Final Fantasy Tactics Creator’s Next RPG, Unsung Story, Is On Kickstarter

By Ishaan . January 14, 2014 . 11:15am

Back in September, we reported that Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics creator Yasumi Matsuno was working on a new strategy RPG titled Unsung Story for “a variety of digital devices”. This game now has a Kickstarter campaign and is asking for $600,000 in funding.



Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians takes place in the fantasy world of Rasfalia. The story follows several heroes who took part in the “Seventy-Seven Years War,” and each hero has an episode of the game dedicated to themselves. Each episode will be comprised of several stages, and will depict a part of the Seventy-Seven Years War.


You can learn more about the game on its Kickstarter page. For $600,000, the game will be released on PC, Mac and Windows tablets. At the $1.8 million mark, a PlayStation Vita version will be greenlit, while at the $2.8 million mark, a Nintendo 3DS version will be greenlit. At the $3.2 million mark, a map creator will be included with the game.

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  • Smooosher than ever

    Vita/3DS? Yes pls!
    I’m usually kind of a cheapskate, but I might throw some money their way.

  • Sydney Losstarot

    You know what I am going to do. Support this game, obviously.

    • Ash_Riot

      Good. So shall I.

      • Sydney Losstarot

        hahaha! Just like the Ash Riot I know.

  • abysswalker

    I’ve been waiting soooo long for a new FF Tactics. This could be just what I need!!!
    Although, what worries me is that I would only like to play it on 3DS/Vita and what they ask for the ports is far too much… I mean I understand they need that amount of money but I’m not sure it will be reached.
    Will keep an eye on it though.

  • d19xx

    I backed so hard it’s now my front…

  • Oh



  • SupaPhly

    thank goodness they didn’t decide to make it mobile only

    • Right, they want to make 2 card games with this game…

    • Shippoyasha

      I also love it when they add handheld options quickly as a stretch goal. I just get peeved when some kickstarters have games only for PC or have impossibly high goals for handheld versions. I have no issues buying PC versions but with RPGs, they match handheld systems very well. The convenience factor really helps games that traditionally were confined to a media station of PC or console.

    • awat

      couldnt agree more with you! when i first read the title i was like this is probably again for Iphone LOL darn it , the game looks good

  • Rafael Martines

    Final Fantasy Tactics :'(

  • Hmm. Sounds interesting. Still, mobile devices first and then Vita/3DS? Blah…

    • Shining beacon of where their priorities are, isn’t it?

      • Shining beacon of the state of the world. Le sigh… ~_~()


    I have mixed feelings about this. I do worship Vagrant Story and have infinite respect for Matsuno and his team at Square for creating it. It was my favourite RPG until Demon’s/Dark Souls. Alas, I do not care to play any more “Tactics” style games, as I feel that these types of games all play the same. I’d rather have Matsuno work on something with a fresh concept like Vagrant Story.

    I would have jumped on the kickstarter regardless if the game was being developed in Japan, but it seems that outside of Matsuno as creative lead and Sakimoto as composer the rest of the team is composed of western developers.

    I have seen plenty of what comes out of such such mixed development enviroments and I never cared for the outcome in the past. So, it pains me to say, pass.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      Okay, well…until you’ve seen what comes out of this project I don’t think you should “pass”. We’ve honestly seen nothing so far. Don’t discredit a team just because the majority is from the West.

  • serpentear

    Someone! Anyone! Quick! Throw your money at them!!!

  • Please oh please meet the Vita/3DS goals

    I do not want to play a Matsuno game on my cell phone

    • playdek_briana

      We have updated our stretch goals, moving the platform and team goals closer. Check it out!

  • ShootThatWay

    Aw, I miss Ivalice. :(
    Apparently all the Ivalice games may take place in the same world but all in different time periods. FF12 being in the far past before an apocalyptic event happened. I think Vagrant Story is last in the timeline.

    I also miss the Ogre Series.

    • We’re a lot who miss these game, imo. That’s why I was also happy when I read the first time this article title until I saw the video ad read the details.

  • Endy Operin

    It’s nice to see more Japanese developers giving it a try to get help from their fans. I hope that it will give some confidence to other developers too which had to put their games on hiatus due to finance difficulties.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Unless their funding goes way up, it’s going to stay an IOS/Droid game, sadly. I’m SO on the fence about fundi– oh HEY they’re promising an artbook…

  • Unretributed

    So basically he’s saying, “It’ll come to Cellphones by default and real game platforms like Vita/3DS if you throw enough money at us”?

    No thanks.

    • Guest

      Its not a cellphone game. Its for MAC and PC.

      • Unretributed

        Pay attention next time,

        “We are currently developing this game for iOS and Android devices, however if the campaign goal is met we will be developing this game for PC, Mac, and Windows Tablets as well as adding more content to the game. If we reach the specified stretch goals then we will also bring this game out for PSVita and Nintendo 3DS and will consider bringing the game out for even more platforms that you are requesting.”

        • JustThisOne

          Weeell, if the campaign goal is met, right? It’s not a stretch goal either, so it’s not like it’s far too out of range. I mean, reaching 2 million seems optimistic, but it’s current goal is just 600k. Seems doable to me.

          • Lucky Dan

            Not after the numerous other “kickstarter” promises that were broken a lot of people will not be so willing to part with their money this time round and it’s too close to another issue.

            Oouya, Antia, Tim Scafer with his fantastic money organising skills and Mighty No 9 for example

            If it does meet it’s 3 million goal I suppose people haven’t learnt their lesson but otherwise if it hits the minimum it seems people have.

            Kickstarter is pretty bad, at least in Steam when it gets greenlit you have to create a least a little part of the game or an give a example instead of jackshit to get some support but with kickstarter is nothing more than a fund raiser similar to a political rally.

          • JustThisOne

            To be honest, yeah, I don’t think Kickstarter is the cure-all solution that some campaigns paint it to be. The problem isn’t solely with the accountability of the creators, but also with the things they can’t control because of Kickstarter. There’s a lot of wild factor when you get the public involved. I won’t go too into it.

            That said, Kickstarter isn’t all bad. It’s unrefined, and there’s a lot of faith at play. If I were to invest in this, I’m not investing in the game itself, but investing in the hopes that it will become something beautiful. I walk into Kickstarter being okay with the idea that nothing is 100%.

          • Lucky Dan

            I think it went to his head, Inafune when the goal was reached in 24 hrs however this might be the real deal where if the money just slowly trickles in they won’t pull a fast one on their investors.

          • At least, Inafune really showed up in his campaign. Here, we don’t even see Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics creator Yasumi Matsuno talking at all.

    • Justin Lorence

      Looks interesting, but I won’t even consider supporting this game until it’s confirmed for a real system. I’m not funding a freaking cell phone game.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Haven’t kickstarters for mobile games done pretty bad in the past?

    I’d think he would get more money if he skipped the mobile part.

    • Sydney Losstarot

      Its not a mobile game. It is for PC and MAC, but they are considering making it for mobile. I just found that out from reading the comments section of the Kickstarter page.


      • abysswalker

        I think I swept the comments section and didn’t see anything about that.

        In the FAQ says that currently Android/iOS are the target platforms and will stay that way unless the funding is successful.

        • Sydney Losstarot

          Oh, I just read that.

          “We are currently developing this game for iOS and Android devices, however if the campaign goal is met we will be developing this game for PC, Mac, and Windows Tablets as well as adding more content to the game.”

          I think that they mean that they are prototyping on the iOS and Android devices currently but will start full blown development on the PC and MAC once the kickstarter’s base goal is reached and that they can move on to further the development of the game.

          • abysswalker

            Oh looks like you’re right, my mistake. They could be more explicit though.

          • Sydney Losstarot

            Yeah, they could be more explicit. It was very confusing for me as well.

          • Playdek_Shyla

            Hi guys! Just to clarify a few things up…

            When we originally announced this partnership with Yasumi Matsuno back in September the idea was to bring it out for iOS and Android devices, however we saw a lot of people asking us to bring this out for PC and Mac (as well as PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS).

            In order to do this we turned to Kickstarter, however if this funding is met you aren’t going to see an obvious phone game trying to make it’s way into the PC/Mac realm. The game will be fully developed for agnostic platform play, meaning that the same game will be received on all platforms. We uphold quality to the fullest and we will not allow the game to suffer due to multiple platforms. If we are successful, the players playing on their iOS device will have the same exact game the PC players have. Also by meeting this campaign goal we will be able to add more to the game such as a deeper story line, more content, and more creative individuals to make this a better game.

            Since we had already planned on bringing it out to iOS and Android we aren’t going to go back on that, it just means if we are successful you will see a richer game reach you. But the purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is to be able to develop the game for the platforms people requested.

            As for Yasumi Matsuno’s involvement, he is already immensely involved in this project and will be very hands on from start to finish. There are a handful of people in this office (our CEO included) who revere Mr. Matsuno’s work and will do everything we can to allow him to be as creative as he can without worrying about the little things. So bascially, everything that involves creatives and gameplay will also involve Mr. Matsuno’s input.

            I hope this helps!

          • Playdek_Shyla

            I actually added this as an FAQ, so thank you for helping me with that question!

          • Audie Bakerson

            The way it read to me is that mobile is the primary platform and the strechgoals are just ports.

          • Yause

            It’s first and foremost a mobile game. That’s Playdek’s specialty; up until now, they’ve only made iOS games.

            If the goal is reached, PC and Mac ports are good to go. At this point, the plan is for Kickstarter backers receive this version of the game, maybe because it’s the easiest to distribute (no messing around with the iOS App Store or Google Play in terms of getting redeemable codes for everyone).

  • Kaetsu

    Usually I don’t bother to fund kickstarters because I figure other people will but I need that Vita/3DS version! Also I love Yasumi Matsuno.

  • Masa

    PC? Cool.

  • Take my moneyyyyyyyyy!!

    Edit : wait! why the creator of FF tactic doesn’t any role written on the kickstarter page ?! I want to suport the “rebirth” of a FF tactoc or Tactic Ogre not some random american guys I don’t know.

    Edit : why do I read that they want to release frst a card game as prequel ? I prefer them to work more on the real game not some random mobile cash shop X game… There’s worse they plan to make a second card game! That mean they do not beleive in our love for (real) t-rpg ?!

    • That should mean that we are getting two games for funding this project. We are paying for the Tactics game, but if they want to do a prequel card game, then why not? So long as it’s not some freemium trap, I will not mind at all.

      • Let’s be honest please, most of those mobile game have a cash shop and also that mean they planned ahead how to milk your money.

    • playdek_briana

      Hi Chaos17 – Playdek here! Unsung Story will be developed based upon Mr. Matsuno’s design and story world, so that we can make the rebirth of the tactics genre.

      Our card game prequel is not tied to the Kickstarter in any way. It is based in the same world of Unsung Story, but will be its own deep, rich game separate from the tactics game.

      Over the past several years our studio has developed many premium mobile games, containing only additional content (not currency, energy, etc) in IAP. We won’t be changing that model for our upcoming card games.

      We do believe in the fans love of tactic RPG – in fact, that is the whole reason we have a Kickstarter to expand the scope to begin with! Throughout the rest of the Kickstarter campaign, we will continue to respond to comments, and post updates of relevant information. Thanks!

  • Bur


    • Don’t, the title is wrong the FF tactic creator doesn’t have any assigned role so we don’t even know if he is going to wrok with them. That project smell just like Shadow run project. Random team want to make a name with a big name.

      • Ryo-kun

        Yeah I don’t trust those developers at all. I’ll bite if they are japanese AAA developers.

  • MrTyrant

    My wallet is yours mr Yasumi Matsuno. Everything for another glorious tactical RPG. It’s rare nowadays to find one with similar quality as Tactic Ogre or FF tactic. I loved the story of both and I remember clearly the braching points with difficult and tragic decisions in Tactic Ogre portable.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Hmmm…..I’m not convinced. I need to see evidence that Matsuno is heavily involved before I’ll part with my money.

  • Warboss Aohd

    another collaborative effort of both Western and Japanese developers.


    and by the creator of Tactics Ogre no less.

    this NEEDS to be funded.

  • ChiffonCake

    To those curious, it’s been said that Matsuno is designing the game mechanics, as well as writing the story and coming up with the setting. He’s not directing the game, though; they said that they didn’t want him working 90-hour weeks while overseeing EVERYTHING, as he did with Vagrant Story.

    • Daigure

      That’s probably for the best; from the sound of things, FFXII almost killed him (exaggeration).

  • ChiffonCake

    As for my take in it; I fucking love Matsuno, I fucking love Sakimoto, and I fucking love Alex Smith, buuuut… I’m still not 100% sold. Maybe it’s due to the lack of details, or the fact that Playdek hasn’t really made any original games yet (they’ve only worked on iOS/Android adaptations of board/card games, though they seem to be well-acclaimed). And the lack of Yoshida is criminal.

    …but it’s Matsuno. And Sakimoto. And Smith… :E I don’t know.

    • Fund it! Unless you want this to only be in smartphones.

  • Eilanzer

    GOD…we need 2,8kk Ç_Ç

  • Can this article be sticky’d into the front page? This needs far more attention and coverage for the time being. There just aren’t enough games out there with the involvement of Yasumi Matsumo. Especially a game project meant for multiplatform support, and that Map Editor. Oh! And a Sakimoto Soundtrack!

  • BeatTheGG

    Wow this is fantastic news! The FFT/XII dream team are back :D …well except for Yoshida :(

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Matsuno already took my money. I want a PSV version so back it up for the love of video games.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “Will the PC/Mac be distributed through Steam, or will it be DRM free?

    We haven’t decided on this issue just yet, however we will start bringing it to the attention of the team and will hopefully have an answer soon. When we do we will update this page to reflect this information.”

    Hopefully, they will pick the latter, especially since a DRM-free release doesn’t preclude a Steam release.

    • playdek_briana

      The game will be available as DRM-free. Thanks!

  • LustEnvy


    That seems overly ambitious. Yes, FF tactics is well loved, but it can’t come at THAT high a cost for such a game.

  • I wish they showed a bit more of the game and less talk. Also, console versions would be nice :)

  • FallenAfh

    If its coming out to ios by default then I don’t really see the point to reach the other kickstarter goals (for me atleast). Only other things I’m interested in is the Sakimoto soundtrack and voiceovers.

  • Ric Vazquez

    This has 50/50 chances of being a total win or total flop, more mobile card games, thanks but no.

  • Derik Bumgarner

    To put some of your minds at ease the money at the kickstarter is not being used for the card game prequel. Its on a separate budget.

  • Derik Bumgarner

    To those who are worried the kickstarter is not for the card games they are on a separate budget.

  • Derik Bumgarner

    an update says the stretch goals have been revamped with ports to vita and ds being higher priorities. also a port to ps4 is on the list.

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