We Finally Know What Lara Croft: Reflections Is

By Ishaan . December 23, 2013 . 8:30am

Earlier in the year, Siliconera uncovered a trademark for something called Lara Croft: Reflections. At the time, we had little idea of what this was, but this morning, Square Enix revealed the title as a card-collecting game for iOS devices.


In Lara Croft: Reflections, you do battle using cards and collect artifacts along the way. You can team up with other players to take on strong bosses and also upgrade your weapons by combining weapon cards. The game is free-to-download.


Lara Croft: Reflections is developed by Smile-Lab, a Square Enix mobile studio, located in Japan. It looks like Square are letting their Japanese mobile division tinker with Eidos games.



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  • Altin

    [Insert Deus Ex: The Fall reference here]

  • DarkRoxas

    Card Games inside Tombs >>> Card Games on Motorcycles u_u

  • Tom

    “Square Enix revealed the title as a card-collecting game for iOS devices.” – not the first nor the last game that is accompanied by this sentence… Should I flip the table?

    • ronin4life

      Not before I activate my trap card…

      “Aw HELL no: Activate when a game company announces a shallow mobile title. Flip a coin. If heads, you are screwed. If tails, you are screwed.”

  • James Darkly

    Every time I see “IOS” in the article, I want to trow up.

  • Zeonsilt

    It’s Square Enix.
    No one surprised.

  • Heisst


    Of course.

  • I would really like to see the people that actually play these. To me, rationally thinking there are only two categories of people that would play this that immediately come to mind…

    1. The “I don’t play games much, but this passes some time” person
    2. The totally “wet for anything Lara” person.

    Do we have any Lara lovers here on Siliconera?

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      How about”Wow i thought this would be shit but now that’s I’ve actually played it’s really fun.”

      • Hector Velar

        how about i got so addicted i wasted all my savings and drowning in credit card debt and lost my job! thats what this games lead to. Their game mechanics is mediocre, dont even consider them full game look up how much people invest on this free to play games and be amazed, or read up actual news about people getting tottally screwed on them. The developers intentionally make this games to get you extreamly addicted so that you can spend thousands on micro transactions. they will intentionally make events so that in order for you to win you need to spend, but not like the arcades that are a quater to a dollar, talking about 10$+ a pop. Gameinformer made a really good article about this games that warn people to be careful on what they get into.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Lol if you get so addicted you do that you’re an idiot.
          Who doesn’t have that kind of self control besides people who would become shopholics anyways
          I’ve played a few so I think know the quality they can or cannot have thank you.

          • Hector Velar

            not me but most people do. i played fanasica and bloodbrothers as free player but i seen how much people spend on this games. what im trying to covey here is that this games their focus and efforts is to get you extreamly addicted so you throw tons of money on it. just like Game Informer warns be careful what you get into. honestly companies who make people mentally ill and take advantage of this illnes (addiction) to rip off people should be illegal is no different than giving cocaine out to get you addicted to then sell you more. You say try it because it is fun and i can see that because you play them. But there are healthier choices.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Umm yes they do make things seem more appealing if you spend money but you don’t have to and they don’t hold a gun to your head.
            My grandfather is at a high level in cafeworld he never payed one sent to get to that point despite it being very cash grabby or friend grabby.
            You can either stop playing or just continue on without paying.

  • ivanchu77

    cards and mobile, of course it had to be square enix again, yuck

  • Attempting to generate surprise.

    Lacked ability to do so. Resulting with solid ‘meh’ reaction instead.

    • Daru Titor

      I wonder if Excalibur is obtainable in this game.

  • EQeE

    Nice pair of tits.

  • Wait what

    I don’t understand why people care that stuff like this happens. We know they are working on a full-fledged sequel to this year’s reboot. How does some ios spin-offs in the meantime negatively affect you at all?

    • Balalaika

      Because Square Enix is taking resources (developers, artist, programmers ect) from big games that need at times 50 to 100+ people to work on them to be able to finish those games this decade.

      There is also the fact that the company is focusing more on games for apple and mobile instead of focusing on making consoles games that are what fans loved them for and made them wealthy.

      • Wait what

        No, this game is being made by a mobile-only studio. It is not taking any programmers or developers away from the console sequel that is, again, already being made right now. People throw around the “it’s taking up resources” complaint all the time, but that’s simply not true. It wasn’t true of the multiplayer in Tomb Raider, it’s not true of these mobile spin-offs. Square Enix is not diverting budget and resources from console games to iOS games. They are having iOS-only resources work independently and alongside their console resources. They are alo not focusing more on mobile games than console games. They are simply focusing more on mobile games than they have IN THE PAST.

        Console games take years and lots of money to develop. Having a few mobile game spin-offs that are very cheap to make in order to generate some money in the meantime actually CONTRIBUTES to the console budget. It also satisfies some fans looking for some quick small snack-sized content for the franchise. It’s a win/win, except for the people who throw a fit on the internet for no good reason.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Please leave uninformed posts like this that add nothing to the conversation elsewhere, please. There are plenty of fans who play these titles — they just not may be you.

        • Balalaika

          Your post literally adds nothing, I at least tried to point out things that are affected by focusing resources on mobile games, and this applies to a lot of other studios/companies that are making subpar mobile games based on popular or well known franchise

          • I at least tried to point out things that are affected by focusing resources on mobile games

            This game is being developed by a mobile games studio. No Eidos resources are being pulled off to work on it.

          • Balalaika

            I said “things that are affected by focusing resources on mobile games, and this applies to a lot of other studios/companies” I meant that this is not exclusive to Enix and I know Eidos team is doing their own thing.

            There is a boom for apple/android games in Japan which in itself isn’t bad but more studios are sprouting up and joining the apple bandwagon and big companies trying to milk and dime well known names (this isn’t new) but It feels like there is too much of a focus on apple games and finding a way to make quick cash.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            There has always been a love for moblie games in japan that we didn’t have

  • Minos


  • Kaseladen


  • KingGunblader

    I’m sensing a messaging problem here. Why is Squeenix using the classic, “sexy” Lara as opposed to the new version that currently has a sequel in development?

    Just a mild curiosity, as I almost certainly won’t play this either way.

    • LustEnvy

      Exactly, I was surprised to see old school Lara on there. Nothing wrong with her, since her last game was amazing (as well as the new Lara), but kind of odd to see them still using the old one.

    • SuperSailorV

      My guess is that version of Lara may be it’s own card, too.

    • David García Abril

      I guess because classic Lara has more marketing potential for a card-based game.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      because new lara is prequel lara and this lara is older lara?

    • FlyingPony

      Maybe casual gamer that they want to pull in know the old Lara better than the new one.

      Or perhaps the old design fit the semi cartoonish game like above..

  • KingNigma

    Was anyone even expecting anything different?

  • haku67

    Lol I might play this, I don’t mind card games.

  • Ryo-kun

    lol at the reactions. I guess I’ve become desensitized to this kind of announcement already seeing how many there were these past few months.

  • Tatsuya Fabre

    Yep… guessed it from the title.

  • Keksus

    Yeah. That’s exactly what we need. Another trading card game.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Ok guys, the shock and awe at this title should be over by now. Let’s not revisit the past with our posts. Thanks.

    • That’s the case with almost all SE news… just more people talking about how they miss SquareSoft and all that… it’s getting pretty stale.

      • LaserVision

        Insert generic “mobile sucks SE sucks card games suck”

        Kidding aside, the irony of all this SE bitching is that one of the golden periods for Square was during it’s partnership with the great Satan/warmonger/babykiller/ruiner of everything Electronic Arts. Square EA published all the great RPGs for the PS1.

  • GH56734

    Which other Square franchise is still not free-to-play / microtransactions / card-based yet? Making cheap spin-offs like that isn’t going to do any good to the franchise’s image.

    I have to wonder how would the game hold out without Lara/Romancing Saga/Mana/Final Fantasy/Bravely Default/Taito/Uematsu/”with the artistic direction of” .. name tacked on its cover.

    How would this “game” have been estimated based on its own qualities as the hundredth cheap card-based microtransaction-riddled …app.
    No matter how I despise Chinese bootleg companies, their output is leagues better compared to most of what Square Enix/Capcom/Konami’s mobile (and now main) division are churning out. That crappy Somari clone with Mario’s head on a NES port of Sonic 1 has at least, if you remove the tacked-on iconic characters, the makings of a game.

    • Shady Shariest

      This actually nails the problem of these games pretty well…
      The fact that the game itself relies on a know character to the extent that the game itself often ends up boring.

  • No…no, just no. (-‸ლ)

  • DanielGearSolid

    They keep making card games. at this point i gotta believe its profitable

  • Rick R

    The only interesting thing here is that they’re using her older design. Seeing as how the reboot was so successful, and they’re really pushing it with the Definitive Edition, makes me wonder why.

  • Mc-kun

    I wasn’t surprised considering that the last secret of mana game and TWEWY were both on mobile.

  • Guest

    Well, due the title being “Lara Croft” and not “Tomb Raider” I was sure this was a Guardian of the Light related game, so I guess the former will become the moniker for new projects not in line with the usual genre.
    In any case, I find odd that they are using the Underworld/Guardian of Light style instead of the Survivor one; as I guess this is intended to rise awareness to the mainline entries, as small as that might be.

  • Oh snap I loved Guardian of L-


    Oh. Well another sequel I won’t get to play I guess.

  • That’s a bit…lame? I guess it’ll please fans of the genre…

  • megaten666

    Let me guess…
    Before reading the news: it’s an iOS app.
    After reading the news: yep, it’s an iOS app.

  • icecoffemix

    This is the future (of Square Enix and their IP), everybody.

    The game didn’t sell for tens of millions in the first few weeks (even though it sold 3, millions)? PHONIFY it!

    Interested to see for how long will they last and what would happen to the IP after.

  • LaserVision

    Considering all the complaining about the “westernization” of SE why is everyone so upset about a card game for Tomb Raider?

    Then again this is probably going to be the last Tomb Raider game to ever, right?

  • artemisthemp

    I had really hope Reflections was Tomb Raiders (2013) 2, but I should have known

  • eilegz

    hopefully next tomb raider announcement will be a next gen sequel but that will happen i guess after the “remaster” of the current game in next gen console

  • Lame…

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