Crimson Dragon Dropped Kinect Controls, But Added RPG Elements For Xbox One

By Spencer . November 20, 2013 . 3:02am


Crimson Dragon started its development as a Kinect only Xbox 360 game for Xbox Live Arcade. At E3, the dragon riding game reemerged as an Xbox One launch title with standard gamepad controls. Speaking with Siliconera, director Yukio Futatsugi talks about the added RPG elements, free flight missions, and friend dragons to Crimson Dragon.


Aside from switching from Kinect to traditional controls, what was the biggest change when shifting Crimson Dragon from Xbox 360 to Xbox One?


Yukio Futatsugi, Director: The major changes from the 360 version were the big jump in visual quality we could achieve, the new online gameplay element called "partner dragons", and the great variety of missions we were able to create including free-flight missions.


What Kinect features did you keep?


The new title has a completely fresh Kinect design, and is entirely separate. This game has been created with comfortable gameplay using a gamepad as its core, and the Kinect is positioned as a game aid and a “playful element” that allows the player to immerse deeper into the game world.


For example, when issuing orders to your partner dragon, you can hold your finger up against your temple, as if activating a communicator device, and issue the order by voice.




How do the AI controlled dragons work?  Since those were based on a friend’s data did you need to make any changes after Microsoft changed the network infrastructure?


Friends’ dragons are used as partner dragons in playing through the missions, providing advantage in battles. This feature was not implemented in the 360 version. Development of this feature is completely thanks to the new Live environment with Xbox One. Players can download dragons raised by other players from the cloud whenever they want, and play the game with those dragons.


Players get to see dragons that other people have raised, which could be something they have never seen before. Also, experiencing the awesome powers of these dragons would motivate the player to raise his or her own dragon to that level. This naturally also leads to the player’s desire to earn bragging rights by raising dragons that would impress others.


What kind of boss battles does Crimson Dragon have and how did you create these?


A number of the boss battles involve free flight.  In free-flight mode, the gameplay is no longer a rail shooter, but allows you to freely fly around the boss to discover its weak points and use them strategically.


The game has been designed to combine rail shooter and free flight elements to produce enjoyable boss battles.




Crimson Dragon for Xbox One has more RPG elements than the 360 version. Could you tell us how these work?


To ensure that the game is fun to play for a long time, I added developmental elements. The dragon matures by gaining experience points in battles.


Also, by giving the dragon various foods, it can learn different skills, and the skill you use can change the way you deal with the mission. As the dragon matures, it evolves, and changes in appearance. Dragons also have attributes, which in turn affect the dragon’s form.


In the end, we have provided several secret-type dragons that are only obtainable by engaging in the developmental play.


crimsonxone_04 crimsonxone_05


Speaking of the 360 version, will  that ever be released?


We do not have any news to share on an Xbox 360 version at this time.


Crimson Dragon: Side Story was a surprise since it came out before Crimson Dragon. Can you tell us how development of the Windows Phone version started?


vfcd The project began when it was decided that it would be great to have a shooter for WP7 leveraging the 360 release.  Originally it was intended that they would be released together, but we ended up releasing the Windows Phone version first. 


However, due to common traits among the characters and other aspects, if you play that game, the Xbox One version will be even more fun, I think.

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  • Pockystix

    reviews seem to be pretty scathing for the game so far.

    Doesn’t really instill much confidence for success in their plans to expand the Xbone in Japan.

    It’s a shame too, since the Panzer Dragoon series is pretty badass. Maybe their next venture will be more interesting, and not retooled to meet deadlines like this one.

    • John Diamond

      i dunno really, some xbox one release games (correct me if i’m wrong) seemed to be rushed over after development started on the 360

      • ZEROthefirst

        You’d be correct so far with Crimson Dragon and Dead Rising 3 being rushed over from the 360 to Xbone. Not sure about any of the other games, but with games like Forza 5 needing to have a day one patch to put the rest of the game content in it doesn’t instill much confidence that MS is just trying to get games out instead of putting a lot of effort in and releasing the games when they’re fully ready.

        • John Diamond

          the gold game and lococycle too have last gen graphics apparently

      • Shady Shariest

        KI could also be counted as rushed…
        But they will sell most of the game as DLC-anyways so can’t really tell.

      • Lucky Dan

        Both systems were rushed regardless of what you point out…. even the PS4 Knack and Killzone they didn’t really put any effort in cause as stated the PS3 has a 10 year life cycle and in it’s 7th year at the moment.

    • Göran Isacson

      Are we talking complete bomb “3/10” reviews, or just more mediocre “6/10” reviews? A shame in either case, since I do like me some dragon-flying games.

    • 60hz

      this isn’t the panzer dragoon series o.O… this guy wasn’t even at sega for Orta (or gunvalkyrie)… i’m betting a sequel to saga is in the works tho…

      • Godmars

        Sorry. But if that where true in any way then Orta would have been more than it was. This game wouldn’t originally be a ported download Kinect title.

        This game exists because of the same mentality a MS exec once expressed when he saw Donky Kong at Rare and thought they owned that IP.

  • 60hz

    umm didn’t we do the rpg aspect in panzer zwei, saga and orta???

  • leingod

    Reviews have indeed been kinda harsh with the game … but I’m waiting for more opinions first. It’s not like I can get a XBone yet where I’m from anyway XD

  • Ikki

    I’ll probably get it when/if I get a Xbox One.

    I’d rather have Panzer Dragoon Zwei remade in HD though.

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