Namco High Lets You Date Namco Bandai Characters This Holiday

By Ishaan . November 16, 2013 . 2:00pm

As reported earlier in the year, Namco Bandai and What Pumpkin Studios are working on Namco High, a browser-based dating-sim that takes place in a high school and lets you date Namco characters.


Here’s the premise in Namco’s own words: “As a cousin to the Prince from the Katamari series you will meet total strangers with nothing in common, but before it is all over you’ll break rules, bare your soul, and touch each other in ways you never dreamed.”


Namco High will be a free-to-play game. Free “datelines” will include: Galaga (from Galaga), Lolo (from Klonoa), Valkyrie (from Legend of the Valkyrie), Anti-Bravoman (from Bravoman), Meowkie (fromMappy) and Albatross (from Rolling Thunder).


In addition to the above, you’ll also have “premium datelines,” which you’ll need to pay for. These are: “Donko (from Taiko Drum Master), eight to-be-announced additional characters from the Namco Bandai universe, Terezi Pyrope (from Homestuck), and two other to-be-announced characters from Homestuck.


Below are some of the paid content packages for the game that you can pre-order to access the paid content when Namco High is released. These packs include both in-game content as well as physical items.



Description: All the dateable NAMCO BANDAI Games characters, all three of the Homestuck characters, plus digital soundtrack, wallpapers, and avatar set

Price: $14.95



Description: DELUXE PAK plus an exclusive pre-order Cousin T-shirt, sticker and pin

Disclaimer: Pre-order only

Price: $49.95



Description: SWAG PAK plus an exclusive messenger bag

Disclaimer: Pre-order only

Price: $99.95



Description: MESSENGER PAK plus an exclusive diploma and class ring

Disclaimer: Pre-order only

Price: $249.95



Description: CLASSMATE PAK plus an exclusive letterman jacket

Disclaimer: Pre-order only

Price: $499.95


The above packs can be bought at Additionally, once Namco High is released, you’ll also have the option of buying individual datelines instead of complete packages. Namco High will be available this holiday season.

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  • SupaPhly


  • 3PointDecoupage

    Namco characters? Who do they have besides Tales and Shonen Jump?

    • They have Tekken and Pac Man.

      • leingod

        Also Soul Calibur, Ridge Racer… they’ve got a ton of properties, really.

      • 3PointDecoupage

        I stand corrected. Id play a game where you date Pacman.

        • Spirit Macardi

          Since the game is being helmed by ShiftyLook, Pac-Man won’t be in it. Since they’re about bringing to light series that Namco has forgotten about, and Pac-Man is still being shoved around by them as if he were still relevant.

  • This can’t be real. Who would spend $500 on this game no matter how good it is?

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Sadly this is now looking no better than the dating sims on Newgrounds and you don’t have to pay a dime for those.

    The idea of ‘pay what you want’ has sadly opened the door for stunts like this IMO.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Now I feel like playing a random flash game from Newgrounds.

    • Lynx

      To be honest, I could probably get more enjoyment out of some of those than this. At least some of those were original characters and didn’t rely on nostalgia to bring in people.

      That and the odds of this having characters I’d get it for (Read KOS-MOS, T-elos, Shion or Ibis/Tsugumi/ Sleigh)is pretty much non existent.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I’m suspecting the devs would consider that by making this a satire game (even if most folks don’t know what is being poked at) your target audience is in fact pretty large. Newgrounds and Kongregate both have far larger audiences than a more detailed ‘date the boys and girls of various Ban-Nam properties’ game would. And you don’t have to explain paths for an Elize or MOMO.

  • leingod

    I’d totally date the ship from Galaga.

  • Ferrick

    wow… just wow…

  • Muffum

    What good is there in life if you can’t date an anthropomorphic taiko drum without paying money?

  • ReidHershel

    Nice try, but nothing beats Hatoful Boyfriend~

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      that game gave me bird flu

    • Lumi

      Yep, and that is a really handsome pigeon!

      Also, Hatoful Boyfriends started as a April Fool joke, and actually got made. You can’t get better than that. And it’s $5 ($0.50 if you caught the Groupee deal last month). Beats this in terms of value any day.

    • Cazar

      But what about Jurassic Heart?

      • akiko_sakuraba

        Ohhh Taira-chan~

    • akiko_sakuraba

      GOD YES. I got the drama CDs at my local Tsutaya.

  • hazelnut1112

    The fact that it’s being made by the Homestuck creator sickens me for some reason…

    • Jettythesunfish

      I have to share that feeling as well…

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      yes Me too…..

    • Junko Enoshima

      You know that there are actual people in this world who like Homestuck, right? I’m not saying I’m a fan, but seriously. Just because it “sickens” you doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone.

      • AkuLord3

        Of course he knows…that’s just life, one thing you don’t like means someone else doesn’t either…doesn’t change what he feels and there are people who agree so MEH. I kinda agree with him and i don’t have to say that 8D

      • chroma816

        Message boards and comment sections are for opinions. Just because it doesn’t match yours, or a fan’s, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be shared.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Swag Set? Namco pls

  • ReidHershel

    Also, why the hell is a tote bag an extra 50 dollars?

  • Jesse

    I think the person who priced this stuff was drunk or crazy. 8U

  • Jettythesunfish


  • Detrimont

    Terezi… what are you doing….
    (stop hussie stop)

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Wonder who would buy the Cool Kid Pak…. ._.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    this is the funniest joke I ever seen.
    what? its not a joke?

    • Lumi

      This need to be released on April Fools! Just to screw with the idea even more.

  • Hinataharem

    I hope Galaga-sempai will notice me

    • Hound

      From the website:

  • Warboss Aohd

    ‘looks at prices’


  • Chiupon

    lol wtf is this

    i almost expected something quality

    w/e since the hamsteak guy did it it’s still gonna sell

  • OrkoTheBlackMage

    And I though abominations couldn’t exist.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I really don’t like what they’ve done to Lolo for this game. She is SO not a tsundere type character, quite the opposite. She’s very outgoing and cheerful toward others, albeit inwardly insecure. Though maybe the lack of a Klonoa 3 has soured her worldview (it sure has for me…).

    However, the game is clearly meant to be a parody, what with the Galaga ship and one of the Taiko drums being datable. Don’t think I’d pay money for it, but I might give it a shot.

    After all, can’t be any worse than Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

    • Jettythesunfish

      Wait, they made Lolo tsundere?

      • Spirit Macardi

        Yup. She even has a little skull emblem where her priestess feather would normally be.

        • Jettythesunfish

          *facepalm* Goddammit…why? Just why?

          • Spirit Macardi

            I guess simply keeping her as a complex and likable character was too original. Need to fit characters into cliche archetypes if you want them to appeal to the masses.

          • Jettythesunfish

            Well, at least it’s not canon…

  • Brandonmkii

    Ugh Valkyrie, y u look so bad.

    • Spirit Macardi

      That’s her look in the comic.

  • Kamakuma

    Shelling out that kind of money for this? I could go into next gen gaming with that… >~>

  • Nitraion

    The onnly that looks date -able is just lolo

  • Cazar

    I actually thought this was an interesting concept despite the controversial art designs, but wow, what a scam.

  • katamari damacy

    Well the obvious premium content is to have a saucy, suggestively homoerotic relationship with Pac-Man and Dig Doug.

  • icecoffemix

    Are you high enough to play and pay for this game?

  • Reminds me when Konami tried to make a western dating sim called Brooktown High. At least these character designs are meant to be funny.

  • ChiffonCake

    >Free to play
    Ha! Ha! Ha!


  • X_Bacon

    No Tales of characters? Okay. ._.

    • JuVu

      I’m actually quite glad they left them out of this monstrosity.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    OK, does ANYONE know these characters? I don’t… When I think of Namco Bandai, I think of Tales of and [email protected]

  • Rocket D

    “Who the heck are these characters?” is exactly what I thought when I saw the screenshot. I only know Lolo really…though I don’t think that not knowing a majority of them should really hurt this game that much (because with this logic NB loves to keep Tales of games in Japan only like Tales VS back in 2008…) I will admit though for a game like this that rest solely on character interaction it may have been a better idea to slap in at least one or two more popular characters that a majority of people can recognize. Excluding the Homestuck character because it’s not a NB character (plus never read it myself, no clue who she is either). I know why she’s there, because the creator of HS is working on this game, but is seems a tad forced? Maybe to advertise the game, I don’t know.

    There are some TBA characters so maybe in the “premium” packs fans will get characters they know. I really don’t think this is a game to willingly pay for though. Not bashing it or even judging it in terms of quality or gameplay but it seems a tad much to ask for so much for dating sim scenarios/datable characters. Look at those prices, why does any of them exceed $20? Heck, even $10? And adding merchandise to bump up those prices past $100 seems just insane for a “free-to-play” dating sim. With that in mind Capcom can save the money used on this game and make decent preorder content for console/PC games but that’s just what I think. Or develope games some fans have been waiting for or have gotten cancelled. I don’t know, this dating sim game seems so forced in everything it’s trying to do but maybe I’m looking too much into it.

  • NRool

    Meowkies, Galaga and Donko!?
    Jesus christ what the heck is this monstrosity.

    The Taiko no Tatsujin fan in me is intrigued, the rest of me is confused.

  • I thought Hussie didn’t want his characters ANYWHERE? I see there’s a male character here, so if Karkat is announced, then I might be interested. Maybe. But the Homestuck characters being involved at all seems like a ploy to pull in the Homestuck fandom, which is massive.

  • Tiramii

    I was really excited for this but after looking into it further, now not so much. :/

  • JustThisOne

    Yay! We get to be a cousin! :>

  • Yan Zhao

    This could’ve been a big thing, but with those characters, and art? Lol.

  • makubexnas

    Wow….i have a love stick on my head. Girls love those love stick lol.

  • Spades slick

    Oh my god I wish terezi and the other homestucks were free, I soooooo want to try this out

  • Spades slick

    Why does there have to be so much hate about homestuck? We don’t deserve all of that torment

  • Ohhh, I hope this is going to be more than *just* a visual novel. There’s so much potential in this that shouldn’t go to waste.

  • Tectonic Robot

    Is anyone actually playing this game now that it’s come out? Anyone have any reactions to what, you know, the actual content is?

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