Tales of Phantasia Is Available On iPhone And iPad… For Free

By Ishaan . January 23, 2014 . 9:14am

Namco Bandai have released Tales of Phantasia on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad in North America, and you can download the entire game for free.


Namco say you’ll be able to play the game from start to finish for free, although you can purchase paid items that grant benefits such as being able to continue from the point you died at.


Animations and voice-overs have been implemented for “important events of the game”. Namco say the game’s main scenario and battles are fully voiced.


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  • Leon_Tekashi

    I don’t quite understand why they couldn’t release the PSP version via PSN…Oh well….At least this is free.

    • Ladius

      If you’re interested, Absolute Zero is working on a fantranslation for Tales of Phantasia X, ToP’s best version included in the Narikiri X PSP remake.

      • Endy Operin

        Oh, that’s nice! I didn’t expect them to give it a try and make a translation for this version too. One more translation project to look forward to.

    • Arrngrim

      I’ve been asking the same about Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for years friend…

  • Jesse

    Before anyone says anything, remember that the stuff you can pay for is OPTIONAL, and NOT required to beat the game.

    Figured I’d get that out there. =P

    • Unretributed

      Doesn’t matter, people are probably still going to bash it for having pay options no matter how optional they are. We’re in the generation where people complain even about free stuff.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Well to be fair some of those Freemium models are really crap; but most people complain when a game you have to buy THEN they charge you for additional stuff and design the game with paywalls and playtime limitations and purposely altering the gameplay in an effort to frustrate you into giving up and paying for said items. That and ‘pay to win’ especially if its a 2 player game which then breaks said game

        • kthanxyousuck

          Or you can put the ipad down and go do something else while the playtime refills. I’ve never been so desperate to keep playing a mobile game that I pay for more tries.

    • Fen Y

      If this is true in so far as that the game balance wasn’t altered in the process, you’d be right (and as long as the whole “continue from when you died” thing isn’t the only way to continue the game).

      The problem is when it is changed. THAT would be an issue (and is why most microtransactions of this kind are terribad)

      Let’s hope they kept the game as it should be.

    • chaos_envoys

      But the ALWAYS ONLINE requirement in a SINGLE PLAYER game?

  • Rinne111

    what about android?is it coming as well?

    • Nogib

      Despite the fact Android holds a larger market share than iOS, people in position to make those decisions are blinded by Apple.

      • The Watcher

        ” Android holds a larger market share than iOS” stopped reading after that.

        • Anime10121

          Well its true. Android does own a larger percentage of the market than iOS.

          Now the problem’s/difference is that iOS is a unified platform that most devices in its family can utilize apps for, whereas Android has so many hardware configurations, screen resolutions, versions of the OS, etc etc which inevitably makes iOS a much more enticing and simpler platform than Android.

          (This coming from someone who cant stand his iPhone 4S and as soon as it “breaks or wears down” is switching back to Android)…

          • KnifeAndFork

            Other way around for me. I switched to my 4S because my Android kept sucking up the battery life too much and even more so when I’d play any games on it

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Yeah but ios has the better app store and doesn’t need virus protection

        • Android doesn’t need virus protection.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            That’s why it doesn’t offer it whenever you download something because google allows anything into their app store.
            Ohh wait it does.

          • darke

            Huh? I’ve never seen it offer virus scanners when I’ve downloaded something from google play on any of my android tablets or phones; which app store are you using?

            Hopefully this has the Japanese voice acting, rather the me having to root my iPad and try to install a franken-build of the English one with Japanese audio or something. :?

      • KuroNathan

        While its true that android users make up 75% of the market the reason why most app developers decide to develop on the iOS instead is because on average apple users spend 5x more then android users on apps. So from a business perspective an apple user is worth 5 android users even though there’s 3x more android then apple

        source: http://www.businessinsider.com/ios-android-shopping-2013-12

  • Ladius

    Honestly, this is far better than I expected: Phantasia is a great game (and, controls aside, this is the best version officially localized thus far), it’s free and the IAPs seems to be completely optional features instead of something you need to progress or contents cut from the original experience.

    Compared to the overpriced smartphone “remakes” of some other big jrpg franchise, Namco is being really nice with its fans.

    Also, this makes me hope they’re considering a localization for Tales of Hearts R, since they could use the script for both the iOS and PSVita version (compared to Phantasia’s rather simple battle system, I fear Hearts R’s gameplay would be heavily compromised in the iOS version). It’s a far fetched dream, for sure, but between this and jrpgvita one can at least be hopeful.

    • chaos_envoys

      Always online DRM in a single player game like this is a crazy thing.. That alone is a big NO for me..

  • Barrylocke89

    While I’m certain this is far from the most optimum version of the game, it is free, so I wouldn’t mind seeing how my IPhone 4 handles it in taking it for a spin. It’s too bad it probably uses the mediocre GBA localization though.

    EDIT: Just looked at the page for the app. “This application does not support the iPhone4 and any models before the 4th generation iPod touch.”

    Ah well, it was nice to think about. I’ll always have the PSX version. Still curious to see if TouchArcade or someone gives it a solid spin.

    • RickyMack


    • Kamakuma

      *pats* V.V

    • GH56734

      The GBA localization wasn’t mediocre per se.
      Ragnarok/Kangoroo was MS Office 2003’s spellchecker, and the boat scene had sexual content *added* in the DeJap fan-translation (the loclization was actually faithful to the Japanese script, ie subtle innuendo)
      Most of the slack it tends to get is based on the quality of the port (horrendous voices, removed intro, bad graphics)… which were redone on PSP most likely.
      Besides those two issues, the translation was said to be fairly decent beyond those two glaring issues overshadowing everything else (according to the recent Legend of Localization feature and some of its comments)

      This version is the iOS one, with all the extras so far from the PSP version (localized as well!) and completely avoidable IAP. And IT’S FREE

      Edit: with less checkpoints and online-only, but at least it’s free :(
      Japanese voices except for the theme song (which is a shame)
      And a brand new translation.

  • David García Abril

    Android, please.

    Or even better, PSN!

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Could this possibly be used with some sort of bluetooth controller?
    Don’t own an iOS device and I wasn’t expecting this to be translated either. (does it have Kangaroo? lol)

    • Anime10121

      iPhone 5 yes, anything before it, NOPE.jpg (looks sadly at his iPhone 4S)…

      Though honestly, it wouldnt help me much either way, as I’ve found it weird playing an iPhone game with a controller while having to lay the phone on a flat surface to see it… Feels like I’m trying to play and am flying at the same time.

      Oh and it has a new translation, so probably no Kangaroo’s this time :P

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Oh wow, only iPhone 5 or later? That sucks.
        Yeah, seems like when I posted most people didn’t get to play it. Nice to have a new translation… but for this version to get it… eh… not exactly what I would have hoped for, but we have new one now.
        Although I dislike the changes made… heck it’s Tales of Phantasia for free. If you feel like playing a game compared to one of those “time waster” games, ToP would seem like a good choice. It’s a classic, I have sadly only played very little of.

        • mirumu

          Keep in mind that “iPhone 5 or later” will usually include the 4″ iPod Touch as well. Can be a cheaper option for some.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I own an iPhone 4S and am playing it right now as we speak (er … type) :O

        Maybe you just didn’t have the space or something? O__o

        • Anime10121

          Fang was talking about using a bluetooth controller to play it (which is only possible on iPhone5). I have the actual game on my 4S :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Ah, my mistake then! Sorry sorry. ^^;;

    • mirumu

      iOS controllers are expensive unfortunately, but the API for implementing gamepad support is pretty new. Give it some time and I expect there’ll be a lot more options.

      • Zero_Destiny

        What’s your opinion on the news that the new Apple TVs will allow you to download games directly to them, instead of just streaming the games off your iPhone to the TV.

        I also heard rumors that the new Apple TVs will use controllers for the games which should make it like an Ouya almost. Well if it works right. ^^;; lol

        • mirumu

          I’ve been expecting that to happen forever. I’m sure there’s posts here from 1-2 years back of me talking of the idea. The changes in iOS7 around controller support and Sprite Kit do suggest Apple is paying attention to games for once, and make the idea of a more console-like AppleTV more feasible. The Apple TV is long overdue for an update as well.

          I’d be a little surprised however if Apple released it any time soon as the amount of games that support controllers out there is extremely limited right now. If I were them, I’d let the library build up a bit first, aid the development of a really big game or two, and then come out swinging with a complete end-to-end package. They probably only have one chance for maximum impact so it would make sense to exploit it for all it’s worth.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I think I read they were looking to a launch in 2014 but that support point was my thought too.

            Will developers retro actively update their games for support? Will they launch with barely any games that support controller interfaces? Will we be seeing a lot of support for controllers starting real soon (maybe as a sign of things to come)?

            Still lots of questions. ^^;;


          • mirumu

            There’s three controllers out now supporting the new API, but they’re all $99, and all have their share of flaws. The best one made by SteelSeries is really a bit too small, but otherwise seems quite impressive.

            I’d be very surprised if they release it prior to Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference which is typically in June, but they are unpredictable. It could also be they might do an early paper launch where they announce a future release date to excite the developers into supporting controllers properly.

            There is another issue I haven’t seen considered anywhere. If it runs downloadable games, then it’s going to need storage, and games will need to support a new screen resolution, which in turn means games that support all devices will become larger/bigger downloads. The cost of flash memory would drive up the cost beyond the current AppleTV. They could try to offset those costs but using a less powerful CPU/GPU combination, but that’s not a nice tradeoff to be making.

            Based on the performance of the current A6/A7 devices it’ll run rings around Ouya, but if they don’t get the price/spec mix right it could be problematic.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Very true, the price point would see a difference after needing more memory, thy will have to find a sweet spot in price still, maybe even a packaged in Apple brand controller (that could be used as a unified base) if they wanted to be really competitive. Though I’m still not sure. lol

            Perhaps to get around the game problems they could have different versions in the app store; a TV version and an Phone version, but that runs the gambit of separating iOS which could be a bit problematic, and honestly Apple seems more focused on unifying its iOS platform, so who even knows.

            As it is already the streaming from my phone to the TV while all right it ain’t gonna win any awards or be my first choice even to watch a movie but it’s not god awful. It is however pictured boxed– and while not ugly, it has always been a irk of mine to have to deal with picture boxing (original aspect ratio is great and all but the price of picture boxing? nnnnooooooo lol).

            Well the waiting game will just have to set in, it’s an interesting enough development but I’m not too sure just yet on how well it’ll play out. Though would be nice to graduate from my 4 inch screen. ><

          • mirumu

            It’s not even so much needing more memory. It’s that the current Apple TV doesn’t have that kind of memory at all. It only really has volatile memory (e.g. DRAM). The kind that wipes when you turn off the power. A new all-singing-all-dancing model would need non-volatile storage be it a hard disk or flash memory. Adding that is quite a lot more expensive so a $99 device seems very unlikely. It’s risky to go too high though and they can’t subsidise it with a cellular data plan like they can on an iPhone. An Apple TV with less graphical fidelity than an iPad seems like a hard sell too. Very tough balancing act.

            Apple do actually have separate sections of the store now for iPhone and iPad, but it’s easy to miss. Many are universal applications too. I expect the situation to be much the same with an Apple TV. They may simply have a prominent section for “Controller games” or whatever they call it because there’ll most likely be very little preventing such games from running on the other iOS devices too.

            I don’t actually use my AppleTV 3 any more, I replaced it with a OpenElec system I built myself, but I agree it did leave a bit to be desired in playback and streaming. The MP4 limitation and poor subtitle support has always been the biggest obstacle for me. The iPod succeed because it brought everyone along for the ride with a better experience. On the video side however I can’t help but feel Apple’s lacked inspiration here, even Steve Jobs. They have some unique advantages and could make significant gains if they leveraged them properly, but for it to happen they have to really understand the market. I’m just not sure if they do yet.

  • Spirit Macardi

    It says it’s voiced, but in Japanese or English? Because somehow I doubt they got Johnny Yong Bosch and the rest from the OVA to reprise their roles for an iPhone game.

    • Barrylocke89

      I really hope it’s Japanese, the only other real option would be to resurrect the WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!? voices from the GBA version, aka half of why that version is so hilariously mediocre.


      • Tiredman

        I have to admit, I don’t think I would get past the first battle with that type of speech, wouldn’t be able to quit laughing. That was a funny video.

      • Spirit Macardi

        I know, I’ve played it. After that version came and went though the anime OVA of Phantasia was localized by Bandai Entertainment, and the English voices for that ended up being used for all future appearances of the Phantasia cast in the games.

    • It uses the japanese voices

  • karldeck

    Cant find it on the European store.

    • echokanon

      cant find it in asia store either. although mine is malaysia but im not sure whether it affects the distribution or not

  • Forgot to mention the part where you have to be online to play.

    • KnifeAndFork

      I hate that

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Wow that’s never happened before on any game ever

      • kthanxyousuck

        People didn’t read your sarcasm….

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          That’s because sarcasm doesn’t exist on the internet

    • chaos_envoys

      In a completely single player game…

  • Warboss Aohd

    well…………misgivings with iOS saside, free is free. Can’t really complain about free.

  • FFmax

    Why the hell is this not on psn?

  • Alepsis

    is this for a limited time?? D:

  • ddh819

    are there ads in-game?

  • AuraGuyChris

    If you’re divided about playing this port, read this:



      He said everything that I was expecting to heard about this version lol.

      >poorly rendered anime opening that was not optimized for the iPad’s HD resolution.

      After Hearts R I don’t expect any effort into remaking the opening.


    • Ya know, I was with him until

      “As much as I love Tales of Phantasia, and recognize the painstaking effort that went into the music, the soundtrack simply does not hold a candle to such stellar golden-age 16-bit soundtracks, such as those of Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger or Phantasy Star IV, to name just a few.”

      Like, what Phantasia did HE play

      • Anime10121

        A Motoi Sakuraba one :P


        As much as I rag on Sakuraba, his Tales Soundtracks didnt start turning to crap until the PS2 era, as his SNES/PSone soundtracks were great and Tales of Phantasia was one of the best!

    • epy

      I somewhat disagree with the music part (Fighting of the Spirit is still one of my favorite Tales themes EVER) but Neal Chandran knows his stuff. It’s a shame Phantasia gets another shot at the West just to get botched yet again.


    Hearts R is going to be localised… :p

  • Audie Bakerson

    So is this the GBA translation (the names and one pictured line match)?

    If it is: does it have kangaroo? If it isn’t, why did we need a 5th translation (which will make the PSP translation the 6th if it is ever finished) for this game?

    • Ladius

      I don’t really see your issue with this situation. The only official localization for ToP so far was the GBA one, which was bad enough to justify a new translation for this port.

      The other three current translations are made by fans, and I don’t see why Namco should concern itself with them (unless you’re suggesting they licence them, which probably wouldn’t work considering they are based on different versions).

  • Barrylocke89

    So I saw this tidbit on NeoGAF.

    “I checked the GBA script hosted on GameFAQs and compared it to the the one in use here, they’re not the same!It seems this version has an all new translation.”

    If that’s the case, we have a whopping FIVE English localizations to choose from over the years of this game. (Dejap, Absolute Zero, Phantasian Productions, the official GBA version, and now this) Damn, now I really want to try it. I know it’ll play horribly, but at Free it’s no personal loss

    • Audie Bakerson

      Don’t worry! Someone is working on translating the PSP version so there will be SIX.
      I started learning Japanese when I saw the fourth release. This just reminds me I should have started earlier.

      • RagingTiger44

        Really? I grew up playing the DeJap translation and was about to play the PSX translated version (I forget which group). But the PSP version along with it’s sequel is the one I want to play.

        • Barrylocke89

          Well on one hand, throughhim (localizer of one of the two phantasia patches) has said that Tales of Hearts at least is likely to come out localized before Tales of Phantasia X does, so I imagine it’ll be a couple years before that happens. But on the other hand, he’s collaborating with Cless (localizer of the OTHER phantasia patch) to make the X version the definitive version of the game. I’m not sure whether that makes waiting the best way to go or not.

          • RagingTiger44

            I’m a patient guy. I’m watching several translations projects atm. One more won’t kill me. I also have college and my gaming backlog to keep me busy.

      • GH56734

        The PSP version will use the Phantasian PS1 script with a few tweaks, but its main attire would be the Narikiri Dungeon X part :P

  • So… why do we need to be online all the time to play it?
    I’m glad it’s free but the online DRM kills it for me

    • Barrylocke89

      From what I understand, you have to be online to save the game, so perhaps you could play offline and only save when you’re online?

      I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how the online DRM can be a “killer” if it just adds stuff that wasn’t even in the original…

      • It doesn’t let you even play the game if you don’t have an internet connection.
        It’s a killer if you live in a country like mine where the only internet connection I have is in my house, effectively taking away the handheld aspect.
        Why is it even necessary? There are no social aspects thatd need it as far as I know…

        Also, from what I’m reading they removed some save points in the game to encourage micro-transactions.

        • KnifeAndFork

          Your last sentence:

          This is why a lot of some people can’t stand this Mobile phone game movement

          • I’m afraid to know which of the save points were removed. If they are the ones right before bosses, it’d be the worst decision ever. Some of the dungeons in ToP are terribly long… I can’t imagine how troll it’d feel to choose between paying to continue or redoing a 1-2 hours long dungeon.

          • KnifeAndFork

            It just comes off as really sleazy and shady

  • fireemblembeast

    What a surprise! Since it’s free, I’m not complaining. Okay, let’s try it out…

  • Nanaki

    I never played this before!!! Yes!!!!!
    Downloading now. This is why I really appreciate Siliconera, for keeping us updated on releases like this.

  • ZnTxn

    What version are they porting, PSOne or GBA? (I really hope it’s the PS version)

    • Full Voiced Edition, which is PSX version with voices in cutscenes

      • ZnTxn

        The definite version, plus a new translation and for free? I’m actually happy about this.

        Edit: Well, ****. I just read the comments about the online-only. There goes part of my happiness. Telmex, can you give me a better connection? ( ◕‿◕)

        • It has some shortcomings, mind you.
          Keep in mind that:
          -They removed several save points and reduced saving slots to only one.
          -They didnt add a digital “action” button for the field, it has auto collision, which is kind of unintuitive.
          -You need to be online at all times to play the game.

          Still, better than the GBA and it’s free. It should please some people. Not for me, though, as I cant play it on the go due to lack of internet connection anywhere but home ;_;

          • ZnTxn

            Anything is better than the GBA, lol.
            Thanks for the info!

          • No problem! Oh, it received a new translation and kept the original jp voices, too! They couldnt keep the j-pop licensed opening song though, but it’s understandable.

        • fireguardiancoty

          Best version would be the X version. ;D

  • RagingTiger44

    I honestly would have preferred Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X two-pack. But this is probably the cheaper route…

  • Alphabet Soup

    Wait what?! For real?! ARE YOU SURE?!?! Hold up…


    OK, I’m fine…I’m fine…:D (I love you NamcoBandai)

  • Kelohmello

    It’s good that it’s free. I wouldn’t pay money for a game with controls this bad.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Wonder why they won’t bring over Tales of Hearts R then

    • Hikari Langley

      Tales of Phantasia was already translated, make it’s much easier. Unlike Tales of Hearts R which doesn’t have a localized script.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Nobody likes to work for anything anymore

      • Ladius

        They apparently remade Phantasia’s localization just for this port, which is kinda amazing. On the other hand, if they localized Hearts R they could use its script for both the PSVita and iOS versions of the game.

  • Grape Monet

    Two questions come to mind: 1) What engine is this running on, and 2) how difficult would it be to port this to consoles. Normally I’d be happy with this, but I don’t have a device that can run this properly, and I’m not about to shell out a few hundred dollars just so I can play this game.

    • KnifeAndFork

      If you have a PSP just read the below comments

  • Anime10121

    Wait, so you finally bring out the Fully voiced better version of Tales of Phantasia, and what do you release it on…FREAKING MOBILE :(

    Oh well, its free, so I’ll give it a go, but I dont see this playing very well on with touch screen “buttons” (well at least on iPhone, as I’ve been made aware that games like TWEWY play MUCH better on an iPad as the larger screen is much more helpful…)

  • Just started the game. Only other Tales game I’ve played was Xillia, but I LOVE the pixels and music – and I’m only five minutes in!
    Thanks for the heads up!

  • What about Android T_T?

    • CirnoLakes

      Yeah, I’m not known as an Apple fan, either. Android is a much more open, welcoming, and often cheaper platform.

      I would download this immediately for Android if it were available. In fact, I’d be happy to spend money on it. But unfortunately, I don’t own or particularly plan to own an Apple device. Though there are occasions I’ve considered buying an iPad, just for exclusive software that seems to keep appearing. I’m tired of missing out on all of the software that Apple devices get, even though Android has a larger market share. I’d rather avoid that, though, if possible. Since the only reason I’d be buying an Apple device, would be to use such software. I don’t like the platform.

      I’m not port begging, mods. Please don’t treat me as port begging. ;_;

  • Happy Gamer

    This is nice! Younger or people who never played this could now try it out! I think they should and (and def be able to) release the PSX Tales games as well! I personally really liked Tales of Eternia (Destiny 2 was it here?).

  • At least there isn’t any of that awful voice acting. I myself do wonder what the heck they are saying in battle though. ;D

  • Seven of The Scions

    I need iPhone 5…..

  • Anthony Birken

    Well…I may not have an iphone, but that ps1 remake and narikiri dungeon X will forever hold it’s place in me. I loved and played weeks of life into it. Perks= iphone and psx version is translated, narikiri is not but still great! (on psp, but also comes with psx version, so 2 games :P). I’d say try either as I don’t know how the experience will be on an iphone/ipad.

  • LonelyGuardian

    I was so happy about this on my iphone, and for free!…and then i started playing it… Besides the Japanese VA, it’s quite miserable to play, walking/running is broken, the sprites and text boxes are so tiny, and the battle system that was quite enjoyable is reduced to how fast can you tap/swipe…And that ridiculous issue of always being connected to the internet, just plain silliness. I played the GBA version, and it may not have been perfect, but the controls were infinitely superior. Why couldn’t Namco Bandai have taken a page from Square Enix and actually made a quality port, besides the hefty price tag though…

  • shadowind

    Where’s the love for Europe?

  • Zind Keeper

    This is a terrible port. And stop hiding my comments, Silicon staff, I’m not saying anything bad like you keep accusing me of.

    • Zind Keeper

      As usual, getting marked down by random people here for voicing my opinion. Sigh. This is why I dislike Siliconera.

  • chaos_envoys

    Online only… In a single player game?! The game doesn’t even let us play offline.. If it’s just for savedata then make it online only when we want to save at online save slot… Absurd

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