Miiverse Is Now Available On Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . December 9, 2013 . 10:04pm

Nintendo have released a new system update for the Nintendo 3DS that allows 3DS users to access the Miiverse. It also enables the use of Nintendo Network IDs on the 3DS. The update, labelled Version 7.0.0-13U, is available now. Below is a list of the features and changes the update introduces:


Added Support for Nintendo Network IDs:

  • Users can now create or link a Nintendo Network ID, which is required to use some network services, from within System Settings
  • Nintendo eShop has been updated to support Nintendo Network IDs (*1)
  • For more information regarding Nintendo Network IDs, please visit our Nintendo Network ID introduction page


Added Support for Miiverse:

  • Users can now view and post to Miiverse from Nintendo 3DS family systems
  • For more information regarding Miiverse, please visit our Miiverse introduction page


Added a Software Update Notification:

  • A notification will now display when software is started and update data is available (*2)


Removed the limit to system transfers:

  • The previous limit of five system transfers per system has been removed


Changed the start-up method of Nintendo 3DS Camera from the HOME Menu:

  • Pressing the L and R Buttons simultaneously will now start the Nintendo 3DS Camera from the HOME Menu


Improved system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience


*1 Credit card information stored on the Nintendo eShop will be deleted after this update is performed or after linking a new Nintendo Network ID
*2 SpotPass must be enabled to use this feature


For more information on Nintendo Network IDs, you can refer to this FAQ. Note that you can only have a single Nintendo Network ID per 3DS system.

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  • Wahoo! Excited to create an ID and get on this!

  • I hope this update doesn’t eat up too much memory. I don’t have a lot left after downloading RE: Mercenaries when it was on sale.

  • QueenDecim

    The account linking is so lazy and half assed. I mean, yay great, good attempt Nintendo. But when are you going to be able to create actual good online systems and structures? How about stop trying to be “different”, and look at why your competition is lauded for it’s online.

    I mean c’mon, no game transfers and games are still tied to the system instead of your account. That’s basic stuff right there. Plus Miiverse on the 3DS is garbage. No private messaging, can’t add friends, and it uses Wii U friends. LAZY

    inb4 the Nintendo Task Force gets angry over legitimate complaints

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      I’m guessing you know how create system updates then

      • TempestTwin

        Its not hard for a multi-billion dollar company to achieve.

        • I don’t know about that. We compromise every time we endorse a big corporation’s product. Best Buy lies about its prices, McDonald’s makes the worst hamburgers, Apple and Google track your every move, Wal-Mart doesn’t provide benefits for its store employees, Taco Bell uses caulking guns to put “meat” in its tacos…

          Big businesses profit on being “good enough.” We let a lot of stuff slide and we still pay for the 75% good product. That 25% you want so badly for them to fix is working just fine from their perspective.

          Making big changes to the basics of their product isn’t convincing the head honcho to flip a switch – it’s rolling a boulder up a hill. I know because it’s like that at my job. Once that rock reaches the top, I don’t get anything, so what good is it to get behind and push?

          • idrawrobots

            Taco bell uses the guns for sour cream and a weird spoon/fork/ladle for the meat.

          • Do they have a name for it other than spoonforkladle? Sporkladle? I’d love to see a photo.

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          uh it is when they are trying to build back Wii U install base momentum.

          Developing and spending money on Wii U and 3DS games.

          Paying Employees and Staff

          Aiding Second Parties and The Pokemon Company

          Creatng New Hardware Bundles, Advertisement, Colors, Character or Franchise 3DS console

          Creating merchandise and cards

          Nintendo World Store

          Game Events

          Let’s not forget Nintendo is strictly a Game & Card Company who have no real amazing talent in Networking unlike Sony who have and does multiples areas.

    • So…. get a Vita?

      • QueenDecim

        I have a Vita. Why shouldn’t I expect the same standard and quality on my 3DS?

        • KuroNathan

          You should and many fans hav demanded that Nintendo change. At least Nintendo is taking a step in the right direction but now they have to deal with the fact that they shot themselves in the foot when they didn’t implement this in the first place

          Now they have to figure out how to make the account system work with the old online store model which was paired with consoles. I’m sure if possible they would have the games associated with account instead vs still on each console but the current architecture is built around system linkage.

          It would be much easier if they could burn it all to the ground and start over with account linking instead but that’d be suicide

        • I guess the world just doesn’t make that much sense. If you got the same quality from each, would you really need two handhelds?

          I live across the street from a full-sized grocery, but I’ve got to go somewhere else for a bag of Funyuns. It’s not a hope for an ideal world – they’re just chips. Things just kinda… suck.

          • QueenDecim

            Quality =/= Diversity. I don’t expect them to be carbon copies of each other, I expect them to have the same amount of attention, detail and thought. 3DS and Wii U online and social infrastructure is what you get when you think something is unimportant. And then when you do realize it is, you hurry to slap together whatever you can in an attempt to grasp that audience.

            And no, I am not just picking on Nintendo like some people may think. The move controller and Kinect gen 1 were garbage. Half assed designs that were blatantly created to try and steal the Wii’s market share.

            I expect quality and thought from every company.

          • Auvers

            well thats different products not a difference in how the store runs itself, you still have everything in isles in both stores and pay at a register right? The two consoles have totally different games you can’t just say “well get the other one” cause obviously this person wants to play nintendo games… you can’t do that on something else…

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          Because 3DS is different. It not hard to transfer data to another 3DS or XL.

    • RICK

      they said theyll fix dat at a later date along with all the other stuff its written on wikipedia

    • orn

      But isn’t it possible to transfer games between two systems that you own using this method:

      What’s the benefit of having games tied to a network account if you can do that transfer? You could probably have the account installed only on one machine of the same type at a time anyhow, so I think it would in effect be the same thing.

      If the games are tied to a system, there’s the benefit that you can sell the system with the games that are installed in it. I wanted to ask, is this now still possible with a 3DS? I mean if I set up a network account on my system and download some games, then remove my account from the system and sell the system, can the buyer still play the games that I downloaded? Does it make a difference if I had a network account set up when I bought the games?

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        if you sell it without your SD Card but system data still there they will be able to download them without paying.

        • orn

          Really? That’s cool. Thanks.

      • QueenDecim

        The games are tied to the console. You have to get another 3DS while still having the original to switch the games. There lies the problem. Having things tied to the network means you could have none of the consoles, and still have everything you already purchased. All ready to be re downloaded if you want to get the console again. Plus, if you buy something on the 3DS VC, you have to purchase it AGAIN on the Wii U VC. That should be interchangeable between consoles.

        • orn

          I see. It would be great if you could both have the games tied to a network account and be able to transfer them from one account to another. But while I think that’s not possible with at least PS or Nintendo, I prefer Nintendo’s system because you can sell your games with the console. Of course it’s possible with PS too if both the seller and buyer are ok with the buyer using the seller’s account. Anyway, I just don’t think one of the two arrangements is clearly better, but that both have benefits, and for the player it depends on what you plan to do with the console, which one is better.

          It would be cool if you could play VC games on two consoles with one purchase, but I guess it’s just about making money. You could say though that you only get a version for one console when you buy a game card/disc.

  • Detrimont

    i thought they were adding in game screenshots for games that dont have the feature already, oh well

    • laoni

      From what I’ve read on Miiverse, to take a screenshot you need to
      1. Have the game you want to take a screenshot in at the place you want the screenshot
      2. Press the home button, and open up Miiverse
      3. Navigate to the board for the game
      4. Hit the post button
      5. There should be an icon for an image in the top right hand corner. Press that and you should post a screenshot. Of course, this is limited to games that have boards.

      • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

        Does that work with the Miiverse for the Wii U or does it also function with the 3DS version

        • It works with the 3DS version but not for all games. For example, for some reason, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate doesn’t support the feature, but Ace Attorney does.

          • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

            Quite rare it work for a few games but others don’t… oh well, hopefully in the future all games will support this feature =J

          • British_Otaku

            I think I saw Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the European Miiverse actually and didn’t see Monster Hunter 4 on the Japanese one…

            It definitely needs work, even if I can choose to look at other Miiverse regions on any system.

            EDIT: I re-read your post, you are talking about taking photos while I assumed that 100% of games with Miiverse communities let you take photos and that you couldn’t see MH3U on the US one.

            I can’t test anything without owning the games… So I may be completely wrong.

            EDIT EDIT: MH3U is on the US one as well eh, so you mean some games have it and some don’t… >_> It is a great deal harder to recreate moments in MH than in a visual novel, so it is a bit curious.

          • For what it’s worth, Pokémon doesn’t allow for screenshots either. Really weird. The two games that would benefit most don’t have it. What the hell…?

    • Posted a few pics of Link Between Worlds already.

  • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

    Wondering if i will be able to change regions in my 3DS settings… I move out seldom and being able to change my address would help me much

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste


      • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

        well, of course i know already that you can already change the region settings in the 3DS… but what i meant to ask (sorry, my english is not that good) is that i will be able to change my region settings and use different region Nintendo eShops (currently switching back between Mexico and USA, you can play both regions on a North American 3DS) and buy at each store AFTER i make my Nintendo Network ID… would you or anyone else would happen to know that? would be extremely helpful =D

        • Detrimont

          nope, you pick a region and you’re forced to stick with it, you can change your region within your region though(meaning city/ town etc)

          • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

            D= that sucks… big time… i used to get better deals at the mexican store but i have a CN account and free stuff at my NA account… oh well, guess i gotta pick a side… thanks for answering!

        • laoni

          Once you have a NNID, you are locked to that country’s store until you delete that NNID

          • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

            looks like i won’t be making a NNID until it’s mandatory (hope it never is)… thanks for your rocking comments beautiful people, this chat has helped me quite a lot to put to rest many doubts i had regarding this update =D

        • PlatinumMad

          Nope, when you link the ID, the country that is set cannot be changed again.

          If you can buy in the US e-shop, choice that, Mexican e-shop is seriously overpriced.

          • Oh yes it is, we can thank LATAMEL for that, and Nintendo´s “we don´t recognize the rest of the continent below USA” stance regarding latin america. Afortunadamente se pueden conseguir tarjetas de eshop por acá :( .

          • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

            Well, though you’re absolutely right, at the moment, the only games i’m interested are the SEGA 3D Classics (bought Space Harrier and Sonic the Hedgehog btw, absolutely loving them) are quite more cheap in Mexico than in US… so i’ll keep that account up and see how it goes, but thanks for le advice =D

  • fantastic, now to wait for the communities hope shinobi gets one

  • Wake

    What happens to the credits? I have different eshop credits on my wallet for the Wii U and 3DS. Do they merge or something?

    • InfectedAI

      Yes. That was the main point of this update.

      • Wake

        Sweet. I’ve been out of the loop with Nintendo news, this was a welcome surprise. Thanks man.

  • PlatinumMad

    And you can’t change your country after linking it.
    I am stuck with my country overpriced e-shop again.

    • J_Joestar

      Can you still change regions? at least cut out some tax if there is a state/province/etc in your country that has less of it.

      • PlatinumMad

        You can, I think. It doesn’t even matter, it’s the same in all regions.
        40$ games of US e-shop (Like Pokemon) are 62$ in the Mexican one.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Where is my Style Savvy community?

    • Shadow Bloodedge

      Just give ’em time–remember, they JUST launched Miiverse for 3DS…it’ll take oh, so much time to tie it all in.

    • I really need this. ono

    • Seriously, why no Style Savvy community? I have like a hundred screenshots waiting to be spammed!

    • Trinity

      OMG, I’m not the only one who plays those games!

    • Arcana Wiz

      GOTY material with no community? outrageous.

  • Shadow Bloodedge

    This is actually something I’ve been waiting for for a long time, kiddos!
    That said, some people here need to quit calling this lazy. OK, I know they CURRENTLY don’t have Miiverse Friend support for the 3DS, and they still haven’t yet re-tied games to the account, but this is a start. By the way, I also applaud the Big N for removing the LIMIT on System Transfers (Remember–they took off the limiter, not the ability to do so), as it reaffirms that while it’s still not sold to you, you did buy it.

    If anything, Nintendo’s strategy with their network is pretty solid–plus, you can’t beat the price–FREE!

    The competition’s online networks had longer to maure. It’s time people see why this is a GOOD thing. Any complaint that may be in the now is instantly nullified by the fact that yes, Miiverse updates, too! Give Nintendo a chance to actually finish all steps of setup.

    This coming from a person who also owns (and still likes to play) a PlayStation system, in addition the my 3DS. (This line nulls any reply claiming I’m a fanboy.)

    • QueenDecim

      As of right now, there is no possible way to message someone on your friends list on the 3DS.

      Yeah, GOOD online system

      I mean, hell. You are praising Nintendo for being slow and ignorant in online ways. They have had just as much time to get these things right as the other companies.

      • Shadow Bloodedge

        Just look at our other console online services. It took Sony the better half of the PS3’s lifespan to come with a pay-plan, then they neuter online for PS4 so only paying members have online play.
        XBOX Live is full of steps forth and back–I wouldn’t exactly call it good, but I’m not an XBOX fan/apologist.

        So far, Nintendo’s online system succeeds where others don’t. If messages are what you care about, go to Facebook or something–b’sides, almost everyone who really does care about that has one already. It’s to me, par for the course–hardly a praising, much less a wake-up call to those with the sentiments I so deconstruct in my original post.

        • Christopher McNair

          Nintendo had years to get it right as well. Or did the Wii NOT have online? Wii launched one month after PS3, so stop acting like Nintendo is just now starting to use online services.

          • idrawrobots

            Super Famicom had online.

          • Shadow Bloodedge

            So ya know about the BS system or XBAND?

          • Shadow Bloodedge

            You do realize that Nintendo WFC, despite taking users online, wasn’t really an online service, but more like what landline phones are to cell-phones.

            FYI, Nintendo’s first online system was not actually their own–it was the BS system in Japan and XBAND here. I know this isn’t their first poke into online. This is their first REAL online service in that it actually offers more than just a way to get to far-off friends.

            Iunno where you get off, but kindly take a chill pill and read Herok’s post.

      • Herok♞

        to be fair they had a form of private messaging and perverts ruined that, PSN, Xbox Live and Steam weren’t amazing in a day they had years to get it right and yet when a company is trying to fulfill the requests of its “fanbase” you criticize them for not having it perfect day one. after all its not every new thing has problems of somekind afterall the Xbox One and PS4 already have everything they promised up and running right?

        • QueenDecim

          The 3DS has been out for TWO YEARS

    • Herok♞

      Thank you people don’t seem to be happy no matter what, we made the changes you wanted, and you still give us crap, there is no winning with you people is there? Personally I have been fine with the lack of account system and region lock since they didn’t really affect most people, if my system broke, I could have it repaired and keep all my stuff(seriously I already sent it in for problems and it came back with everything in one piece) the only real issue there would be if it was stolen but even they would honor your games with a police report so you just needed to show some effort if you wanted your crap back which is fine with me. Then the whole region lock thing, I got why people are upset but most people buy at 90% of games from their region and anything more really gives you an excuse to import a special edition console later, I know I will do that if I learn Japanese to the point importing because something I can do without the language barrier.

      • Shadow Bloodedge

        Exactly! People need to grow the %~&# up every once in a while, y’know?

  • Roel van Lierop

    Now only if your Pokemon savegame was linked to your Nintendo Network ID. No more single save bullcr*p!

  • Guest

    hey i cant log into eshop anymore after the update anyone else have that problem

    • wardoctor

      same here someone told me its an update for the eshop

  • wardoctor

    hey is eshop down for anyone else

  • The list of games is pretty short, but it’s great that the software is available.

  • Guest

    Is Eshop down for anyone else

    • Guest

      I’m also having problems logging in. Error:007-2100.

  • So is this US only atm or worldwide?

    • wardoctor

      for sure US idk if world wide

    • British_Otaku

      Worldwide. My Japanese and European 3DS have gone through this thing as well.

      • Thanks. I wouldn’t ask if my 3DS would just update already…****ing errors. -_-

        • British_Otaku

          IIRC, you can access the system update through Settings option as well. How did I update my two systems? My European one got a prompt as I booted it up and my Japanese one got one as I tried to go onto the eShop for the billionth time in two days…

          So I guess they are offering three options, even if they don’t seem to be working 100%… >_>

          Miiverse is still working even if some software which depends on Nintendo’s online system (perhaps just store ones like Recochoku and DLC) are down.

  • British_Otaku

    There are some nice elements here, like the camera needing two buttons to activate instead of starting up everytime someone holds one side of the system from the wrong place and removing the system transfer limit.

    • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

      that is quite nice… my camera isn’t working alright, and everytime i accidentally hit the L or R buttons it switched back to it and prompted a system freeze, nut with this, it won’t happen again =D

    • The system transfer limit lift made me a very happy camper haha.

  • James Enk

    happy for this, i hope Nintendo continues down this road until they can give us a better NN

  • fairysun

    A first step to account unification, I guess. Come on Nintendo, you’re behind Sony and Microsoft in this field. We(well, some of us) are rooting for you.

  • Musashi234

    I wish they came out with an update that let’s you know who gets online without having to check who just got online.

  • AnimeRemix

    *Raise glass drink into the air* Now with Miiverse on 3DS, I shall spam all my Sonic Lost World 3DS accomplishments! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

    ….Wait. Where’s my Fire Emblem Awakening community at?!? WHERE’S MY SMT IV COMMUNITY AT?!?!?

    Curse you, Nintendo! (/゚Д゚)/

    • Right!? Those where the first ones I searched for! That and Rune Factory. Maybe they’ll add them later on *crossing fingers*

    • Kaetsu

      SMT, FE and Etrian Odyssey were the ones I was most exited about and there not there :(

  • One step forward, two steps back. Why does a Nintendo ID have to be specific to ONE 3DS? I have two 3DS and now I can’t link them both to my Nintendo account as the latter can only be tied down to ONE ID! This is silly and foolishly restrictive.

    • Oh and I love how they introduce the pic snapping feature…which apparently doesn’t work with the most popular game in the library (Pokemon). Why even bother?

    • idrawrobots

      Why do you have more than one 3DS?

      • hello? one 3DS and one 3DSXL.

        • NTaiyokun

          And other than Pokemon, you need to use both why?

          Genuinely curious.

          • idrawrobots

            I had a 3DS, gave it to a friend when I got an XL, and I never looked back. I had no need for that thing once I moved all my stuff over.

          • Kaetsu

            Yeah the XL is way better. Some games are barely playable on the regular one like SMTIV, Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid 3, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, e.t.c. Basically a lot of the good 3DS games.

          • I bought a USA 3DS while in Lebanon. Learned I had to move to France so got a USA XL just in case something happens to the regular one. Everyone knows games are released later on in Europe, and you can’t order tech systems from Amazon, Gamestop etc and ship them to another country (PlayAsia is so expensive). Thus, all my games are downloaded from the eShop (I pay my prepaid cards with an additional 10$ from PlayAsia) and spread then across the 2 systems so I don’t lose all of them if (again) something happens to any of the 3DS. And if you’re wondering I handle my portables really carefully but had bad history with them over the years (broken lids, dead pixels, shoulder buttons lagging…)

          • NTaiyokun

            Huh. Well that makes sense.

    • Suicunesol

      So that you don’t give your second 3DS to your best friend and share downloaded games.

  • Heisst

    I’ve been waiting for this.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      that was fast

      • J_Joestar

        probably an application of Rule 35 at work.

        • ShawnOtakuSomething


          in due time

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Now….we wait more community’s

  • Man I hate Miis so much. You can barely customize them and when you do, they are so irritating to look at. I wish I can just use the Animal Crossing Villager as my avatar.

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