Senran Kagura EV Will Be Available For Multiple PlayStation Consoles

By Ishaan . January 7, 2014 . 10:18pm

Senran Kagura EV, which actually stands for Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, will be available for multiple PlayStation consoles, according to producer Kenichiro Takaki.


Game Jouhou reports that during the Senran Kagura livestream event this evening, Takaki confirmed that the game’s platform has been decided upon, but that he couldn’t say what it was. Takaki then added that it was a multiplatform game.


Estival Versus is somehow connected to last year’s Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus on Vita. It looks like Marvelous are adding the Senran Kagura “Versus” series to the list of games are released across multiple PlayStation systems.

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  • TheExile285

    As long as I can but it for Vita, I’m good. I’d most likely buy it regardless though.

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Pretty much. I think SK should stick with portables, although I guess it’s good that it’s getting multiplatted.

      • I wouldn’t mind a little extra “plot” on my PS3 & PS4 though lol

        • tubers

          Time to rub the PS4 Touchpad

          The game does have some potential for PS4 Eye “enjoyment” as well.

        • Crimson_Cloud

          True. If it gets released on PS3, I’ll definitely import it.

          • Ringo

            dont your hopes HIGH tubers…i assure you that it wont get to PS4….(smirk) :3

    • MaximDualBlade

      Exactly this. I don’t know why the fact that a handheld can handle a console game is a negative. I know exclusives sell a console/handheld, but saying something like ” I can play it on my ps3 too :S what a shitty game”.

      Some people as hard as it is to believe, enjoy spending less money on things and on this specific case, the Vita version is always cheaper and the quality is really good compared to ps3.

      • Ringo

        I Totally Agree with you Blade….and what’s more the quality is always THE BEST :)

  • butts

    And before any rumors get started, they did NOT say anything about it being on PS4 during the stream. Let’s clear that up now.

    • Did they officially deny it? If so it basically defeated the point of announcing it to be multiplatorm on Sony console while refused to reveal it…

      • butts

        They didn’t deny it, but they didn’t confirm it either. My point was during the stream the speaker said “Playstation FORMAT” while announcing it and a lot of people mistook him for saying “Playstation 4”. So just wanted to clear that up. Nothing had been confirmed at all yet aside from it being multiplatform.

        • Thanks, I simply misunderstood.

          • Ringo

            BUTTS is right….some people here are getting their hopes high about estival versus getting into the PS4 console….i assure you guys that it wont get to that console….100% Sure…

      • Jason Ryer

        Sony announced at CES playstation now so it wont matter much since it will be apart of the ps4’s now library more then likely..

        • I didn’t follow CES so I’m quite clueless. Though I think there might exist two major problems: available library and cross-region.

          • Jason Ryer

            Dont over think it. region stuff is pretty much setting the device to japan .if you import vita games and ps3 you should be familiar with that then its not much of a jump. The service is a fancy name for gaikai streaming they already announced. It will work on tablets and sony smart phones so the PS format means any sony device you can log into psn on. its differnt from + so probably more money but it offers psx-ps3 games to sony devices including tablets and ps4.

            If you want persona 5 on the go look forward to this since tis going to be in beta in the usa before feb 14th.


  • PS4 version for me if it does come out for it. If not then it’s vita version for me. PS3 version if it gets localize.

  • Could’ve sworn that one of the consoles he mentioned was the PS4 during the live stream. Either way multiple consoles is a good thing =^_^=

  • otakumike


    • Rhymes with Festival lol

    • Es-ti-val

      of or pertaining to/taking place/existing in the time of summer.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    Let’s hope one of those systems is the PSTHREE.

  • MXC

    While I still like the SK series and am eagerly awaiting SV to come I gotta say I’m disappointed that it will become a rhythm game. Still getting it but still…

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Dude, that rhythm game you’re talking about is another game: Dekamori Senran Kagura. This one is definitely a sequel to Shinovi Versus. =)

      • MXC

        Wait so that’s 3 games announced then?! That’s awesome!

        • Leon_Tekashi

          Yup. Three games indeed. =)

    • ShadowDivz

      Dude rhythm games are crazy fun(and insanely addicting).
      Have you atleast tried a rhythm game?

      • MXC

        I have and the reason for my disappointment is because they are not my forte. I can never clear the hardest difficulty on any songs nor get them perfectly on the second highest difficulty. And that where I become sad because it unlocks stuff. On the other hand my sister loves them and is awesome at it and to unlock stuff I occasionally ask her to do it for me which is not as satisfying. But like I said still getting it and just hoping not too much( if there is stuff) is unlockable through the higher difficulties. Oh and don’t get me wrong I do like them but they frustrate (the good kind) me more than playing RPG on the highest difficulty settings.

  • Prinny Dood

    Hmm I wonder if this ups our chance at a localization of shinovi versus.

    • DivinePhoenix69

      IIRC Shinovi Versus was teased in Xseed’s Christmas card with a sillhoute of one of the characters so i say a localization is possible.

      • I really hope so,I’m trying to hold back from importing versus right now…. Not a fan of the side scrolling main series on the 3ds, but I love the vita version based on the youtube game play

        • almostautumn

          It’s over-rated/otaku’d out. The game is short, too simple, and exemplifies to the “T” every western criticism concerning the musou genre.
          But it’s also silly and colorful, and while the gameplay is extremely limited it does work as it should.

          I think it’s worth the NA cost of admission ($40) as far as importing goes, but anymore and it’s just not worth it.

  • Kayseur

    If it’s on Vita I’ll at least be able to play it… But seriously, didn’t the producer say he wanted to keep the spin off on the Vita? Okay, he also expressed his will to make it onto home consoles as well, but it really feels uncool for the Vita that needs exclusivities the most.
    I’m pretty bummed right now, but whatever, can’t help it.

    • I would imagine Shinovi Versus cost them a fair bit to develop, between adding online multiplayer, several new characters, and the amount of marketing muscle they put behind the game. It sold well, but it probably cost them a pretty penny to develop, too. It’s completely understandable that they would want to put it on more platforms.

      • Kayseur

        It’s understandable. But they’re still giving the 3DS an exclusive game, and the mainline at that. So what I was expecting was more another kind of spin off (a New Wave based, for example?) for home consoles, and stick the SV to Vita. Of course it could still happen, but since the new name (EV) is pretty close to SV, it most likely won’t come back to Vita alone.

        Edit: Oh, well. Actually they could even have developed the rhythm game for home consoles a la Shiny Festa TV and kept EV for Vita. Maybe not as profitable, but that’s the kind of things I’d have expected.

        • The thing about 3DS is, it costs a lot less to develop a 3DS game. Even the ones with great graphics and lots of depth. Devs are more at liberty to be experimental with 3DS games, because getting a thing or two wrong here and there won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

          On Vita, it isn’t that simple. Simply developing a Vita game requires more resources, because a certain visual standard is expected.

          This is why you see so many developers including fanservice in their Vita titles, even if it’s completely unnecessary. It’s a safety net, to ensure that there’s at least one kind of Vita owner you can rely on to buy your game, even if you botch it up.

          That’s probably why SK on 3DS and Vita are two different things, too. The 3DS games tend to be more focused on storytelling while the Vita ones are more focused on fanservice, and go much further with the nudity. It’s a question of the audience on each platform. Right now, MAQL probably feel that the series has two unique audiences on 3DS and Vita, with some amount of overlap.

          • Kayseur

            That’s true. But especially when it’s the first game to develop on the Vita, but for a second opus they could’ve reused most of the assets, the game was already looking fine. If they improved on the story-telling part (which I actually think is similar to the 3DS’s SK, I haven’t played them yet but it looked like a regular VN / wall of text thing much like the Vita’s) and some gameplay aspects, it would’ve been good.

            I agree the audiences may be a bit different, but that’s why they could’ve just tried to get a third one (home consoles) instead of drifting apart from the second.

          • butts

            “That’s probably why SK on 3DS and Vita are two different things, too.
            The 3DS games tend to be more focused on storytelling while the Vita
            ones are more focused on fanservice”

            I’d have to disagree with that. While SV did indeed up the fanservice, it didn’t skimp on the storytelling at all. In fact it even added more to it by giving each individual girl their own side stories after the main story. The plot wasn’t shoved aside at all in SV compared to Burst.

          • The difference lies in the marketing. The 3DS versions are pushed as the “story games” while the Vita versions are marketed as “HERE BE TITS,” regardless of the actual content in both.

          • butts

            Where are you getting this from. From the very beginning neither game was pushed as a story heavy game and it has never been a main selling point for the series. The fanservice in the original and Burst were both toted as the game’s main features back then as well too. Even the producer outright said this. Never once has any game in the series been pushed or marketed for its story aspects.

          • Takaki has always been vocal about the story aspect of the 3DS games. Even in an interview with us, he talked about how he was collaborating with Yukinori Kitajima on the story and went into extensive detail.

            You can read that here:

            I’m not saying I buy everything he’s trying to sell, but the 3DS games have always played up the story aspect a little more in their marketing, while the Vita games have played up the “Musou” aspect.

            Of course, the fanservice is also a big marketing tool on both sides, but I think it would be obvious to anyone that watches trailers for both games that the Vita versions are willing to go much further with the nudity and costumes and boobs. It really isn’t that hard to see.

          • oshiritataki

            How can there be such a huge amount of thumbs down? o_0 Do you have a broken system or something? You can’t vote down more than once, can you?

          • Bit of an overzealous Sony fan with a bot. He/she goes around downvoting Microsoft/Nintendo in a lot of posts and upvoting Sony platforms. It’s quite amusing, actually. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone takes him seriously, judging by the Monolith Soft comments.

          • oshiritataki

            “With a bot”?

          • Oh, a script that basically uses a bunch of anonymous guest accounts to upvote/downvote something en masse.

  • Vita and PS3. Can’t see it for PS4. Not yet.

    Really excited for this one, can’t wait for more news.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    Holy shit the idea of of the VS series being on a home console that’s awesome. I was hoping glad I got both the PS4 and PS3 all I need now is a Vita. Hopefully Shinovi VS will be localized and I’ll have a reason to get tit.

    • X_Bacon

      >get tit

      Not sure if typo…

  • I see… New New Wave Characters…

    What a waste. We want them in a proper game, not a Cards game. Why. Some of the New Wave designs are awesome. :C

    • Ringo


  • oshiritataki

    Why did my post disappear? I didn’t write anything offensive or broke any rules. :-(

    • We generally don’t like when people ask for games to be on consoles that they aren’t coming to. You can read up on the posting rules here:

      Avoiding port-begging and platform wars generally makes for a nicer community, so we try to keep anything that could spark either of those off out of the comments section.

  • malek86

    PSV is pretty much a given, but what else? I wonder if we might be looking at one of the first PS4 games from a small developer. They jumped on the 3DS pretty quickly, so it’s not impossible that they could try the same again (and even if the game weren’t up to PS4 graphical standards, it doesn’t seem to matter that much).

    • ronin4life

      I want a more specific translation… saying it is MP Could imply an Xbox release, for all we know.

      Did he say PS platforms, or just Multi Platform?

  • cyberkinghardy

    I don’t mind multiplatform. Just add more kunoichi onegai!!

  • Saphiren

    So PS3 release almost confirmed?
    Oh my god 2014, stop being so fucking awesome.

  • WhyWai

    Yeay! Looking forward for more information.

  • For those curious, Estival is an actual word, it refers to something belonging to, existing, or taking place within the summer timeframe. Looking at the colors on the logo, this makes perfect sense.

  • Speedo Redempteur

    As long as it’s a “Versus” – like title ( like shinovi versus ) on playstation consoles, i’ll be there , on PS4, vita or ps3 …

    Shinovi versus was “that” good.

  • Christopher McNair

    Why is the Vita even a thing if Sony won’t commit to buffing it up with exclusive games? The Vita is a powerhouse, and it should have a ton of games only available on it by now. That’s why it isn’t selling. Most of the best games are multiplat on other PS consoles, AND not available outside of Japan.

  • ronin4life

    Wait… This is a Multi-Platform “Versus” title with a new sub title(Being “Estival”)?
    A Vita only series being made MP?
    …Are we sure this isn’t just a “Super” version of Shinovi VS? This is the same pattern those types of games tend to follow…

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