Nintendo Cuts Forecast After Wii U And 3DS Sales Miss Targets

By Ishaan . January 17, 2014 . 2:35am

Following weaker-than-expected sales of their Wii U console and weaker-than-expected sales of the Nintendo 3DS in western markets, Nintendo have reduced their financial targets for the ongoing fiscal year, which is set to end on March 31st, 2014.


Initially, Nintendo expected to sell 18 million units of the Nintendo 3DS from April 2013 to March 2014. That number has been reduced to 13.5 million. Software sales have taken a hit, too, it seems, as Nintendo 3DS was supposed to sell 80 million units of software by the end of March, but Nintendo have cut that estimate to 66 million.


Meanwhile, Wii U is in a significantly worse position. Nintendo told investors that they would sell 9 million units of the Wii U from April 2013 to March 2014, but have slashed that forecast to a mere 2.8 million units. On the software front, the software sales forecast for Wii U has been slashed from 38 million units to 19 million units.


Nintendo say they were unable to boost Nintendo 3DS hardware sales in the west significantly during the end-of-year holiday season. Meanwhile, Wii U sales were up during the holidays, but not enough for Nintendo to be able to hit their forecasts by the end of the fiscal year.


As a result, Nintendo have reduced their expected net income of 55 billion yen to a net loss of 25 billion yen. Meanwhile, instead of posting an operating profit of 100 billion yen, the company expects to post an operating loss of  35 billion yen. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says the company will discuss its short-term and mid-term strategy at its next financial results meeting on January 30th.

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  • Sad. I wish Nintendo was doing better with Wii U. Hope it picks up like the 3DS did.

  • Guest

    Do things get anything worse? Wish of luck to Nintendo keeping up the game in business…

  • malek86

    Wii U was expected (although they waited a lot to lower those forecasts), but I didn’t think the 3DS would be slashed that far down. That would make its sales decrease from last year. And since we know japanese sales are almost flat yoy, that means western sales decreased (or were almost flat too). Not sure of the ratio between EU and USA, but Iwata is implying that sales are worse in Europe. But still, were Pokemon/2DS released too late to have an effect or is there some other problem?

    • KnifeAndFork


      • Chim_era

        sad but probably true, especially with the younger generation. And it’s not going to improve because every 5 year old has a ipad now instead of 3ds :3

        • rurifan

          It’s depressing to think about what this means for the whole industry. Children are swamped with shallow games that have no barrier to entry (remember, kids have no money).

          My only ray of hope is seeing a 10-year old who has had a tablet for a year get bored of it and play his 3DS instead…

      • David García Abril


        Economic crisis. At least in Europe.

        • Or just not enough interesting games… If it would be because of the crisis, why would PS4 be sold out?

    • Chon Pak

      Because Xbox One and PS4. As they have said, it was hard for them to boost the sells during the Christmas holidays. A lot of people in the West just wants CoD and Ass Creed stuff, they probably even feel that they’re more mature by playing a console.

      • icecoffemix

        There’s really no need for that last statement. It only make you look bitter.

      • PreyMantis

        People wants games which the Wii U have? That makes no sense…

      • MaximDualBlade

        Man one thing I learned from going to gaming sites (and that I know it’s hard not to do), it’s that blaming games like COD, Fifa, Assasin’s Creed doesn’t do a thing. They are popular games in the west, and the companies responsible for them will continue to create them as long as they make them money(which is working). The regular consumers of those games don’t know a whole lot about the gaming market, and they don’t come to sites like this so that last sentence was just bitter.
        Just enjoy your games(my sentence of the day)

  • Guest

    If this keeps up my hopes and hypes for Smash Bros. 4 as well as other Nintendo games are going to be decreased. But I have faith in Nintendo as they can manage this and pull it off.

    • PowerSerg

      They Hype for Smash Bros can only go down if they delay the game like brawl.

    • anthony apduhan

      Great bots disliking this *sigh* deleting comment…

      • Anime10121

        Why delete it, it does nothing to your total like count…

  • Shippoyasha

    The 3DS number drop seemed kind of high but then that Wii U number had me slackjawed.

    Nintendo really needs to cater more hard for a more open field game development ecology on the Wii U than expect 3rd parties to crawl towards them. The 3DS had the fortune of being in the right place at the right time for the major shift of console Japanese gamers towards handhelds (which was happening ever since the DS/PSP) but Nintendo is in some serious trouble if they remain complacent on home consoles.

    Or perhaps the lowered expectations means they are prepared for the Wii U to be a Nintendo-only club like what Gamecube almost was (it had some good 3rd party games, but was still largely a Nintendo games machine). I guess a lot of casual gamers haven’t stuck around for the long haul since the Wii. They are still enjoying Wii with no need to upgrade for their gaming needs or just got into 3DS or the other systems(or even PC gaming.

    • malek86

      I’m not really surprised at the Wii U numbers. The writing had been on the wall for a long while now. The 3DS makes me more worried, because they just had literally their biggest year ever in terms of releases, and yet it’s down from last year (when there was almost nothing, just NSMB2 and the XL).

      • Anime10121

        Did they really do less 3ds sales than last year? I thought it said it just didn’t meet their expectations….

        • malek86

          They say their expectation is 13.5 millions. Mind, they could still sell more than that, but it looks unlikely now. Last year they sold 13.95 millions.

          • Anime10121

            Wow :(

            How’d they manage that with all the product that came out this fiscal year :(

          • PowerSerg

            That’s their expectation for 2014, it is no where near as big as last year. 3ds had Fire Emblem, Mario, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and a lot more to push sales during previous fiscal quarters. This upcoming fiscal quarter doesn’t have any system sellers, these are all games that appeal to people who already own 3ds with oddly enough the exception of Disney Magic Castle with could sell to kids who see it and feel like they need it.

          • David García Abril

            They sold 13.95 in the whole fiscal year.

            The current fiscal year is not over yet, so they will likely surpass the 14 million mark.

            However, it’s still worrying, since 3DS had hands down the best catalogue for any console (handheld or home) in 2013, so it should have sold more.

            Unless this numbers don’t include the 2DS sales, which I understand were frigging crazy high. In that case, I guess we don’t need to worry.

          • malek86

            Might be. An expectation is an expectation though: could be higher, but could also be lower.

            And as shown by Nintendo’s original prediction of 18 millions, they also believed that all the software this year would help the console a lot. That it didn’t, is pretty worrying imho.

            And no, I really don’t think the 2DS is not included. There would be no reason for that. Besies, they never made any prediction for 2DS sales, meaning they just lump all the 3DS family together.

        • Shady Shariest

          Well… There has to be that magical point of them running out of people interested, eh?

          • Anime10121

            Lol, I guess, but damn :(

      • ronin4life

        What is truly sad/scary about 3ds: Best selling console in the Americas all 2013, And best selling in Dec. as well according to the NPD.

        Yet still forecasts were cut. And not a single game in the top 10 2013 Calander year.

    • Göran Isacson

      I do kinda wonder what Nintendo would have to do in order to create a profitable console again. Make some kind of sequel to the Wii, very simple device that’s easy to get into but too weak to play the games for all the other monster consoles? Something that offers something completely new that will have most developers stumped on what to deliver? Or will they have to do what everyone else is doing and go fullhog on a monster device that includes all of the features and bells and whistles, a entertainment PC in all but name for the living room?

      I guess it really just comes down to what the vast majority of people in the end TRULY prefers in their living rooms: a simple “toy” or a “PC-in-all-but-name”.

  • MaximDualBlade

    I am not a Nintendo fan, but for all of the fans: Don’t worry and buy their games. Simple as that. You aren’t working for Nintendo, so it’s not a life changing news. You also aren’t in charge of their Marketing/RD/PR/Development department.
    Nintendo has experience, the 3DS may not be selling as much as lots of people expect(I think it’s selling great) and the WiiU will survive just fine(although anyone still expecting it to have a similar success in sales to the Wii is delusional).

    Of course I may be wrong and this is the apocalypse for this company(LOL, seriously LOL). So as I said, just enjoy the games you like.

    • Thatguy

      That guy speak truth.

    • Anime10121

      Those 234 likes achieved in 30 minutes are well deserved! So much truth does this one speak :P

      • d19xx

        It seems like a bot or hack. Those upvotes and downvotes are in the the range of 230.

        • Anime10121

          Oh I know, I was joking that the 230 upvotes were still deserved because I liked what he/she said :P

      • I’m fairly certain those 230 likes are because he mentioned the possibility of Nintendo falling to the apocalypse. This particular bot has a very predictable pattern.

        • Thatguy

          Yeah, it’s almost like Sega employers from 90. they just don’t know, that Sega lost

        • BlackC#Bro

          Let’s test it!

          • Thatguy

            There is no need to test. If you speak something positive about Nintendo – you will get 230-240 downvotes in instant. Also, there is mass 230-240 downvotes only in Nintendo articles. Look at W101 possible sequel article.

          • ronin4life

            Not just here: Nintendo Everything and Destructoid are often hit too.

        • Anime10121

          Yeah looking at the other comments that are supportive of the Big N, you’re probably right :P

          But even still, I agree with Maixm’s message, that fans of Nintendo have little to worry about, as they will still do their best to release good product. Heck, something like this will make them try even harder, so fans just need to do what they’ve been doing, buying and supporting what they like.

        • Samsara09

          boy,whoever programed those 230 “likes” likes to do things in style,overkill.

        • MaximDualBlade

          My comment was full of positiviness, stop trying to make it as it’s a “doom comment”. And it’s evidently a bot, but your comment makes it seems as I said something wrong

          • Symbol de Au

            Calm down. The bot mistook your comment for doom not Ishaan.

          • Herok♞

            He was commenting on the habits of the bot, nothing more or less

        • Mirin

          It sounds crazy that someone out there has actually written a bot to do something like this.

          • Guest

            But probably not for this site specifically, whoever is using the script/bot here, based on the lack of reading skills and abundance of free time, lacks capacity to develop something like this.

            Perhaps what is taking advantage of Disqus voting system was developed for websites such as CNN, Bloomberg or even The Hollywood Reporter. And this lazy user simply saw it working elsewhere, did an inane Google search and decided to employ it here to gain some fictional ‘approval’ which this simpleton wouldn’t had gotten otherwise.

            Not refuting your point, just stating the obvious for our voting friend :V

          • Mirin

            No absolutely, you’re completely right. It’s just a sad day for humankind when people are programming bots to upvote comments in order to make the opinion seem popular and get other people on the bandwagon to agree with it. There’s so many things wrong with that situation on so many levels.

    • Samsara09

      The 3ds,in my opinion,was that they overestimated how quick it can print money.Well,it is going on great.As for dear WIIU,yeah…well,things will turn around when Super smash bros U and zeldaWIIU release.

      • Jeremy Barnes

        and a big price a drop

        • Samsara09

          well,the drop was on 2011,right?Was the drop on the time period on the forecast?

    • niko

      This is 100% true. We’ve had 9 months of sale data, we knew what was coming, they knew what was coming. For gamers to be honest, as long as WiiU isn’t dropped (which doesn’t seem likely) it probably means we get more games to make up the profit difference.

    • PowerSerg

      I agree, no one should worry, the 3ds sold more then any other system and software sales are not to bad for the game ether,. Honestly Sony has been operating at a loss for a while, companies say they are losing money but Nintendo has more money in it then even Sony so it’s really a none issue right now.

      That being said Nintendo does need to revamp their plans and focus on not delaying so much stuff in the west. .

    • Oh no worries I’ll still buy their products as I have since 1985 but I’ll admit that this time they are definitely hurting on the console front big time.

    • idrawrobots

      Nintendo is the only large company that I can think of that I legitimately care about. They are more than just a game company to me. They have been an important part of my life and I hope they always will be.

    • Pretty much what I came here to say. There isn’t any point in worrying because we can’t control what happens. We aren’t executives, so there’s nothing we can do about the situation. A lot of people talk about what they should be doing, or what they should have done. None of that matters. Nintendo made their bed, now they have to lie in it. They can’t fix the past. They can only look forward to the future.

      To me, it doesn’t matter whether they succeed or fail. It really doesn’t. All I know is that I’ve been enjoying my Wii U and there’s plenty more I’m looking forward to. If someone wants to spend their day bashing it on some internet forum, that’s their problem. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m not as miserable and bitter as they are.

  • Göran Isacson

    Man, guess the new consoles hit them harder than expected. Eh, can’t say I didn’t see it coming: we’ll see how they fare next year around, when people might not be so eager to buy the latest and hottest commodity, and it’s all about game lineup. Will they falter even then, or reach loftier heights?

    Also also: when they say that they will make a net loss of 25 billion yen, instead of an income of 55 billion yen, does that simply mean they will earn 35 billion yen LESS than they originally predicted, or does it in fact mean that Nintendo will go in the red this year?

    • Anime10121

      They’re going in the red. I think they also did last year too if I’m not mistaken (or was it the year before), because of that massive 3DS price drop.

      Nintendo has PLENTY of money though, so there’s no immediate need to worry. They just gotta get it together and get some Wii U product out there. I mean the last few Directs have had me worried since they’ve only announced 2 new title which was Hyrule Warriors and Donkey Kong. While 3DS has been hogging much of the spotlight and getting all the releases.

      I think its time for them to stop focusing on the 3DS so much, especially since it has good third party support to keep it going for the time being, and shift focus on the Wii U, which is REALLY struggling both on first and third party games.

      1 TW01, Pikmin, and a couple Mario games cannot sustain a platform forever! They need to give us release frames on some of the big guns and reassure people that they are still committed to getting some of them out this year… Because from the looks of things, and the way they’ve been talking (or not talking), both X AND Smash are looking like delayed 2015 products (at least to me).

      • PowerSerg

        It’s a shame because it’s true. Nintendo doesn’t really have any Wii U games that are long. I’ve beat every Wii U game i’ve touched minus Monster Hunter 3 pretty damn fast.

      • iamtehultimatepwnage .

        yea thats exactly the problem! its just the good games for the wii u arent for a very broad audience…..
        we have:
        mario: only old school people buy that and those who like jump and runs (not many today…)
        pikmin, which is for only very few people who like strategy games on consoles
        wonderful101: dont know much about it unfortunately
        monster hunter, which is only big in japan as far as i know

        thats pretty much it, not a single rpg, party game, action game ( like in bajonettas sense), racing game ( plz bring f-zero nintedo lol…), fighting, shooters/brutal games ( especially for people in the west…)

        so of course it wont sell that well and as you said the really awesome games ( zelda ssb, X,…) are probably out in 2015 which isnt really helping nintendo

      • Serge

        Nope, it’s like the other guy said. They will win 35 billion yens less than expected. Don’t be so dramatic.

    • malek86

      I wonder about that. The new consoles lacked software, but they were riding on hype. Things will be different next year: it’s likely that the PS4 and X1 will have a decent amount of games by next Christmas. So they will have to compete with that.

      • PowerSerg

        Right now, this could all change, but Xbone has zero exclusives coming into new year, People say titan fall is an exclusive, not true, The only possible exclusive coming 2014 we know anything about is Halo 5 and I doubt that gets pushed out. Ps4 has 3 exclusives announced for a US release. Ps3 has move exclusives linden up. They don’t want you to think that but it’s the case. Both will be pulling a Wii U although fan boys will be saying that their ported up versions of games are so awesome.

    • God

      Nintendo will go in the red, but they should be okay, nothing the can’t overcome.

    • Serge

      Here, take the actual document:

      They are not going red, they just didn’t made as much money they wanted.

      • J_Joestar

        actually that says otherwise…
        The brackets around numbers is typically used in accounting to denote negative values.

  • BlackC#Bro

    Nintendo is doomed, Nintendo is finished, it’s over for Nintendo*

    Thinks the bot.

  • BlackC#Bro

    An actual comment,

    I really hope Nintendo can pull through. I think the major problem with the Wii U right now is it doesn’t exactly have a market place. The Wii worked because it was cheap and had a gimmick, the Wii U however at this point doesn’t have the wow factor the Wii did, and lacks the power of current Gen systems.

    I love the games released for it like TW101, but as a console it doesn’t bring much to the table besides the tablet controller, which while I like, is hardly a system seller.

  • Scarletmoonwish

    The WiiU is another GameCube. I expected it to have lack luster sales, hit a slight peak with SSB and just stay slightly constant for the rest of the cycle. Just like the Gamecube it won’t be that popular but it will enough to keep Nintendo afloat, and a few but quality games, an a few cult favorites, like the Wonderful 101. While the console won’t be as popular as some fans would like it to be, that doesn’t mean it going to be the end of Nintendo, and it doesn’t mean they going to stop making consoles forever, just view the WiiU as another Gamecube.

    “Hey this console had some really great games, but it didn’t sold that many units and that’s okay by me”

    • Basically this, except the Gamecube didn’t have the additional handicap of running on significantly weaker hardware than its contemporaries (in fact it was stronger than the market-leading PS2). So really, it’s more like a Wii, minus the mass market appeal… which is exactly the problem.

      • LightZero

        Except the gap between the Wii U and PS4 is a lot smaller than the gap between the Wii and PS3.

        • rurifan

          PS4 is sold out everywhere, and people are still not buying WiiU.

          • Guest


            I’m pretty sure he was talking about HW, and I’m pretty sure too what you’re saying it’s anecdotal evidence.

          • rurifan

            Oh, maybe you’re right and he meant the hardware capability “gap”. There’s a pretty dramatic hardware difference this time too, not to mention how much more developer friendly the PS4 is this time. (Which will translate into games demonstrating the capability difference sooner.)

          • ronin4life

            I have heard lots of stories of it being just as sold out as PS4, and it had its biggest month EVER in the US in Dec.

        • Is it? I’ve heard conflicting accounts.

          I get the impression that, say, the Wii U-to-PS4 hardware gap is more analogous to the Dreamcast-to-Xbox gap than the Wii-to-PS3 gap. Which is smaller, but still a pretty substantial gap.

    • Samsara09

      Well,I was under the feeling,til some years ago,that the GC was almost as successful as PS2.Lol,imagine my surprise when I learned it did somewhat moderately.

  • RICK

    well same thing happend to 3ds it didnt start selling well for like a year and a half and lots and lots of doom articles was made for but after those games came out and dat price drop that we all so wanted it started selling like hot cakes. wiius name just f**ked its sells all up. but 2014 it will sale like hot cakes because games like mario kart 8, smash bros, bayonetta 2, hyrule warriors(especially in japan) fire emblem vs shin megami tensei, monolithsofts X (my god this game yes! yes! yes!,), and soo much more.
    i have one i love it even a lil more than my ps4 its unique i mean touch screen controller and new ways to play just like i will love oculus rift and dont give a f***k wearn big azz goggles on my face. anyway my point is it will sell between april and the so on.

    • PowerSerg

      I’m not sure if the games will boost up the Wii U sales minus Smash Brothers though. If Nintendo doesn’t market their games better people will be incline to kind of ignore their existence. Also Nintendo has been super slow lately on releasing stuff I wouldn’t be surprised (although id be pissed) if we were waiting a year after the Japanese release for X and FE X ST. Right now Nintendo needs big guns, and a dramatic reevaluation of how they handle digital games.

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t say a year and a half, though I’m taking into account the US but I remember the system coming out around March and the big games for it coming out around august

      Edit: I could be wrong, but didn’t a price drop happen within the same year of its release in the US

      • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

        August, I remember it because some places dropped the price early, meaning a lot of people got into the Ambassador program just at the deadline, which I think was the sixth.

    • rurifan

      The 3DS is a bad example, since Nintend was forced to drop the price significantly and that hurt them for a long time. Being saved by such a desperate move is hardly a pattern for success. (And … did you read the article? It was complaining about worse than expected 3DS peformance too…)

  • Kaetsu

    Well then I’ll just continue to do what I’ve always been…buying there games!

  • icecoffemix
    • Anime10121

      That is one of the most hilarious pics I’ve ever seen in my life :P
      You Win
      The internets belongeth to U!

      • In your life? Jesus, dude. It’s funny but I feel bad for you.

        • Anime10121

          Bruh… it was a joke/exaggeration… You cant honestly…

          Still funny as heck tho!

          • It was? It might be the worst joke/exaggeration I’ve read in my life. Now I really feel bad for you.

          • Anime10121

            Dude you act like you got offended or something. Everyone’s sense of humor is different… Let it go, I mean honestly does it hurt your feelings that bad that I found something funny that you didn’t? Let it go and chill bro…


    • TheGioG

      Pokemon Please & Understand Editions; now with the painful wait for Pokemon Bank’s activation already in the game!

    • Shady Shariest

      I can feel the burn all the way from over here… Phew :P

    • Guest

      Shibata would be exclusive to Pokemon Understand and Reggie would be exclusive to Pokemon Please x)

  • What is holding them back are games! They’re already advertising (a year late WiiU); but come on! Shell out those VC games…and at reasonnable prices!

  • MrRobbyM

    Well that sucks. But I feel good knowing that I bought a Wii U before a PS4 and plan to continue to support thee Wii U by purchasing Mario Kart 8 that hopefully releases before the end of March.

  • Tsurugi

    Anyone knows when it is the next Nintendo Direct USA? (hope they announce Inazuma Eleven =D )

    • kylehyde

      I think it could happen at the end of the month.

      • Tsurugi

        Thanks! =)

  • DanielGearSolid

    At some point the fans have to stop blaming 3rd party devs and admit Nintendo made huge mistakes with the WiiU

    • There are fans who don’t admit that?

      • DanielGearSolid

        There are… “Gimped 3rd party ports” is one of the popular arguments… When it comes to the WiiU’s sales

        • …To be honest, that one’s actually a good argument. Nobody in their right mind would pick the lesser versions if they had the choice.

          Yes, the Wii U’s failure is primarily Nintendo’s fault. Don’t assume that means that the other factors people point out don’t matter.

          • DanielGearSolid

            I agree with you, but I’ve been encountering ppl that debate Nintendo is completely blameless

          • sd28

            personally i have seen the opposite where third party have and can do no wrong and its nintendos fault for every thing

  • Earthjolly

    No amounts of ”Please understand” will save Iwata

  • Guest

    Guys, please read. This article is about the western Market, not Japan. The profit do not contemplate the 3DS sales that we see every week on Ishaan’s threads. Also: “Nintendo have reduced their expected net income of 55 billion yen to a net loss of 25 billion yen. ” That is not a red number, that mean a profit of 25 billion yen, 35 less than what they expected. Stop the drama. Nintendo is making money on the west, but not as much as they want.

    • 60hz

      net loss is not a profit. i don’t know how you get 35 billion less, when it’s really 80 billion less, even if you thought loss was profit it would be 30 billion less. Not sure what your point about the western market means. Nintendo of Japan is operating at a loss BECAUSE of the underperformance in the west.

      i’m hoping nintendo makes it through, the world of gaming needs them but denial is only going to delay and magnify the impact of reality.

      • Guest

        Expected Net INCOME: 55 billions
        Net loss acording THAT expected income: 25 billions.

        • I don’t see how the numbers 55 and 25 are related using the number 35. What operation are you using? Plubtractiplication?

          • Serge

            I’m sorry, you are right, my mistake :)

  • Shady Shariest
  • XaviIniesta

    Nintendo shouldn’t have stuck with that ridiculous Wii-U forecast for so long in the first place.

    After Wii-U sold less than 500 000 unites WORLDWIDE in 6 months, Nintendo still predicted it would sell 9 Million units in the next coming 6 months. That’s just crazy.
    Sure, Pikmin and Mario 3D World would help the sales, but by 1800%??

    I think the main problem is that they released the console too soon, with too few must-have games. I hope things get better when Smash, Mario Kart, Bayonetta and (eventually) Zelda comes out, but Nintendo mainly have themselves to blame for this.

    • rurifan

      It’s unpopular to mention hardware performance, but any evaluation of mistakes should take into account Nintendo opted to sell last generation technology again. No compelling software today, and poor prospects for increasingly obsolete hardware. It’s no surprise consumers have decided to skip the WiiU.

    • ronin4life

      They knew perfectly well, but lowballing themselves early would have hurt image/stocks and geussing wrong AGAIN and having to forcast down would have double hurt.
      So they waited to see just how bad things were after the holiday period and revise things based on that.

  • Mirin

    Not surprising. I love Nintendo, I’m probably not too far off being a fanboy but they failed to show me any reason to buy the Wii U. If they can’t convince Nintendo fans then there won’t be much to convince Non-Nintendo fans. The 3DS however is absolutely excellent but I’d say it’s much more of a ‘gamers console’ than a casual player’s console so I can understand it not selling as well.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I really hope Nintendo can pull through, They had this issues with the gamecube…….I’m not worried tho. I just think they need a new game plan to change things around. I think Nintendo needs a new president….

  • I’m planning to get a Wii U once there’s a price drop; it already has just enough appealing-looking exclusives to sell me on it. But Nintendo’s problem is, who is this system for? The Wii at its peak was able to sell to both the so-called “casual” and “core” gamers, but this time around the former demographic is either driven off by the $300 price tag of an upgrade they don’t feel the need for or even understand, or better served in their interests by the market for mobile, tablet and browser games; while the latter demographic is more interested in the PS4 and XBone, having long since become disillusioned with the Wii. So who does that leave? A small pocket of diehards like myself, which isn’t exactly enough to support a console.

    Nintendo have a knack for genius marketing when they really put their minds to it, so they may yet surprise us by finding some way to make the Wii U into a hotly desired product. But at this point I really can’t imagine how.

    • rurifan

      I’d buy a WiiU if they released a cheap kit with a classic controller and no WiiPad. I’d like to play Bayonetta 2 but I don’t want to give Nintendo money for their useless gimmicks again.

      • Anon-non

        It really gets on my nerves when people assume gimmicks are a bad thing. A gimmick is literally the same thing as a feature. Are you implying that other consoles don’t have them? The Gamepad is not useless, there have been so many games that made good use of the second screen.

        • Haganeren

          And even with that… A lot of game don’t use the WiiPad… And i love that in fact ! It permits to play the game with the TV off. Mine have a PS3 on it so it’s cool !

          • Anon-non

            In a way I agree, not many do make full use of the Gamepad (Super Mario 3D World comes to mind), but those that do, especially to create asymmetrical multiplayer, do it well. Developers aren’t stupid. Clearly they have more creativity than simply using the Gamepad as a second screen. Nintendoland, that Batman remake, that Deus Ex remake, Wii U Party, ZombiU, Rayman Origins. These are the only ones that spring to mind.

        • rurifan

          A gimmick driving up the price substantially with little benefit to actual gameplay is a bad thing. Many people objected to the XB1’s forced Kinect bunde and the WiiPad is no different.

          Pay for waggle control gimmick? Ugh terrible; games stop using it. Thank god.

          Pay for 3D gimmick? Ugh terrible, everybody turns it off and even some Nintendo games stop using it. Nintendo provides a cheaper option without it.

          Pay for junky tablet gimmick? Not this time…

          (Until there’s more than one game I want to play at least.)

    • There was a price drop

  • subsamuel01

    I think the Wii U will start to pick up this year and for years to come. I don’t think it will be a huge money maker like the 3DS, but I’m sure it will start to turn a profit once Nintendo starts rolling out the first party games like they did with the 3DS it’s just going to take time.

  • MarcSK

    Weaker than expected 3DS sales? The 3DS is outselling every single console every week.

    • ronin4life

      Best selling console of 2013 in US, and best selling of Dec. despite PS4 And One.

  • Nate

    WiiU sales are going to go up when Super Smash Brothers WiiU and Mario Kart WiiU come out. I don’t know how much. I’m excited to find out though.

  • Arrei

    I don’t get it. It seems like every other story about sales forecasts is about something missing their target.

    Are game companies just purposely setting their goals ludicrously high nowadays?

  • Earthjolly

    So is it safe to say that even the Vita is doing better than the WiiU?

  • Nintendo should stop everything they’re doing and listen to some random blogger on the internet. I’m grateful Siliconera hasn’t stooped to writing a “How to save Nintendo” article like everyone else.

  • Waiting for Mario Kart 8. Enough said.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    God, why are people so obsessed with methods of financial reporting that they clearly do not understand? So a game or game console has sold fewer units? So what? Units sold does not equal revenue. The issue here is that Nintendo has operated at a loss for three years in a row. No matter how many times the 3DS “dominates” the charts and no matter how many games they release that you may like, their basic operations are losing them money. Nintendo is not making enough money and/or spending too much of it in the process. Their problems should concern everyone because these behaviors cause companies to increase liabilities and thus increase the risk of bankruptcy.

    Everyone knew the Wii U was boned but nobody wanted to admit the same for the 3DS. If they meet their forecasts, which they won’t, they will have sold 13.5 million 3DSes for the japanese fiscal year 2013. This means they sold fewer units in 2013 than they did in 2012 and 2011. Now consider that 2013 had major releases like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, Zelda, Tomodachi Collection, Mario RPG, Puzzle and Dragons Z…how does a handheld that’s supposedly dominating the market (according to its ignorant fans) sell so poorly when its most important games came out alongside the lowest 3DS prices? The 3DS is the only thing keeping Nintendo from losing upwards of a billion dollars in a year as opposed to hundreds of millions. Look at how sparse the 2014 lineup is and tell me that you shouldn’t be concerned as a user. Vita has the niche market cornered and there will be nothing that can keep the 3DS on life support if major releases no longer sell the system. If the 3DS falls, Nintendo will be losing too much money to be financed externally and they run a legitimate risk of bankruptcy. Why should this matter to you? Because if 2014 is a repeat of 2013 (so far it is), Nintendo will not exist in the same capacity as they do today.

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