Record Of Lodoss War Online Turns The Grey Witch Manga Into An MMORPG

By Spencer . November 28, 2013 . 2:03pm

002This year is the 25th anniversary of Record of Lodoss War, but you probably wouldn’t realize it since there has been little fanfare for the fantasy series. All is not lost, however, as Record of Lodoss War Online was just announced.


Gameon, a company that publishes MMORPGs like Red Stone from L&K and Legend of Souls from Neowiz, is handling Record of Lodoss War. The game uses Ryo Mizuno’s manga Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch as a base.

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  • D H

    Um… Ryo Mizuno’s NOVEL as a base. Although he provided supervision over them, Mizuno’s not penned any of the Lodoss manga (at least none I’ve been able to get my hands on).

    • I was trying to figure out which ones he might have written for versus supervised.

      • D H

        To be fair, his writing is the basis for them all, but…

        The Gray Witch, the first novel, was adapted by Yoshihiko Ochi, and the middle volume features a story that the animé version just kinda glossed over, making it interesting; it was also released in English, through CPM, in two editions, one comic book sized, one manga sized. There is also a new manga starting based on the Gray Witch December 10, by Tomomasa Takuma (Kurogane Communication, Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally/Renya of the Darkness)

        Taking all manga into account, you also have Demon of Flame by Ayumi Saito, based on the second novel. Then you have Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, adapted by Masato Natsumoto; I really love this one, since about halfway through, it starts to deviate relatively drastically, and it continues to drift further from the novel and animé, making it a fun, non-retread read, and was also released by CPM, only in manga-sized volumes. Deedlit’s Tale, by Setsuko Yoneyama and released in English by CPM, is based on the side-story novel of the same name; Lady of Pharis, by Akihiro Yamada (illustrations for RahXephon and Twelve Kingdoms novels) and also released in English by CPM, is based on the Legends of Lodoss novel series, although it seems to feature it’s own unique take on it (I haven’t actually been able to acquire the first volume yet, so I haven’t actually read this one; it certainly looks the most unique of the set, looking more like a cross between manga and western fantasy style). And finally, the Lodoss Island books, by Rei Hyakuyashiki, and also released in English by CPM, featuring SD versions of the characters in 4-koma-style gags.

        Of course, I’m still waiting on some manga based on the New Record of Lodoss/Next Generation novels, or even something, manga or animé, based on the fifth novel, which hasn’t seen any real kind of adaptation other than some minor throw away stuff in the TV series (novels three and four being the Fire Dragon Mountain story covered with fairly large changes in the second half of the OVA, and retcon-ed to be more accurate in the first part of the TV series). There’s also the Black Knight side-story novel I’d love to see something for. And, if you want to be technical, there’s also the Rune Soldier Louie and Crystania books and accompanying series, all of which take place on the world of Forselia. In the last couple Louie novels, he actually teams up with Parn and Deedlit, which is really interesting.

        …I should probably mention that this is probably my favorite Japanese series, and I’m known to go off on little tangents like this over it… sorry -.-;…

        • D H

          Also, it’s not really fair to say there hasn’t been any fanfare over the anniversary. New releases of the first three novels (the first is out, two and three next month), a new super-deluxe version of the first novel, hardcover, leather-bound, with over fifty pages of newly revised work by Mizuno; a very nice Blu-ray box set of the OVA series, with a bundled artbook featuring artwork from over forty of today’s well know artists (including hentai artists, interestingly enough…). If you’re into Fate/stay, there’s even a nice illustration from Type-Moon of Saber and Deedlit together, released in a recent magazine.

          Sure, there hasn’t (sadly) been much fanfare in the western world, but it is certainly there in the east. I’ve always wondering, since honestly, the setting isn’t far removed from D&D (Sword World, the basis RPG for Lodoss, is basically a AD&D clone as it is, and the first Lodoss products were basically novelized “replays” of a D&D campaign held by Group SNE), how Lodoss has never really taken off with that crowd over here. It seems like you could translate the novels and market them directly to that crowd as well as the animé/manga crowd, and that the market would theoretically be much larger than your typical releases. But somehow, this hasn’t ever really been taken advantage of… To be honest, I’m years from the ability to do so, but with my current focus on a business degree, it is actually a dream of mine to have the Lodoss novels translated and released officially… one day…

        • Oh, did he actually write the Louie and Crystania books himself? I got the feeling Crystania may have been his, but Louie was someone else?

          That’s fine!

          I really enjoyed the Lodoss War anime (and wanted to watch the Crystania stuff) when I was younger and tried to find and get into the manga and actual novels, but I had a hard time finding anything aside from the manga and even that I really didn’t get to read. All this information is real cool and helpful, and it’s resparked my interest (and love) in the series.

          I believe I will now try to hunt down the novels~.

          • D H

            Yep, Mizuno penned the Louie novels as well. Of the three, it’s actually the most prolific, with three “series” of novels and a “0”, totaling 21 books. He also did the Crystania novels, although the exact amount is escaping me right now (it’s the series I have the least experience with so far, as it seems much harder to find). As far as the Crystania animated material… It’s okay, for what it is, I guess, but it’s far from the quality I’d of liked coming off of the actual Lodoss productions. I won’t say it’s bad, cause it’s still entertaining, but it was a little underwhelming, I guess would be the best way I can describe it (then again, the fact that I familiarized myself with Satoshi Urushihara’s artwork for the Crystania novels before watching probably had a hand in my disappointment with the animé’s character designs, at least).

        • PoweredByHentai

          I seem to recall Deedlit’s Tale having an arc where she sacrificed her ability to create life in order to save Parn’s life. That was incredibly depressing for me.

  • I was just talking to my friend (and later my s.o.) about Lodoss. I didn’t realize it was the anni., but that’s pretty nice~.

  • I’m still waiting for a nice Lodoss War Off-line in English!

  • Yan Zhao

    Need moar Deedlit.

    • Anzac

      Someone called?

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Yan Zhao needs you. :3
        Well.. a lot of other people too….

      • Yan Zhao

        Well played you imposer. Well played.

  • Suicunesol

    I love Record of Lodoss War! If this isn’t a browser-based MMO, I will be very happy to learn more about this! I don’t think we’ll see this in English, ever, and if we do, it’ll be FTP with micro-transactions, which I am completely over and done with.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      I love Record of Lodoss. OVAs were extraordinary. It’s quite sad that ,gaming wise, this world wasn’t exploited more. It could have been made like Dragon’s Dogma only with anime characters.

  • Anzac

    I’d love a new Lodoss game similar to the Dreamcast one, I must have put 40 hours into that.

  • Sergio Briceño

    I haven’t read that one yet, but I loved the anime and Dreamcast game. Will give it a read as Karla is one of my favorite characters.

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