Persona 5 Coming To PS3 Winter 2014 [Update]

By Ishaan . November 24, 2013 . 3:48am


Persona 5 is coming to the PlayStation 3 in winter 2014 in Japan. You can visit the game’s official website here.


Persona 5 will be directed by Katsura Hashino, who has directed Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Persona 3 and Persona 4. Hashino also worked on Catherine.


Atlus have not revealed details about Persona 5 yet, other than a line that states: “You are a slave. Want emancipation?” We’ll have more news the game as it is made available.

[Update: Teaser trailer added.]



P5_PS3_003 P5_PS3_004

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  • Brian Woods

    Much better. I can take dance games and alternative adventures as long as I know the good stuff is coming, too. Although does winter 2014 mean 1st quarter next year?

    • shafiq95


    • Herok♞

      it means almost 2015

  • Strain42

    “There are chairs…and ball and chains. It is very mysterious and compelling…JOIN US!!!”

  • Where’s the link to the official website, please ?

  • Jezzy

    2015 in the west. ;_;

    • Strain42

      Not necessarily, they could do an SMTIV and have the localized process be really quick. But if it IS 2015 than I totally won a $10 bet! Whoo-hoo!

      • Raspberry

        except, you know, SMTIV NEVER CAME TO EU

    • Brian Woods

      This. But if Nanako’s voice already has the work on her resume, maybe there’s hope for something slightly sooner?

      • Hound

        That something would be Persona Q, the rhythm game, Persona 4: Arena 2, and possibly SMT x Fire Emblem..

        Add a possible new Devil Children to the mix, and that’s a lot more titles at once than Atlus has ever done.

        • Hexodious

          They aren’t done just yet. They’re going to announce a bunch of other games (non-persona related) in April of 2014, to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

    • Guest

      2016-17 in the Europe.

  • shafiq95

    baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby~

  • Enma_Kozato

    Thus, the stream was saved.

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      Winter 2014 = Jan-March 2015?

      • JustThisOne

        Basically what I expect. Not even trying to be negative, I just feel like delays are commonplace.

        • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

          Good grief – one more question

          Since trailer was in English = simultaneous localization like P4U or as close as SMT IV?

          • Hound

            Trailer was in Engrish. You can’t make assumptions like that.

          • DAT Bird From DAT Cage


          • Zero_Destiny

            It’s not too uncommon for some English to be in trailers as well. lol But honestly I think it would be a safer bet on at least an North American version being close to the Japanese release.

            Atlus has been pretty quick with their work, and Persona is their crown jewel now. Wouldn’t surprise me if the localizes work simultaneously with the developers. Though there’s no guarantee, but I’d say it’s not too far fetched ether.

          • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

            Im just worried about “Winter 2014”

            Dec 2014 = %?

            Jan/Feb/March = %?

          • Have faith. :) Atlus has been getting games out (at least in NA) closer and closer to the Japanese releases. Maybe we’ll be playing it summer 2014? That might be fun.

          • Hound

            Actually, Atlus US does localize during the development process. I believe this was mentioned when Etrian Odyssey IV was coming out. I was just responding to the assumption that it might be simultaneously released.

          • TheRealMalek

            SMT IV aka the one that still isn’t out in europe ?

          • Herok♞

            Europe never gets Atlus stuff quickly though, and this will be on PS3 where hopefully importing will be an option.

          • Hexodious

            Watch them pull a dick move again same as Persona 4 Arena, dropping a region lock on the game while the console is region free.

        • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

          So we’re not even going to get the game in 2014? But in 2015?

          So 1 more year? 1 MORE YEAR? 365 more days of waiting?

          :( Extremely depressed

          • JustThisOne

            Don’t depressing! I am only one person. Atlus is many.

          • I think it could easily come out in 2014. Just depends upon how much translating they do while it’s in development. We got the Etrian Odyssey games in English really quickly in NA, although there is a lot more text/voice in a Persona game I’d imagine.

      • Samsara09

        well,they especifically said “Winter2014” …if December is the only mounth by Q4 that is winter…than,well,it will most likely be december.Besides,it is only a month or two if it is on jan or feb…after waiting a whole year,that is nothing.

      • LaserVision

        I would think maybe Jan & Feb 2014? Winter starts in December..

        • Azzrem

 latest should be Dec 2014..if it’s early next year,they should have a trailer by now..

          • LaserVision

            Yeah you’re right. the portable games are in the summer and P5 will have to be after. I was too hopeful.

    • Ric Vazquez

      The trolled us until the end lol!

    • Mental
    • Shippoyasha

      Looking back, it was one amazing Persona release after another. People were too hell bent on asking for Persona 5 that they were blinded at the quality that was actually in front of them. An incredible, cute and fun 3DS P3/P4 crossover, a kickass P4 dancing game by the Hatsune Miku people and P4A’s sequel. One megaton after another as far as I’m concerned.

      But Atlus was smart. They knew people were too focused on P5. They played everyone like a fiddle. Aizen would be proud.

      • Saeed Al-Thumali

        I’ll admit, I was one of those people, but I guess it all turned out well in the end haha.

        Overall, I’m pretty excited for all these new games, I’ll have to buy a 3DS to play this new Persona game, not sure about the dancing game though, I tried playing the Hatsu Miku demo and I didn’t really enjoy it, maybe I’ll give it a shot.

      • EX+

        Agreed. It’s kinda like how everyone was getting angry at SE for not releasing KH3, but really, until DDD got released, KH3 wasn’t necessary. Plus, every KH game aside from Re: COM and Coded is great (in my opinion).

      • Shane Guidaboni

        After the initial shock subsided and I saw that P5 was revealed, I was actually pretty excited for Persona Q. Going to play the hell out of that game.

    • rhomze
    • TheGioG

      And that was the day all of my potential life savings flew straight to Atlus’ pockets. Goddamn, I need Playstation systems ASAP.

    • LaserVision

      Wait are you saying that people couldn’t even wait until the end of the reveal to have an opinion? Are my fellow fans that childish?

      • Azzrem

        You’re not there at the time so you wouldn’t know how that feels..

        • LaserVision

          Why would I have to there at the time? It’s a livestream of a video game reveal, not the World Cup.

  • Syn

    My life is now complete……….

  • ivanchu77

    Finally, something worth the hype

  • RovCal

    And now everyone will be all happy lol. not only u persona fans got persona 5 but many other games aswell

    • Brian Woods

      What can I say…We are a bunch of whiners. At least they let us know our fix was coming…the good stuff, not dancing games.

      • icecoffemix

        I think the reaction is sort of justified, considering how long they’ve been milking P4. And now it’s another 3 games….

        Would be easy to ignore though now that we have P5. (Though I’m kinda interested with the dancing game, let’s see…).

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Technically January is winter 2014…

    • Prinnydoom


    • Hound

      When companies quarter off a year, winter begins around November of the previous year. So no.. it isn’t coming out in a couple of months.

      • Guest

        Still, it’s way better than them continuously talking about the game years before it comes out, if ever in some sad cases.

      • natchu96

        This. Far more likely to be January after the next one :/


  • Azzrem

    you just got redeemed by the fanbase Atlus!

    • Strain42

      I never found them in need of redemption. They announced two fairly interesting looking new spin-off games. It honestly baffles me to see how quickly fanbases can go from glowing praise to frothing hatred and then back again.

      • karldeck

        Because it wasnt Persona 5 until now.

      • Hraesvelgr

        That’s the internet for you, I guess.

        • Samsara09

          and a fanbase for you.All of them are just as rabid as this one…and volatile too.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Ha that fanbase can go screw itself. They’ve been cemented in my hearts since I first played Megaten on the NES.
      This level of trolling only deepens my adoration for them XD

      But P3 P4 are EGUYCH.
      Gimme dat P1/P2 love

  • ChiffonCake
  • Asukami

    Atlus is so sly. We went through a chibi dungeon crawling 3DS game, an idol game, and a trailer for P4A-2 before seeing this. That one minute of greatness was worth six hours of sitting at the livestream, though!

    • Haganeren

      And you don’t ever mention the old lady time and Teddie which just doesn’t shut up !

      • Asukami

        I loved Teddie’s adorable babbling, and the old lady *is* Teddie’s voice actor, so no complaints there!

        Edit: Oh, wow, she really isn’t his VA. She sure has a bearific voice.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Kappei Yamaguchi isn’t an old woman.

    • Tatsuya Fabre

      Nearly passed out with rage at Q and Dance. This saved it.

  • GameWinner

    Finally! That was the most trolling I have ever seen in a stream..

    • Strain42

      Since when is announcing two other interesting looking games alongside a big title trolling?

      • Zero_Destiny

        The spin-off titles were pretty out of left field and judging by most reactions completely not what people were expecting. That’s not to say they will be bad, but an initial reaction like that is to be expected.

        Though really the “highs and lows” tonight were pretty silly. Some people can get really worked up. lol

        • Strain42

          Exactly. I think some people were expecting the countdown to simply end with them going “Oh yeah, we’re doing Persona 5” and have that be it.

          Instead we got two spin-offs that could both be pretty neat AND P5. I’m sure some folks got worried that the spin-offs were gonna be the only announcements made, but that’s their own fault, not Atlus’.

          So now because it happened slightly differently than what fans were expecting because they announced some spin-offs before P5 that’s “trolling”

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Well it’s bound to happen when you do a count down–and this one was hyped quite a bit. Though there are some over reactions I think a lot of others are just using trolling in a more friendly joke sense. At least I hope, right.

          • Strain42

            True. Well I suppose whatever the reactions may be, the best thing I can do right now is just take joy in the fact that we are getting P5 and MORE. And that’s pretty awesome :)

            Thank you Atlus for P5 AND for the lovely spin-offs. I’m sure they’ll be delightful.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            If you understood japanese, or if you just listened to their tone, you’d hear the trolling. They were doing it with GLEE.
            They never showed the P5 teaser at Shinjuku either.
            So they left there only seeing the Dance and the 3DS game.

            Those guys were LIVID.

  • Thrasher429

    So psyched for this. Also am I the only one that finds it hilarious that the very announcement people were most looking forward too caused us to get trolled for a good 40minutes first and then the announcement was about 20 seconds and unless done on purpose has grammatically incorrect english.

  • icecoffemix

    “Katsura Hashino”

    Would be nice if you can provide his/her past CV. I’m sort of Atlus fans but not really bothered enough to know every name. Sorry I guess.

    • Strain42

      He directed P3/4 and Catherine.

      • icecoffemix


    • Shane Guidaboni

      Kind of weird that I’ve never seen the guy’s name actually attached to any of those games before. I should pay more attention in the credits.

      • icecoffemix

        Haha yeah me too. Never pay close attention to a game’s credit.

    • I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but it takes all of ten seconds to copy and paste his name into Google.

      I agree that we could have provided details on his background, and I’m updating the post with that now, since we were getting the news up in a jiffy earlier, but come on, man.

      • icecoffemix

        Yes I know, but I expect certain amount of information is available on the article, y’know, good journalism and all. Though I understand in this case you’re really time constrained to put it out there.

        • budabing

          So you would rather post a comment and wait around for 5 minutes just to make a dumb point and criticize Siliconera’s journalism than type his name into a search engine?

          • icecoffemix

            I’d rather give reasonable suggestion to better this site further rather than attacking others needlessly.

            How is it a dumb point?

          • budabing

            They were in the process of updating the article. They can’t be expected to include all information at once. I thought your “y’know, good journalism and all.” was a very snide remark to make.

          • icecoffemix

            There was no indication that the article isn’t final and even if there was a progress bar that I somehow miss I don’t see why pointing out missing information is a dumb point.

          • budabing

            “more news…as it is made available” means nothing to you?

            Maybe Ishaan had to go do some more research on Mr.Hashino.

          • icecoffemix

            And that doesn’t really tell since they’re also making new article left and right. And Mr Hoshino being a director of other game isn’t exactly new information.

            We’re entering hyperbolic chamber now. Nothing on my post suggest that, but you know what? that may actually be a nice article to read, throw in some interviews and it’ll be a nice hit given the hype surrounding Persona is high now.

            And you’re still evading the question of how it is dumb to provide a little bit information on the subject. Heck other people even seems to appreciate the extra info as evidenced by other comments in this thread.

            It seems that in your mind this site can’t be bettered and anyone who voice anything be it sound suggestion or not is just dumb dissenter. Well so be it.

          • budabing

            I don’t think asking the question of who he was was what bothered me, more so your follow up comment.

            Your interview suggestion is great. If that expanded point you just made was what you had written in your reply above to Ishaan, I wouldn’t of had any issue. It might be in a practical sense impossible to take aside the director of the game himself but it’s a sound suggestion!

            Like I side, it’s not the question itself that bothered me, it was the scathing remark you made. And I’m not making the case of ‘Siliconera is perfect, don’t say anything bad about Siliconera!’ because I have my fair share of things about this site that get on my nerves as well. (more so the functionality than the writing but that’s something else)

            In my mind this site can be bettered by people who voice their opinions fully and not in an unnecessarily critical way. Which you have demonstrated your ability to do!

            I thought your comment was inappropriate, but I hope we can be friends!

          • icecoffemix

            The way I articulate my response is probably not the best but I really don’t mean to criticize or belittle Siliconera or anyone with that remark. I’m sorry, it’s hard since English isn’t my native language. :(

            And yeah, same with you, my problem with this site isn’t the writing at all. One thing that really bother me is that they really need to put fixed layout for news/headline that’s gonna stay on top of other newer news. Like the new Persona director interview article (hey is it a coincidence? :P), sometimes I see it on top and thought “Oh they don’t have new news yet” and leave the website, while in fact it’s just pinned.

    • Detrimont

      director and producer of most of the best SMT games there are

  • Raltrios

    It’s time.

  • Prinnydoom

    So this year has been great, Fire emblem, Bravely default and many over great titles. But to see this has just blown everything else out the water. Bring it on P5. Persona is back ^__^

  • Cursingcomet

    Currently sitting in the hype train.

  • AokiShizuku

    ‘PERSONA IS DEAD’ ‘DIE SEGA’ was it, Twitch?

    All those tears.

    • Enma_Kozato

      I had the chat hidden, but I could sense the salt and sand.

      • Mental

        I could feel it from miles away.

      • Samsara09

        I was smart enough not to watch the stream and just wait for the game.Guess I was spared of this…Atlus was really inteligent…they anounce,after many hours of stream,two games almost no one expected…and then announce P5…they are genius.With this,the hate-turned hype will keep the fans interested in the gmae till winter 2014.

    • xzeldax3

      Here are some of the reactions xD

  • Kami nii

    I know this is a stupid question,but we only have rainy season and Dry season I’m not really familiar with season in other countries, So Does winter 2014 means this year DEC 2013 and Next year Jan- FEB?

  • Lisa Fraulein

    Winter 2014 in the trailer meaning Japan’s winter time, right? So, does that mean it’ll come out around January/February there? Please say yes. Please say yes!

    • Cursingcomet

      Don’t forget december.

      • Lisa Fraulein

        Yeah, there is December, but since it’s November now, I don’t think it’ll come that soon, although i’ll be cool if it is XD

  • Mental

    I wonder how all of the “you conned out Atlus, fuck you!” people are feeling right now.

    • JustThisOne

      They’re throwing down the noose and throwing up the confetti! :>

    • DragKudo

      I cursed atlus to stop teasing me.

    • Samsara09

      famous double standards of the fans…did they really think Atlus would be dumb to screw them,after hyping them SO much?That was just a tactic,and it succeeded in breaking people’s expectations and than quickly pulling it all back…I think this will help hype more the game.

    • kylehyde

      I ask the same question. For that reason I’m glad that I woke up late and when I turned on my laptop and saw all the announcements right away and read the comments on chronological order and laughed of the reactions and salty tears, and now many of those complainers are praising now even the spin-offs. Seriously too much crow dishes was served today

    • EverEndingStory

      Come on people. This is Atlus. Not Square.

  • Detrimont

    now i’m hoping somehow for a worldwide simul release, or at least ENG simul release, i dont want europe/PAL delays again

  • Tonton Ramos

    I’m calling Persona 5 to be released on the west exclusively on the PS4 but who knows I could wrong it could be in the PS3 as well…

    • Hound

      According to the video, you’re wrong. It’s PS3 exclusive

      • Tonton Ramos

        In 2015-2016 it will be in PS4…

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Didnt happen with Persona 4.

    • Kaetsu

      If it’s already on PS3 then Atlus aren’t going to deprive us from it.

  • Rafael Fijos

    I think this game should have more than one protagonist to have an endless gameplay experience

  • Sentsuizan_93

    I estimate November 2014 – December 2014 for this in Japan. No way this will come in February.
    But this proves that the PS3 is far from out of games. 2014/2015 will make the death of my wallet… orz

    • Kaetsu

      Persona 5
      Persona Q
      Persona 4 Arena 2
      Persona 4 Dancing All Night
      Bravely Default
      Conception 2

      My wallet can’t take it. On top of that I’m a lot of these games will have amazing collector editions.

  • DragKudo

    Atlus delievered they made everyone happy/ Gave 3ds users a game, gave us a dancing game, some info on the arena sequel and PERSONA MUTHAF#$$ FIVE

    • Thatguy

      B-b-b-but you can’t make everyone happy!
      B-b-b-but fanboy wars!

      • DragKudo

        NOW YOU JUST STARTED ONE. How we all got what we wanted? Atlus is the bridge and i believe they will be safe in sega’s hands they are the bridge between sony and nintendo now.

        • Thatguy

          Oh no! You are the one, who people calling *rational being*?!

          I need to run!

  • fyi1191

    Finally! This is what we are waiting for!
    *looks at Q and Dance* …

    • Hound

      Q and Dance @[email protected]
      I does want <3

      Q reminds me of Scooby Doo. I love it.

      Honestly though, calling it "Shadow of the Labyrinth" and using Etrian Odyssey's (Yggdrasil Labyrinth in Japan's) engine gives me a lot of hype to be honest. I can't count the number of times I wanted to modify my map or make notes when playing Shin Megami Tensei IV. It's a great idea, and I'm glad they're making it.

      • Marco Tinè

        Gotta quote you here. Having Daisuke Kaneda onboard is a big plus for Q.

      • Kaetsu

        I’ll be picking up every single one of these Persona games on launch!(can’t wait for the pre-order bonuses)

    • Nitraion

      Sorry you called?

  • AokiShizuku

    inb4 region-lock.

    DO IT ATLUS! I’m not afraid of you!

    • Detrimont

      but since you’re in AUS, and i’m in NZ, that’s a bad thing, we’ll have to wait the longest

  • xzeldax3

    So hyped, I loved watching the stream.

  • Go2hell66

    Wow that was a lot of hyping up for just a teaser. i mean im glad its coming but cmon Atlus thats a pretty square enix thing to do

  • Unlimax

    “Seizure time”

  • Ric Vazquez

    Atlus were such trolls with those 3 games and no P5 until the end

  • Masa

    *runs around like a headless chicken*

  • natchu96

    Trolling your audience, from my various announcement experiences, seems a pretty effective method to hold people’s attention.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Any thoughts on what the ball and chains mean? Maybe thr characters are actually trapped in tartarus/midnight channel.this time?

    • Detrimont

      the chains of human emotions….(or really, just being human in general)
      being a slave to reality…

      • 3PointDecoupage

        I doubt the only clue they would give us is something metaphorical. It HAS to be plot related.

        • Detrimont

          maybe that is part of the plot though….

    • Hound

      My hope is that it’s something completely new and that they’re
      trapped by a circumstance, not just living a carefree life with a secret
      midnight time.

      Persona 1 isolated an entire town from the outside world (and the school its-self if you chose to remain there), Persona 2 isolated the town from the outside world as well.

      Persona 3 & 4 featured an unfortunate nighttime routine. But, bringing isolation back into the theme is interesting, even if it were psychological.

    • Kaetsu

      It could mean that the characters are chained to there personas/shadows or it’s something entirely new to the franchise.

  • Dark Zerato

    At least i know my PS3 will live until 2015.

    • Kaetsu

      My PS3 isn’t looking so good. I get the feeling it’s going to break really soon. I just hope it’ll keep me going for P4A2 and P5. I probably won’t play on it much anyway since the Wii U will be getting lot’s of love

      • Dark Zerato

        I meant we could expect PS3 games still come out until 2015. At least, some of companies don’t jump on the bandwagon when the next gen is out.

  • Hraesvelgr

    The meltdowns before they showed this were absolutely amazing. People saying they were done with Atlus, hoping the games they announced bombed, etc. Hyperbole to the max.

    Of course, now we just have to deal with the people who are complaining about it being for PS3, even though the last mainline Persona game was released on a “previous gen” console when “next gen” was already out.

    • Altin

      I dont really mind it being on PS3 to be honest. Who knows how long this game was in development by now. Developing it for PS4 would’ve probably pushed the release to Winter 2015

      • TheRealMalek

        Sadly being on ps3 nearly kill all localisation chance. In one year nearly no one will buy ps3 games in two years (one more year for localisation) pressing a ps3 game will be a joke. So for me ps3 is an horrendous news…

        • Altin

          Well, if Atlus was not owned by Sega I would just say NISA. They’d pump this game even if it was for PSP. Considering Sega is in charge now, I can only pray that they are localizing it. Also, Persona is now along with SMT bigger than before, so I think chances are pretty good. Take my words with a grain of salt though.

        • Arcana Wiz

          Wrong! persona 4 came two years after the release of the ps3.

          • Kaetsu

            Not only that but it was Atlus’ most profitable game.

          • TheRealMalek

            Yeah but not in europe, persona 4 in europe sold in wonderful 40k unit…

        • Shane Guidaboni

          You’re crazy if you think this isn’t being localized.

          • TheRealMalek

            I can only hope that i’m crazy…

        • D H

          Mm, I wouldn’t compare this to the PSP thing, cause it was more Vita and rampant piracy that killed chances of getting those games. Meanwhile, after the launch of PS2 and PS3, we continued to get more and more obscure localizations such as Hoshigami, Chaos Wars, and of course, as mentioned, even Persona 4 came out a decent amount into the PS3’s life.

        • Kaitsu

          PS3 is currently strong in games that get localization. I have no clue what you’re talking about.

        • LaserVision

          Can you please tell me which PS4 are going to be better than Persona 5 on PS3 two years from now?

          I can promise you there won’t be any.

        • EverEndingStory

          Like another said. . . the Persona series is HUGE right now. If this were just a spinoff/side game to the Persona series (like the other games announced today) or even just one of the mainline SMT games, then there may be (just the slightest) reason to worry. But this is a mainline Persona game. There is no way we aren’t getting this.

          • TheRealMalek

            Golden is “not that huge” in the usa. Golden sold more in europe than in the USA. And for persona 4 ps2 it is well know that it was a fail in europe.

        • People will still be playing PS3 games in two years doh. There are over 70 million PS3 owners in the world. Are they all just going to jump to PS4 simultaneously?

          • TheRealMalek

            Hmmm no but in two years ?

        • Steven Higgins

          It’s going to be localized, It seems like now that the PS4 is out, some companies are making even more of an effort to keep the PS3 a viable console for a while yet. Both and KH II.5 are releasing exclusively for the PS3 and Tales of Xillia 2 is already in the process of localization and I’m sure there are games for other companies coming the the PS3 rather than the PS4. It’s a smart move because, as we all know. a newly released console always has bugs, the price always drops eventually, and they are always redesigned. IDK about you, But I am NOT fighting Black Friday crowds to get a bugged console, no matter what deals they’re having. And I’m sure many others will wait to get the PS4 until all the kinks are ironed out in the next batch, possibly even more will wait than not.

          • TheRealMalek

            I won’t buy a ps4 until at least one year.
            If it’s gonna be localised it’s great but in TWO years (and again i insist on that), it’s gonna be another story.

    • 3PointDecoupage

      I know PS4 isnt backwards compatable but cant you still download it on PS4 like they did Vita/PSP?

      • IIRC, no downloading but streaming of previous gens (PS3 at least) via Gaikai.

    • Samsara09

      persona 4 was released on the edge of PS2’s “rpg lifetime”…since the other companies like square and namco had already gone to the 3…so yeah,it is kinda understandable that the same could happen here.

      Still,2014-first 3 months of 2015 are the edge of the PS3’s lifetime…by the time this game is released,Namco will be going to 4,after releasing their last “tales of” on the PS3.
      After Lightning returns,SE can now go to the 4…

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Persona 4 came out in 2008

        Let that sink in

        That was 2 years after the Wii came out.

        • Samsara09

          it means nothing,at least for playstation,since sony’s consoles are supported for 10 years…even if most companies ditch it after 6 years.PS2’s life time should have ended on 2011,it was so popular they gave it an two year extension.Well,Atlus is free to do as it pleases,besides,it is more interesting to release a game further in the console’s lifetime,as you get more used to the console…and the risk of rushing the game is minimal,especially if the game has been many years in the work,such as P5.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Not by Sony.
            They’ve had that due to high install base, overall lower software sales in relation to numbers and the profit range on the device so they stay on the market fort a whle

        • EverEndingStory

          Also: two years after the first unveiling of Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Final Fantasy XV) and a year after the first unveiling of The Last Guardian.

          Just had to point that out.

      • Lynx

        -by the time this game is released,Namco will be going to 4,

        I don’t see how you can imply this.
        They supported the PSP until ’13 with a good number of games, PS2 until 08. Not many at launch but once it got into the latest years, bam. A ton of games.

        Also; What is BB Studio/Banpresto and SR Produce Team?

        -persona 4 was released on the edge of PS2’s “rpg lifetime

        So everyone needs to follow the big juggernauts? Who are you to decide what the end of a “lifetime” is? You realize not everybody has the funding and budget to pull a Square and shift development from one different system to another that are completely and fundamentally different?

        • Samsara09

          hey,wait,no need to be hostile.Who I am?A nobody,no better than anyone here,just like you.
          Well,maybe if you put on some glasses and read the fine lines,I never said they had to follow the giants,I even said it was FINE and welcome to stay on the gen till the end.

          We are talking about rpgs,please,don’t get out of subject,like insulting me or talking about the other branches of Namco that do the fightning games and the other games.I meant the part of Namco that takes care of the “Tales of” series.These guys usually stay till the end,just like Atlus,because they are a small branch…that is why I said “by the time P5 is released,Namco will be going to the PS4”.

          • Lynx


            How was that being hostile, out of curiosity?

            -I never said they had to follow the giants,I even said it was FINE and welcome to stay on the gen till the end.

            Your exact wording:

            -since the other companies like square and namco had already gone to the 3…so yeah,it is kinda understandable that the same could happen here.

            If you didn’t mean, you should’ve said that. It’s entirely based on context

            -don’t get out of subject,like insulting me or talking about the other branches of Namco that do the fightning games and the other games.I meant the part of Namco that takes care of the “Tales of” series.

            Except no where did you say Tales Studio. You said Namco, which implies the entirety of Namco Bandai Games, not Tales Studio.

            -SR Produce/BB
            -fighting games

            SRPGs aren’t RPGs any more?
            Color me surprised.

            And I didnt insult you. If you took it that way, my bad.

          • Samsara09

            well,I am too bored to keep this up.since you apologized,I am willing to do it too.Sorry for any excess.

            I was talking about RPGs,so i thought you would understand that I meant “tales of” branch,hell,I said “after their next tales of”.I didn’t say afterNaruto,DBZ,etc.Shouldn’t have overestimated your reading and compreension skills,sorry for confusing you.

            Well,we were talking about persona,right?Is it a tactical rpg?
            Well,take care,and try to read a little better next time.

        • Samsara09

          Well,are you finished?If you want to reply to someone,at least read-no-try to understand what they say.I don’t disagree with you,on the contrary,you just said everything I did-although with less manners and a more vulgar disposition.Sorry for doubleposting,I didn’t find my post and was mistakened about your disposition.

      • TheRealMalek

        Just one thing persona 4 localisation was considered a fail by square enix as it didn’t reach the required number of sales…

        • Chris Yuen

          Persona 4 was localized by Atlus or by Square Enix? Please don’t bring Square Enix’s “millions of sales” hyperbole to Persona. A few hundred thousands is already considered quite successful for AtlusUSA.

          • TheRealMalek

            it was published by square enix

          • Shane Guidaboni

            In Europe the game was published by SE and NIS. In America it was Atlus. Get your facts straight.

          • TheRealMalek

            NISA published Golden not P4 Ps2 in europe.

        • Samsara09

          don’t know why bring this up…after all,we are talking about lifetime…but,well,suit yourself.

          • TheRealMalek

            Why ? because sega will look those numbers before deciding if they push this out of japan.

          • Samsara09

            Discussing this is moot,since almost all persona games till now ,or 95% of them,get localized…and somewhat quick,life 5 months.Now that Sega is pulling the strings,they actually may be able to localize things faster.

          • TheRealMalek

            i think you had BEARLY look back,

            Time between Jp and USA (not talking about EU because it would be too easy)

            Persona 3 : one year and one month
            Persona 4 : 6 months
            Persona 1 PSP : 5 months
            Persona 2 PSP : 5 months
            Persona 1 PSN : One year
            Persona 2 PSN : One year
            Persona 2.5 PSN (psp was never released) : nine months
            Persona 3 psp :nine months
            Persona 4 golden : 5 months

            so no they are not all localized “fast” those who are fast were for most already translated.

            I really hope nothing will go in the way of localising this but i’m afraid with sega and the fact that ps4 isn’t backward compatible like ps3 was. If it doesn’t go over P4 sales in japan i’m scared that it will never go out of japan.

        • Calintz YT

          >Just one thing persona 4 localisation was considered a fail by square enix<

          When did they say this?

      • Herok♞

        Sony said they were giving the PS3 a ten year lifecycle 2014/15 is still in those ten years.

    • Jrocy247

      That’s funny how a lot of people here were a part of that rage, and acting like they didn’t do it. I’m sure you would say something totally different if they didn’t show that P5 teaser.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Teddie was the only meltdown i remember

    • NimbusStev

      I think PS3 is the perfect platform for it. It’s a console that tons of people already have and it will still look great. They had the chance to work on it when they created the engine for Catherine, so now this will be the ultimate fruits of their labor. I cannot wait!

    • Suriel Cruz

      This exactly.! P4 and P3 were release for the PS2 right after the release of the PS3. They were actually, some of the last games for the PS2.

    • LaserVision

      I suppose we should all thank Atlus for not making another Persona MMO. Why? The idea of playing it with these people would probably be pretty repulsive. ;)

    • Samsara09

      Well,if they want it for the PS4 that badly,then they should fund the game…or accept that the game would be delayed for 3 more years.Well,they naturally won’t.

  • Ramón Navas

    I’m here waiting for a PS4 released and I know that I am not the only one

    • Dagobert

      I have a feeling there will be a PS4 version announced later.

      • Ramón Navas

        I really hope so. I wouldn’t have a problem with the game being a PS3 exclusive if the PS4 was retrocompatible

    • LightZero

      You will be a waiting a long while. The Vita will likely get an upgraded port first a few years down the road. The PS4 is a new system. Atlus is a niche developer. The PS4 is too much of a risk right now. It doesn’t have the install base not to mention there is a chance the PS4 might struggle in Japan (which most of us should know is handheld country). The PS3 on the other hand has well over 80+ million users and most of them aren’t in any rush to get a PS4.

      Now I could see P5 coming out through the Gaikai but if I was you I would go ahead and buy a PS3 if you don’t already have one.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I’m sure glad I didn’t blow $400-$500 on a lousy next gen system!

    • Altin

      But my XB1 makes so cute noises when I put in a Disc! x3
      *Disclaimer: I don’t own One.”

    • icecoffemix

      I will when the next Tales (and hopefully SMT) hit.

    • Rad Phil

      You say that now, but then when their next game is on the systems, you’ll be running to it.

      • Kaetsu

        By then the PS4 won’t be a 400 dollar system.

      • EverEndingStory

        We just got SMT IV and are only now going to be getting Persona 5. Seeing as mainline titles like those are the only ones likely to be released for the PS4/360 (not counting the fighting games, if they make more, which, being multiplatform, would likely be released on both next gen and current gen consoles), I’m not expecting an SMT game for them for a while.

  • Detrimont

    so what are people’s thoughts?
    Will shadows return? or will demons be back?(for the first time since EP)

  • Hashim Kutbi

    The damn hype…..

  • Isaac Newton
    • Servant BerserCAR

      I… seconded…

  • serpentear


    …seriously though, I just want to kiss each and every members of atlus right now.

    Oh and yeaars ago someone made a speculation of persona 5 theme’s base on axp5. Damn clairvoyances.

  • SirRichard

    Hoorah, at last. And for the PS3, no less! That thing’s going to be alive and kicking into 2015, looks like.

    Or 2016, when we’ll actually get it, but hey, at least it’s finally happening!

  • Keko

    I take back what I said. Totally worth no sleeping at all.

  • Amagidyne

    I take back everything bad I’ve said about ATLUS, they’ve certainly delivered this time around.

  • Randgriz

    Cant believe its finally happened, i hope localisation gets jumped on – fast

  • Mordina

    Please to all that is holy let us play as a FeMC again!! Please ;__;

    • serpentear

      Cant believe someone downvoting at a simple wish to play as a femc in persona. Anyway, I hope they give us dual mc too like p3p.

      • Mordina

        Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Let’s hope they give us back FeMC~ I know I and more loved playing as one in P3P!

  • alfare

    It was a very wise move for them to make it for the PS3.


  • ShinoZero

    Color of the game seems red, will it somehow be connected to Persona 2 ?

    • Raspberry

      as far as team persona 1 and 2 never existed, because they didn’t work on them , so no no persona 1 or 2 tie in for you.

  • Rake

    Atlus, I love you.

    • Azzrem

      we all love them <3

  • niko

    PS4 meet Vita. Vita tell PS4 how all your exclusives first went to the other older system and no one bought you.

  • I enjoyed the stream; looking forward to seeing how all these Persona games play out, as quirky as some of them may be. Big hopes for Persona 5 especially though! I already want to speculate what the chained chairs imply…

    • Asaoko

      They look like the chairs they often have at school… Since Persona 3 and 4 and some(I think?) of the older Persona games are always school-based… If it’s true, maybe slaves = students.

      …Though, that’s kinda shallow so I doubt that. v.v

  • Pdugna
  • Detrimont

    i know that those persona 5 songs on youtube were fan selected, but the artwork the people used, i really hope the character have the same kind of designs, they were just so good

  • Magicks

    After watching that live stream, this was well worth it…

    And before I go to sleep, F YEAH.

  • RazeXI

    guys, i need your help, I have no ps3 and now I must find the cheapest one possible, any suggestions?

    • Azzrem

      where do you live?

      • RazeXI


        • DemonShadowX

          You could always try your hand at the $200 Black Friday bundle and sell the games it comes with.

    • XiaomuArisu

      I got mine for 120€ in Amazon.
      They became very cheap

    • Solomon_Kano

      $150 at Walmart on Black Friday, if you can deal with the hassle. It’s only 12 GB, but you can worry about storage later, I assume?

      • RazeXI

        hell, i’m probably only going to use it for this game specifically. this is awesome news thanks

  • Neophoton

    And the hype paid off~

  • icecoffemix

    Please have concurrent localization for the west. :(

    Home console gaming is on life rope in Japan, it would make more sense (and money for Atlus) to get this out on the region where it thrive.

  • PhoenixDownX99

    So many great games coming in 2014! FFX/X-2 HD, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and Atelier Escha & Logy come to mind. These games, at least to me, will provide enough entertainment until Persona 5 gets released. That and all my gaming backlog… lol So it’s cool. Work hard on it, Atlus!

    • Arcana Wiz


      Ar no Surge
      Drakengard 3
      Witch and hundred knights
      Fairy Fencer F
      J-Stars Victory Vs
      Dark souls 2
      Tales of Xillia 2
      Castlevania 2
      Natural Doctrine

      only in naming the ones in ps3.
      2014 is shaping to be a great year ;D

  • Croix Zapp

    winter in japan is Jan-march right?

    buying a time machine instead~

    • Arcana Wiz

      nooo, it’s December, January, and February.

      • Mental

        I’d say it’s more akin to Q4 2014 than three months from now.

        • Arcana Wiz

          yep, Atlus usually announce games at minimun 6 months away… and i cant see this big title being released in two months with no information being released…

          • karldeck

            That is for American for Persona games,.

      • Croix Zapp

        i see, but it’s still a long wait =3

  • Renaldi Saputra

    am I the only one who feels more hype to Devil Children’s trademark filling by SegAtlus than this?

  • V. Dokk.

    OH GOD, it’s happening….

  • Brimfyre

    Thank Chernobog I can put off getting a PS4. It all hinged on where Persona 5 was going to end up.

    • Kaetsu

      Same here. Plus by the time Persona 6 comes out the PS4 will be much more affordable.

  • DesmaX

    PS3 only is lame. was hoping for next-gen.

    Oh well, at least it seems sooner than I expected, hope I’ll keep my PS3 until then

    • Solomon_Kano

      Really? I mean, Atlus put P4 out two years after the PS3 hit. They aren’t the sort who’d rush to next gen.

      • DesmaX

        But, then again, Atlus reused assets from Nocturne in all of their JRPG’s.

        Aaaand, when the PS3 came out, it did hit hard on Japanese developers, so it was wise to avoid next-gen for the time (Or maybe just go with the 360, because Microsoft was doing it’s thing there…). Especially considering that the PS3 was retro-compartible when it was announced, so that’s could help the idea of developing it for the PS2 (Until they taken it out, of course)

    • Godmars

      If it comes to the West, and sadly there has to be an “if”, it’ll likely see a 360 version.

      Just like some may have to hope that Gaikai will make BC available on the PS4 and that this will be offered.

      • DesmaX

        I don’t think it will be getting a 360 release. I mean, Japanese Catherine/P4A got their Xbox release there.

        And, with Gaikai, you are pretty much controlling an PS3 somewhere out there, so I wonder if it’s work well… Or at least be compartible with that game (But P5 should get a digital releases, so no problem there)

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Hoping that P5 and Ultimax Suplex Hold are offered on Gaikai Cloud Streaming Services… Wishful thinking I guess.

  • OlimacFTW

    Well cry babies, At least the game officially exists. Are you all happy now?

  • FINALLY!!! :'(

  • Jesse

    So people were freaking out over nothing, it seems. Good thing I did not stay up and see those reactions right away.

    • Jrocy247

      I’m sure you were along with that rage in the stream, along with a bunch of fronting people in this comment section.

      • Jesse

        Nah. I didn’t stay up for it.

        • Jrocy247

          Then you would freak out too if they just showed only these P3 & 4 related games, people are getting tired of them and want them to move on already. That’s pretty much like how the Final Fantasy fanbase when they were getting tired of FF13 series, they wanted them to move on but continued giving it pointless sequels.

  • Good heaves! I am seriously going to go broke from all these games ( @[email protected] )! Am I complaining? Heck no! I am loving this and savoring every moment. Also when I saw this I literaly started fangirl screaming… I was in public I didn’t even care I was so excite!

  • Shawn Fezter

    for ps3?….guys…update? other then that OMFG YES YES YES YES YES YES YES PERSONA 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kaetsu

      The game has been in development on the PS3 for a very long time now.

  • Azzrem

    Been on this page since it was posted…

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    What? Are they touching slavery? Damn…

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Let manly tears flow! Yes!

  • gangrelion

    You made a mistake there Ishaan! It’s not “You are a slave” The correct would be “You are slave”. Don’t forget that, for some reason, japanese people don’t like to use “a” on they phrases. It’s just like the trailer for Persona 4 Dancing, where the narrator says: “He is genius”.

  • OuchiGouchi

    I honestly never screamed YES so loud in front of my computer

    • miyamoto


  • Aristides

    Leave it to Atlus to end a console’s generation with a BANG! lol

  • Sapitntapit

    I am slave.
    Slave of Atlus.

  • darkbartz

    Man, it was so worth it. All those tears and rage was worth it. Especially when everyone in the Twitch stream jumped at every countdown preview, going “IS THIS IT?”, that 5 minutes troll at the start and pretending to end it with Persona 4 D was fantastic.

    If my anime seasons knowledge is any indication, this would mean that this comes out at March 2014 at latest isn’t it? That seems a little fast. Well, we would probably get it at Summer 2014 probably in that case.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Winter anime season starts on December. So December 2014 at the latest.

    • Margaret Chan

      Winter 2014 refers to December 2014 to sometime March 2015. Most likely anyway. They don’t specify when in Winter because of possible delays and how they can keep their dates is my guess.

  • Folk Hellfang

    It’s like a million years too early for this, but I’m calling it now. Persona 5 The Platinum on Vita.

    • Raidou

      It will be Persona 5 : Crimson Red

  • Akemi Nakajima

    Look at the Siliconera’s popular articles.

    Dem persona.
    I’m so happy as a fan.

  • Mmm yes. I pretty much expected PS3 at this point– it was honestly that or the Vita.

    Nice to hear we’ll only have to struggle through a year before any of us will have a taste of this… though hopefully we’ll have a more concrete trailer and story information well before then. XP

    Overall though, I’m happy about the announcements! Actually really looking forward to this and Persona Q, and I’m curious how the rhythm game’ll turn out, with the Project Diva guys working on it…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Persona 5?………is this a dream? I must keep calm and hyperventilate quietly

    • I’ve already passed out once ( ._.)

  • personablaze

    I can imagine nyarlathotep saying that line….I like it, plus those color’s remind me of P2.
    Words can’t express how happy I am to see a NEW game in the series.

  • Jirin

    So happy it’s on a console. Really looking forward to this.

    • miyamoto

      in full HD glory!

  • TrueDefault

    Atlus, I can just marry them! All of them!!

  • Junko Enoshima

    And thus, I now need a PS3.

    Do they work well on SDTVs? :P

    • miyamoto

      oh yeah!

  • Sergio Briceño

    Yay! So does this mean I only have to wait until 2020 for P6 on PS4 and Xbox1?

  • Luckeh

    ill need to dust off my ps3 o;

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Kids will love this game!

    • EverEndingStory

      Django Unchained was a kids movie, right?

  • Azzrem

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! been staring at my pc since the announcement and it’s already midnight assignment to submit tomorrow morning and i’m not even started yet.oh well…

  • Bur

    Emancipate me, Persona 5! Emancipate me HARD!

  • LightZero

    Definitely reminds me of P2 which is a very good thing. It gives me that same dark feel. Hopefully I’m right.

  • Rabbit

    Now just a whole lot longer until it arrives on our shores. My heart can only take so much longing…

  • Raidou

    2014 Winter.

    That’s a long way to go.
    But I’m glad It’s still coming up to PS3.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Sho from P4U is a character tied to P5.

    • DragKudo

      Unless Yu kills his ass in Arena lol, but i can see it. He is known as a person who doesn’t care about his life and is somewhat of a psycho.

      And he may be a prisoner of Nyra

  • Ryo Shenmue

    Does that mean january/february 2014 or december 2014? Because in Japan winter is: december-january-february.

  • colorblindnightmare


  • MrTyrant

    Soo Persona 5 USA for 2015?

  • Charles Parker

    I really hope either they have a ps4 version as well or Sony at least lets us dowload a digital copy to work backwards with the PS4. I didn’t have a PS3 before I made the jump to PS4.

  • Patrick Lucas Honeyman

    Don’t care about internet keyboard warriors moaning at a developer.

    Happy to hear officially that a new Persona title is coming next year.

    Surprised that additional spin-off titles are being made.

    Pleased that Atlus are working hard to please various fans.

    Not too bothered about P5 going to PS3 as Atlus’ reputation with the series is more than trustworthy.

    So, bring the promotional trailers on Atlus!

  • Jrocy247

    I find it amusing how a lot of people in this comment section are “Lol look at the fanbase, they’re so pathetic, good thing I was acting all high and mighty and expected this to happen”…..Man you guys sure to know how to put up a front and act like you weren’t a part of that rage.

    • I was a bit disappointed, but never raged.

      I’ve been around enough FF fans to realize how to treat anger/disappointment.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Companies that have English branches with in-house translators using Engrish in major things make me sad.

    (also: for those wondering, “橋野桂” is just his name)

  • Guest

    If we don’t get a female protagonist option in P5, then I’m 500% done with the Persona series and will lose all hope for it.
    After the disappointment in P4G, my patience is already kind of thin with the whole thing.

    • EQeE

      That’s not a reason to not to play the game. I’m a dude and I play Tomb Rider, does it make any difference ? .

      • No, but Tomb Raider also doesn’t have dating sim qualities to it and the game doesn’t have a large emphasis on the social aspect.

    • Jrocy247

      Seriously? You’re gonna quit a series just because a female isn’t the protagonist? Why should that even matter???
      Didn’t know the creators were obligated to do those things.

      • I couldn’t really stand many of the female characters in 4 and have them up on me all the time was just kind of annoying…I enjoyed P3P immensely and it was one of my favorite games. If they didn’t intend to make more Persona games with a female option, they shouldn’t have teased us with P3P :|

        • Jrocy247

          Soooo the reason why you didn’t like P4 as much a P3P is because THAT let you have the option to play as a female, which didn’t even have ANY major change or impact on to the story?
          I’m sorry, but your reasons for quitting a series just because a female isn’t a protag is a very low valid reason. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, that’s not why you need to enjoy these games NOR should they be the main focus point.

          • XaviIniesta

            Actually, when it comes to the dating sim aspect of the games, I can see how it can matter whether you play as a male or female. For example, it’s more difficult for a girl to relate to a male character’s love interest in other female characters, and vice versa.
            And that’s something that P3P provided to the female fanbase.

          • Actually, depending on which gender you choose in P3P, the story is (slightly) affected as far as social links go. You also have the ability to save Shinji from dying if you play as the female protagonist, who, by the way, has a social link with every member of SEES–something Minato doesn’t have.
            I found the female characters in 4 to just…grate on my nerves, for whatever reason, save for Naoto. I just couldn’t enjoy it as much.
            Maybe I could play 5 with a male protagonist, IF I have the option to build romantic relationships with other males or if the females in 5 are not like the ones in 4. But those are big maybes.
            I think my reasoning is quiet valid considering how much it affects my own personal enjoyment of the game, but again, that’s just me.

    • IS | 桂木

      That’s… a pretty shallow reason not to play the game.

    • Herok♞

      Play Persona 2, if they craft a story like that where the character isn’t a self insert then it will be fine with either gender in the lead but the dating sim aspects could leave the equation all together which would just make it a normal game. would gender matter to you then

      • I actually had P2 for the PSP but wound up having to sell it because of financial difficulties at the time, so I didn’t get to really play it.
        If the dating sim aspect is completely taken out, then I won’t care about the main character’s gender as much.
        But the social/dating sim aspects have been one of the appeals of 3 and 4 and surely Atlus wouldn’t remove them to make it more of a traditional RPG?
        You guys can defend Atlus and downvote me all you want, but nothing you say or do will make me less bitter over the entire ordeal.

        • Herok♞

          I would personal love if they took out the dating sim aspects and made it closer to the older games in that way since I like the stories more in those, with Persona 3/4 I can draw way to many parallels to each other they are very very similar. I wasn’t one of the people to downvote you, I asked you a question since I wanted your reasoning not because I want to hate blindly. I can see why you feel the way you do since it is a vaild way of thought. However when it comes down to how they plan out the games in the style of P3/P4 gender is considered at the beginning the reason P3 got the Female MC was because she was planned from the beginning but got cut and the game is open enough to reflect that, while as people said before gender was kinda important for many things in P4 and changing it to a female would literally change the entirety of game, because of mythology character interactions etc etc. For all we know we may end up with only a female mc this time.

    • I have to say as much as I too would LOVE a female MC option it wont be a deciding factor in getting the game for me. They did do it well in the PSP version and it shows much promise for future possibilities. If anything I could give him a girly name lol. It would be great but I’m still more into playing it for the story and social links than anything else

    • Lynx

      Here’s the thing with 4, more so than 3.

      It would’ve required a major rewrite.
      It was heavily tied with the myth of Iznagi. It would’ve made little sense to have a female protag without having a different final boss and having a different final boss for an enhanced port doesnt seem like something they would do.

      • This is true of 4, but they’ve had plenty of time to plan out 5 in a way that would include both…so there’s really no excuse.

        • DragKudo

          Except they don’t have to do it.

    • leingod

      Well, if there’s not female MC in P5… it’s been nice knowing ya.

    • revenent hell

      You know I am a female….and perhaps im odd but I really don’t care who or what the MC is as long as the story and game play are good (or excellent :D )…..

      While the option to choose is cool to sometimes its not always done well. Sure choose you character’s sex but does that change events or how NPC’s regard you? Not in quite a few games ive played and that alone is irritating enough to keep me playing as a male.

      I enjoy the game for what it is. Sure I may play as a guy but does that detract the fun for me? No. Sure, equality is great and all but it doesn’t matter if its not something that brings value to the table. If the G** D*** NPC’s cant even regard me as a chick I feel its valueless. (personally I think this particular game franchise would overall do a ton better in those regards but still…)

      I want the choices I make to matter in the games I play.

      A lot of people will say it shouldn’t be hard at all to supplement a female in a males case for this particular game type and maybe it wouldn’t be but by not having a female as the MC dose not in any way detract from the greatness of the game. While it might even add to it in some peoples view I still think its kind of ignorant to say ” I wont buy this game or series anymore because I don’t see my gender as the MC” all’s that gets you is missing out on a great (potentially) game.

      There are a lot of games out there where you can choose what gender you are….. just because its out there doesn’t mean it HAS to be in every game.

    • DragKudo

      They would have had to change the entire game if they added a female option which would have made the game like p3 portable. Too risky.

    • Firekitty

      I personally couldn’t care less about the gender of my avatar as long as there are male romantic options (assuming there’s even a dating mechanic in the game).

  • Kudan

    Well it’s pretty much what i expected, a late release for last gen like P4 that’s cool, i just wish the game came out for 360 as well since my PS3 died but well at least i have a year to get another.

  • Awesome =^_^=

  • EQeE

    On the one hand the fact that Atlus is now in sega’s hands scares me because of the possibility of not getting the localization but on the other hand I think that we will get English release since Atlus USA still keep localizing niche games in the West. Still, I’m not entirely sure about Europe since SMT IV is still not released there.

    • Bec66

      If Conception 2 can still be localized by Atlus while Sega owns them then we’ll get this game in the us no problem.

      • This.
        I don’t think any of the announced games are in trouble.

  • Warboss Aohd
  • Can’t wait!!

  • dahuuuundge

    About damn time

  • Baylfire
  • Eder García

    never change Sony fans… never change

    • I lol’d at the person who said Persona 5: Musical Chairs

    • DesmaX

      My god
      Why do you have so many open tabs?

    • leingod

      As long as they’re fans and not fanboys, we’re OK.

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      Error 404
      Tab Overload

  • Ace

    Yo, does this game take place during the American Civil War era?

    • Ethan_Twain

      No no, it’ll be set in Japan starring Japanese teens. There’s no way that’s gonna change. The possibilities I’m pulling from this are 1: The main game theme revolves around being a slave to the expectations of society (which would be good, and would be kinda weird coming from Japanese fiction) or 2: Persona 5 is set in a juvenile detention facility (which would be VERY good).

      You’ll notice that the only possibilities I see are good and good. I’m kind of up on this game.

      • For some reason the second one makes me think of Dangan Ronpa. Locked in a school looking for freedom…

    • leingod

      Hope not. AC3 already taught us that’s a boring theme.

  • Ethan_Twain

    What’s going on in that last shot? It looks like the chairs got a whole lot taller? Or like there are now chairs stacked atop one another. I’m not quite certain what that’s an image of.

  • NimbusStev

    Oh man, they really know how to toy with our emotions. When the seemingly last of the 3 games announced was a DANCING game, I was nearly in tears. Then BAM! PERSONA 5! Those tears instantly transformed into tears of joy.

  • revenent hell

    Well im pleased by this announcement at least! (I knew it was coming I just wish they would have given more details).

    I adored Nocturne ,still do in fact, so I couldn’t be happier about news of this game. The way the teasers where presented constantly made me think of the game but that could be said for a lot of them anyways…… So yay intuition!?

  • Tom Toonami


  • E15

    Yes! My dream of a chair MC has come true!

    • KuroNathan

      What would the stats of the chair be? Comfortableness, sturdiness, aesthetic appeal?

  • chroma816

    Welp, I’m hype.

    Let’s hope it’s “Winter 2014” for everyone, some sort of quick translation like with SMTIV or the Worldwide release of Pokemon, rather than Winter 2014 for Japan and Spring/Summer 2015 for us.

  • Jeffrey Thrash

    I have played a lot of Atlus game on Nintendo consoles–especially on the original DS–but I have never played a Persona game. Hopefully there won’t be too many new RPGs next year, I want to play the series from the start in 2014.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      While there are some loose references between titles, each entry is a standalone title. That said, P1, P2: Innocent Sin and P2: Eternal Punishment may be a bit too hard to stomach. Superb plots and characters but the mechanics were outdated even when the games first came out~.

      • Jeffrey Thrash

        I’m sure I can deal with the challenge. Besides, it will be awhile before I can get a PS Vita to Play Persona 4 anyway, so I am not necessarily in a rush to finish the first 3 (and a 1/2) games.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          If you have a PSP you can play the first four Persona games: Persona Revelations, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PSX Classic) and Persona 3 Portable~.

          Needless to say, if you were to get a PSV you could play them all since they are playable on the system~.

  • Benny Tormoes


  • Keiji Johnson

    2013 = Year of Luigi
    2014 = Year of Persona

  • tobi


  • Stephen

    No plans on getting a PS4 anytime soon, and for some reason I like the vagueness that we have so far.

  • AAa

    I am one of those people who hates the firs tpart of the stream…now you’re forgiven atlus.

    So..Square enix and KONAMI(For their suikoden series)?

  • Maumac77

    Eh. I will save my hype for when I see more than musical chairs. Though I’m sure it will be 10x better than the fake fan-made stuff on youtube (mostly music, but the character looked pretty cool too)

  • Clairis Cannon

    YEEEEEESSSSSS! (explodes)

  • Alexander Aubert

    maybe this time it’s about politics?

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