk getting something with severe child-illneses. By the way, I like the slim version of the PS3 but I could only get the super slim (I hope it will consume less power and won’t fry itself, I read that slim also had the YLOD problem and maybe the superslim wont…)

      • Rytan

        I’ve always loved waiting until the end of a console’s life cycle before hopping on. I didn’t get a PSP until Vita was out and don’t regret it. So many good games for less than $5. And I hope to actually get a PS3 around Christmas time for the same reasons. Maybe I’ll get the PS4 in… what? 2020?

  • Seven of The Scions

    How many times i bought xbox and all of them RROD….

    And I’m sure many people are bought them at least once.
    that’s why XBOX360 selling well.
    as for PS3 I only bought PS3 Slim once and work like wonders without having any ‘Scare to Death’ feeling like I always did on XBOX360.

    And just now someone got Error 82 or something on his brand new xboxslim…

    and it’s been a long time since i stop supporting Microsoft, personal experience i guess.
    but I still own my xbox360 slim although I rarely using it.

  • k.b.a.

    it’s an interesting to look at the numbers by continent/country at wikipedia. the chips falls just like you think they would, but god damn the 360 outside of na and eu… it’s staggering

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Nice! Congrats Sony! :D

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