Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Introduces Chie And Akihiko

By Ishaan . January 17, 2014 . 2:39am

Atlus have shared two more trailers for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, featuring two more characters that will be in the crossover game—both of whom prefer hand-to-hand combat. First up, Persona 4’s Chie Satonaka:



Also joining the game is Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3. You can view his character trailer below.



Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be released on June 5th in Japan.

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  • Highasthesky

    Watch out Yu, Makoto is trying to steal ya women. Who am i kidding? i bet he isn’t even trying….god that man is handsome.

    • Luke Blackwood

      The opposite could also be true, y’now xD

      • Kaetsu

        I bet Yukari is all over Narukami.

        • Superior Spider-Man

          Rise would be out for blood if so.

          • God

            She would be too busy swooning over Minato (yes, i refuse to call him Makoto) to notice.

  • Barrylocke89

    Akihiko video at 17 seconds. Uh…

    • karldeck


  • Chris Yuen

    No one is safe, especially with two Persona MCs together.

    • Vince

      Swag to the power of two.

      • natchu96

        But only Yu had swag :/

        Makoto was the cool-to-a-fault guy. The girl one was the cheerfully energetic girl that died the UI pink.

        • karldeck

          But who almost risked to change the outcome of time for him?

    • Warren

      No one will have their virginity by the end of this game!

      • Virevolte

        Even Koromaru ? Now I’m really scared.

        • Superior Spider-Man

          I don’t think Koromaru is with us anymore.

          • Lolzandstuff

            Omg… That one joke. It so wrong but at the same time so funny. lol

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Omg xD

          • Slayven19

            Well Koromaru does work better as a coat than a character.

          • JMaster3000

            Dem bonus Defense stats

    • Sardorim

      Think Yukari will remain faithful or will she succumb to the Yu Swag?

      • God

        It depends on wether they use Yu’s anime personality, or his Tea Gardnerised personality, if they go with anime Yu, NO ONE IS SAFE.

    • TheGioG

      Chie: Makoto, I…
      Makoto:… (Translation: Little lady, I’m not participating in these misadventures for the sake of my health. I’m doin’ it for the ladies.)

      • Superior Spider-Man

        Yu: ….. (Translation: I feel a disturbance in my harem!)

    • RagingTiger44

      Hide yo kids!! Hide yo wives!!

  • Vince

    Now there’s a couple that’s rich in protein.

  • Pdugna

    pft haha the shrinked Akihiko speaking was funny :D

  • neocatzon

    Chie your voice~ A-chaa!

  • Namuro

    Protein bar… Oh, you.

  • Kaetsu

    LOL the only thing I understood from Akihiko’s trailer was “PROTEIN BAR!” Then again that’s usually all he says anyway :P

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Oh god a giant Mitsuru!

    • God

      I was gonna spread a little bit of apocalypse around the earth later, you know, for fun, but now i’m not sure if i need to…

  • Saphira

    This is gold.

  • Abysswalker90

    lol @ shinjiro

  • Silvio Carréra

    Wow! This looks awesome :)

  • Warren

    Im confused if:
    Makoto was with Yu = Leader
    Mitsuru was with Yosuke = Second in command
    Akihiko was with Chie = Love Meat
    Shinji with Yukiko =???

    They have nothing in common?

    • Kay

      Makoto/Yu = Leader
      Mitsuru/Yosuke = Second in command
      Akihiko/Chie = Love meat
      Yukari/Yukiko = Prisses
      Junpei/Teddie = Derps
      Shinji/Kanji = Actually nice guy tough-guys
      Ken/Naoto = The kids
      Koromaru/Fox = The animals
      Fuuka/Rise = Sometimes irritating navigators

      Did I get everyone? :D

      • Abysswalker90

        Makoto / Yu
        Junpei / Yosuke
        Yukari / Yukiko
        Akihiko / Chie
        Mitsuru / Naoto
        Shinjiro / Kanji
        Koromaru / Kuma
        Fuuka / Rise
        Ken & Aigis~~

      • Aaron Alcindor

        I would say Ken/Naoto = Kids who don’t act their age

      • God

        Missed aigis…

  • Missingkeys

    Everyone listen!
    Minato isn’t stealing Yu’s harem. He’s simply exchanging them! While he’s off having fun with Chie, Yu is having a swag moment with Yukari.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    The more I see of this, the more I want it. Combing two of my favorite game systems: Persona and Etrian Odyssey. Yes, please!!!

  • Rake

    Minato: Psst.. Yu
    Yu: ?
    Minato: Wanna switch girls?
    Yu: Only if I get their social link.
    Minato: You’ll get all the social links you need~
    Yu: Deal. Oh and I’m taking Elizabeth as well~
    Minato: …Motherfucker…

    • Missingkeys

      Minato: Wait, but I don’t have a social link with Elizabeth…but you do with her sister right?

  • Spirit Macardi

    Good lord, I can’t wait for the English release of this game! I know one hasn’t been announced yet, but since it’s Atlus you know they’re going to do it eventually~

    I’m definitely going to put Makoto and Yosuke in my team, that way I can have Yuri Lowenthal in stereo XD

  • Earthjolly

    Was shinjiro always that hunchbacked?

  • otakumike

    I hope the final boss fight pits Yu vs. Minato in a battle to the death to decide who gets all the womens.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I hope this game will have Chie’s Galactic Punt. It was one of my favourite finishers; I laughed every time I saw it, since I always kept thinking that the enemies would say the same thing as Team Rocket:

  • Shady Shariest

    *Looks at thumbnail*
    *Brain: Loading*
    “Oh, its Exile!”
    Wait, no…

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • julie

    thanks chris..

  • Kango234

    Akihiko’s trailer! I’ve been wai–

    No that’s too easy.

  • Dust Huynh


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