The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II Has An Official Title

By Ishaan . January 26, 2014 . 1:44am

Falcom have announced that their next Legend of Heroes game will be titled The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II (or “Sen no Kiseki II”), Game Jouhou reports.


The game was previously announced via Dengeki PlayStation magazine back in December, so this is simply a confirmation of its official title.


The game’s scenario was recently completed and the game is slated for release in 2014.

  • Shippoyasha

    Every month or so, I’m reminded of Falcom’s monstrous work ethic. If only long dormant companies like Konami and Sega wakes up… Hoping against hope though.

    • JeremyTMH

      Sega busy releassing IAP mobile games. Konami busy dying from failing IAP mobile games.

  • pekikuubik

    “The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II (or “Sen no Kiseki II”)”

    Today I woke up wondering how Siliconera would marginalise the actual official title. Once again, you did not disappoint.


  • Raze

    I bet in this one they will nerf some Master Quartz…
    Magic User kinda feel OP in the first…

    Either way I hope they :
    -Fix the chara animation…Walk, Run, Battle,etc …Honestly it looks bad…
    -Retain the good music from first one like Atrocious Raid maybe….
    -More of Towa and Sharon please….

    Other than that…Keep up the good work Falcom

    • fqc

      I don’t think magic apart from couple spells was that OP. It was craft, especially those that caused action delay that were ridiculously overpowered in a lot of situations.

      They also already stated they redid all the character animations.

      • Raze

        Well some boss doesn’t get delay Like C
        But yes…The Line craft from Rean, Fee and Angelica lol…
        Easy win…Enemy doesn’t even get a turn….

        But in the last dungeon no…

        • JeremyTMH

          Pretty much stun locked Erebonias in Nightmare for my play though LOL.

          For the bosses with immunity to everything, well not hard either, just have Fie buffed for speed and have her adamant shield all the time, with another character using EP items on her every 2 shields while Rean and another attacker plays ping pong with said boss.

          Pretty much on 5th Nightmare run for the lulz now, none of the bosses are dealing me any damage LOL.

          Heck Ao was more broken with unlimited dodge Llyod and constant invincibility spam Tio with 2 characters stuffing her with CP food. Was the only way to defeat the ‘undeafeatable’ bosses without max levelling lol.

          • Raze

            I don’t really like to use Adamant Shield……
            Go on attack is what I always use…Beside after 2nd play I already have like 10++ instant 200CP and 20++ instant 100CP item…

            Guaranteed 50k damage for the first turn….Or 100k in 2nd play with Rean and Laura…And if the boss doesn’t die…Just use the item or beat it fairly lol…

            The only battle that make me to retry is the mecha battle versus C in Nightmare..
            It’s do or die…Wether I died or survive his S-craft and beat him after…

            And…Undefeatable boss?You mean Arianrhord?lol

            They show her here too right…In that ghost castle…Too bad no fight against her again….

            I’ll gladly take her on anytime…
            Unless i’m in stress mode…

          • JeremyTMH

            LOL to be fair, if its there, use it. Look at it this way, in a way they already nerfed skills and spells abit, for one thing, we no longer have an all encompasing s craft that makes party invincible for 2 hits. >.>

            Adamant Shield and Crescent Mirror pretty much divides it up evenly. For first run abusing it is a way if you don’t grind much.

            But at L99 for my entire party with best equip and gauges on right now, I can actually tank boss s crafts easily.

            Worse come to worse, Alisia’s Angel M Guage is hax.

            C? C in nightmaRE c6 I didnt use Adamant Shield in Nightmare whatsoever. Somewhere down the battle I stun locked him and delay locked his support machas lol… >.>

            As for the Zemuria Powder and Capsules, heh… if I feel lazy i just spam S Craft while feeding Rean or Laura with them, I have 90+ of the capsules… >.>

          • Raze

            No…Not C in the chater 6…
            That one is still easy tho….

            The C in mecha last battle yo….

            You sure are patient to grind….
            I only grind till 70…Stop playing after I got the plat…

          • JeremyTMH

            The Shiny Pom dlc can be reused in new game+ lol.

            Grinding is easy in Floor 6 of the old school. i S Craft farm the mobs with Millium using Megius M gauge.

            Also had no problem with the Knight battles. Nightmare requires me using the heal all the way, but not impossible as long as you hit the right places 100% and switch to craft attacks instead after the 2nd half when he reverses his weakness and increases hsi dodge/counter rate.

          • Raze

            I can’t use that…My PSN is R3 and the game itself is R2…

          • JeremyTMH

            I have an R1 R2 and R3 account, I don’t use the R1 or R3 ones anymore, heck i forgot the login even LOL.

            Don’t really need it for 99 though, by the time they released Shiny Poms, I already had Rean and Fie at 99.

    • Duc PC-QB

      The Quartz system need to be refine, too much pain when you have to setup Quartz slot over again when switching character.

      Buff, debuff quartz and craft are too powerful, and the attack art are useless.

      Character robotic movement need to be improve too.

      • Raze

        Yeah that too…

        First gameplay is okay…
        But damn 2nd gameplay is kinda pain in the ass to setup again…
        Atleast let me save some setup quartz/equip for every character lol

        • JeremyTMH

          After a dozen or so runs, I pretty much memorised the setups I like anyway LOL. Tedious yes but I got used to it somewhere down the road, but yeah hope they fix it, if I wanted to unequip, i’d do it manually… -_-;;

    • Ferrick

      and i hope they add more S-craft and some new info on roa erebonius and ramilaV

      • JeremyTMH

        New S Craft is a given. New screens already show Laura with a new one.

  • Ric Vazquez

    So many Legends of Heroes games, so few localizations *sigh*

  • cyberkinghardy

    Give Asia Sen I and Sen II release, then I’d be happy to give you my wallet.

    • JeremyTMH

      Chinese and Korean already announced for Sen and Sen II. sen II Chinese and Korean ver will be simultaneous release as the Japanese version.

      • cyberkinghardy

        NOOOOOO!! I don’t mind Jap R3, but please not Kor and China!!!

  • Ferrick

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the title of this article is just… XD

    it was so obvious but it was written anyways XD

  • TheDarkEmpress

    I’d much rather be hearing about the first one being localized, but, you know….

    • JeremyTMH

      Well it did. Technically. Depends on your ‘locale’. :/

  • Space_Ghost

    Any chance that Sen no Kiseki gets localized here in the States and in EU? I, and I’m sure many of you, would love to hear that announcement.

    • Ladius

      Not before Trails in the Sky SC, The 3rd, Zero and Ao are localized, and that would mean at least a decade (if sales are good enough to justify more Trails localizations from Carpe Fulgur and XSEED, that is).

      Meanwhile, Falcom will probably continue making Kiseki games, so it’s extremely unlikely the gap between Japanese and western version will ever be filled.

      • JeremyTMH

        Zemuria continent is half mapped as of Sen so….

        • Though if Crow and Sen were thought of during FC’s development, I imagine that they probably have a good idea of where they’re going to go.

          Alteria, for example, is listed as “in the heart of Zemuria,” and other things. so we may not have exacts, but it’s clear that they have ideas of where locations will be when the map is complete.

          • JeremyTMH

            Yea we pretty much know what is where roughly, if you did Sara’s events in Sen, you also learn of the harsh northen reaches of the continent.

  • MrTyrant

    They didn’t show any trailer? just this? wow I was expecting more.

    • The event mostly talked about the development status and stuff, and then stuff about working on the Kiseki series since it’s the 10th anniversary. A LOT of information came out, but not on Sen no Kiseki, but on the Kiseki series as a whole.

      • JeremyTMH

        Even then the screens we see are still in-dev screens. Probably will be after March before we see a trailer or actual screens for the final product.

  • Prinny Dood

    We didn’t even get the first one.

  • Ksatmata

    What about Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange Version?

  • OmecronBlazor

    Is this the new game Falcom was holding back about? The same game that reported to be on the PS4 and with that mysterious concept art with the figure and the dragon?

    Man, I was expecting a new Ys title ;__;


      no. Sen 2 was already announced when they teased the new mysterious game

      • JeremyTMH

        If anything, the new game is an action rpg.

  • Kornelious

    We are drifting even further away….:(

  • Valkyriekoji

    Pleaseeee have Sara Velestin in this as a main character x(
    I’m getting the first one to play, I heard she is only playable in a certain dungeon, is this true ;( she’s too badass to not play!

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