Unsung Story Stretch Goals For Vita And 3DS Lowered, PS4 Added

By Ishaan . January 21, 2014 . 9:02pm

Unsung Story, the upcoming RPG being developed by Yasumi Matsuno in collaboration with PlayDek, has newly-updated stretch goals, which were announced this evening.


The most significant change to the stretch goals is that the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita versions of the game will be greenlit at a lower stretch goal than before. Previously, a Vita version required a $1.8 million in funding, while a 3DS version would have required $2.8 million.


Now, the Vita version will require just $1 million in funding, while the 3DS version will require $1.5 million. PlayDek say that many fans asked for the stretch goals for both versions to be lowered. Additionally, at the $1 million mark, composer Hitoshi Sakimoto will work on the project as well.


A PlayStation 4 stretch goal has been added for the game as well. At the $1.25 million mark, the game will be ported to PS4. You can find the full list of new stretch goals here.


Thus far, Unsung Story has amassed nearly $390,000 in contributions, with 23 days left to go before its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end.

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  • Heropon

    They should add Akihiko Yoshida stretch goal instead of PS4. Anyway , The new stretch goal look boring . What happened to those new scenarios addition .?

    • montycakes

      In the update they said they removed them from the goals but were going to just add them to the game anyway as a thanks for supporting. It came right under the last stretch goal I think.

  • TheExile285

    This is good. The old Vita & 3DS goals were a bit over ambitious IMO.

  • That is good. Looks like the devs are really interested in bringing these games to the handhelds. The lower stretch goals also make sense because handhelds are the best place to play srpgs.

  • At least hit the million for Sakimoto!
    Damn fine music will then be had!

    • $1392518

      Oh man better happen. Matsuno and Sakimoto together again

  • GameTaco

    It’s too bad it’s still going so slowly. Hopefully the new additions in the update will manage to bring a little bit more from the bigger spenders. For example, spending $250 or more will get you all four Kickstarter exclusive special character skins, as well as four copies of the game!

    The part that’s raising some eyebrows is that, should it reach its stretch goals, backers will need to contribute $80 to choose to instead get a Playstation Network copy of Unsung Story. No news on getting a 3DS version (that’s the one I’d probably pick, given the choice), but I’m glad to see it moved up so far on the list of priorities.

    So, what do you think would-be backers are waiting for? Is there an opinion of “Akihiko Yoshida or no deal?” I hope to at least see those ~12500 remaining Early Birds sell out by the end.

    • I suspect it might just be that Playdek aren’t really being very communicative about this game. They aren’t spreading the word, engaging with the community.

      Plus, like you said, it’s taken them this long to move the 3DS version up and greenlight a PS4 version. Those should have been the first two things they did, given this game’s target audience and the platforms that those people are likely to own.

      I’m also very surprised that they aren’t including any smart devices whatsoever, aside from Windows Tablet. That seems really odd, and it probably isn’t doing them any favours.

      • crimsonidol

        I might be wrong but didn’t they state somewhere that the game will be released on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android, too? Or was it this now canceled card game?


        Confusion over confusion.

        • They did, but for some reason those platforms aren’t listed in the actual Kickstarter text? It’s really odd and confusing.

          • montycakes

            They have the platforms listed in the FAQ. It says iOS and Android listed there so they didn’t drop those platforms, They even added the stretch goal platforms to the list of available platforms (if they meet the goal that is).

        • GameTaco

          Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing. Basically, as I understand it, at least one card game set in the world of Unsung Story is supposed to be released for mobile. Matsuno will have minimal involvement if any at all with it, and the current Kickstarter is only to fund Unsung Story itself.

          Regardless, it’s a little confusing. Playdek will try to release a mobile game, but it won’t be *this* game. However, people may mistakenly still think it is this game, when it isn’t. Or something.

          • bVork

            It’s a little unclear, but the Kickstarter is actually to fund computer versions (and other platforms via stretch goals) of Unsung Story. The game is going to be made for mobile devices regardless of the outcome.

      • LaserVision

        Regardless of his level of involvement, I’ve had my fill of Matsuno for a while.TO: Let Us Cling Together was a very,very long game. I also bought but still haven’t played much of Crimson Shroud.

      • montycakes

        They still have iOS and ANdroid listed. It’s in their FAQ.

    • Lucky Dan

      It’s too close to another issue at hand people are more cautious for their money after a certain business man didn’t come out and fix the problem up. Everyone still has a bitter taste in their mouth.

      The kickstarter project was released at the wrong time and la mula 2 is having the same problem *shrug*.

    • playdek_briana

      Hi GameTaco. Any level that awards a copy of the game, you are now able to choose your platform. Every stretch goal platform that is made will be added to that selection. Thanks!

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Glad that Vita goal was lowered. Might decide on PS4, but SRPG’s fit mobile so well.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Are there any videos and screenshots for this game?

  • Apparently, Matsuno isn’t actually directing this, nor regularly working on it, just so folks know – but he says he is aiding in the development. (I’d heard he did an outline or something?)


  • Chim_era

    How can they lower the stretch goals by 0.8 million and a 3ds version by 1.3 million? That is a huge difference ….

    I just mean the goals for kickstarter could be a little bit clearer like a license for vita is this much and we expect the work needed to port be this much. It’s probably way too much to ask but things like this really make me wonder what they expect to do with the crowdfunding.

    they could be a bit clearder on what exactly they can do with a million :3

    • malek86

      I imagine a few things are likely under NDA, especially when it comes to platform costs.

    • playdek_briana

      Hi Chim_era. We were able to lower those specific stretch goals by moving some of the other goals as well. We heard from the fans that they wanted to see Unsung Story come to their platforms and they wanted to see the whole team together – so that is what we prioritized. This moved some of the gameplay additions later in the goals. Thanks!

  • KnifeAndFork

    Sorry but not interested

    Make the game specifically for one console using the powers of said console; not spreading yourself thin and us getting lazy looking ports in the process…don’t care if even Matsuno is involved….

    Not a fan of spreading games out for multiple type of consoles.

    • So, you’re never going to buy any multiplatform game ever, as I understand it?

    • malek86

      I’m not sure what the chances are that a small project (this doesn’t look like it will get past a million or so) would use the full power of a console anyway.

  • Randgriz

    I feel a little lied to about this Kickstarter, the headlines were fronting the japanese people of influence but the actual dev team are developers from Playdek.

    Now it comes to light that Matsuno-san is just overviewing the game with no real hands on work.

    The whole thing was just not what i thought it would be.

  • cyberkinghardy

    Errr what’s this game about? I haven’t seen any screenies yet. And what are those stretch marks…I mean stretch goals?

  • brostar

    I’m just not interested in this kickstarter project. Reason being is that this basically Playdek ft. Matsuno. But Matsuno isn’t even truly involved. So if you’re looking for a new Final Fantasy Tactics then this isn’t it.

    • abysswalker

      As sad as it sounds, it seems that’s the truth, it looks like they really want to make a good game but so far it seems they are using Matsuno as a marketing trick so I’m sorry but I will not back that game.

      I will not lie however: if they ever get the game on PSN I would definitely give it a chance.

    • playdek_briana

      Hi Brostar! While Mr. Matsuno isn’t involved in the day-to-day of the project, he *is* creating the design, story and world. Mr. Matsuno tweeted: I am the visionary of the game, from mechanics to story. Playdek is realizing this vision with me.

  • MrRobbyM

    I might support this if they decide to release some type of gameplay footage..

    • revenent hell

      That’s my sole problem with the kickstarter. I would back it (not being a fan of kickstarter either) and im really tempted to, but they haven’t shown anything of gameplay and that is pretty much what has prevented me from throwing down for it.

  • I’m saving my pennies for actual games, not ideas for games, that are set to arrive in the next couple of months.

  • I need some mock up or screenshot or video to make me back up this project.

  • It’s the first I’ve heard of this project, and it’s no wonder, there’s barely anything to it. Some promises of big names (one who wont even be working on the project if it doesn’t reach a stretch goal) some concept art (which is pretty, but really gives no indication on any sort of focus), and some rather generic premise (The whole history forgets thing has been done too much)

    I also don’t understand some of its stretch goals. New Game + ? Why not just make this a feature? It can’t be that hard to make a new game import stats from a save file you create when you beat the game. Unless you’re planning on adding new game + specific content, what’s the big whoop?

    Two of the stretch goal members are translators. Why? I understand that they translated Japanese games to English, but what does that mean for a game that’s being made in English? I know they’re planning multiple languages, but the appeal of these guys seems lost.

    I feel like once they got Matsuno’s promise of collaboration they jumped right on Kickstarter to start a project. What they should of done is sat down and figured out some more of what they were going to do specifically, or at least kicked around multiple ideas that they could’ve shared when they started it.

  • artemisthemp

    Gonna keep a eye on it to see, if they manage to get $1k

  • GameTaco

    I just caught an update that was posted by Playdek while I was totally asleep and not at all playing mobile games in the middle of the night:

    “We have been looking at all of your comments and we have decided to open up the PS Vita, PS4, and Nintendo options to all tiers that receive a digital copy of the game. Some of you made very compelling statements that really got us thinking; the entire point of this Kickstarter campaign was to bring this game out to all the platforms you requested. Because of this we realized that we shouldn’t limit your choices and that we should do what we set out to do.

    I will make sure to post an official update tomorrow, but for now please know that we will allow fans at all tiers that have a digital copy of the game ($20 tier and up) the ability to choose between all platforms we develop for; PS Vita, [PS4], and Nintendo 3DS included.”

    So, that’s fair. Still, I’m not so sure it’ll make it that far, you know? The minimum of $600k still seems possible, but the funds needed for Vita development just seem so far beyond that at the current rate of progression.

    Likewise, I’d be compelled to donate more if there were a little more information on what, exactly, it is I’m backing (core game mechanics, character art/models for the four known classes, etc.).

  • Derik Bumgarner

    he wont be directing day to day but will be involved and is the visionary behind the games mechanics and story.


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