Bravely Default Developers Deeply Moved By Anticipation From West

By Ishaan . November 29, 2013 . 12:35pm

Bravely Default: For the Sequel, an updated version of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy recently released in Europe, is receiving stellar reviews from game critics, which appears to have taken its developers by surprise.


In reaction to the review scores the game has been seeing in Europe, the Bravely Default Twitter account tweeted: “Bravely Default is a game that was designed only taking RPG fans in Japan into consideration. We thought overseas expansion was impossible. Seeing this much anticipation moves me deeply.”


While Bravely Default may be targeted at the RPG fanbase in Japan, the improvements introduced in For the Sequel are the kind that would be appreciated by any fan of role-playing games. The game allows one to adjust its random encounter rate, adds more animation to the characters, adds more story events, and also features enhancements to its battle system that help the player get past harder portions of the game.


A number of these features were inspired by fan feedback, while others were inspired by features that are being included in the next Bravely Default game, which is presently in development.


Bravely Default will be available in Europe on December 6th. North America will see the game on February 7th, 2014. It is developed by Square Enix in collaboration with Silicon Studio.


[Correction: European release date corrected.]

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  • Michael Richardson

    Good. Maybe this will help convince some of these Japanese companies that there are quite a few people overseas who primarily like to play these kinds of uniquely Japanese titles.

  • Greg

    Since when did Europe start getting games before North America?

    • idrawrobots

      I think when our Dollar went to the crapper.

    • surakian

      Since NoE started being the better branch of Nintendo lol

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        No they’re still kinda… ehh…

        Rocking deals and club Nintendo to make up for that lmao

    • landlock

      Nintendo and Nippon Ichi have been doing it for ages now. :)

    • Heisst

      Halfway through 2013.

      • GH56734

        Solatrobo, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora Tower… Nintendo of America wasn’t interested in picking up those, and actually actively prevented NoE from mentioning those in E3.
        Let’s be happy it’s being localized at all… unlike Takt of Magic, Zangeki no Reginliev, Kiki Trick, Archaic Sealed Heat (wait, NoA cancelled that one)…

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Glad They kicked old NOA out

        • Heisst

          Solatorobo, TLS and Pandora’s Tower are Nintendo games? Where does it say that?

          • GH56734

            Localized and published by Nintendo of Europe. The European version was repackaged (with very tiny text changes requested by Xseed, and in the case of Solatorobo, “DLC” already unlocked in-game) and sold in America.

            Xenoblade is practically the same game, byte-wise, than the UK version.

            NB: Namco wasn’t very willing to do Solatorobo on their own, but NoE was interested.

          • Heisst

            So why are you mentioning those games if they aren’t Nintendo-owned? NoE just offered to do the work, they weren’t obliged to, probably because nobody else would have since by that point nothing on the Wii was selling as everyone and their mom had a softmodded Wii. If it weren’t for Xenoblade’s viral status after O.R it wouldn’t have sold jack shit I’m sure.

          • Yause

            The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower are Nintendo properties.

          • GH56734

            Well, I mentioned those as examples of games coming to Europe before America, trying to demonstrate that nowadays (hopefully Iwata taking over the management changes that, it was mentioned as an *official* reason for the change after all) NoA doesn’t have RPGs as their priority. That was my point.

            As for your question, that’s entirely another matter. Sure, Solatorobo is developed and owned by Namco Bandai, but the three Rainfall games, their IPs, are owned by Nintendo. They were financed, published and had actual creative involvement from Nintendo of Japan. To say that Nintendo wasn’t involved is a bit .. a stretch.

  • chibidw

    “We thought overseas expansion was impossible.” – Well, if Square is your publisher, I can’t blame you for thinking that.

    • mockturtle


    • baha

      it buuuuuuuuuuuurns

    • Samsara09

      well,they were afraid their game was gonna be beaten half to death by SE’s fans.Don’t worry,this beaultiful game you guys made will still be beaten to death.Just watch siliconera after a month or two post release.

      Speaking seriously,the competition here for space and sells is quite violent,I could say.Well,you guys need confidence.Bravely defaults looks awesome…and appears to play wonderfully.Still,don’t hold your breath…Even though it will have a warm welcome,there is no guarantee it is gonna go fine,unfortunately.

      • SMT

        SE’s fans, the ones that stayed with them in spite of SE giving them stuff they don’t want and in spite of how for many years now SE has become the opposite of the innovative and chance-taking company they once were (which is why they had fans)…

        Those are exactly the fans clamoring for this game. And those are exactly the fans that will make this game succeed.

        I just hope that this game succeeds BEYOND EXPECTATIONS, just for the chance that SE might finally see what it is that their fans truly want.

    • Ric Vazquez


    • GH56734

      Nintendo can’t be the publisher for that one like with BD (obviously), SCEA for some reason won’t support it (they were among the first to give up the PSP outside Japan!)
      … and Square Enix won’t allow any other publishers (aka Atlus, Xseed..) to handle their games (see Blood of Bahamut, Blade Arts…).

      Also Square does have the game translated in their drawers (with the dubbing process completed) but they just won’t release it. Like with two Dragon Quest DS titles (until Nintendo took publishing duties for those), Hanjaku Hero DS, Nanashi no Game, Yosumin DS, … even back in the SNES days with Final Fantasy V SNES (PSX version uses that translation).

      • Pyrotek85

        Are they afraid of saturation or something? I’d hate that they were sitting on products that people want to buy.

        • Yause

          Hanjuku Hero and Nanashi no Game were rejected because of public focus groups. Both received negative feedback.

          Sometimes it’s a matter of perceived potential vs expected sales. Based on the brand and/or game quality, they see potential for a big hit. However, they also think that market conditions are working against them (i.e. low RPG popularity at the time of FFV, the PSP market and Type-0, the PS2 market and Code Age Commanders, etc.), so they opt to “wait and see” rather than release immediately and guarantee a lacklustre result (which also impacts the overall value of the IP. In the short term, sitting on the game means that its potential is up in the air. However, releasing to disappointing sales seals its fate). That said, chances are that the “right time” may never crop up, and the game becomes irrelevant with age.

          Anyway, FFVII paved the way for a successful FFV. As for Type-0, Square Enix weighed a few possibilities (IIRC, an HD enhancement was mentioned as one possibility, but they do run the risk of looking outdated next to other PS3 games) but have yet to settle on anything.

          • GH56734

            We seem to forget those focus groups told Miyamoto back when they were trying to publish Super Mario Bros in the US… “SMB SUCKS.” Same for Zelda.

            Guess what? Taking risks pays off sometimes. But not taking risks is ALWAYS doomed to stagnant output and, eventually, failure.

            In those two cases, there isn’t an IP to speak of yet. Talking about risking the IP is premature.

            And I think that HD version was them experimenting with hardware;.. more like Nintendo porting SMG2 to the 3DS or Twilight Princess to Wii U as a tech demo.

    • LightZero

      Unless SE port it to the 3DS, you could forget that. The only reason we are getting BD and DQ games for that matter is because of Nintendo. Sony couldn’t careless about helping out. They are more hands off in these kind of things.

  • Anime10121

    Well damn, never thought I’d actually say this (like the many who just LOVE to bag SE for even existing nowadays), but SE must really be out of touch with its international fanbase if they thought BD wouldn’t be received well. I mean, its been getting nothing but good things said about it since the original’s announcement. The improvements to FTS are just icing on an already desirable cake!

    Oh well, as long as we continue getting these games one way or another, I’m good, still love 90% of the stuff they put out nowadays, so yeah, gimme MOAR Square (even if you’re afraid to publish it yourselves)!!!

    • Samsara09

      well,they were considering the original BD…and it’s rather fearsome 70 hours of pure fun and boredom having to repeat the game over and over,which made few finish the game,supposedly.

      SE shouldn’t have underestimated the new version,though.Well,maybe they will support the sequel.Still,it is thanks to SE too that this game existis,right?Thanks Sillicon Studio,and SE,however small was your contribution,to create this game.

  • Kelohmello

    They thought overseas was impossible? Man, how disconnected are they from their fans?

    • Guest

      If Square is your publisher it’s not surprising. Square probably told them that bringing it anywhere besides Japan wasn’t going to happen.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      To the point where Nintendo decided to localize it themselves

    • LaserVision

      It’s easy to be disconnected when there’s A LANGUAGE BARRIER. How often would you expect the average Japanese developer to go to an IGN or Polygon anyway?

      • Kelohmello

        There is no language barrier. Overseas branches are established specifically for the purpose of communication with consumer audiences in those parts of the world. Companies like Atlus, for example, are japanese and yet they have no problems understanding the audience that buys their games. Square Enix is a larger company that is more established in Europe and America, something as absurd as “language barrier” isn’t even an excuse and it’s definitely not the reason for that matter.

        • LaserVision

          No. The American branch’s job is to localize and manage the logistics of releasing games in the west.

          Let’s say I work for an American branch for one of these companies. Is it worth jeopardizing my job to
          advocate for a game that will make the few thousands of message board posters happy? What’s the value in being “in touch” with a niche blog like this?

          • Kelohmello

            Again, pointing out the fact that so many other companies don’t have this so called “language barrier” you’re talking about, and the ones that release RPGs overseas still do so with the knowledge that they’ll sell. It’s not hard. And overseas branches are certainly made for the sake of what you mentioned, yes, but still communicate with the consumers. If they didn’t do so they’d be selling blindfolded in the first place. This is square we’re talking about, they should know this already.

      • GH56734

        Japanese folks reading Western gaming outlets (in English, and even in French)? It happens more than you could think of.
        Plus, Japanese gaming magazines often report what’s going on the West too, including critical response (even something as obscure and not-so-relevant-in-Japan as Mother 3 fan-translation news).

  • idrawrobots

    I’m deeply moved by Bravely Default being released in the West.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Bravely Default is pretty much the true Final Fantasy game we were supposed to get at the eleventh entry.

    • Blackburn7

      The twelfth, actually. Eleven was Lost Odyssey^^

    • Ric Vazquez

      So true

  • Sentsuizan_93

    And I’m deeply moved by this localization too. Day one buy for me. No questions asked!

    • abysswalker

      Even more so because it’s the enhanced edition. Makes you feel the wait was totally worth.

  • Luis Camargo

    Dear Japanese Developers:

    We like your japanese games the way they are.
    Make them fun and stay true to what you want to do with the game.
    When a game is good, it does not matter if it was produced on east or west.
    Please, we like your japanese games the way they are and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Don’t be surprised. You made a great game, you deserve all success you can get.

    • Pekola

      I think a lot of them see a broad view of the western market and get discouraged.

      But I think they’d benefit a lot from doing better personal research. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to involve a statistics gathering group, but some familiarizing with message boards and trends.

      Then they’d see that JRPG’s still have a fanbase that will come if you give them the incentive. Tales of Xillia and Ni No Kuni are two notable examples from Namco Bandai. They delivered. And fans responded.

      • Yause

        Statistics are one them, but it doesn’t help that the press and mainstream gamers often trash/generalize Japanese games (from the “effeminate” aesthetics to “outdated gameplay mechanics”). Western enthusiasm motivated them in the past, but present-day negativity is now affecting their pride and confidence.

        And yes, feedback goes straight to Japanese management who then inform the developers and marketing staff about what foreign consumers say. You can sense the growing frustration in interviews (complaining about generalization, the JRPG/WRPG dichotomy, etc. or claiming straight out that they only made the game with the Japanese market in mind).

        • GH56734

          I love Baba for sticking with his vision and concept for the Tales series instead of hearing from those so-called “gaming outlets” who clearly aren’t the best qualified people (I mean, top-score for mission packs sold as full games, and other games being bashed for being too original/weird/challenge/insert random controller complaint here?
          It’s a shame many developers don’t question that crap. A cultural misunderstanding?

          • Tiredman

            Its a shame but I feel Xillia was a giving in to pressure to the west. The change to more realistic bodies, darker colors, muddier looking enemies, extremely limited environments. After playing Graces F, then Xillia, it was like a huge step back.

          • Zeik56

            Realistic bodies in Xillia? Uh, what?

          • Tiredman

            Not the heads, just the bodies. They chose to go taller and leaner.

          • Zeik56

            There’s nothing realistic about Milla’s body.

            But I highly doubt it has anything to do with western influence. Xillia’s design’s are simply closer to traditional anime proportions, which I’m pretty sure is exactly what they’ve been working toward for years now.

          • Tiredman

            Which is kind of what I disagree with. I felt a lot more comfortable, and enjoyed myself a lot more, with Graces F style graphics and colorful world. The extreme reuse of art assets in Xillia, the ugly monster models, and the small map sizes, all of it was a huge downgrade from previous games. I found a lot of the monsters in Xillia, including the weapon monsters, to be dark, ugly, and highly unappealing.

            I am just tired of seeing all these games supposedly trying to switch to western norms, and dark and ugly seems to be one of them.

            As for Milla, she has an excuse to be a giant woman. Every other character is a bit taller, and a bit more realistic in over all body composition than previous Tales of games.

          • Zeik56

            I was talking more about her having a waist the size of a toothpick.

            Also I personally thought the character designs in Graces were pretty awful. (Although proportions weren’t really the problem.)

          • Tiredman

            Realism versus non realism. We are surrounded by realistic games nowadays. If I want realism, I turn my head 5 degrees and there will be a realistic console game. I am tired of all the realistic console games, which is one reason I love games like Graces F. Tales of Symphonia is still my favorite, but Graces F ranks up there, probably in my top 3 if I had to really think about it.

            What I loved about older Tales of games were the cartoony worlds built around serious subject matter, fun side quests, and an awesome battle system. Xillia took out the cartoony graphics and watered down the side quests.

          • Zeik56

            Like I’ve been saying, you’re completely crazy if you think those graphics are not cartoony. I’m totally with you on the excess of “realistic” games, but Xillia is not even remotely one of them.

            It seems what you’re talking about is a very specific type of deformed cartoony style. If you want to lament the change from that then that’s your business, but that’s very different from Xillia being realistic and not cartoony. That game is still very very anime, even for anime.

        • Pockystix

          I was really happy to see all those 9-10/10 reviews from European critics.

          Makes me really hopeful for this ones success.

    • Ric Vazquez

      This exactly, well said.

  • That’s really stellar~. I’m so happy for them, and I hope overall sales in the West pleasantly surprise them too. ♥

    • Samsara09

      if we want the sequel,this needs to happen.I almost thought this game wasn’t coming to us…man,quite scary.

      • I kind of figured it would, but only because of Nintendo; but it was a question of when.

        We certainly should show our support and appreciation though!

  • surakian

    They deserve the praise, too! I’m glad that Nintendo took the initiative to help get this game out to fans in the west. Square Enix needs to put more faith into their other franchises that aren’t numbered FF games.

    • J_Joestar

      I remember back when i was young, seeing the name “Squaresoft” on a game, even with a title i was unfamiliar with, gave me some confidence in trusting that it would hold a certain level of quality at least.

      Now, i just see “Final Fantasy” and can’t help but groan a little.

      • SlickRoach

        I know that feel. I find FFXIV pretty enjoyable, but it’s the only FF game I’ve enjoyed since way back in IX.

        • Lloyd Christmas

          You’ve played FFXV? Are you from the future?

          • SlickRoach

            It was a typo, meant to say FFXIV o_o’

          • FlyingPony

            FFXV looks sweet, though.

          • SlickRoach

            Yeah I am excited for that game too despite being an old school FF fan.

        • LightZero

          Oh I wasn’t aware FFXV was out? You know considering the game probably won’t be out until 2015 at the earliest.

          • SlickRoach

            Gah!!! Meant to say FFXIV, the MMO! Gotta edit that hehe my bad.

  • Masa

    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy recently released in Europe………wait what?
    I thought it was out on the 12th of December?

    EDIT: The game allows one to adjust its random encounter rate?
    Ok, that is freaking awesome!

    • Malon

      It will be released on the 6th of december, next week. Can’t wait to get my Deluxe Edition. : D

      • Masa

        6th, oh!

  • I sure hope this gets good reviews and tons of sales in the U.S. I’m tired of the turn-based RPG drought.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Hopefully they don’t ruin the sequel by taking into account what publishers THINK western fans want. That has killed enough series.

    • GH56734

      Namely Star Ocean, and arguably, traditional Final Fantasy games (to the point IX and Four Heroes of Light are seen by SE more like spinoffs than true main series).

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        They don’t treat IX like a spinoff. FHoL IS a spinoff.

        • GH56734

          They originally intended to.

    • Samsara09

      Well,that is called fan feedback,if they propose crap,and (appear to) have quite a number of people backing it up,they can force the company to accept it…or annoy it till they do.

  • Chim_era

    uhm … isn’t it released the 6th of december in Europe? :p
    Please tell me I get a birthday present tomorrow :)

  • Atopanda

    Just thought I’d mention the game is released on the 6th December 2013 in the UK. Just clarifying that point.

  • ReveurIngenu

    It’s not out in Europe until December 6th.

    • Jero

      I thought the same. What’s going on? Maybe it’s because the press recieved the game earlier.

  • SirRichard

    That’s a rather interesting belief to hold in this year, of all years. We opened to Ni No Kuni getting rather favourable critical reception and actually selling out for a while, with high demand for its special edition. And then later on, Namco opened preorders for Tales of Xillia and in short order confirmed the sequel for localisation, because preorders were that damn good.

    I wonder; was this really their own perception of how things were (I guess it’s understandable, JRPGs have had it rough this gen over here), or did Square Enix shoot their confidence by passing over it? Good thing Nintendo gave it a chance, then, we need more Japanese devs to be confident in their games’ chances overseas.

    • Audie Bakerson

      Square-Enix has some of the world’s worst management.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        EA’s is worse

        • GH56734

          You should check Tsumigi for the DS, a Japan-only Zelda DS/MGS hybrid, but a damn good one.
          It was killed in sales in Japan (I’m almost sure it was on purpose) by an obscenely broken distribution and management decisions.
          Back to sequels and generic FPS/Sport games, unique games suck!

          That aside, Square localized Hanjaku Hero DS, Nanashi no Game, Final Fantasy Type-0 and loads of other games from the SNES days until now.. but they didn’t release it because of .. focus groups/vetos/too Japanese/unfathomable reasons…

          (Remember US focus groups told Miyamoto unanimously that SMB SUCKS, imagine what would happen if he did follow their advice?)

          It puts Nintendo to shame (they did similar things with ASH DS (dubbing completed), Tengai Makyo Oriental Blue (E3 2003 listing), Kururin Paradise (E3 2003), Custom Robo GBA (E3 2003), Tetra Trackers (E3 2003))

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Tsumigi was …. a bit messy tho.

            The Legend of Zelda almost never came out over here.

            BD FF doing well should encourage more Nintendo localization/publsshing

        • Audie Bakerson

          “some of”

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Still the worst.

            Lump them all in there, I’ve never seen so many people and so much money as mismanaged as they were in my life. Nor have I seen such flagrant exploitation of people’s passion as I have then.

            Development hell at its finest.

    • especially now that Ni No Kuni is Part of the Platinum or Greatest Hits Range, with over 500k sales.

  • Ganali Castillo

    Its news like these that give me hope that more JRPG get localized.

  • yomachaser

    Why do Japanese developers think we will dislike their games before giving us a chance?

    • raitouniverse

      Because of all the recent talk in the West that Japan sucks at making games. JRPGs in particular.

      • AkuLord3

        Which is weird since they pretty much helped bring so many good classics and evolve the gaming world but PSSH like anymore remembers that : p

        • David Herman

          It’s not really weird, look at Nintendo and the hardware world. They’re going to go the way of sega, I think, without the desire to become a 3rd party publisher.

          • Do you mean Nintendo not helping publish for third parties? Because BD (alongside other SE titles, Layton, etc) itself shows how they’ve been doing that, so I assume you mean publishing their games for other platforms? If that’s what you mean, that’d be disastrous for them.

          • David Herman

            I mean that more and more, nintendo hardware (ESPECIALLY consoles) are becoming more and more irrelevant. Mobile options are as well, with the rise of phones and tablets. The only segment that is interested in nintendo hardware for the most part are the kids through preteen segment, and they all grow up, and out of nintendo.

          • I’m not sure I can see that, but fair enough.

    • surakian

      They don’t have confidence in their staying power in a market dominated by Western games, which has led Japanese developers to turn inward to seek sales in their own market…

      A developer like Square Enix, though…They have the money, staff, and popularity to stay relevant but they keep making all of the wrong decisions that causes their fans to become upset…

      It’s a bit of a circular argument in the end…

    • James

      It’s a shocker that JRPG fans want games based on JRPGs rather than trying to appeal to the westerners.

    • LightZero

      Mainly because the majority of western gamers look down on Japanese games well besides the big ones like SF, Tekken, MGS, KH, Pokemon, FF, Zelda, and of course Mario. They prefer FPS or wrpgs due to how “mature” they are and “less cliche”. It doesn’t help that critics are out to get them. Us jrpg fans are a niche group. So yeah they have every right to have low confidence.

      • personablaze

        So true and so sad at the same time…

        What’s worse imo is that most of these FPSs and third person shooters are way more cliche than most JRPGs.

        • GH56734

          Activision actually pulled the stunt of releasing the exact same FPS twice under two different names in the same day. A GoldenEye DS FPS I think.

      • Unfortunately, he’s right.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Aka they’re all overly sensitive and refuse to get over their issues.

        Bet they’re all closet bronies.
        All the wrong reasons to do things

      • Ric Vazquez

        I’ve been playing japanese games sine I was a child I will prefer them for all time over western games, COD can go ndie, mainstream crap -_-

    • Göran Isacson

      I think it’s been ever since the BIG MCLARGE HUGE sellers became games like GTA and Call of Duty, and every Japanese head honcho from the looks of things decided that if their games didn’t sell in those numbers they were utter crap that dishonored their ancestors.

      Way I see it, there’s power in knowing how large your audience is, and not pumping up your expectations to unreasonable levels. SE expected their new western games (like the HItman and Tomb Raider games) to sell astronomic numbers, and then were disappointed when they just sold extremely well.

  • Scott W

    wow, its almost like people still actually like to play
    old school RPGs, Square! who woulda thunk??? now make more ^_^

  • Riseabovethesky

    I heard Bravely Default is a bit like Final Fantasy 3 and 5. I hope it has some of their “old school” charm and it’s not just because of the job system.

    • GH56734

      It is an old school-style Final Fantasy game, just like FF IX, and Four Heroes of Light;

  • Heisst

    I thought it released in Europe on December 6th?

    • Josh A. Stevens

      It is. The game isn’t out yet…unfortunately.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Thank god Nintendo localized it.

    But good lord, FFXV is going to suck with this mentality behind it

    • Samsara09

      Don’t worry.The fanbase is there to guarantee XV will have a warm and fuzzy welcome,ohh yeah they will……Nothing could possibly go wrong…

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Someone referred to it as “Japanese Uncharted”

        Noooo just give me Tomb Raider god dammit.

        • Samsara09

          Well,knowing that will definitely make the wait worse…for you at least.

          Considering that each final fantasy is usually made by a different team,that XII came in 4 years after XI(a record),and that it has been 3 years since the last numbered final fantasy(XIV)…XV could very well come in 2014-beginning of 2015…
          Hope you keep up the enthusiasm,once XV comes…for I know for sure people are going to call it the “requiem” to final fantasy…”utter shit”,and so on.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Frankly people care more about the spin offs these days.

            Whatever I just want Nomura to finish up FFXV and KH3 so he can go work on The World Begins With Two (Twewy sequel, 3DS/WiiU miiverse+cross play.Needs to happen yesterday)

            Only the mainstream consumer seems to buy FF now. (first thing someone might pick when they hear rpg and arent exactly.. enthusiasts.)

  • King mogz

    It’s not released in the EU yet o.0 if it was then my preorder would be here already :(

    • Just a week to go. Be patient. :D

  • Max

    It goes to show how many misconceptions big companies in Japan have about the western market.
    There’s an infinity of games that would’ve turned a profit in the west, but were never given a chance to be localized.

    • AkuLord3

      Also helps with better marketing and advertising but yeah if they came over, they would be surprised how well some do

    • Ric Vazquez

      The truth has been spoken

  • My anticipation is boiling over! I know I must hold it in but I cannot wait to play this game (O_ O! )

  • Neophoton

    Coming from someone who beaten the game last year, I can assure a lot of foreigners waiting on this game that the wait is well worth it. <3

    Shame I feel regardless of all of the praise it's getting, it'll probably do bad, sales-wise.

    • Jero

      It’s not for casual western players so obviously it’s not going to sell as much as it did in japan but I think that probably the vast mayority of RPG players in the west have a 3DS (because of SMTIV, fire emblem, etrian oddysey) and they are likely to buy this game because of the “true FF” smell. So I think it will do better than SMT IV but less than Fire Emblem, it’s not at all bad.

      • Neophoton

        Oh definitely, I just feel a little sad that the devs for the game put a lot of love into the project so it’s a little sad that it probably won’t do as well as FEA overseas.

        (Is that Shinji I spy in your avatar?)

        • Jero

          At least to the devs the game will do far better than what they expected (basically nothing) and for Nintendo, they’re a big company so probably they did some research on how much the game would sale and decided that it was worth it. I hope that the quality will shine above all and people will buy it and it will surpass the expectations.

          (Yes, it’s shinji and kaworu because Q.)

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            NIntendo TreeHouse handles that.

          • Jero

            I thought they only took care of the translations, good to know they also handle market viability for games.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            They decide what gets localized, yeah.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Uh…BD isn’t out now.

    • Bec66

      It is in Europe.

      • GH56734

        It’s not. You’re maybe talking about the demo or review copies, but the international (minus US) release date for “For The Sequel” is 5-7 December.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        No it isn’t

  • SetzerGabbiani

    This is the true sucessor to classic Final Fantasy…no surprise here.

    • Bec66

      Almost makes you wonder why they figured western expansion was impossible.

  • James Enk

    already played the demo and preordered the full game:) just keep give us quality jrpgs and i will keep buying them

  • Göran Isacson

    HOLY CRAP IT’S Ouuutokay not yet. Man, scared me there for a second. At any rate I hope to soon be one of the people supporting this game, for hard work and solid design deserves all the rewards it can get. Hopefully the sales numbers will show SE’s management a thing or two…

  • i2Chep

    The game isn’t out till the 6th of December for us in Europe btw.

  • Kango234

    I don’t know why they’re surprised, these guys pretty much dominated the industry before they decided to go after audiences that couldn’t care less about them. The key to succes is innovating without losing sight of what made you popular in the first place.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      And remember your roots.

  • Foryth

    One of the main reasons I got a 3DS, along with EO. I would’ve been very sad if it hadn’t been localized!

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      GO there now to get SMT4. One of the best Jrpg ever!!!

      • Foryth

        Already got it of course! :)

  • Seven of The Scions

    Judging by the title…

    there’s something missing…


    especially for us asians (Indonesia etc) who doesn’t understand Japanese, Korean and Chinese, Helloooow, we Love your games more than western people ya know!

    just add English subtitles to it and make it region free!

    • Lumi

      What’s wrong with buying a US region 3ds..? Most SEA shops sell US region stuff by default anyway. (pun not intended) And actually Chinese language don’t get much official releases esp from Nintendo, since piracy is rampant.

      Anyway… hope Nintendo drops that silly region lock/country NNID lock thing in the future!

      • Seven of The Scions

        What I mean is, by the time the japanese released the game, they should add feature to use dual language text (Japan and english).
        it’s up to them whether want to release it only in Japan or other asian countries.

        But at least western based player can choose if they want to pay more money in order to get the game as soon as possible by buying through import.
        or they can wait till the western official release.

        so, I want them to be in ‘international’ on it’s japanese release (not all asians can understand japanese, korean and chinese).

        and yes, nintendo should unlock the region.

        Why? BECAUSE IT’S SO LAME! i know you all feel the same ‘pissed off’ as me.

        • Lumi

          But even dual language subtitles need work, translations doesn’t appear by itself out of thin air… Actually, I think Sony do release Asian versions that fit that requirement. (no guarantees about release date). Korean Localization does not necessarily come out before western release. Chinese? lol do official translation exist?

          • Seven of The Scions

            I’ll buy either asian or american, it’s no problem:)

          • GH56734

            In our case, the Japanese “For The Sequel” also has the Multi-5 plus Japanese (Korean won’t be included) for text, and dual audio.
            It’s best to buy that one instead of waiting for the American one (February!) if you have the option.

            That aside, learning Japanese is quite useful for gaming among other things. American consoles are deprived of a big percent of RPG games .. On the other side Asian models almost never get games made by Western developers..
            (I envy you, quite frankly.)

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Nintendo will most likely release it in Korean later.

          • GH56734

            Nintendo already took publishing duties for Bravely Default (standard version) for Korea… only in Japanese.
            Nintendo of Taiwan seems to be doing Chinese localizations frequently too for the 3DS (they localized Doraemon).

          • DyLaN

            Akiba Strip 2 got a chinese localization. And I pretty sure I saw the Watch Dog trailers subbed in chinese when I passed by the gamestore.

          • Lumi

            Again, Sony… Sigh.

          • Lumi

            Yeah… Not Nintendo though. Sigh.

  • XaviIniesta

    Not quite released yet in Europe, but not much longer now.

    I played the Demo and I was quite impressed by it. It’s probably the longest time I’ve spent playing a demo. Took me over 11 hours to complete it. Not sure how many other demos there are that would take me that long, but the fact that it made me want to keep playing it for that long is what made it so good. By emphasizing that these events are only in the demo and not the full game, and by rewarding you with some bonuses for the full game if you complete certain quests, they didn’t make me feel like I was wasting any time playing it even if I’m getting the full game as well.
    A very well designed and charming demo. Perhaps the only issue was that they didn’t give you much insight of the story. But I didn’t have any problems with that.
    And it was quite fun to play. There seems to be a lot of room for strategy with the job/skill system, which I like. And the challenge felt pretty good for the most part.

    Seems like it might turn out to be one of the best rpg’s I’ve played in the past 5 years.

  • They just don’t know how much we lack of Rpg in the west and how much we love j-rpg..

    • AkuLord3

      or have forgotten…not sure how

  • SerRompalot

    Why is the NA version coming out so much later? Unless Britain doesn’t count as Europe anymore, there should be an English language option which could mostly be used in the NA version, couldn’t it?

    • Romored

      I don’t think it’s a matter of language options, but more of marketing choices.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Because you got Mario Party : Island Tour this month ? :p

    • 하세요

      I’m sure Europe asks this for every other freakin’ game we get first. i.e 95% of them. I’m not complaining, this is long overdue for EU.

      • GH56734

        Atlus games namely.

  • Aristides

    I’m rather curious how Japanese developers view us, I mean the western market isn’t all big guns and gray photo realism. We grew up with Japanese games. People need to realize that great games be them turn-based RPGs or any genre are still great anywhere you play them. Gaming is a universal language.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      While it’s true that most of us grew up with Squaresoft titles on the NES/SNES and Gamesarts/Sega on the Genesis, truth is that if you read reviews from non RPG specialized sites (such as RPGFan and RPGamer) you’ll notice that the majority often criticize JRPGs for a lot of things~.

      From the mechanics of combat (which is part of the reason Squeenix went the route it did with FFXIII and the rest of the saga) to the “stereotypes” in these games. Some will even go as far as to look down in aesthetic issues such as characters, and I quote, “looking too young”~.

      In may official forums for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft you’ll also see how many users even express lack of interests in most of the JRPG games on account of simply: “not liking the style”. I’m not saying everybody thinks like that, clearly all of us at Siliconera don’t. But I do understand where Japanese developers are coming from. The interest and love the West used to have for JRPGs dwindled quite a bit ever since the days of the PSX (I don’t mention earlier systems since from those systems to the PSX the interest only grew)~.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        No its just FF13 being shit that killed the perception.

        Contrarily Xenoblade did extremely well. Its sales now are only constrained by lack of units. It was 200K away from being a worldwide million seller

  • AspockolypseNow

    They should never make assumptions about western players. Anyone remember Mystic Quest?

  • Michael Cortorreal

    Japan…have more faith in your west RPG fans…
    Deeply moved, seriously!? People been asking for this game months before it came out in Japan and now you’re noticing that!?

    • Sylveria

      Probably couldn’t see it through the piles of defiled Lightning themed love-pillows that Toriyama has on display through the office.

      • Michael Cortorreal

        Maybe; but still i am amazedwith this article, like many have posted before me, devs arent taking risk’s with their IPs nowadays in the west, at least they should check the rave their upcoming games are making in the internet bedore saying that they wont publish it here because it will simply not sell.

  • Ducked

    This is one my most anticipated games of 2014. And by far, my most anticipated game for the 3DS. I’m loving the JRPG selection on the 3DS right now, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Fire Emblem Awakening, and now Bravely Default.

  • :) I cant wait for this game and x and all the other good games coming out next year.Oh gosh i am going to be broke again.

  • I already traded in my 3DS toward my PS4. My son still has his so i’ll prolly give a try on that.

  • Ace

    Yo. Thanks for making a game that targeted the fans, rather than trying to figure out how to please the world. I like you guys better when you concentrate on making a good quality game, rather than a game focused on mindless ecchi fanservice.

  • Go2hell66

    jeez these developers really have no clue what we want do they…

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Well they’ve only done 3D Dot Heroes before and Square is notorious for stupidity and bad management

  • Charmchar

    It’s games like this that show me that Square Enix can still make a good JRPG :D, it gives me hope for them.

    That being said i will with a doubt give this game a try, I’m really loving the art style.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Nah Twewy was the last good Square RPG.

      This is more Sillicon Knights being awesome

      • Charmchar

        Probably True :D

  • Jirin

    Can you turn off the enhancements if you want?

    Why does the West always get the easier version of the game? At least let us opt out of these ‘Enhancements’.

    Like, let me go into the option menu, and turn ‘Original dificulty ON’ so then the damage limit goes back to 9999 and SP stops accumulating. Maybe have some kind of special accomplishment if you beat the whole game without switching down from original difficulty.

    It’s kind of a shame that younger gamers are never going to experience the thrill of being stuck on a boss for a while then finally beating it.

  • TheExile285

    Japan…. stop assuming we don’t want your games because they aren’t aimed at us Westerners >_>

    No more of this SE:–the-toyota-prius

  • Shirou

    Ehh they finally relized that I play jRPG because they are Japanese RPGs, not because they are wRPGs made in japan for western people

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