Final Fantasy XI December Update Brings New Solo Content, Trial Campaign

By Ishaan . December 6, 2013 . 12:14am


Final Fantasy XI will see an update this month, which will add new features to the game. Today, Square Enix touched upon what some of these will be. You can watch a trailer for the update above, and view a list of the new additions below.


  • A trust system that lets you team up with famous personalities from the game’s world.
  • New “Records of Eminence” solo content.
  • 25% increase to movement speed in outdoor areas.
  • Teleporting between home points.
  • In-game currency menu that lets you see all your currency and standing.
  • Wide Scan expansion can be utilized regardless of job.
  • Mog Garden can now be accessed for players that have not registered Seekers of Adoulin.
  • Other adjustments that have not been detailed.


Additionally, to celebrate Final Fantasy XI’s 11-year anniversary, Square Enix will be reactivating all inactive accounts for the game from December 10th, 7am PST – December 23rd, 6:59 am PST. If you no longer have access to your game discs, you’ll be able to download a free trial version of the game’s all-in-one package. If you ever subscribed to Final Fantasy XI, you’ll be able to take part in the campaign.

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  • Trotmeister

    These improvements are pretty sweat (especially movement speed and teleportation), but I doubt anything can stop the game’s fall into complete obscurity at this point. It’s just too freaking old. It runs at 30 FPS no matter what. Interface displays bare mininum of information and can’t be customised. Combat is slow and boring (only few bosses have special mechanics, the rest of the fights are straightforward tank-and-spank).

    One of the few things this game had going for it despite all the competition was incredibly robust gear system (each piece of equipment improved your performance in a unique way), but in recent Adoulin expansion they replaced it with vertical progression straight out of WoW, with item levels and such, so that’s in the past too.

    I’ve had wonderful time in this game, made a lot of friends there, even met my first true love, but it’s time to put it to rest. Haphazardly rebalancing it to please WoW crowd is only making things worse. It’s not going to bring the old players back either. We moved on, Square, and so should you.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Its like you said its 11 years old now, but there is still a ton of people playing and making it profitable, or else they would not bother with this stuff.

      Pretty interesting they are now adding features that some of those priviate servers have been doing this whole time lol.

      Either way, only way they could get me back is if they redo the game files and login system, WAY to archaic this day and age. The game files are so separated it takes a solid hour + to install or worse uninstall. Hell virus scans took forever all because of this game and its few thousand separated game files…

  • Byron Kerrison II

    I didn’t even know this game was still going…

    I still have my Xbox 360 version.

  • Devinja

    If they made a single player offline version I would play it. Harder done then said but they made some steps this version.

    • Ferrick

      that’ll take too long though, since they would have to decrease all monster’s (above level 10) base stats to make it possible for single player

      • Devinja

        Sure would, games meant for multiplayer too, butthis update took steps towards Solo play being a option. A offline mode might be in its future as well.

      • H_Floyd

        Not necessarily. Imagine FFXI, offline, with the player creating and controlling a party of six with the aid of FFXII-style gambits, full menu control of the party, and on-the-fly “party leader” swapping.

        It would be amazing.

    • Alestaos

      Cant see that to be honest. The reason this game is still going is because people still pay to play it and all the expansions etc. Yes its 11 years old and thats great news for any MMO to reach that mark. But alot would have to be adjusted as well as for this to work singlely as a Offline game they would vastly need to update the graphics etc. I know people will say no look at VII and VIII on pc just, but people are mainly playing them for nostaglia purposes and even still 8 is getting flack for how it looks now. Thats evident in previous comments on different topics here but modders hopefully will do something about that. I understand you would say play FFXI offline would be a nostaliga trip to…it wouldnt though since AI cant make or remake the feelings you had when playing with real people. So it cost square more money than it would be worth since it would out way the money they get now from it.

      tldr: Wont happen SE would lose too much money and cost more than worth to turn into a offline game.

    • AndyLC

      FFXI has an incredible story and world to explore

  • Draparde

    That playonline music brings back memories XD.

    i see no reason not to hop back on this while its free. and see whats changed in the time i have’nt played.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Cool features…mega LAME trailer.

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