Grab Tales of Vesperia And Dark Souls For $5 On Xbox Live

By Ishaan . January 21, 2014 . 11:55am

Tales of Vesperia is available at a hefty discount on Xbox Live for Gold Subscribers today, Major Nelson has revealed via his blog. You can buy the game for 67% off. That’s $4.94.


Also available at a 67% discount are Final Fantasy XIII-2 ($6.59) and The Witcher 2 ($9.89). Meanwhile, Dark Souls can be had for a 75% discount ($4.99).


Correction: Typo! We meant Dark Souls, not Dark Souls II.

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  • Jahred Down

    Too bad I don’t have Gold. That’s an insane price for the best JRPG on the 360 :(

  • DemonShadowX

    You should probably fix the header to say Dark Souls, not Dark Souls II seeing as DS2 isn’t even out yet.

  • greg_67

    Why is Dark Souls II mentioned.
    Misleading title. :(

  • CptPokerface

    The very second I saw this I bought Vesperia. Could never find this in stores, so happy day indeed.

  • 5 dollars for ToV? Great price for a great game. Too bad it’s missing the stuff from the PS3 version.

    • 하세요

      I still love my Vesperia. I wouldn’t even use Flynn or Pirate Chick >_> Yuri/Rita/Estelle/Raven are always my party. Hate having other melee characters messing up my combos.

    • Lynx


      A lot of the new content in the PS3 version isn’t really all that great. The only good thing was the additional artes and Flynn. However, Flynn doesn’t really make sense given the whole theme of the story being “Conflicting Justice.”

      Hell, it adds plot holes if anything.

      • Raine


        Flynn’s appearance makes sense since he only joins you after your manly as fuck mano a mano epic battle with him after Yuri and Flynn makes a bet on whoever loses has to oblige to the other sense of justice (Even if Yuri lost, he vagues ignorance and Flynn tolerates him anyway).

        Now the pirate chick on the other hand…

  • ReidHershel

    I already own the game, but I’m debating buying a digital version XD.

  • ThomasTruong

    …Might want to fix that headline.

  • Kaetsu

    Dark Souls 2?

  • Chrystofax

    I guess writing Dark Souls II is became somewhat of a reflex action

  • EdgeKun

    Man, first time in ages I’ve actually been hyped about LIVE Gold sales! Excellent prices on both Tales of Vesparia and Chronicles of Mystara! :D

    P.S. – Obligatory Dark Souls 2 comment. =P

  • Solomon_Kano

    Man, that title almost made me scream haha.

  • malek86

    Vesperia is 10 euro in here. Same discount, but higher base price. Argh. Oh well, already have it. And Dark Souls too.

  • David García Abril


  • I want to play Tales Of Vesperia, but I don’t want to buy another Xbox 360 -_-

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      Me too. Maybe one day Bamco will find a loophole to get us the Japanese version.

      • Spirit Macardi

        There is no loophole, since the entire reason it never came to the US was Namco themselves. That mention of Microsoft paying for exclusivity was proven false.

        • Zind Keeper


          • HououinKyouma


          • Zind Keeper

            Huh, well at least that was Namco back then, and not the more diligent one now, right?

      • Slickyslacker

        There was talk on GameFAQs a while ago about it possibly being a PSN-exclusive, but that’s considerably far-fetched, and they explicitly stated that it’s not happening.

    • Anthony Birken

      lol, gave in some time ago and got the ps3 version ages ago. Must admit I love it, but they clearly said they have no intention of bringing it here

  • MrRobbyM

    That’s a steal for two very great games. ToV’s battle system is easily the worst out of this gen’s Tales games, but it’s got my favorite cast and story of them all :)

    • 하세요

      Really? I still think it’s the best. I’m not too fond of CC, but Xillia improved on that.

      • MrRobbyM

        I think it would have held up better if it was a bit faster paced and felt more fluid.

  • Suriel Cruz

    I did finish Tales of Vesperia, but “GOD DAMN!!!” for $5. Dx

  • fairysun

    I still want english version of Tales of Vesperia on PS3. :(

    • Zind Keeper

      Dude, no offense, but that’s not ever going to happen. It’s time to move on from that.

  • ivanchu77

    As a ps3 user only, seeing tales of vesperia screens always make me sad :(

    • mike

      import the ps3 the best version, there’s a full script online

    • CycloneFox

      I bought the xbox360 only for tales of vesperia and imo, you don’t need to worry. I loved Graces F and Xillia on PS3, but Vesperia was a pretty waek part, imo. I don’t want to offend any Vesperia fan, but I didn’t enjoy this one even though the story is pretty important to the tales mythology and the graphics may still be the nicest in the entire series. But I think, the animations were awkward, the presentation of video sequnces was boring and by far not as goof as in graces or Xillia, alot of speech was just missing and I didn’t like the characters as much as in Graces, who, to be fair, I loved.

      I would of course still recommend Vesperia. It’s a great game and hope, I don’t upset any Vesperia fan. But compared to the rest of the series, especially the Team destiny titles, I was very disappointed.

  • artemisthemp

    I really wish Tales of Vesperia would come to PS3, since I don’t know anyone with a Xbox 360

  • cj may

    with just those 2 games you can easily get over 200+ hours of gameplay for 10 bucks god dayum

  • Yatol Charles

    and you are gone

  • harmonyworld

    I want Vesperia on ps3!
    *has war flashbacks to xbox 360 days*

  • Original Sayin Prince

    that’s not a steal, that’s highway robbery, whoever doesn’t purchase these is fool, to bad I have a ps3

  • Ladius

    Xillia should be at 10$ on PSN for those with PSPlus, unless the offer has expired. That’s another great game, especially with its sequel coming this year.

    It’s very smart of Namco to discount some of the best Tales games in such a way, they will make a lot of people give a chance to the series in order to support the upcoming games.

  • TempestTwin

    It’s pretty sad how I scroll down and read the comments and there still are people complaining how they never released the game for PS3 in english. Unlike you guys, I would rather bamco focus on releasing the latest tales of games, (being Xilla 2 and Zestiria) rather then releasing an old tales of game that did make its way to being localized but only released on xbox 360.

    Get over it, stop crying, and buy an xbox 360 if you want to play the game like everyone else.

    • kaotron

      As much as I like the tales series I will never buy a console like the 360 just for a single game and honestly I got over vesperia ps3 years ago.

      I also agree that bamco should be focusing on their newer games than dwelling in the past. But it got me a little upset when bamco choose to make and localize(at the same time) a symphonia hd collection when the fanbase wanted vesperia

      • TempestTwin

        Don’t get me wrong, I would of liked to play through the additional content of the PS3 version myself, but its just too much effort for Bamco to do. It was much easier to make a HD collection for symphonia 1 and 2 as it required less work. For vesperia PS3, they would need to arrange for the whole cast to come back, to voice new lines and pay out more voice actors. Its too much effort for a game that is now nearly 5 years old.

        People forget how back in the day Bamco’s relationship with the west wasn’t good. We were even lucky to get the xbox 360 version of vesperia. I just find it disrespectful to Hideo Baba, who now is really close with fans in the West. He now understands how popular the Tales of series is appricieated in the West and is going through the effort to localize all of the big Tales of titles. People should show some respect to a man who is trying his hardest for us to enjoy the games, instead of disrespecting his efforts and complaining about an almost 5 year old game.

        • kaotron

          I already know that localizing the ps3 version would be harder than just slapping on the old data from the 360 version. I guess it’s just my inner fanboy that’s still a bit upset about one of the best jrpg’s of it’s console generation(at the time) being exclusively for a console that’s mostly had first-person-shooter games.

          Vesperia coming exclusively on the 360 is like HALO5 being a PS4 exclusive, and trust me, the halo fanboys would literally kill if that happened. I like jrpg’s while I hate FPS’s so that’s why I got a ps3 over the 360. I still really appreciate the newer tales games getting localized(even if it’s 2 years old) despite it’s niche fanbase.

          At this point I just hope that in the future vesperia get some kind of HD collection or port like the Abyss..

          all of my friends who game only have ps3 too unfortunatly, so I can’t even use the consol once just to play vesperia..

          • TempestTwin

            Yeah, I understand. Then again we could flip this the other way and say imagine how xbox 360 people feel who only own 1 console being the xbox 360 and not being able to play Xilla 1, 2, Symphonia chronicles and graces F. I have friends who are in that boat myself. Microsoft at the start of the 360 life cycle actually wasn’t too bad with JRPGS and actually paid out more companies at the start. Only later around the time PS3 slim came out was when the JRPGs stopped being developed for 360 and PS3 started to outshine the console.

          • kaotron

            That’s the thing though, the 360 is more of a FPS console for people that like shooters not jrpg’s. Namco’s kind of at fault most for this for not just choosing a console and sticking with it. My main problem is that vesperia is a very good game but it’s not a console seller either so if I caved in a and bought a 360 just to play this game it’d ruin the fun for me.

            I doubt many 360 owners care that much for jrpg’s anyway, they only want another halo

            P.S: Sorry for the late reply…

          • TempestTwin

            I would have to disagree. I bought my 360 for jrpgs back in early 2009
            purely because PS3 did not really have many rpgs at the time, and I did not care about halo or any FPS for that matter. 360 had
            Eternal Sonata (which eventually made its way to PS3) , Blue dragon, Magna Carta 2, Infinite undiscovery and to top it off tales of vesperia, all games that PS3 did not have. Only later did PS3 start to get jrpgs come to the console and 360 was left with nothing except for some games that appeared on both. This was because PS3s eventually became more affordable with sony releasing the slim model, and microsoft stopped paying out for exclusive titles.

            I do agree namco should stick with one console and should make 1 version of the game instead of releasing versions with added content, as it would be easier for everyone.

            Also dont worry about the late reply, we all are busy :P

  • Ritsuioko23

    Vesperia is 5 dollars lol. Funny how I always said that game was worth that much, cause really it is.

  • LustEnvy

    Dear god, I wish I still had a 360 to get Vesperia again. UUUUGH.

  • eilegz

    its a miracle that namco bandai its lowering the price of tales series usually its always expensive… first xillia at 10 in psn and now this… hopefully grace f its the next

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