Fate/Extra, Hakuoki, Limbo And More See Price Drops On PSN

By Ishaan . December 4, 2013 . 10:00am

Sony are running a number of deals and price drops on the PlayStation Store in North America, in time for the holiday season. These include discounts on various games as well as permanent price changes. You can view the full list of games at the PS Blog, but we’ve picked some of the price drops you may be interested in out below.


Fate/Extra (PSP) – Down from $14.99 to $9.99

Saints Row: The Third (PS3) – Down from $39.99 to $29.99

Tomb Raider Digital Edition (PS3) – Down from $44.99 to $29.99

Limbo (PS3) – Down from $14.99 to $9.99

Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinengumi (PSP) – Down from $24.99 to $19.99

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  • TheExile285

    Welp, time to pick up Fate/Extra and add it to the Backlog

    • Arcana Wiz

      you havent bought it yet!? it’s one of the few games that i plan to 100% everyhting (now i only have to finish archer story and grind a lot for stats boosts) :P

  • Fate/Extra CCC coming stateside?! Really?! I’m so glad that—

    I am the worst people.

    • TheExile285

      Of course you are. Look at your avatar and name :V


      • Can’t tell if you’re kidding about that kidding or not.

        • TheExile285

          I was really kidding lol

    • Luis Es.

      Where did it say fate extra ccc is coming stateside?

  • Okay, so, lay it down for me, people.

    I don’t know /anything/ about the Fate/Stay verse, but $10 is an easy amount to swallow. Would you say that it’s an alright game to get into without prior knowledge? Is it good overall?

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      It’s good, but if you are looking for an RPG with an expansive system, it’s still turn based with remembering patterns and rock paper scissors stuff. It’s fun, but I don’t know if I could recommend to someone who isn’t familiar with the series. It’s fun, but I’d still recommend getting into the actual Fate series just because it’s that good. You’ll miss a lot of references as well but you can play the game without them.

      • Hmm, thanks guys! I’ll probably give it a pick up. Sometimes a simpler turn-based effort is refreshing to have, and it’s nice to hear that I don’t need prior knowledge– it just helps for the experience.

    • It is because it isn’t really based on anything for the characters it may represent. It’s an alternate universe scenario so you won’t really need to have prior knowledge on it.

      Even though I’m in it, I’m someone completely different than you might expect.

    • icecoffemix

      It’s not a really good RPG but serviceable and grindy. You don’t have to play any other fate game to play the game since it’s an alternate universe but you’ll miss some references.

      I’d say go for it with that price though.

    • Lynx

      There’s a few references if you select Archer but its perfectly fine if you have no prior experience.

      The story’s really good IMO. Part of me hopes CCC gets some sort of release in English as its a really good follow up.

    • Jesse

      Yes, you should try it. It’s mostly it’s own story, so outside info isn’t required, though it WOULD help a little bit. ^^

    • In my opinion, you can’t go wrong either way. It’s a great place to start at the very least, and needless to say, I think that £10 is a steal.

      For me, I’ve not known a lot about the Fate universe outside of the anime, though I felt that my experience of the game would have been little, to not different at all if I played the games prior to watching the anime besides very universal terms such as “Servants” and “Masters”.

      Fate/Extra is very stand alone, and is it’s own interpretation of the Fate universe, even for Fate veterans, this is a fresh experience.

      The gameplay is very rock/paper/scissors, but it doesn’t not feel random, or that you’re being tossed for a loop. You genuinely have to learn each enemies’ patterns, and if you can learn how they attack, fighting them will be that much easier. Learning the enemies is half the battle for me, as you actually feel like you’re becoming better, more witty and wary of how the game works.

      However, like all JRPG’s, it’s not the gameplay that shines, but the character development. If you have an open mind for historical figures, and like to learn a little about history that you might not have prior, or even have in interest for how famous deities and individuals can be represented within a video game, I highly recommend checking this out.

      ((Caster is the most difficult character to use, but also the most intimate in the dialogue. I recommend all characters, but Caster is definitely the most rewarding servant for all the effort required :D ))

    • Yan Zhao

      The game has a great premise and “investigation” portion thats really interesting. But its ruined by one of the worst battle systems I’ve ever seen. A glorified rock paper scissors game that relies on LUCK more than anything else to get through battle. You could literally get one shotted and get a game over in the later half of the game for just guessing wrong.

      So if that sounds like a turn-off, stay away. If you dont mind grinding to compensate, its a good game, minus the battle system.

      • xXDGFXx

        >A glorified rock paper scissors game that relies on LUCK more than anything else to get through battle.

        Unless you mean the stat, this is bull. It relies heavily on memory. I made a fucking spreadsheet on the monsters in the first chapter for all possible choices and they have patterns.

        • Yan Zhao

          First chapter, when the game was easy, ok cool. In later chapters monsters can have over 8+ different patterns. And make one mistake and you die. Game over. No save points while grinding. Sounds like a blast.

          Sure you can argue it relies on memory. If you can memorize 1000+ patterns. Good luck. Battle system is awful and its what ruins what otherwise would’ve been a solid game. Most people I’ve seen agrees the battle system is whack.

      • Hunts Rattata

        “You could literally get one shotted and get a game over in the later half of the game for just guessing wrong.”

        Only if you’re playing Caster and guess wrong three times in a row. And you would be using her spells to keep you from having to guess that many times anyway. Same thing for Archer and Saber, but you’d have to even more reckless to get KO’d in one round with them. ‘Specially Saber, she just kinda facerolls most of the the game.

    • KuroNathan

      The game has enjoyable dialogue and story, but the gameplay suffers dramatically. Especially if you are an idiot like me and chose the adorable caster as first playthrough. It was basically hell and the only reason why I kept going was because caster is just too adorable.

      If you do get the game I highly highly highly suggest you pick saber first, or archer, anyone but caster ;-;

      Spoilers but the height of Caster’s adorableness:

      • Shizumasa

        True, I picked Caster in the first playthrough too and played on normal mode (which doesn’t have that fountain that restores HP and MP). One mistake and it’s Game Over.

      • Luis Es.

        I played caster on my first play through and was super OP! I just did lots of grinding.

      • Raltrios

        Chose Caster for my first playthrough while two of my friends chose Saber. Strangely enough, it sounded like they had more trouble than I did, even before Caster became a nuke.
        But we all agree on one thing…Fishbites can go to hell.

      • deadMastershiro

        Why did you show me that I’m trying to save for the games coming next year man. I’m probably going to get this now.

        • KuroNathan

          Look at her! She’s the most adorable thing ever! I wish I could just hug her till we fall asleep!

          • Bigabu Beaze

            I’d do more then just hug her till we fell asleep.

          • KuroNathan

            and other things!

    • Ladius

      To be honest, I found it to be one of the least appealing jrpgs of the last generation mechanically speaking, and if I weren’t invested in the Fate universe I doubt I would have been able to see it to the ending credits (and I normally never leave a jrpg unfinished).

      While the game is set in an alternate universe and doesn’t require previous knowledge of the Fate franchise, I think the best part of the game is exactly seeing how the original’s characters and themes are reused in a new environment, and I honestly don’t think the narrative would be as interesting for someone who didn’t enjoy FNS beforehand.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    What does

    Record of Agarest War – Public Release


    Aksys’s games are listed under “Price Changes”. Are they permanent? Because on Aksys’s site most (if not all) of their games listed are just on sale.

  • If you haven’t picked up Fate/Extra, what’s wrong with you?

    $10 is a steal for that game.

    • I already have.

      I’d put even more if we had its sequel.

      But that isn’t gonna happen is it? :(

      • Jesse

        I wonder why they haven’t said anything about that one? …you don’t think it’s because of Passionlip’s design, do you? D=

        • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

          Nah if anything is probably the secret garden characters CGs that is holding CCC.

        • serpentear

          My guess is gilgamesh golden dong. Or maybe you r right. Passiontits.

      • Even if it does, at this stage it’s pretty guaranteed to be digital only. But I would honestly only assure my purchase if it were to become a physical release – provided it even happens :/

    • icecoffemix

      I’m rock-paper-scissoring to get one or not.

      lol just kidding, the game has its flaw which is hard to ignore, but it’s worth $10 for red saber waifu.

    • I…have no excuse, alright I’m on it. Ugh feel so broke, curse these end of the year deals n.n

    • SlickRoach

      I saw a couple gameplay videos and the combat system seems pretty interesting. I know nothing of the Fate series so I’d be going in blind though.

  • Even though I already have the limited edition for the PSP, I never actually opened it so I’m downloading Fate/Extra right now lol =^_^=

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Oh gr- oh… wait… Already have them.

  • Any time I buy something, it goes on sale the next week or has a permanent price drop. Just wanted to let you folks know who to thank: me.

    • Thank you o’great Jesse_Dylan. Please continue to purchase more games at their full retail price and run your wallet dry for the Internet.

    • Arcana Wiz

      ….. i know this feeling, everyhting i buy or go to playstation plus or hvee a price drop here…. seriously i bought ar tonelico for almost full price here, next week it dropped 30%

      • Yep! I have decided I either need to buy things immediately when they come out, or just wait for the inevitable sale or price drop. It’s the in between stuff that gets me in trouble, because then I wait and wait, and buy it, and then it’s on sale the next week.

  • Rinne111

    I hope they localize Fate/Extra CCC

    • Hooded Figure

      Don’t we all.

    • personablaze

      Sadly we can only dream…

      Maybe a digital release would work…

    • Aristides

      So do we all, we just have to keep pestering them. F/E is much loved (and if they’re discounting ti to $10 that means they’ve sold a lot)

  • Danniedino

    i think there was a mistake made. Limbo is $14.99 currently, not $9.99 ( i wish it was though x_x )

  • Freud_Hater


  • Fate/Extra: The Rock Paper Scissors Quest.

  • Phoenixian Sama

    I’d grab fate in an instant if its available in UK. Or hell; on my NA account, then just load it onto my US vita account card. That woks too.

  • persona_yuji

    Ah man…
    For some reason as soon as I read Fate/Extra, my brain tricked me into thinking that CCC was being localized.

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Mine too, its because of Caster.

  • Will John

    Everyone go on Aksys facebook and spam them for CCC

    • serpentear

      I plan to fill their wall with gil’s original golden dingdong so they could realised how great this game is and how the king of heroes grace us mongrels his prescence

    • Bigabu Beaze


  • serpentear

    When I saw the words fate extra I jumped a little, I thought ccc finally localized but no. At this point all my hopes and dreams of ccc shattered to pieces ;_;

    • persona_yuji

      I know that feel bro… But never lose hope!
      Remember that the original Fate/Extra’s localization announcement came when we already lost hope.

  • Croix Zapp

    We need CCC so we can use Gilgamesh!

  • Monterossa

    They need to bring Vita TV to the west, NOW!!

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