Here’s A Glimpse Of Tales of Zestiria’s Open Fields

By Ishaan . January 7, 2014 . 1:41am

Namco Bandai have shared a batch of screenshots for Tales of Zestiria, the next game in the Tales series. At present, there isn’t much to look at, outside of the game’s two protagonists, Alicia and Slay, a large grassy field with a couple of enemies, and what looks like a town.


Tales of Zestiria takes place in a fantasy world with a focus on dragons in particular. The game’s script and character designs are complete, and at present, Namco Bandai are working on hammering out gameplay systems and visuals.


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  • Suriel Cruz

    Nothing new, just the 1st trailer in pictures… anyways I can’t wait for new characters and more info regarding the battle system.

    ps. If these pictures are from the finished work… it looks RUSH. IMO.

    • Kenny Loh

      did you read the article properly? It write “Namco Bandai are working on hammering out gameplay systems and visuals.”, so it mean those pictures are NOT from the finished work, get it?

      • Samsara09

        well,some fans learned with xillia that they can just call the games rushed and get away with it.Had Baba not been honest about it,few would say the game was rushed.

        • Ladius

          Yeah, it’s even more ironic once you consider there’s barely no game out there which hasn’t had its planned contents changed or downright cut during development.

          • Samsara09

            tales of xillia succeed in making it’s quick pace look comprehensible.Had they made the game longer,it would have been artificial…and people would then accuse the game of having a terrible pace,like tales of the abyss.
            lol,double standards.

          • Rick

            Xillia had a quick pace? Barely anything happens until after the first Gaius fight. I think it already has terrible pacing.

      • Suriel Cruz

        I did read the article properly, but in the case of Tales of Xillia, they did say they were working on visuals and other stuff too and it looks RUSH to the point of no Cameo Colosseum Battle. *sigh* Anyways, people like you read articles and BELIEVE IT TILL NO END. Your problem.

  • Crevox

    Looks like Tales, nothing more, nothing less

    • transferstudentx

      yea tales but with dragons that you can ride! imagine the possibilities XD

      • The Watcher

        Dragons are mainstream, however it’s pretty cool to see them in a Tales game.

    • Ryo-kun

      Well the open fields are something. I hope they manage to create a captivating world that feels alive.

    • Ladius

      There’s no reason to dismiss what they’re trying to do here, we have never had an open world Tales game so far and Zestiria is apparently going with a medieval setting that the series hasn’t really used in its latest entries.

      • Crevox

        The screenshots above, the graphics, look nothing different than previous Tales games. Medieval theme or not, right now, it’s looking the same.

        Every new Tales game is hyped up to have some new big thing with it, and it turns out to be not much different from every other Tales game. Not to say it will be bad, but I’m going to say it’s way too early to get excited about it, especially with what they’ve shown being same old same old.

        I will be impressed when they show off what’s going to make it completely different and amazing. Besides that, I hope we do not see reused assets as we always do (monsters, buildings, what have you).

        • Ladius

          Again, the environments shown in the screenshots and trailers show that this will probably be the first open world Tales game, which is a noteworthy change for the series. It will probably have seamless battles instead of separate arenas, another new feature, and since the game has just been announced there are probably a lot of other features yet to be shown.

          Regarding past Tales games, each of them actually had distinct features and improvements, so I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. Of course the identity of the series won’t stray too far from its LMBS roots, but that’s the same for every series out there, and criticizing Tales for that would be like criticizing Fire Emblem for staying true to its tactical battles, Ys for continuing to be a fast-paced action jrpg or Etrian Odyssey for continuing to be about first person dungeon crawling. Each of those franchises, just as Tales, has its own formula that gets improved entry after entry, and Tales has actually had more variety than lots of other franchises.

          Reusing assets is somehting you will find in each and every jrpg series out there, and Tales is far from being the worst offender in that department.

          • Crevox

            1. Fields in other tales games have looked just as big and open, but are still “zones.”
            2. “Probably have seamless battles” let’s not assume, and Vesperia already had that in the extra dungeon. It would still be cool to see, but assumptions are assumptions.
            3. The game is generally the same every time. Yes, it improves the formula, but not much is changed. Yes, I’ve played the good majority of them (including Xillia 2).
            4. Reusing monster assets? I mean, in many 3D tales games, I swear the use the same exact monster models and textures (ToS 2, ToG, Xillia, Mythology, Abyss, it goes on) such as slimes and axebeaks. Yes, they’re staple monsters of the series, but they use the same exact assets. No reason to bring up other games, cause we’re talking about Tales.

            I’m not hating. I’m just saying don’t be excited just yet and start making crazy assumptions or building up hype that doesn’t exist yet.

          • Ladius

            No Tales game thus far has had the kind of open environments shown in Zestiria’s screenshots: Xillia had larger areas compared to Graces, that’s for sure, but you could see cliffs, mountains and other natural walls to limit them since the game’s first images, while Zestiria has a XenobladeDragon’s Dogma-like scope to its world that is unprecedented in the series. There’s nothing “crazy” about noticing those things, or talking about the clues that have made most of the fanbase think about seamless battles since the first trailers. No one is saying this will be the largest open world game ever, just that it will probably be larger than any other in the same franchise.

            Going on, Tales games are “the same every time” only if you consider the series’ basic roots while ignoring new systems, graphical and gameplay tweaks, narrative twists and art direction. Point is, with that kind of reasoning every series that doesn’t completly shift its genre, art style and story themes with each new entry would be “the same every time”, as I tried to point out with the examples in the previous posts.

            Tales has indeed recycled some of its monsters, but we should probably distinguish between reusing the same model (something that surely happened for Abyss’ models with the PSP entries, among others) and having tweaked models of a familiar monsters. Even then, the fact this is commonplace in the jrpg space is relevant since games don’t exist in a vacuum, especially when negativity tend to be aimed at some series while ignoring others that do the same or worse.

          • kaotron

            I like the tales series as much as the next tales fans but to be honestly…I really hate the same overused monster that you’re gonna have to butcher in the same game over and over(the only different people you’ll ever fight are human bosses for signature games)

            I guess it’s debatable to say that using the same monsters make it “classic” but I think it’s done to save money. One of my recent favs is graces because the battle system was different in a good way the different cc points and 2 modes of attacking. As for the story mode…too much “power of friendship” and “must get stronger to protect my friends” anime tropes

          • k.b.a.

            etrian is a first person– it’s off the list. personally reusing assets is a major turn off for me in many games to the point where i just don’y play them. which is why i play few select jrpgs. but please tell me what are these other series that reuse assets? are talking mvc2 spriteripping all previous characters or using the same base design. because marlboro has certainly changed over the years. his ffxii model is not the same as ffx and certainly not ffix

          • Ladius

            It isn’t off the list, since I was talking about jrpg series that stick to the same formula, whether it is first person dungeon crawling, tactical jrpg combat, traditional turn based combat, and so on. Saying that a series is always the same just because it doesn’t switch genre isn’t really a meaningful criticism.

            That series is far from being an exception even regarding assets reuse. Not that it’s that big of an issue, considering almost every jrpg series out there recycles something, and even stand-alone games do the same with palette-swap enemies, reskinned areas and so on. It isn’t even a sign of bad quality, since there are lots of fantastic jrpgs that had to recycle lots of thing due to budget constraints or other issues.

          • k.b.a.

            allow me to clarify. i meant to say that upon finding out EO is an First Person perspective, it is off of MY list of games to play. sorry if there was confusion.
            but in response to what you were talking about, yes many jrpg’s do reuse. ive got not so much of an issue with reskinning/slightly altering an enemy or asset for use later in the same game. i do take issue with using the exact same asset in a sequel. even if the character is the same for example the final fantasy behemoth, animate and create it from scratch. in case you haven’t been able to tell you play many more jrpg’s than i do, so you’ve seen it happen far more often than i have. but i think if a game did well enough to warrant a sequel based on the conditions that they do everything the same [by which i mean use the same exact assets from the previous entry] i’m not interested. rarely do i spend time on a single player experience that does things the same. to me, doing something exactly like you did it the first time when creating a game or work of art… i sort of wonder why someone would even bother, because they already made that exact same thing the first time

          • As a gamer, you forget that they are a businesses so they’ll look to make cost-effective decisions. Reusing assets in a game that is a sequel, wouldn’t see such drastic changes to enemies – especially does of the feral variety. Unless the game is set in a time period far flung from the previous.

            Art and gaming are two different things. Who would go out of there way to recreate the Mona Lisa?

          • k.b.a.

            as insane as it sounds i can promise you that i’m not unaware that these are businesses first and artists second, if at all. like everyone else who’s disappointed with the showings of much beloved companies over the years. it’s no secret why things are going free to play. it’s no wonder why super anticipated new entry in a classic franchise was cancelled almost out of the blue. the business side of things looks all of use in the face everytime an article about dlc is published or pre-order exclusive information is given to the press. and when it voices itself as square enix’s head honcho claiming that customers like buying dlc on the grounds that it’s akin to toppings on your ice cream sundae…
            so ugh i say to reusing assets for sequels. the stronger the game series has the more ugh i say. but alas i know i’m in the minority here. i’ll enjoy a classic final fantasy for my jrpg of choice because it always mixes things up, but alot of these other titles i tend to walk right by. could it be said that this tradition of long running franchises with constantly reused assets has a part to play in some of the western’s worlds less than admirable view on japanese game development? perhaps. i guess if it works over there why change it up. but me personally, that’s not my cup of tea

          • Comparing DLC to ice cream toppings isn’t a bad analogy, in my opinion. When you buy an ice cream or a game, you are buying a complete product (probably doesn’t apply to all games). Just like toppings, DLC are all optional and in no way something you have to have. Pre-order bonuses is way of getting consumers to commit to a product, as it gets harder to make a turnover these days for some companies, when some would rather pirate a title, for whatever reason.

            Not all game companies can afford to continually create new assets for every new title – especially when development cost continue to increase as technology continues to improve. If a company was to create new assets for a new game; it doesn’t sell well. They make their next title, using new assets, and again, that game fells to meet expectations and doesn’t sell well. No gaming company can continue to create new assets and expect each title to be a “hit.”

            I remember hearing Square Enix tend to make a new engine for each game, whilst still make profitable titles, yet, they don’t make the levels they were expecting. Then on the flip side, you have Infinity Ward that apparently uses the same engine for CoD, since its initial release, albeit with some modifications. Therefore, they can maintain a similar or more amount of profit. So it isn’t all black and white with making generalisations against the Japanese.

          • k.b.a.

            Its one thing to make the comparison to ice cream toppings its another to infer that customers enjoy purchasing such things.
            If I came across as making a generalization about, not against the Japanese, I am sorry. I tend to see only two opinions on the state of Japanese game development. The first being its stagnant and the comes from stateside as well as Japanese and the other being that they can do no wrong, a majority of whom I hear this from are die hard fans. Those I know of personally only order out sushi and are teaching themselves Japanese; they have no problem reminding me that they have a bias. Not sure if you mention cod because you thought that was my preference or simply picking the most successful one, but no worldwide reusing assets is booty for subsequent titles. Mathematically if Japan ends up making rpgs by the fives and tens per series and they produce more rpg series then most other countries then I’m hearing that a lot of those titles will have reused assets in each sequel. Sorry not sorry but I’ll pass on every tales and every cod for those reasons as topping in my sundaes of do not want either
            Then again I’m not one to commit to anything other than street fighter which is never a new game, and when it is the distinction is made clear a day. I get that some things are simply “always done this way” but hasn’t there been an ongoing discussion about how that has to change? If you churn out 6 games with reused and new assets, and they all underperform isn’t it time to take a step back? Companies can do what they want but they’re still doing it for the customer. If people don’t like it and don’t buy it, they wont get the fun to keep producing. Everybody loses.

          • kaotron

            Sometimes dlc isn’t like the optional “icecream topings”, what I hate about DLC is that irl many companies like to take that icecream and scoop off 5%-20% of the icecream(original content) then sell you what was already originally made for extra. I remember the good era of gaming when costumes and other modes were unlockable before dlc killed them off so companies can make an extra buck.

            But in the end I undestand that these games are made by companies that need to make money to survive not people that want to make their fanbase happy..

        • k.b.a.

          the character designs well… they don’t make me want to buy the game. i don’t think there was a way to say this which didn’t make me seem like a dick, but i prefer the art style that particularly stands out from the crowd these days. alot of japans stuff looks the same. the argument could be made that alot of americas stuff looks the same as well, but it depends on what you’re looking at. risk of rain looks nothing like serious sam and so forth. george kamitami stuff is god like imo. but that maybe because their faces are so far away i dont end up seeing them so well and thus i don’t think “it looks like the trillions of others’

          • kaotron

            As long as it’s a tales game that’s getting localized I’ll buy it on launch day(except maybe that symphonia HD remaster pack, since I played both already).

            jrpgs arent my fav genre(and tales has a bad habit of being to anime-ish) but what I like about the tales series is that it’s like a fast pace, classic rpg with real time instead of turn based(I hate turn base btw)

    • Kevin Schwarz

      Actually you are right, just based on the images. But this is still in development, so I guess they will surprise us somehow? I mean the battle system is improved, a little, enough to make it feel like a different game. From what they have told us at least.

    • CirnoLakes

      There is nothing more than Tales.

  • William Carpenter

    That one screenshot with the big hill and the clouds in particular has me hopeful that they’ll live up to what they’re pitching. Looks good.

    Also, dang, Alicia is kawaii as heck.

  • The time frame of announcement is tightly close to Xillia. Since Xillia was an rush project, I wonder if it will be alright to expect it coming out in 2014.

    • Ryo-kun

      What do you mean by the time frame of the announcement? Well I’m fairly sure it’ll be out by 2015. There’s a slim (or no?) chance that this will be a 2014 release (I read this somewhere, forgot where, but it has been ingrained to my mind that this is a 2015 release)

    • Arcana Wiz

      Xillia was released in 2011 in japan… so 3 years gave them a good time IMO.

    • Ladius

      Xillia was a “rushed project” that managed to have more contents than most non-Tales jrpgs out there, and more than lots of Tales games, too (and some of those that are bigger are upgraded ports, like Tales of Graces f). It was also a game where they changed their engine, their art direction, their camera and went with bigger areas. With an hundred sub events, some optional dungeons and bosses, a post game dungeon and two scenarios, it had far more things to do than some people give it credit for.

  • rpgmaniac

    Let’s hope that we will get dual audio this time else I’m gonna skip that like I did with Xillia.

    • TheDarkEmpress

      Why don’t you learn to speak Nihon so you’re not such a snob about releases then? You can import whatever game you want in “superior master race language”


    • William Carpenter

      Pretty sure they said they’re gonna try for dual audio going forward, starting with Tales of Symphonia Chronicle.

      • Ladius

        Symphonia Chronicles will have it since it’s been implemented from the start, but Xillia 2 won’t since the original game was developed before they decided to go dual audio. Nothing has been confirmed for Zestiria so far.

    • Bobby Jennings

      The RPGmaniac skips a potential good RPG because it doesn’t have dual-audio.


    • katzedan

      For someone who grew playing fantastic games without voices, I can’t be picky about something minor like this!
      I love the dual audio option, but the only thing boycotting them like this can do is make them not want to bring their games anymore! and I don’t want this!

      Of course I would love if it had the original voices (since I love some of the voice actress like Mizuki Nana (Colette), Kayano Ai (Alicia), Sawashiro Miyuki (Milla), Hanazawa Kana (Sophie) and others), but if it don’t, well, I’ll just accept this, because the first thing that matter to me is to play the game, not hear the voices.

      But well, it’s your decision and the only one who loses is you, since doing this will make you skip a lot of good games who don’t have dual audio option.

    • Ryo-kun

      Or if you’re that inclined to play it with japanese voices you can choose to go the illegal route. There’s an undub available.

      • rpgmaniac

        Yep I’ll play the undub at some point when I get in my hands a 2nd PS3 with old firmware my PS3 is a lost case I can’t install custom firmware on it :/

    • XiaomuArisu

      Do you skip all games that have no dual audio?
      Tales of,SMT,Persona,Final Fanatsy and Atelier games?

    • Brandonmkii

      As the brother of a deaf gamer, I just don’t like you, and other people with this attitude.

      • God

        Mind to explain why? He isn’t deaf, why should he buy something he wouldn’t enjoy? It’s not like he is insulting people who don’t care…

    • michel

      Well, I don’t support the downvoters, and I think rpgmaniac’s position is legitimate. If a buyer isn’t fully satisfied about a product, he/she has the right not to buy it.

      Unfortunately, we must also understand how the dual language things is complicated to implement, not from a coding point of view, but because of the licensing/copyright issues about the dubbing. So, in the end, we must be a little elastic and also embrace some “mono language audio” games, if they are worthy.

      • Rick

        Skipping a game soley because of the voice acting is no where near legitimate if you ask me.

        • Lelouch Vi Britannia

          Besides if your gonna bitch about bad voice acting go play XENOGEARS that game is fucking Awesome and one of the best squaresoft games EVER made and guess what the voice acting is FAR worse than Tales of Xillia.

          No offense but if voice acting is a true reason holding you back from playing great jrpgs then i dont know what else to say for RPGManiac.

          For me its gameplay over voice acting that sells a game for me. Im about Gameplay more than anything even more than graphics and im a Huge Tales fan even going so far as to own the Japan only games for PS2.

    • Demeanor

      Dual VA is always awesome, but skipping a gem just because it doesn’t include it is out of the question.

    • Ferrick

      i wonder on how many gems did you skip simply because it doesn’t have dual VA

      • rpgmaniac

        Well guess what the best JRPGs we get the previous generation like Ni No Kuni, Xenoblade & Fire Emblem Awakening “all” have the original Japanese voices so I don’t miss much I think but for those games that don’t have Dual Audio I’ll play the UNDUB version at some point it’s very easy to find undubs on the internet that’s how I played Lunar Silver Star Harmony ;)

        • Ferrick

          pretty sure that undub versions are quite illegal

    • You do realize that dual audio would cost more to license than the original Japanese version, right? This will never happen until Tales games sell extremely well… and that will never happen as long as there are people like you who don’t understand economics.

  • Shippoyasha

    These worlds just looks so tantalizing but invisible walls in many JRPGs tends to hamper the sense of scale and adventure a bit. I wish more RPGs adopt a more of a ‘you can go anywhere’ feel like in Xenoblade and Far Cry 3. Just can’t wait to explore this game regardless.

  • “Open Fields”.

    I hope so. Would be a nice change of Restricted Fields for once.

  • Namuro

    Ha, Slay sure looks like Lloyd in that image with the minotaur.

    So looking forward to this!

  • 3PointDecoupage

    I actually liked Slay’s design.
    …And then I noticed the earrings…

    • William Carpenter

      The feather earings keep his head from looking too tiny, I think. It’s a good choice.

      • 3PointDecoupage

        Thats because his coat is puffy.

        • Andar

          I wouldn’t say his coat is so much ‘puffy’ as that it is designed to give the impression of taking up more space than it actually does.

          Making clothing (and therefore, the characters that wear it) look larger than it actually is by splitting it into a number of ‘mini capes’ is something Kosuke Fujishima has been doing for a while now (see Kratos Aurion, Van Grants, Jude Mathis, etc), and to his credit, the effect is even more pronounced once rendered in 3D than it was on paper.

          • Kornelious

            Every Tales character has to have something unique about them, Lloyd’s red clothes, or Jude’s sexine-(COUGH*COUGH) I mean boots……It just happens to be earings this time.

          • Rick

            Red clothes makes you unique?

          • Kornelious

            Only if you BELIEVE XD

  • Mitsukiix

    nothing we don’t know already, but thnx anyway <3

  • katzedan

    I know that it’s still in the beginning but I hope they present some of the others characters soon… I’m really curious how they’ll be.

    Also I want a cute klutz/ditz girl xD

    • Anime10121

      Trust, she (or maybe even he as in Vesperia’s Karol) will come in due time. With them calling this a throwback Jrpg, theres no way they could leave that trope out.

  • Andar

    Alicia is a very pretty character, but in a more realistic, believable sense than is typical of JRPGs.

    Slay’s design looks a bit more generic for Tales (which I won’t say is a bad thing), but I feel like they might be pushing the feather motif a little much: 2 feather earrings, 2 feathers near his neck attached to his mantle, 1 feather attached to his bracelet on his left hand, and 1 feather attached to the bottom of his sword. If he moves his left hand near his face, he has five feathers in close proximity…seems a bit like overkill.

    I’m also confused as to whether Slay is left- or right-handed (or both?). In one screenshot, it looks as though he’s wielding the sword in his left hand, but in another, it’s clearly in his right hand. The heavy glove on his right suggests that it may be his dominant hand (it would also balance the feather motif, since his left hand already has a feather), but the sword itself sheathes on his right side, which would make it easier to draw from the left.

    • Crevox

      Very observant

  • Earthjolly

    So are they making it an open world action RPG?

  • Akemi Nakajima

    Hahaha, I just found this.

    (PS: Don’t get why the downvote though. I just find it funny, not that I hate the game or anything.)

    • Kai2591

      “This isn’t even my final form!”

    • Kitestwinblades

      Dem Tales Mantles

  • brostar

    Slay looks both really generic and really stupid at the same time. I’m really skeptical of Tales games now. I think the only one I liked was Vesperia. Graces was crap and Xillia is boring.

    Also Hideo Baba sounds like Hideous Baby to me.

    • God

      Plot wise, maybe, it depends on the person, but gameplay wise i don’t see why vesperia would be so different than Graces and Xillia.

  • Ban The Jackass

    It has the Tales feel. I like it.

  • Courtney Levi Osborn

    RPG Site is reporting that Slay’s name is localized as Threi

    • Ladius

      It’s arbitrary to call him Slay or Threi, so far there’s no official localized name for him.

      • Courtney Levi Osborn

        that’s what i figured.

      • God

        Besides, Threi kinda sucks in comparision to Slay, Slay is a badass! Threi is a boring, generig RPG character.

    • Anime10121

      It’d be funny if the localized version sounds more “foreign” than the original

  • Joshua Myers

    Open world yay XD

  • Demeanor

    Dragon’s Dogma vibe. XD

    • Kornelious

      That would be SWEET!

  • fairysun

    As long as we have Demon Fang, Tiger Blade and XDHYFJWGLKLS-LMB system I am quite happy with Tales games.

    • kaotron

      dont forget the omega tempest/strike

  • The areas look beautiful =)

  • k.b.a.

    i only liked phantasia out of all of the tales. but let me tell you this. i FUCKING LOVED TALES OF PHANTASIA. i strong part of me never wants it to be remade because well i’d hate to see it in the similar perspective i have of all of these new ones. unless they went full photoreal or with an art style and models on par with the concept art and animation.

  • Pretty world. But some of those textures feel a bit flat? Either way, first time in awhile I look forward to the setting in a Tales game.

  • NTaiyokun

    They seem to have used a western style for this. The Minotaur and Dragon look like they came right out of Skyrim.

    • Isaac Newton

      The Minotaur and Dragon look like they came right out of Skyrim.”
      Minotaur in Skyrim!? Are you okay sir?

      • NTaiyokun

        Derp, sorry what I meant was that it had a very western feel to the design. I haven’t gotten very far in Skyrim, so sorry about my dumbassery.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Really like Slay and Alicias designs. Keep on keeping on Bamco.

  • mojack411

    The open world is very pretty but lets hope that it’s not an empty world. My biggest complaint for Xillia is that the fields are completely and utterly pointless. There’s very little reason to explore unless you want donation materials. Those were isolated zones, though, and this is supposed to be open world. For an open world to be successful it needs to encourage exploration and inspire wonder in the explorer for doing so. I really hope Zestiria can do that.

  • Kai2591

    Very nice.

    That Alicia has a different sort of aura than most heroines…I think….very nice.

  • CirnoLakes


  • Izzeltrioum

    So it’s tales being tales: It will have everything we love, we hate, and the always-expected boss-like battle system. New add-ons will be always accepted (In this case: “Huge” exploration. seamless combat). Not to mention the musts: NINDS, Solos, and combo exhibitions. You guys complain a lot, yet I’ll see you commenting on youtube combo videos. Just good ol’ Tales fanbase debating tropes and stapples of the series, which are still there.

    They play it safe, and at a certain degree, it’s good. Sure it evolves reticently, but I don’t want my tales to be waifue’d by some director planner and aspire his certain trilogy’s third game to beat a certain wrpg that caused havok back in 2011; or deviate it from its genre because of high sales expectancy from another demographic, which is filled with 9-years old.

    This has me excited in all ways, because this will be Xenoblade perfected (Superior battle system). Just hoping its exploration will not be limited to landmark-finding, dead ends and huge seas that takes hours to cross (Though Eryth Sea had that beautiful background theme, which made me swim its entirety while enjoying it). X might perfect it, but… that raw gameplay.

    But, now, the question for Zestyrim, is: Will it have a character that will beat the hell out of LudgOP?

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