One Piece Unlimited World: RED Demo Out On 3DS eShop

By Ishaan . November 6, 2013 . 9:00am

Those with a Japanese Nintendo 3DS can now download a demo for One Piece Unlimited World: RED via the Nintendo eShop.


The demo features a Punk Hazard quest where you’re required to defeat a dragon enemy and a second quest set in the Enies Lobby. Namco Bandai will release the full game on November 21st in Japan.


Unlike past games based on the series, One Piece Unlimited World: RED is a multiplayer-focused title, similar to Monster Hunter and other games that follow in its footsteps. The game features an original story with new characters created by the author of the manga himself, and takes place in highly customizable new locale named Trans Town.


Update: It looks like the demo is already available. Thanks to Nintendaan for the heads up!

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  • LunarKnite

    I wonder if they’d ever consider putting Japanese demos on non-Japan eShop as a way to gauge interest.

    • British_Otaku

      It sounds like a nice idea, but I assume they need to do a rights and licenses tango (meaning that they probably already have money to localise it and some confidence) even to get demos lined up for other regions officially on a digital store front and it is very rare for people to be interested in games which aren’t translated, let alone demos (me and some other crazy people aside).

      • LunarKnite

        True enough. Just hoping for a way to play this and show interest in hopes for a possible localization. Hopefully decent sales for Romance Dawn would convince them to bring over more One Piece games.

        • British_Otaku

          I see. It would be cool if companies did bring around demos casually to events to market the idea regardless, it isn’t rare for Japanese demos/footage of games due to be localised to be at events or shown in trailers still. :P

          Fortunately, this isn’t a Shenmue 3 scenario where we can’t buy copies or merchandise to support the franchise and even if the company was interested in taking a risk, it would be far from their second or third option before the fiscal year ends. Sales for Romance Dawn will probably be enough.

  • Namuro

    Ooh nice! Can’t wait to try out the game. I’m going to paint Trans Town red!

    • British_Otaku

      Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t touch that at all. :O
      It’s fun, but navigating the town looked like it could be some of the most fun in a One Piece game on it’s own. It’s not often that they treat Luffy’s rubber body as a means for interesting navigation in real time.

      • Namuro

        Yup, just gave the demo a try this morning. There’s no Trans Town to explore, but at least the 2 demo stages gave me a pretty good idea on the general gameplay and combat…which I absolutely love! I feel that the combat, while similar to the Unlimited World, flows really well, with nice combos that can be connected with the team, variety of moves that are actually useful, pretty well implemented countering system, and more importantly, smooth frame rate! (but we can’t really judge that until the real game…)

        I’m pretty impressed with the demo, I’ll be getting the game for sure! Will be even better, if they localize it, in which case I’ll be patiently waiting.

        • British_Otaku

          Yep, the two stages were pretty solid and the overall combat was fresh on top of the usual Unlimited stuff. I thought I saw the frame rate stutter in the last trailer with Franky at 1:05 ( ). It’s bizarre that they let footage which had a freeze of any sort into one of their trailers especially when it’s one of the smoothest looking games around, but I’ll assume that most of the game is stable at worst. >_>

          I haven’t heard any word about online for this and some of other cool titles (Gaist Crusher, Attack on Titan) but I’m hoping multiplayer works across regions in advance of the localisation.

  • ronin4life

    Doesn’t Gaist crusher have a demo this week too?

    Been a good month for Demos..

    • British_Otaku

      It has? I’ve got a lot of stuff to occupy me then…

      EDIT: Aikatsu Futari My Princess is also up this week along with Gaist Crusher, One Piece UWR and Cooking Mama 5. One of the best weeks in memory for demos. :D

  • Saeed Al-Thumali

    I hope you folks with the Japanese region 3DS can give us some impressions :)

    • ronin4life

      I just might…
      Though as for One piece, I have no point of comparison…

      Pretty much lost track of the manga when Viz quit monthly shonen jump too…

      • Saeed Al-Thumali

        there’s the weekly shonen jump though, 99c per issue with a 26 dollar subscription yearly

    • British_Otaku

      I’ve had just enough time to try out all of the playable characters in the demo (unfortunately only 5 of the crew members) while swapping from playing alone and with support on the two maps.

      The crew members playable are Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and Robin (though we can read information on the Level 5 variations of the other crew members). They are very distinguished from the start with Luffy having a greater weakness against swords but greater resistance against electricity like the source material, plus their combat feeling distinct even between Robin’s distance dominance and Usopp’s comfortable sniping though he can walk and fire and all. It oddly feels akin to Arkham Asylum of all things with prompts on screen above enemies start up attacks (you can stun them with big attacks, not little ones), I would rather not have the big blue button saying when to do it though, even if it works and flows well in a more “Dynasty Warriors” sort of fashion.

      Playing alone seems doable but difficult, perhaps it’s as I went in the first time for both maps without help and poor understanding of the game.

      If you are curious, the stages were Punk Hazard (Target: Dragon) and Enies Lobby (Target: A TON OF PACIFISTA). Both were fun, but I liked Enies Lobby more for providing more paths (even if I couldn’t jump up to one of them), some grass and trees to mess around with more and such.

      The other Unlimited games were MASSIVE open adventure games, I’m hoping that we get a big setting in this one but I suppose there is room for a more mission based one with better combat and such.

      TheGameTagerZ has already got videos up in a comment here, so you may as well follow him for more or ask me for more specific information.

  • British_Otaku

    I was starting the fourth case of AA5 (loving it so far) and prepping for an interview tomorrow, but I’ll be on this right now. I hope we get 30 tries like with UCSP (which was a pretty crappy demo, but a nice gesture to get a sample of a new mode).

    EDIT: 30 Tries Confirmed. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
    EDIT EDIT: Gaist Crusher caught on too, 30 Tries! :D

  • TheGameTagerZ
    • British_Otaku

      Fast to upload as usual, what was your take on the lack of 3D?
      It looks and flows pretty well to the point where I don’t care much, no frame drops yet even if I saw them in a trailer earlier I think… >_>

      The banter between teammates is pretty well done as well, taking the use of the license even further, but it is pretty standard as I’ve seen elements of it in MH and E.X. Troopers.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I hate 3d features on the 3ds so I can’t really give you a proper opinion on that. I thought this game was going to be half assed but I had a lot of fun which was surprising because I always hated the Unlimited Series. The controls are pretty easy to hop on too (X & Y to attack, R+A team attack, R+B Powerup, R+Y Special). To counter an attack or dodge it you press the A button at the right time. Like Ussop for example will counter with his hammer, or dodge by rolling and my favorite he’ll raise his hands and run away sometimes.

        • British_Otaku

          Fair enough on the 3D, I guess it isn’t something that uploaders on Youtube care about much even before personal interest. Some games have a serious drop in frame on the 3DS, with or without the 3D, I was curious whether you had it. If not, no problem…

          I always loved the Unlimited series, but I suppose it’s the best introduction to the series anyone could have given that it’s more streamlined but with better combat if that makes sense. Did you think that the other Unlimited games were half assed then? Why?

          I get the feeling that they might have clogged up the dodge/counter mechanic a bit (plus the prompt being on the screen), at least when you are fighting five thousand people and pacifista and are playing solo. Usopp doing that raise-hands-run dodge as a dragon is going to eat him is brilliant fun.

          If you haven’t you should look into playing the demo of Gaist Crusher… I suppose it could go on the ShonenGameZ channel as well. >_>

          • TheGameTagerZ

            With this recorder you can’t really upload 3D yet if it was an option I would have done it. The Unlimited Series models weren’t all that good looking to be but even then I tried it because it was an “open world” One Piece game. I think it was the fact that I was forced to use the Wii Remote…..yeah….I think I found the core issue….Yeah the dodge/counter icon comes up very often…not sure if that’s for the sake of the demo or just for the first few levels to get used to it but I can see why they did it. Battles look like they can get crazy and there’s no block button from what I seen.

            I actually have Gaist Crusher downloaded I just haven’t got to it yet. Later today I’ll try to get some footage.

          • British_Otaku

            I see. I guess I’m looking forward to the 3D footage someday then… >_>
            It was just the Wii Remote use which despite being two of your attacks and connected to all of the fishing/bug catching and stuff is pretty minimal and well done in comparison to a lot of Wii games? Okay, then. I sorta recommend you get back to them someday, even if you may be busy with everything else and then this.

            I’ve seen the dodge/counter/block icon in videos for the last few months or something, so I’m getting the feeling it is on by default at the very least and perhaps at worst, can’t be disabled. >_> The Unlimited series (including this even though both of us think it’s pretty different) and Pirate Warriors both lacked blocking as they want us to be focused on dodging and more aggressive play, we can wait and counter to an extent which brings the game into a nice flow.

            Looking forward to the Gaist Crusher stuff, it’s a huge demo well over 1000 blocks and packs in lots of content.

      • Suicunesol

        WHAAATT? This game doesn’t have a 3D option???

        • British_Otaku

          Yep, I’ve been playing the demo for a few hours and don’t recall there being any 3D in the gameplay, cinematics, loading screens or menus provided.

          I’m going to assume there isn’t any for the entire package (unless they are saving it for a QR 3D Photo thing >_>), if that’s what it takes to get a smooth good looking experience like this (even if I see a few wrinkles), I’ll take it.

          I know people were burned over Pokemon but that was eerily inconsistent AND unstable.

  • Rokubato

    So the game has no 3D from what I can tell, and I doubt it’s the demo only.
    The graphics are great, very smooth looking, unlike any other 3DS game I played.
    Can’t wait to get my limited Red 3DS LL >_<

  • FJLink

    This looks much more combat focused than the previous entries, with the multiplayer and that. Exploring the islands for materials and new paths was what added (in my case hundreds of) hours to the games, so… I’m a bit uncertain on this one by now.

    Looks like this time the characters themselves have levels instead of having to level up each attack. I hope you don’t have all the attacks unlocked from the beginning, at least xD

    • British_Otaku

      I started REALLY skeptical towards this one as I saw closed routes and barely anywhere to go off and explore even if the combat is pretty nice, but the material collecting (they still have the Break Burst specifically for getting drops – plus fishing and bug catching -) will probably still be up there on top of unlocking a few attacks (probably specials) tediously as we loved in the past… I hope. >_>

      I recall Unlimited Adventure’s starting moveset for Luffy being VERY humbling with a single punch for a while but growing to appreciate every addition to the family and investing time into increasing Nami, Usopp and Franky’s arsenal.

      • FJLink

        Something i really liked with the previous ones was using certain attacks over and over again to level them up. Now the only fun will be just smashing buttons to get on fever mode, I’m afraid.

        Another thing that will be gone are group-attacks, since they took some PP from each character, and that would be a chaos in multiplayer.

        Still, I want to see what NEW elements they will implement. Maybe the citizens will ask you to bring them materials, and there might be new “boost” items, like the fire dial and the bombs.

        • British_Otaku

          I enjoyed the old leveling very much as well, but maybe it is too soon to say whether we don’t have to unlock some of standard attacks as well. I bet the 2006 demo for Unlimited Adventure didn’t show off minimal attacks. The counter system (I can’t give it enough credit) seems to make up for the leveling system quite nicely even if I would rather have both with the fever mode.

          This game actually does have group attacks, but the (the combinations I’ve tried anyway) are understandably more generic as you don’t have the whole crew with you or because there aren’t many in this era or Ganbarion are slacking. A source:

          Pretty sure we will get tons of fetch quests from Trans Town just from this being a hybrid of Monster Hunter ideas and good ol’ Unlimited stuff. I hope we see items that we can equip like before, the game has the items at the bottom of the screen and lets you navigate them with ease but I’m not sure if it will go further than a bug catching net and healing items.

  • 하세요

    I really don’t know anything about One Piece but I had fun with the demo. I like using Nami and Chopper in OP games when my friends have them so I was saddened neither were selectable in the demo.

  • 永次

    I have played the demo yesterday and, the combat is very good, musou style with jump, dash, special attack, combined attack. The BGM is very good. The camera is the big problem, is not really bad but it’s very near to your character and in little places with builds you can lose your character.
    Graphics are awesome.
    When you start a mission, you can select 3 characters, Leader and 2 support, meanwhile the mission, you can change the leader by one of that 2 support (Start button -> Change Leader), it’s not very hard to defeat the enemies, there are a little platform component, you can use items, you can level-up your characters and attributes.
    In the demo there are 2 missions, The Dragon and 7 pacifista.
    I tried Luffy, Sanji and Zoro.

    I really liked the game, I want to try the full game, looks very complete and fun.

    • British_Otaku

      Good to know that you had fun. T

      The camera is definitely a bit weird, sometimes it has a bit of fun like at Enies Lobby before bouncing up to fight the pacifista (reasonable I guess, but why place a few enemies, a spring and a camera change in the same area) and other times it zooms out a bit more than you would like even if you are fighting a lot of foes. I recommend using L to change camera as you fight or perhaps the Circle Pad Pro if the demo supports it, but I guess that doesn’t change that you and I are going to use the default method.

      It is possible to play missions solo, or with only one support member if you press Y in the middle of picking your line up. It’s a challenge as there are more dangers than the prompt to counter, but it is playable.

      Platforming has always been dodgy in the previous Unlimited games, or at least Adventure as it demands that you do very precise jumps and mapped sprinting to pressing C twice while moving. Since it feels… normal now, I hope we get more platforming in this one or at least get environments to jump up and down on a frequent basis.

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