Virtue’s Last Reward Developers Release Banshee’s Last Cry

By Ishaan . January 25, 2014 . 2:00pm

Banshee’s Last Cry is a choose-your-own adventure visual novel from Spike Chunsoft, makers of the Zero Escape series, and Aksys have published the game in the U.S. for $3.99 for iOS devices. Here’s a summary of the story:


While staying at a hotel around a ski resort, vacationers find themselves caught up in a murderous “whodunit” game when a guest winds up dead. With the lodge completely snowed in and no escape, they will have to use all their cunning to solve this mystery and protect themselves from being the next victim! Local legend tells of a banshee whose screams can rip through flesh, but, is the killer really a deadly monster or the work of a madman?


The game has over 30 endings and you can grab it here.



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  • Smooosher than ever

    Damn, that’s actually something I would totally buy… don’t have an iOS-device tho… :[

    • Kamakuma

      Same… v.v And I don’t want one either but these hits really hurt at times. >~<

    • Lissomia

      Do you have an Android device or something that works with the Amazon store? (I think it’s called a Kindle), it’ll be up for both those too eventually, iOS just got it first. :)

      • Smooosher than ever

        Ooh, really? That’s awesome, thanks for letting me know!
        Will get it on my android phone then. :)

  • brostar

    Oh cool. iOS only? *sigh* Guess no one wants to support Android. My next phone is going to have to be an iPhone.

    • All Fiction

      They said there will be an android version later, it’s even on the official website.
      However, I have a question regarding the European release: does anyone know if it’s also available to European customers through the Appshop ? I don’t know if there is region lock on that thing

      • Rinne111

        Yes I was about to ask that as well what about Europe is it gonna be region free on Android?Cant wait for the Android version

        • Ditto. I was peeved when they said it was for iOS, but I’m buying this for my Android phone as soon as it’s available. :3

      • SMT

        I can confirm that by clicking on the link in this page I could indeed download and purchase this game.
        (Well Israel isn’t technically Europe, but we normally fall under Europe PAL region so it should be the same).

        Will play this tomorrow though, this is an exam period after all…

      • RagingTiger44

        Good. I was getting worried.

      • Thanks for the info. Day one Android.

      • Malon

        Just downloaded it and played the free part. I own a french account so yes, it is available. :)

  • D-Omen

    The game’s title is also structurally similar to Virtue’s Last Reward, lol.

  • E.T.993

    Great, now I can’t play the damn game because of my lack of Ipod.I wish they could port it on the 3DS Eshop or the PSN(for all you Vita users).

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Did it just 30 endings. Brb I need to go rob someone

    • British_Otaku

      Get me an iPhone too, mate.
      I hope they bring this to the 3DS and Vita through a digital release.

  • Dave_O_Segundo

    Kamaitachi no Yoru! So glad they finally released, since 2012 there’s been talks of doing that.

    • Zoozbuh

      Oh what, this is the same game?! I’d heard of that name years ago, but I had no idea this was the same one. I like how they just changed the title to make it more ‘VLR-esque’ xD

    • Thanks for the info! I am reading a piece of history indeed! I had the feeling when reading this that it was from the 1990s, though specifically I was thinking “this is more like reading Kindaichi than Virtue’s Last Reward”

    • Notquitesure?

      so this the ‘night of the sickel weasel,’ right?

  • RagingTiger44

    Calling it now: I bet 25 of those 30 ending involves dying a horrible death.

    • Smooosher than ever

      I sure hope so! :^)

      • Sigfried Silverblade

        Yeah. That IS what we expect in those games.

  • HandsomeVoice

    So excited, I’ve been waiting for this since it was first announced!
    Thank you Chunsoft for bringing more visual novels to the west…

  • Barrylocke89

    Gotta get some of that sweet iOS money to help fund Zero Escape 3.

  • Mugiwara

    Is there a movie with a similar plot? I swear I heard something similar a long time ago. Is it gonna have an Axe Ending too? .-.

  • hohohohohoh… they localized this?! Well, well… I’ll buy this! I really need a good visual novel to play right. Zero Escape 3 is still far away, Danganropa is next month and most of the games I got on my iPhone are boring me. Just deposit some cash and i’ll buy it!

  • Croix Zapp

    I WILL PROVE WITCHES DON’T EXIST!—-Oh wait, wrong game

  • Arcade Bumstead

    This is like that weasel game from game center cx

    • jimmyb

      it IS that game, as a matter of fact. :)

  • Oh wow. I think I was watching a playthrough of this when it was first released, so I’m shocked to see it localized by Aksys.
    I just bought an amp card so I could play this, so here I go!

  • artemisthemp

    I would buy this, If it had been on Vita

    • Is the iOS version the same (or nearly the same) as the Vita one? I’ve got the Vita one but I was wondering if this one had any additions.

      • Ladius

        No, it’s apparently really different at least in terms of presentation.

        • Oh good, thanks! I’ll look into getting it then.

  • 7margarita7

    does anyone know if this is going to be released on the 3ds eshop or something? or is it going to be ios and android only

  • I feel if publishers kept localising quality VN like this or 999, VLR etc on extremely popular devices and competitive prices (4 dollars FTW!!!), western people can really get into the genra. Props for Aksys for always taking risks, and hoping they carry on with it

    • xzeldax3

      Aksys =/= Atlus

      • Yeah I messed up there but you got my point ^^ Editing now

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    !! Isn’t this Kamaitachi no Yoru?!

    • Yes. Localized 20 years later.

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        I remember when they first announced this localization. Like, four years ago!

        Not sure how I feel about the western character name changes, but hey, if the writing’s good…

        • Yause

          They replaced the original photos with new ones shot at Whistler, BC (the basis for the new setting), so unlike Ace Attorney, the game actually feels like something made in America. This version is almost like a Hollywood adaptation of a Japanese work, although I assume that the overall structure and content mirror the original quite closely.

          Writing is pretty good, as you’d expect from a Jeremy Blaustein localization.

          I’ve cleared the main story, which is quite short, so it’s now time to check out the extra endings.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            Now that’s dedication. I was afraid it was going to be like Saburo Jinguuji/Jake Hunter.

            And oh snap, Blaustein did it? His Snatcher localization is beyond reproach!

  • Right when I got my dad’s hand-me-down ipod touch!!

    The game lets you read and make decisions for a few pages until a cliffhanger page asks you to pay… I gotta load 4 dollars on a card, STAT!

  • DyLaN

    Awesome! But why my modem WiFi broke at the worst time ;_;

    Oh well, will get it the next time I can access a public WiFi.

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