Poison Will Be The Easiest New Character To Pick Up In Ultra Street Fighter IV

By Ishaan . November 8, 2013 . 9:00am

Street Fighter IV’s next update Ultra Street Fighter IV will introduce five new characters to the game, and producer Tomoaki Ayano has shared brief notes on the four that have been revealed so far. Below are a few quotes from Ayano’s blog post, which you can read in full here.


Rolento can be a bit predictable at times, but once you get a handle on using him, you can control the air game as well as the ground game. The “Stinger” is very useful for stopping your opponent’s movements.


Of course when we think of Hugo, we think of the “Giant Palm Breaker”! Hunh! Hunh! Hunh! This move’s got a lot of priority. Takes you back to SFIII, doesn’t it? :P I think this will be his main special move on the ground in Ultra SFIV as well.


I think Poison is probably the easiest to pick up out of the four new characters. I know I’ve said this before, but of the four she’s definitely my favorite.


Elena’s specialty is fighting on the ground with mid attacks, but the Rhino Horn is a nice tool for helping to close the distance. The key will be to hit this right at max range.


Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released in early 2014 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Ayano has said he intends to continue updating the game beyond Ultra’s release, in order to keep the game going and the mechanics evolving.

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  • Cody

    I’d pick her up.

    • Guest

      just make sure you know what your getting into

      • Corey Owens

        I love that picture, but the translation is pretty loose…

        • Guest


      • Cody

        Poison is post-op… JUST SAYIN

        • Superior Spider-Man

          and I’ll still turn the other direction post haste.

    • TheRequiem95

      I’m thinking about wiggling my joy stick as we speak.

    • Hector Velar

      she is really a girl, just that when they ported final fight to America because of feminist groups and the notion that America will not take well you beating up woman they made it seem she was a tranny, educate yourself.

      • domonkun

        No one said that they didn’t know that, chill out.

        The whole “is she a tranny?” thing got spread even to Japan, so the joke is almost canon, just like the rumor of Ryu’s teacher eventually becoming a real thing.

      • Magnus
      • Cody

        I’m familiar with the story. Whatever she is, I’ll hit it.

  • Mace

    Foolishly, I will probably pick this up and play it a whole 20 mins. Just like every previous version of the game. I just can’t get into SFIV for some reason. I really like 3S, Elena is a treat to watch in that. But the charm didn’t carry over into sfxt, and I bet the same can be said bout her Ultra version too. However, I’ll probably get it anyway… cause I’m an idiot. Now, back to BBCP.

  • Ninastars

    I wish I could get into Street Fighter. It’s just that for me the problem was the lack of content with the games I tried. There’s only so many times one has the patience to play arcade mode over and over until you’re good enough for online while almost all other fighters these days have some kind of an actual story mode and other optional single player modes.

    I don’t know if they added any modes after SSFIV though.

    • d3v

      You’ll never be “good enough for online” if all you play is arcade mode. The only way to be good enough to play other people is to play other people.

      • TheRequiem95

        I disagree. I don’t think you will ever be good enough for online, period. I get destroyed within seconds every time I try to play Capcom fighters online. It doesn’t matter if its Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, whatever. I’m sure I suck a bit, but even ranked screws me. I don’t understand how other “level 1” players are already Akuma masters. Something is fishy there…

      • Ninastars

        I disagree. Playing against bots is my preferred way to learn the mechanics of the characters though and memorize their intricacies. I see no appeal in just going online with a blank slate on the game.

        • d3v

          But fighting the AI won’t really teach you how the game is played. At worst, you just learn specific things that work only on the AI and not real players. The metagame has evolved way beyond what the programmers did for the AI. For example, fighting against an AI Cammy wont teach you how to deal with one of the best characters in the game simply because the AI cannot do the tech that makes them good. The other thing is that fighting the AI won’t teach you how to properly read your opponents. A big part of fighting games is learning your opponents habits and patterns – something an AI cannot replicate.

    • Kaitsu

      Don’t play regular matches. Just play ranked. You’ll be pit up with people around your level. That’s the only way I got better.

  • CptPokerface

    I really hope poison and hugo do well in ultra. Hugo was nerfed hard in sfxt and they never did much for poison.

  • Guest

    Am i the only who thinks some of these models look… Ugly?

    • DCBlackbird

      I think it’s because they were extracted from the sfxt and were not yet or as aesthetically fine tuned

      • leingod

        they both have the exact same artstyle though, IMO.

  • VixyTail

    who is the 5th character?

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      They’ve been keeping it a secret since Ultra’s announcement. They did give hints, but it’s still vague as to who it is lol

  • leingod

    Well, she plays kinda like a shotokan in a sense, so yeah… it makes sense she’ll be the easiest to pick up. And man, does Hugo have huge hands.

  • Just Tim

    Poison will always be THE most TRAPtastic of them all!

    With that said, I just see myself trolling with Poison. xD

  • The 15ᵗʰ Angel

    Next up Super Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition then Super Ultra Street Fighter IV Turbo Arcade Edition. After those MAYBE JUST MAYBE Mega Street Fighter IV then Street Fighter V

    • DanteMasamune

      How do you go from Ultra to Mega? Isn’t Ultra above Mega?

  • tobi

    Poison’s hot.

  • dahuuuundge

    Still hoping for Urien or Q

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