Yoshi’s New Island Reaches North America In March

By Ishaan . January 10, 2014 . 5:25am

Yoshi’s New Island, a new platformer in development for the Nintendo 3DS, will be released on March 14th in North America, Nintendo announced this morning.


The game is being produced by Takashi Tezuka, the creative director of the original Yoshi’s Island for Super NES, and is being developed by Arzest.


In case you missed it, you can watch the latest trailer for the game here.

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  • I’m hoping it’s as addictive as the original.

    The DS version didn’t really do much for me…

    • Haganeren

      The camera was too close of the player and the Level Design wasn’t that great and inventive even with some good idea with the two screens layout in my opinion.

      The former is maybe my favorite 2D Plateformer of all time, i hope they don’t miss with this one !

    • faa

      Not only was the level design bad, it had some of the worst videogame music I’ve ever heard.
      This is the dungeon music in the DS version:
      SNES version:

      • Grape Monet

        The soundtrack felt like such a waste of talent considering who did it. One of the composers, Yutaka Minobe, worked on a lot of the Sonic the Hedgehog and Space Channel 5 games, the other, CHAMY.ishi (Masayoshi Ishi) is one of the regular composers for Sengoku Basara of all things. When I found out who did the music I was honestly shocked at what we got. I don’t know who’s decision it was to make the music the way it was, but I have a feeling that the person who did is still on the dev team, if the new trailers are anything to go by.

    • Rogerrmark

      Definitely didn’t like it either. Always felt like a downgraded port with some changes, to me(most of them to worse, imo)

      I’m hoping for a true sequel here (you know, like New Super Mario Bros., Kirby’s Returm to Dreamland, etc)

    • 하세요

      My only real complaint was the constant force-swapping of the babies. Seems like a cool concept at first, but got very annoying later on. Overall I enjoyed it but I don’t think I could ever play it again.

    • The DS version was a mess. There was a constant need to switch babies and the music was atrocious. Furthermore, I couldn’t stand the dual-screen-ness of it all. It’s a shame, because the original is easily one of the best games I have ever played and continue to play from time to time.

  • Shadowman

    Hope it’s like the GBA version

  • Quizler

    I totally ditched school to play YIDS the day after it came out, too bad it turned out the way it was… I think I’ll just wait for some reviews this time and pray that they put more effort into the music. All it needs is good music and gameplay as fast and fluid as the SNES one and I’m sold

  • Lalum

    Reminds me more of Yoshi’s Story.

  • Göran Isacson

    Better bring their A-game so they don’t shame their venerable ancestor. Yoshis Island is freaking amazing, even if the remake version I played was a bit painful with the camera sometimes. Now that they’re gonna do it from the ground up for portable format there ain’t gonna be any excuses. I expect madening platform perfection…

    Just please no Poochy. That freaking stage man. I don’t know if my bloodpressure can take that again.

  • Hau To

    Can we get one similar to the 64 version of the game? That was fun.

  • Guilherme Matheus Silva

    I don’t have enough money for so many good games…

  • I might be quick to judge on this, but so far, I think this game will be worth the buy :) Year of Yoshi!!

  • Ben Sylvia

    So that means Yoshi will be confirmed for Smash in Feb/March?

    Considering Dedede’s confirmation close to Triple Deluxe coming out…

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