Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Showcases Its Improved Graphics And Music

By Ishaan . November 28, 2013 . 9:30am

Square Enix have shared three short videos showcasing the updated visuals and music of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. The three videos feature Yuna, a few of the game’s backdrops, and Lulu respectively. Watch them below.





Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be available in North America and Europe in March 2014. Japan will get the game on December 26th, 2013.

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  • yellowmage

    Eegh, the sound of the main melody of Yuna’s Theme is so sharp, it sounds like a mosquito buzzing!

    EDIT: OK, I’ve just listened to it again through my PC, and it didn’t sound nearly as bad. Probably because I listened to it on my smartphone the first time.

    • Guest

      Haha, exactly my thoughts.

    • potatoes

      It sounds more or less the same to the original theme, although less synth-y.

    • 하세요

      I admit, I like Dissidia’s arranged version the best.

  • Karn McCloud

    As much as I appreciate the better sound quality of the new recordings of the OST I can’t say I’m digging it. I sincerely hope there’s an option to play with the original OST ’cause, let’s face it, we’re buying these HD Remasters for the nostalgia and there’s something a little jarring about the difference between this and the original soundtrack which is a shame ’cause it complimented the original games so nicely.
    Still buying it though ’cause HD version of my favourite game, yo’.

  • NightzeroAX

    I really need to hear the full version of Besaid Island because so far I don’t like it. I hope Wandering Flame remains unchanged.

  • 하세요

    I’m actually enjoying the remastered songs. If I wanted to hear the original music, I’d play the original game.

    • Monterossa

      I’m sure we’ll have an option to switch to original themes.

      • 하세요

        And I’m all for everyone having the option to do as they choose. I’ll be going with the new music my first (well like, 5th all together) play-through nevertheless.

        • Aoshi00

          I hope it would have both original and remastered music, like Duck Tales you could switch back to 8-bit, or in Castle of Illusion’s case, the old Genesis soundtrack beats the new one (especially the epic boss theme). while I’m sure some new tracks would sound nice, some might some jarring.. so it’s good to have the option for those whole liked the original soundtrack.

          I would play this twice again at least, first in Jpn and then in Eng.. if there’s dual audio patch like LR, I hope S-E would announce it soon before I’m double-dipping (alrdy did for PS2), I liked both Jpn & Eng dub BTW.

          • 하세요

            The only voice I really didn’t enjoy was Tidus. Jecht’s English VA is vastly superior imo. If we do have the option, I’ll play in both as they are both fine to me, but the first time I heard Jecht in Japanese…*shutters*

    • AT-LOW

      I’m sure there was a better way to phrase that differently.

      • 하세요

        Why would I need to phrase it differently? I said what I meant.

        I enjoy the concept of an HD remake that also enhances the music. The whole purpose is to experience an old adventure in a new way. Merely making it prettier doesn’t cut it for me.

  • Monterossa

    I like the other rearranged themes but “Sight of Spira” is inferior to the original.

    • potatoes

      I agree. Most of the songs seem to be updated with higher quality synths and actual instrumentation but it feels like a few notes were omitted from the opening segment.

  • potatoes

    That Thunder Plains clip at the end of the second video… SE, you cheeky bastards.

    • Arcana Wiz

      they want you to remember it… XD

  • I know that no one liked the “bloom” effect anymore, but I have to say I wish it was here; it really made Wind Waker HD ‘pop’ that much more.

    Anyways, hooray, can’t wait to [re]play and kill some Dark Aeons!

  • harmonyworld

    This mean no more textured on faces in cutscenes??
    If so, I’d be soooo happy!

  • Loli Summoner

    OMG Lulu is so hot….still pissed bitch ass Waka hit that and knocked her up…

  • Aurizen

    I still dont like Tidus hair… I dont think it’ll be fixed since the release is soon and they might be in the duplicate stage :(

  • Demeanor

    Beautiful voices, I SO hope we get dual VA!!! ^ ^ b

    • XaviIniesta

      Oh, I was just about to ask if that’s confirmed.

      Yeah I hope so too. I played the game once in Japanese and then once in English (FFX International), and it almost felt like like two different games in terms of atmosphere, due to the portraying of the characters. I didn’t feel any empathy for most of the cast when they were portrayed by their English VA’s, even though I liked them in the Japanese version. Usually when I play a game in Jp and Eng, I don’t experience such a drastic difference, so for me I really hope to be able to relive this game again with it’s original Jp cast.

      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        The english VA really put me off the characters to begin with but as the game went on I just became accustomed to it. Yuna, Rikku and Auron probably had the best voice acting imo. I’m still looking forward to playing this in HD though, remastered soundtracks and all :)

      • oorum

        Interesting. I actually did the opposite: I played the game with the English voices and then watched the entire playthrough with Japanese voices with subs.

        I have to say, probably due to nostalgia/first-play bias, I vastly prefer the English voices. I generally like the original language for animes and dramas, but not in this case. I think James Arnold Taylor does a great job especially portraying the “in-game” upbeat, boyish Tidus and the “calmer-narrator” Tidus. I actually could not empathize with his Japanese VA… granted, I don’t really know Japanese, but I’ve watched enough anime to know “archetype-characters” voices in a way– and I still could have imagined another voice for Tidus. I think… my idea of ‘Tidus’ is too influenced by the English version. It’s like the VAs created two different characters. Watching James Arnold Taylor’s interview on YT abou voicing Tidus, I think he’s got it right: Japanese Tidus is more fiery, while English Tidus is more “of a dude” in a way.

        I also liked the rest of the English voice cast. Even (or I guess you can even say ‘especially’) Hedy Burress. I loved Yuna’s kind and gentle English voice and I wouldn’t want another voice for her even if a remake/remaster offered it. I liked her Japanese voice as well, but since I am only fluent in English, I could more fully appreciate how “good” she sounds in it (if we can forgive the speeding up/slowing down/chopping out and necessary dialogue meaning changes from the localization effort.)

        I think Tara Strong (Rikku) has a lot of love, so I’m not going to go into it too much. I loved her voice. She was Rikku to me. And probably controversially, because I’m used to ‘accent’ Wakka, I’m okay with him too.

        I think I might have preferred Auron’s Japanese VA, since he sounded smoother and more emotional (in a ‘cool mentor way’ but still) and I just didn’t pick up the same ’emotional bias’ for his character as much Yuna for the editing to go unnoticed. (Also, hullo, how much did he have to say that had to be synced to lip movements in comparison to Yuna or Tidus?) But that being said, the English voice wasn’t what I’d call “bad.”

        And Jpn vs Eng Lulu was just too different. But it worked, anyhow. It made English Lulu like… this sexy, curvy woman with a sexy, low/mature voice. Again, since this was my first ‘impression’ of Lulu, it just worked for me.

        Anyway… Maybe I make a few allowances, but I really enjoyed the game in English. Lucky me, maybe.

    • Jisgsaw

      I actually was gonna ask too.
      The english dubs were pretty bad :/

  • Ric Vazquez

    It’s looking so spectacular and godly!

  • Pouncebounce

    Their faces bug me a bit….

    • oorum

      Yuna and Tidus’s faces… I still like the original version of that more from 10 years ago. I think what they done here is add more sharp colours… but took away the softness (in lines, they had more ‘cheeks’ for example, and colour) and emotions that could be portrayed from the original technology. I think the main problem are the eyes. In this remaster they’re really sharp and bright. But it’s like they forgot about the eyelids and the eyebrows, in a way? In the original, there were at times where the characters (I’m thinking of Yuna in ‘protest’ mode here) seem to be having a hard decision and they squint a little or look down and their eyelids sort of only goes about halfway or shut a quarter, not a ‘full blink’ and then same wide-eyed stare. And their eyebrows furrowed a little. I mean, it all comes down to detail and attention and love and care from the graphic artists. FFX Remaster isn’t going to be their new cash cow like FFXV etc. I guess I see where they’re coming from.

      I should say I still pre-ordered this. I was hoping from their summer announcement (like in July or so?) that they’d put more ’emotions’ on the faces to meet the expectations of old fans to count… But clearly nope.

      Guess I’m being picky. But I guess: why fix what wasn’t broken… or in this case, why ruin something by deciding to make it ‘prettier’? Emotions are more important that ‘prettiness’ I think. Come on.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    I can’t express how excited I am for this. Having sunk an ungodly amount of time into FFX, this is perfect.

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