Here’s Another Persona Tease, Straight From The Midnight Channel

By Ishaan . November 22, 2013 . 7:08am


Atlus have streamed another tease in their countdown to their Persona announcement this Sunday. Like the previous tease, this one streamed at midnight, Japan-time, keeping with the theme of the series’ Midnight Channel.


The teaser images are little clearer this time around, and you can watch the teaser event above, courtesy YouTube user MysticMage97.

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  • Virevolte

    New locations for a new Persona ? I sure hope so.

  • Brimfyre

    The real world locations are starting to worry me.

    I have a feeling the announcement will just end up being a guy in a Teddy costume going around on tour and visiting each of those locations.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      A concert tour would be fairly likely at this point

      • Azzrem

        they wouldn’t dareeeeeeeeee………….

        • CirnoTheStrongest

          it’d be a huge hit in Japan.

          • Byron Kerrison II

            Didn’t they already have a few concerts?

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            That wouldn’t really stop them.

          • Azzrem

            they do the concerts at summer i believe..

        • InfectedAI

          It would be beary disappointing.

      • Lynx

        They do tours all the time.

        That’s not really ‘major.’ at this point.
        Given Persona Magazine recently got revived,
        The teaser site,
        Announcement stream,

        Too much hype for a concert when they could perfectly announce it in the magazine.

        • Leon_Tekashi

          At this point, imo, it’s safe to say that it’s P5.

          • marclair

            But if it’s really P5, what’s up with all the P4/P3 characters being included in the teasers?

      • Akemi Nakajima

        Predict all you want guys. But I know for sure EXACTLY 100% that this isn’t another Pesrona concert.

        We can talk about it after 11/24.

        • Naux

          I hope you are right. Inb4 live action drama.

          • Byron Kerrison II


          • Akemi Nakajima

            “Hope”? As if you don’t have any little hope in Atlus. Many of you deserve the title “super high school level despair”.

            Because if they dissapointed me. Then Atlus is not worth anything to begin with.

            I’d rather trust and regret, than doubt and regret.

    • Byron Kerrison II

      I will laugh soooo hard.

    • Saphiren

      The P-TEAM Logo in the Teaser website… NOPE.avi

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    hmmm….urban style persona?

    • Isaac Newton

      So P2(IS and EP) and P3 are not urban to you?

      I haven’t played P1 yet so I don’t know about it.

      • P1 is pretty urban too. Seriously P4 is the only one out in the moderate country.

  • Saeed Al-Thumali


  • Lolzandstuff

    I don’t know what to think of those images. They look waaaay to real to be from a game. Ugh… Why Atlus? Why are you teasing me like this!?

    • Ping92

      those are shots of real places in japan

  • If this countdown doesn’t end up being a P5 announcement, I’ll be sooo frustrated >__<

  • Randgriz

    I think these are inspiration locations more then anything Fukuoka Tenjin Station caught my eye as an interesting place. It could be we’re either starting in a traditional way or it could be we might be able to travel between locations.

    • Randgriz

      Just realised they were all train station locals, multi-protagonists?

      • Virevolte

        I like the idea. =)

      • Mr_SP

        But what stations are they? Are we in Fukuoka City this time, but with the ability to use the train system to travel to different parts of the city? Are we going to see a return of Shinji Ikari’s “Train of Navel-Gazing”, but done up in a sharp velvet?

  • Azzrem

    getting ready for dissapointment..

    • Ric Vazquez

      That’s what I do with Square Enix after they focused too much on mobile -_-

  • Azzrem

    tomorrow midnight should be character appearing,just like midnight channel…i hope so

  • Isaac Newton

    My guess.

    The 6 places might be.
    1. Those are the places for the next competition for P4U.
    2. Those are the places for the next Persona concerts.
    3. Those are the places use for the next persona game.
    4. I don’t really know what’s happening but whatever.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Concert tour would be #4 and pretty likely.

      • Isaac Newton

        The concert tour is in #2 didn’t you read my post?

        • CirnoTheStrongest

          Yeah I did. Sorry. Been a real hectic week for me…

  • Manny Being Manny

    According to NeoGAF, these are all real train stations around Japan… I’m started to get worried this isn’t a game, but for a concert tour.

    • You know, that’s starting to make a lot more sense, with the locations they listed. I didn’t even think of that.

  • Last Star

    It’s looking more and more like Persona live concerts that will be hosted at the indicated locations, Atlus, please prove me wrong.

    • I don’t think Atlus really considers that a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

      • CirnoTheStrongest

        I don’t think you understand how big these tours are in Japan.

    • Pyrotek85

      Hope it’s not just that, seems like a lot of hype otherwise.

  • Guest

    I’m hoping this isn’t just a concert tour or some Arena related, I would like the idea of the game being an inspiration location

  • Let’s hope this are inspiration locations for Persona 5 and not some concert tour or whatever.

  • Oxiderous

    Does no one remember that Persona FES Live took place in August? Why would they host another concert in the same year?

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Because Persona 3/4 are milked beyond dry by Atlus.

  • Rafael Fijos

    Atlus, I will hate you until eternity if this is some lame concert!

  • harmonyworld

    Well if were a new persona game, why would they still be using the midnight channel thing?

    I mean, P4 was great and still is, but….I kinda want something new if it’s gonna be for a P5 game.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Wouldn’t it be funny if it ended up being a Live Action Play that is being scheduled at those locations? The setting could be the aftermath of Persona 4 Arena Ultimate Suplex Hold and set the stage for Persona 5.

    I know you guys probably wouldn’t like that but consider all the possibilities.

  • Amber XLeonhart

    Persona 4 live action..?

  • biskmater

    You guys are getting worried over concerts at… train stations? Seriously, you guys? Obviously this means that trains are going to be important in whatever is coming, if an entirely new persona, I would say this is the new
    “midnight channel.”

    • Byron Kerrison II

      Don’t think it’s an entirely new Persona title mainly due to the fact that they used both P3 and P4(A) cast to initiate a countdown.
      Could be wrong, of course.

      • Azzrem

        not really.i don’t think they will show the new cast until announcement

        • Byron Kerrison II

          Just would wonder why they would show them at all? Unless P3 and P4 have some influence over P5. And I’ve seen many people dissing that idea…

          • Arcana Wiz

            And midnight chanel, every persona have somehting different to justify demons(P1, P2) or shadows(P3, P4)

          • Azzrem

            if its continuation from P4 which everyone mention then how come P3 cast look exactly the same unlike P4A..

          • Byron Kerrison II

            Only reason I say P4A is because I saw Labrys. She joins the P3 cast so people could consider her to be P3 ( even though they have Aigis as their Anti Shadow Suppression Weapon ).

            Just keeping any and all possibilities open. As long as it’s a game, I will be happy. Anything else, I’m going to laugh myself to death…

          • miju

            Marie from P4G is also there as well as Theo from P3P.

          • Byron Kerrison II

            I didn’t even see those two… I kinda skipped ahead being impatient that I am. Lol

          • miju

            Actually now that I see this, Labrys cannot appear unless they do it as some serious fanservice. P4U takes place after P4 during Golden Week; PQ takes place during the festival. Labrys isn’t awoken until P4U.

          • YuanMori

            All of the Persona games are connected. At this rate it is highly likely P5 will be very close on the timeline after P4’s events.

          • InfectedAI

            P1 and 2s were closely linked. Maybe they want to link P3 and 4 via P5.

        • Xalsunwolf

          I’m calling that at the last “zero” in the countdown, they will show a new character from P5. Just a guess though.

    • Azzrem

      thank you for pointing that out!

    • Rake

      The Velvet Room is now located in a train. Calling it.

      • Azzrem

        P4 already in a train

        • Lloyd Christmas

          I thought it was a limo.

          • Azzrem

            really? i recalled that igor mentioned it was a train

          • Luke Blackwood

            No, it’s a limo. You can see it clearly in the animation and during *SPOILERS AHEAD*

            Teddie Max SL event, when he disappears and go into Velvet Room.

          • Azzrem

            oppss,my bad..been 2years after i last finished the game..

    • Shippoyasha

      Best case scenario, we get a Persona game that spans many cities and protagonists and maybe even multiple MCs.

      • InfectedAI

        Multiple MCs would a cool and interesting direction to take the series. Especially across multiple cities. That could be huge!

  • Ciel

    not feeding my cat next week if this isn’t Persona 5…

    • DyLaN

      You monster.

      • Ciel

        hurt people hurt things…

    • Azzrem

      poor kitty..

    • Arcana Wiz

      Poor cat…. at least cats are independent enough to survive.

  • Thatguy

    I can imagine the tears, when they won’t announce Persona 5 this Sunday.

    … I know, i’ll cry.

  • Brandonmkii

    Hope you guys like concerts. Didn’t they use a similar theme a year or two ago to announce concerts?

  • Leon_Tekashi

    I’m really starting to think that people here are becoming paranoid. I understand why but still, at least show some light about this.

    • Azzrem

      i’m scared………..

    • Arcana Wiz

      Well first there was the P5 hype… then came the reality… and now we are in the negativity state…. normal with teases…. even more when the last ones werent so great….. (TWEWY)

      • DyLaN

        Which is why I almost never will get hype until I saw the end product. At most I will register the tease as “oh cool/interesting” and leave it at tht. No hype/interest no dissapointment.

        Solo Remix is a good port though. The redrawn sprite and HD art looks pretty.

        • Arcana Wiz

          yep, not saying mobile games are bad, it’s just so much hype for a sequel… and then only a port, i would be equally dissapointed if this is another P3/4 port….

          • DyLaN

            All signs points to P4 sequel/port so its best to just dial down your expectation.

  • michel

    These teasers are total genius, but with the hype they are building, they better unveil something awesome, or a fan revolt might rise…

  • I am not good with teases so I will withhold both speculation and emotion until the announcement.

  • gerald

    P5 confirmed
    Multi-track drifting confirmed

  • Niyari

    wow those graphics are so realistic. can’t wait.

    • Azzrem

      that’s real shots from real places..

    • DesmaX

      Persona 5
      With CryEngine 3

  • Theme of the midnight channel? This…is going to be Persona 4 related and not Persona 5…isn’t it?


  • brian

    I’m guessing something related to that P4A Ultimate Suplex Hold (or something like that?) thing already announced, since it seems really influenced by that game and the color red also being a major theme in that new P4A game.

  • Akemi Nakajima

    *sighs* At least think positive, I can’t handle two days with you guys comment…

  • Mirai

    Its possible they might do a Persona 2 and have a sequel of persona 4 with one of the other playable party characters becoming the MC for the next game.

  • Luis Ibal

    It has to be p5 a this time. I mean so much tease for a concert or idk… right, right? =/

  • OuchiGouchi

    those looked like the train stations of the cities listed on the announcement website

    • Razzlero

      Maybe Persona 5 will somehow be related to trains. Maybe a mysterious midnight train shows up every night or something.

  • EX+

    You people are WAAY too negative.
    Why the hell would Atlus tease a concert tour? Wouldn’t they announce it straight off the bat?
    Why is Atlus reviving the Persona magazine? Are you going to tell me it’s based around a friggin’ concert?
    It’s obviously a new Persona game, most likely Persona 5 at that. Seriously guys, lighten up.

    • Shippoyasha

      I think it’s because stuff like a nation wide concert is a surefire money maker in Japan. I don’t think it’ll be happening but it’s not entirely unlikely.

  • train stations…maybe yu is coming back to inaba by train? or going to iwatodai?


    • DragKudo

      ps vita tv is out there is no point in porting golden.

      • Neppygear

        The Vita TV is still another platform you need to buy. If they ported Golden to PS3, there would be no need to get a second system.

        • DragKudo

          So everyone has a ps3?

          • Neppygear

            People who want Golden to be ported to PS3 obviously do…?

      • well, people have to buy it first. lol. the ps3 market is much larger than the vita’s, so until that is no longer true, there would be a point.

        • DragKudo

          It would be a waste. Why port it again when they focus on making new games. If they are going to port something port the ps2 version not the golden version. That was the whole reason i even got a vita was for that game.

  • PotatoPower

    alternate persona 4 story with nanako as MC!

  • Trevor Nicolaysen

    Maybe P5’s setting is based on a real place. You know, like every other Shin Megami Tensei series. XD

    • Detrimont

      none of the persona games have been set in real palces though, i don’t think they’d break the trend

      • Warboss Aohd

        Japan ain’t a real place?

        • Detrimont

          the towns arent real though

          • Warboss Aohd

            i know, i’m messin’ wit’ ya.

      • Trevor Nicolaysen

        Ironic that the games with decimated cities are based on real places while these are not.

        In any case, I’m primarily excited and curious as to the reveal itself.

  • Suriel Cruz

    OMG! It is happening, I feel it, Persona 5 is COMING.

  • NoLastName

    Ok so those are all the cities at the bottom of the teaser site:

  • Emsa

    Ohh, second pic was from Sapporo, Pole Town, I think. (I was there a couple of months ago) An underground area leading to the subways (and lots of stores of course). All pictures seem to be related to trainstations/subways

    • marclair

      I think they’re all from the cities listed on the website already. Not much of a teaser…

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Maybe the train stations are like the Crossroads of Destiny for the protagonists?

    • revenent hell

      Seeing them reminded me of well the SMT series overall….
      They kind of just have a thing with the games so I really don’t think its overly complex by any means.

  • Razzlero

    There’s no way they would make this big of a deal out of anything other than persona 5 at this stage. (And considering they are part of the world of publicly traded companies they need to be careful about big announcements like this Because of share prices. Also they would have learnt from Square’s mistake of over hyping a minor announcement). And considering how long they’ve been working on it I don’t think they would go much longer without saying anything about it.

  • Demeanor

    Ok, the image is getting clearer… I want a Yukiko gyaku-nan show tomorrow night! I demand it!!! XD

  • Guest

    either concert tour or p4 live action film series

  • Baylfire

    If the train stations are hinting towards something about P5~ then I wonder if that could mean larger locations, or perhaps different towns to explore in the game. Interesting :)

  • Keytotruth

    I call it. Persona 4 live action movie. xD
    That would suck a lot imo, but who knows…

    • personablaze

      That’s probably the only thing they haven’t done with P4 lol.

      Then again….I did see something one time….nvm…

      • shafiq95

        persona 4 porno??

        • personablaze

          Rule 34.

  • TheAnswerisback

    its obviously Persona 4 arena for the Ps Vita duh

  • Cursingcomet

    Shinagawa, fukuoka, sapporo and osaka. P5 gonna be big!

  • James Darkly

    I’m going crazy!

  • DeadLineDance

    “And it’s… Teddie’s Big Adventure, for iOS!”

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      Shadow Teddie: Okay, let’s get serious. I’m gonna kill you if you don’t save the game.


  • Rogerrmark

    I miss the time when games would just be announced without stupid teasers/stupid marketing or countdowns.

  • TheAnswerisback

    It’s Persona 4 arena for the Ps Vita guys duh

  • awat

    it could be a remake of p3 for ps3/vita < fingers crossed for p5

  • PERSONA 5!!!! (Umar)

    Persona 4 college edition?

  • Rafael Budzinski

    …sincerelly, I’d be happy if it would be something like “Persona 3 The Golden”, with many extra-something to link with the 4th game. But deep in my heart I know this isn’t the case…ó.ò

  • darkbartz

    Hmmm, just a thought that I had. With the rumour (hopefully not a reality-altering one) of the more voice works for Persona 4 related things and the fact that there’s Teddie and multiple cities.

    Could this be some kinda grand version of Persona 4? Like how the Midnight Channel has somehow spread nationwide, causing a whole new mess of trouble. You play as some new guy with probably the Wild Card ability again and have to solve this new mystery.

    Like this, you have your new band of party members and support characters, but the game is still connected to Persona 4 and might have cameos from those in the original game.

  • Dagobert

    I seriously always wanted a sequel to Persona 4 where either the main character comes to Inaba and everyone is going to college, or years later everyone is working in Inaba solving a new mystery. But yeah I hope this is a new next gen Persona game that will stop me from playing Persona 4 over and over again and not some midnight slot machine game.

  • Whats happening there? Anyone on stream?

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