Bravely Default DLC Price Announced For Europe

By Ishaan . December 3, 2013 . 9:31am

Bravely Default will be available in Europe this week, and Nintendo have revealed the price of the game’s downloadable “SP Drinks,” which allow you to power up in battle.


In case you’re just getting caught up, SP drinks, in Bravely Default, are items that you can use during battles. These confer Sleep Points upon your party, which allow you to freeze time and do increased damage, and are meant to allow players get through tougher portions of the game if they’re having trouble.


Sleep Points can be acquired in two ways—either by putting your Nintendo 3DS in sleep mode and allowing them to refill, or by paying real money to buy an SP Drink off the Nintendo eShop. Each SP Drink allows you to recover three Sleep Points when you consume it.


In Europe, an SP Drink will cost €0.99/£0.89 to download. The first time you purchase one, however, you’ll get it at a discounted price of €0.50/£0.50.


Bravely Default will be available in Europe December 6th. North America will get the game on February 7th, 2014.

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  • Yeah, no…

    To me, the putting it in sleep mode is actually a /bonus/ – when I’d run out of lives in Candy Crash I’d go “Great! That means it’s time to take a break from it!”

    Sides, I have 1 PS Vita, about to get my 2nd, books, and a gaming PC. If I /really/ need the SP, then the game will just have to take a break while I play something else ;-)

    I consider the “Sleep-mode to regain SP” a bonus, yo.

    • Romancer Ecclesia

      That’s quite a balanced lifestyle you have there. I’m unfortunately in the other lot that obsessively plays stellar RPGs like this non-stop until we finish the game. That said, still not paying. It’s disgusting value for money.

  • Fronkhead

    Bit more pricey than I was anticipating but I’m not bothered about the SP Drinks myself. Not too sure I’d be hostile towards this sort of microtransaction.

    SP drinks aren’t the only way to aid players, the developers let you freely alter difficulty, random encounter frequencies and more, so this is really like a last resort that you’ll probably have built up enough sleep mode time to use if you really wanted to lose your pride mid-battle. As a result it seems highly likely the game hasn’t been rebalanced to urge us to buy SP drinks.

    I guess the behavioural economics behind these drinks makes sense in a way, as a last resort action one is more likely to feel like using these if they’ve made it all the way to, say, the end of a dungeon before a save point but are about to be wiped out and lose a bunch of progress.

    This seems to be the ‘right’ way to do microtransactions in a paid game, then. Likewise Tales of Vesperia contained EXP up, Gald up, item kits and more as microtransactions, but the game didn’t feel changed at all to urge players to spend money.

    And as Geekorner above has mentioned, the sleep mode option is there. Though I won’t be using either personally.

  • Go2hell66

    Capcom approves of this DLC

    • Slayven19

      Capcom doesn’t do dlc like this, they charge for things you’d actually want to buy or need for the game. No one actually needs this DLC.

      • InfectedAI

        What about those gems in their fighting games?

        • pressstart

          Not needed.

  • FlyingPony

    Not gonna to lie, I wont buy this DLC.

  • Guest

    I used this SP Mode 3 times so far (40h played).. and only for the sake of it >.< Its pretty much useless and only for the microtransactions implemented! But nevertheless the game is awesome!

  • J_Joestar

    Wonder what the accumulation rate for those Sleep Points are if 1 drink is worth 3. Usually leave my 3DS in sleep mode all day when i’m at work anyways.

    • Exkaiser

      I believe it’s one SP per eight hours of sleep time.

  • Stuart Nisbet


  • Pockystix

    too expensive for what is essentially a useless addition to a game that already can be made as easy as you need it.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Worst dlc ever

  • Romancer Ecclesia

    Persona 4 Golden did this FOC. It’s called “Easy Mode”. IMO it’s really bad business practice to label this as DLC and sell it to customers. =/

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