Steins;Gate Rated M By The ESRB

By Ishaan . November 26, 2013 . 11:00am

Earlier in the year, Siliconera reported that Steins;Gate, which is being brought to the west by JAST USA, would be rated by the ESRB prior to its western release. The game has finally been rated, and has unsurprisingly come away with an M (Mature) rating.


Here’s what the ESRB’s rating summary says:


This is an adventure game in which players follow a narrative involving a time-traveling character. As the storyline unfolds, players make choices that affect the direction of the game’s dialogue and action. Some still-frame cutscenes depict acts of violence: a woman shot in the head; a character stabbed in the chest; a person strangled. Blood stains are depicted on characters’ bodies and clothing.


The game contains sexual material in the dialogue and as part of the central character’s inner monologue (e.g., “You can rape her, and then just undo it with the Time Leap Machine,” ‘[S]he’s a flat-chested girl, but still a girl nonetheless,” and “why not taste the same girl’s virginity over and over again.”). In one sequence, two female characters are depicted inside a shower stall covering their breasts and pelvic area; one character’s buttocks is exposed. The words “sh*t” and “p*ssy” appear in the dialogue.


Steins;Gate doesn’t have a release date yet, but JAST have announced that they plan on releasing a limited physical edition of the game, which will also get you a free download copy of Steins;Gate in addition to the disc.

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  • r0gamer940

    when is this vn coming out? between this and kara no shoujo I have to re-configure my buying schedule. I really hope it comes out this year since I’m moving to college next year and I will screw with the shipping location

    • Atakashi

      It’s probably just a placeholder, but Right Stuf has it as Feb. 28,
      2014. It’ll probably come out between Winter and Spring, I’m guessing.

      • r0gamer940

        I have like 600+ dollars that I have scheduled for that month. T_T. dam you game industry space the games out dammit

        • BizarreJelly

          600!?! I knew February was a big month for games but didn’t realize it was that big lol

    • mockturtle

      If I remember correctly, and I may not, it’s March 2014.

    • Early 2014, around March.

      • ShadowBaby

        Dear mr Peter(if you are the real deal),please receive the gratefulness from the bottom of my heart for briging this masterpiece to the world.And i know this can only be possible by the hard works of the fans(RN and BW)and the company that went into it.But lets face it,the VN market in the West isn’t that strong.Given the fact that it is a visual novel,many people may consider it is just a stupid hentai porn and don’t bother trying it which is such a shame since they don’t know that they are missing out one of the most touching and polished story about time travel.Advertising also won’t do because of the reputation of your company(no insult),That’s why,we need renown revewers to spread the word for us.Not by paying them of course but but simply by sending them a copy and lets them experience it themself.If the game is good(it is actually is)then they will help it get the recognization it deserves from casual gamers.And i have just one of the right persons in mind:
        .He loves game with great stories,that why i believe he is going to fall really hard for S;G and his words really matter to not only Forber readers but also others contributors and thus capbling of boosting the game’s sales a great deal.I am not trying to be a lecturer here but as a fan,i desire nothing but S;G’s success so..please considering the ideal of giving a copy of the game to him(as well as many other trustworthy
        reviewers you can find) if possible.
        Again,thank you for giving us the oppoturnity to play S;G in English and please forgive my clumsy English.

  • Wait what

    This sort of makes me glad that the anime toned this stuff down. The most you’ll find there is Daru and Okabe making some sexual jokes here and there. Okabe thinking about using the time machine for rape, though, is a bit much.

    • I have to admit that that puts me off getting it. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable with it. Having watched the anime, I know it’s intended to be a reflection of his mental deterioration, but it’s outside my comfort zone.

      Edit: I knew that wouldn’t be a popular thing to say. ;)

      • Aerii

        It’s outside of mine too. But I’m just gonna buy it anyway and hope I don’t get on that path or something, lol. I’m starting to think it’s normal for totally normal visual novels to have extremely downer, disturbing paths, so I oughta just try to avoid them.

        • Morricane

          Steins;Gate is essentially linear. It merely has several “bad ends” and “character” branches on the way which are pretty short as far as I remember, but they aren’t exactly “real” alternatives to the main story :)

          • Aerii

            Oh. So I take it that this isn’t part of one of the short branches or bad ends?

            Sigh. Well, that’s fine, too, I guess…

          • Link0306

            No, it is part of the Suzuha ending. And it’s not supposed to be in anyone’s comfort zone, the point is to make you feel uncomfortable and show how crazy Okabe is getting. Also, Okabe does manage to snap out of it, so nothing actually happens.

    • greeeed

      it’s Suzuha route -> in anime he send message to let her leave them without meeting her father and everyone else forget everything about her(not meeting her)

      but in game you can choose to let her meet her father and keep her from moving to past and commit suicide by living same 2 days again, again and again for more than 10000 time.

      But his soul start dying little by little till he almost reach berserk state -> read the VN to know the rest

      edit: he almost killed Daru for the heck of it (Okabe: who care? since I will just repeat same day tomorrow….)

    • Link0306

      It doesn’t actually happen, and it’s not a joke. It’s supposed to show how insane Okabe is getting in one of the endings. He does manage to snap out of it. It’s actually a very well done scene.

    • Kelohmello

      That’s a shame. Personally I really love that scene. It’s a very meaningful part of that section of the story. While I guess I can understand being unsettled by the mention of rape in any context, without going into spoilers, in that particular bit it’s there precisely because of the situation and how it’s affecting the characters. It may be disturbing, but then again so are depictions of violence and death. Both of those are much more prevalent, even.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      I’m sad that it couldn’t have gone further personally, but keeping it all ages will allow me to play during the day somewhat anyways.

    • Shippoyasha

      Anime tones everything down so I’m not surprised. However, I am not a fan of toning down anything. Many VNs are never meant to take things the safe route. The way characters can do and say all types of crazy things is the whole draw of these games. I don’t expect anime to have sex scenes and sexual jokes compared to source games or light novel or manga but it’s always disappointing to me.

  • Wow, I had no idea Steins;Gate had dialogue like that in it. Glad it’s still getting released though.

    • ReMeDyIII

      I know exactly the scenes they’re referring to. The “rape her” scene in particular really surprised me because it was very out of place, but oddly appropriate given that if I was stuck in a time loop, I may have similar thoughts. It’s an interesting ethical dilemma if a person would live out their dark desires if they know they can’t be punished for it.

      • Keksus

        It wasn’t out of place. It was pretty well. He was already a few hundred or thousand loops in I think. It was a pretty good way to show how his character degraded due to this stress, At some point he just broke. “Fuck everything. I can just rewind anyways.”

    • Keksus

      Doesn’t sound that bad. I mean come on: Words. Are words bad now? I think the ESRB just has weird priorities. I think T would suffice.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The scene being described is plenty enough to ring the mature/adult themes bell by itself. Not to mention the language and violent scenes. Accepting that some games are designed and meant for adults is part of the process of growing the VN market.

        • Daverost

          Have you seen it? It’s not really that bad. I’ve seen worse in T games.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Forgive me, but talk of endlessly raping a flat-chested girl is not going to get anything but a Mature rating. Direct scenes of bloody killings are not T for Teen material either.

            The game is rated, and something other than AO. That opens the door for sales through AMZN and other online sites. Part of no longer hiding that VNs exist is admitting what can be in a virtual novel written and produced for an adult audience. So no one can come back and say they were unaware of the content.

          • Link0306

            The girl he was talking about raping wasn’t flat chested. That other line was an innocent comment somewhere else, I believe.

            Also, most of the bloody scenes were fairly covered up.

          • Keksus

            The bloody scenes were just showing some blood. I honestly don’t think this is adult material. I mean come on. I’m pretty sure teens know what rape is.

          • Daverost

            Pardon. You said “scene” and the only scene described was the bath scene. Should probably have been more selective with your wording.

        • M for Mad Scientist :D

      • Aerii

        It’s a visual novel. Words might as well be gameplay.

  • BizarreJelly

    Question for everyone, should I wait it out and play the game first or should I just watch the anime first?

    • ocaritna

      AFAIK the anime takes a certain route (the best route, perhaps?), while the game have many branch routes. And yes, you should watch it.

    • greeeed

      anime have only one character ending while game have all of them
      (with more details for anime ending)

    • X_Bacon

      If you’re really keen on watching the anime you should do it first, since the VN has more content. Otherwise the VN may spoil your anime experience, since you’d already know what happens in greater detail than it’s shown there.

      • BizarreJelly

        That was my concern doing one first over the other, don’t want to ruin what I choose second lol ahh might aswell just watch the anime first, I’ve put it off long enough. Like watching a movie adaption before reading a book, it’s like you get extra content via the book.

        Thanks for the input my friends!

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      No play the game, originals are always better then adapations

  • They said the p word! Er…the other p word!

  • Luigi87

    My copy is already paid off through JAST (I never thought I’d ever buy something from JAST, but here we are), just waiting for that release date!

  • Duo Maxwell

    ” ‘[S]he’s a flat-chested girl, but still a girl nonetheless,”

    I didn’t know this is considered sexual material.

    …Actually, I knew, but I didn’t think they will acknowledge it.

  • Randgriz

    Sorry why is the game being renamed to Steins;Gated? Is there any reason to that?

    • British_Otaku

      It is either a typo or a very silly rhyme in the title. Don’t think much of it, I haven’t heard anything about the game being renamed and JAST USA (who are localising this) haven’t said anything about “Steins;Gated” >_>.


    sounds like my type of game lol don’t judge me

  • Razlo

    The anime was one of my favorites of all time, so I totally need to get this when it hits!

  • Epic Markell Joshua

    2nd favorite series gotta buy this. Hope this leads to more releases.

  • Who the hell gets a goddamn time machine and thinks “rape”??

    • Warboss Aohd

      …….a humie?

      • One’d have to be more orc than man for such savagery to become him in the natural course of thought, scum of the Horde!

        • Warboss Aohd

          ……i’m a warhammer ork, not a Warcraft orc.

          dere iz a difference.

          Warhammer orkz don’t rape, we iz asexual, reproducin’ via sporez. We Iz basically space mushroomz wit armz an’ legz.

          • Well, many pardons. You people all look the same to me.

          • Warboss Aohd


          • Well at least I’m not a bloody orc!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Game finished please. Off topic. Thanks.

    • Qunton C.

      A person considering revenge after watching their friend die over and over and over and over and over. I’m not saying its right, but given the context and emotional state of the character in question, its definitely not something they just thought of doing for gits and shiggles.

      • Who the hell thinks “revenge” and then thinks “rape”??

        • ReMeDyIII

          No, he’s thinking of the wrong scene. It’s a scene where:


          In one ending, the main character gets stuck in a time loop where he chooses to live out several days over and over again because he can’t figure out a way to save one of the characters from repeatedly dying at a specific time. Instead, he gives up and chooses to relive the last few days to ensure the character never dies. After dozens of times repeating the same events, the same dialog, the same weather… over and over again, he starts to get an appetite for new things. He questions what would happen if he tampers with the status quo. He realizes he is technically a god. His time machine is an undo button, where law and repercussions are nonexistent. That is where the brief thought of “rape” enters his mind. Is it really rape if he can undo it? It’s an interesting ethical dilemma. Would you commit evil acts if you knew you could erase them?

          • …No? No. That’s not really much of an ethical dilemma at all, unless you think that the morality of an action is defined purely by its consequences and not by the moral decision of the actor (in which case go back to LessWrong you wanker). Plus, rape has the “special” distinction of being one of the only crimes for which there is no conceivable sympathetic justification. Murder and even torture are understandable, if not necessarily morally defensible, under certain circumstances. Rape accomplishes nothing except the complete physical and psychological devastation of another human being for the perpetrator’s pleasure. It’s indefensible.

            Also, hey, Bill Murray managed to get all the way through Groundhog Day without thinking about raping anyone! What’s up with that?

          • ShadowBaby

            This is not your fucking Bill Murray average humorous movie(Ground Hound Day is still good though).This is sokmething much darker,grounded and SCIENTIFIC and probably one of the most touching things i have ever experience in any form of media.Go play it then you ‘ll have the right to judge it

          • SKull

            What has meaning to you may mean nothing to another person.

            While I agree on the idea that a person should play a game before FULLY judging it, a person still has a right to be disturbed by content of it and remark on that disturbing content. They also have the right to question it and not buy the game b/c of that content. A person like that shouldn’t do a full review of the game since they haven’t played it, but the parts they do know about they have the right to judge and criticize. And warn others of, especially if it involves things like rape.

            To be honest, it is ReMeDyll’s comment of the idea that time rape is an ethical dilemma that disturbs me the most and wards me off from the game. It isn’t a dilemma due to the reasons Project said, but apparently you can walk away from this game thinking that it is. That makes me a bit wary of it, as it seems to imply that the narrative doesn’t really push the idea that time rape is inherently wrong. Which I understand can be a bit hard to do thanks to being in the MC’s shoes, but if the writing is really that great then I think it can be done.

          • Blick Winkel

            Oddly enough, in this exact scene, Suzuha points out Groundhog Day as an example of unrealistic time loop fiction.

          • Groundhog Day is widely considered to be one of the greatest comedy films (or even films in general) of all time btw so I’m pretty sure it is a better movie than Stein’s Gate is a game lol

          • ReMeDyIII

            @ Project 2501

            So you’re telling me if you were caught in an infinite time loop you have control over, you would be a perfect saint? Your mind would have no negative thoughts whatsoever? You would have no ethical decisions to make?

            There’s nothing wrong with being ashamed to admit you’d have negative thoughts. It’s a perfectly normal part of the human psyche. We keep these thoughts in check to prevent us from carrying them out, but it’s human nature to at least consider them.

          • You think about raping people?

            Also, again, “Do this clearly wrong thing” vs. “Don’t” isn’t exactly a heavy-duty “ethical decision”.

          • ReMeDyIII

            Sigh, whatever. No use having a conversation with you.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            2501 — we’ve moved off the topic of the game. Let’s do all leave things here. Thanks.

    • JustThisOne

      I think I’d go back and time and eat my favorite food for the first time. :3

  • AkiraScare

    Weird how the west considers this ultra violent yet they are ok with GTA…. oh well dont mind as long as they bring more novels to the west
    (^_^) glad i already ordered the Limited edition (^_^)

  • Pepe Maglutac

    It’s funny that most of the sexual dialog stated is [spoiler]fromamaneroute[/spoiler]

  • Learii

    blood? D= well atleast is coming over that the good thing

  • If I’m not mistaken, isn’t there a certain groping scene with a certain dude?

    • Wappuli


  • Neppygear

    Okarin is so lewd.

  • I love the censoring. p*ssy xD

  • easter

    I was excited for this then I realized this is a PC title and not Linear Bounded Phenogram, which is coming to Vita, but not the West. And likely two very different stories.

    I know nothing about Steins;Gate but would very much like to play these (on the Vita preferably, but Steam will work too).

    • Link0306

      Linear Bounded Phenogram is a sequel game.

  • You know, this just proves that the ESRB NEEDS a 15+ rating in between the Teen and Mature ones. In Japan, Steins;Gate and other games like Ace Attorney 5 and Zero Escape were rated C (15+). That’s a pretty big difference.

  • I love the ESRB’s censoring it makes me laugh XD p*ssy!

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