Nintendo President Satoru Iwata To Take 50% Pay Cut

By Ishaan . January 29, 2014 . 12:30am

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will take a 50% pay cut from February until June, in light of Nintendo’s poor performance the past year, reports Japanese publication Nikkei.


Other members of the board, Iwata said to reporters, will be taking pay cuts as well. The two representative directors of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda, will take a 30% pay cut, while other board members will take a 20% pay cut.


After the five-month period, decisions regarding these pay cuts will be taken depending on the state of Nintendo’s business at the time. Tomorrow, January 30th, Nintendo will discuss its strategy for its games business going forward.

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  • Crevox

    Dat $30 paycut

    • God damn it.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu
        • This is some interesting stuff. I looked up Yamauchi, and I can see why Nintendo would have to spend money there.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Well yeah, he died.
            In his honor I play Wind Waker HD as “hiro”

        • 愛憎

          Why do you always get such hate on your posts? I’ve never seen a single person receive so many negative votes.

          • And it’s not humanly possible – it’s the work of somebody with a downvote bot. Best not keep them in mind.

          • Skode

            Its a glitch with Disqus. You can alter votes up or down as high as you want – i remember on Destructoid someone telling us how its done. I cant remember exactly how but i just tried there and your now on my screen minus ten on both up and down votes…

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            I pissed of the bot boy with something called logic

            I majored in it so I should at least be able to do that.

          • ronin4life

            Ishaan got it too: and I find it funny this guy won’t touch comments mentioning him as if he thinks that proves something…
            ^ ,^

      • hazelnut1112

        The keys are pretty close to each other, common mistake.

    • Bobby Jennings

      You already know!

  • Tom

    Don’t you mean 30% instead of 30$?

  • TempestTwin

    Insert ironic meme here

    • makubexnas
      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        When will you people EVER get over Retro doing Fucking Donkey Kong?


        • idrawrobots

          Did you mean, GET CRANK BITCHES?
          Retro currently has my least favorite DKC so far.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            No its Crunk.

            Funky Kong’s running this joint after all.

  • Mike G. Moran

    If this is a decision agreed upon by all parties involved, that’s pretty bold of them. It’s basically stating they intend to make a comeback or go down trying.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Nintendo’s CEO’s take paycuts instead of laying people off and doing all other sorts of crap, when they face losses.

      • Honestly, it says a lot about them. God knows there’s a lot of companies out there that’d prefer to get rid of employees instead of getting hit in their own wallet.

        I guess a constant and consistent workforce makes a difference to them in the long-run, and I don’t mind that from them.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          They’re a company of 7000. They dont want to get too big either, so they work on their internal structure of production and the like.

          Iwata makes 1.5 million a year apparently.

  • Namuro

    Man, usually people would have been fired left and right by now. Good to see Iwata sticking to his word about the no layoff policy. I hope they can recover soon.

    • Brion Valkerion

      People rarely get fired in Japan unless they did something really bad, like REALLY bad. The “higher ups” getting a paycut is a common good faith tactic over there when a company is not being as profitable as investors would want. It honestly does not do anything for the company when about 20ish or more people are making a bit less for a few months, but it gives the impression that it is helping.

      Either way, we all know Nintendo’s problems are their mindset, not the pay checks.

      • KnifeAndFork


    • Shippoyasha

      They can not afford laying off a lot of staff now when they should be making more games, I suppose. But if the system struggles for years, then they may not have a choice. Also, it’s more to do with Nintendo keeping developers in stock than a malicious move to lay off people. I can’t blame smaller publishers for doing so if they don’t have game projects cooking.

  • Solomon_Kano

    It’s things like these that I like about Iwata. It would have been easy for him to just go “Whoops” and step down (which an odd number of people have been calling for), but instead he just buckles down in times like these. He acknowledges his role in proceedings and commits to doing better. It’s respectable, almost inspiring even. You won’t learn from your mistakes if you just try to duck out of them when confronted.

    • Naryoril

      In the west the usual reaction would have been: “Ok then, let’s fire a few hundred or thousand people.”

      • KnifeAndFork

        Yeah let’s play that generalizing blanket statement game…

        • H_Floyd

          That is not generalizing at all. That is exactly what happens in the West, especially North America. Prove us wrong, and that CEOs regularly and willingly take pay cuts. Prove to us that bosses in North America wouldn’t rather fire their employees than even consider rewarding their loyalty with appropriate benefits. Prove to us that most employers in NA wouldn’t rather ship their jobs off to overseas markets where they can get cheap labor without such dirty words as “union” or “living wage” or “benefits” even being part of the equation.

          Prove. It.

          • Fox

            I don’t think you’re wrong, but you are certainly confused about the burden of proof. If you make a statement, it’s your responsibility to back it up with evidence, not to demand contrary evidence from anyone who disagrees with you.

            For an analogous example so you can easily see what this is wrong:

            Women are better at math than men. Disagree? PROVE ME WRONG

          • H_Floyd

            Actually, as an elementary school teacher, I can tell you that girls indeed perform at higher levels across the board in most subjects than boys…

            …but when it comes to math, there are more boys who perform at a higher level than girls. And I can prove this with data from quarter 1 and 2 number development assessments.

            But seriously, I get you. You’ll also note that the burden of proof belongs to the person I responded to, who originally suggested that Western CEOs being complete #&$%s (I’ve paraphrased) is an unfair generalization.

      • Kazekage Gaara

        I’m cool with Iwata…..REGGIE on the other hand……….

    • 愛憎

      I read this in Hank Hill’s voice. The voice of reason.

      • Solomon_Kano

        The voice of a clean burning fuel, I tell you what.

    • Lucky Dan

      Sometimes I think he takes everything on his own shoulders, NOJ isn’t the only branch out there. What about Nintendo of America? and Nintendo of Europe ?can’t they take a pay cut but I suspect that these branches would rather fire their employees than follow MR IWATA’s example.

      Shame that the Western culture is vastly different from the East.

      • To be fair I don’t remember ever reading NOA or NOE resorting to massive layoffs.

      • konsama

        Well he basically is doing so, it’s quite admirable to see a boss to actually give the face and take the consequences of handling incorrectly their own people. Even if it’s the second time they screw up so badly, and to be honest i see the Wii U situation harder to fix than the one in 3DS some years ago.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Don Mattrick stepping down from Microsoft after the XBox E3 mess you forgot about? Or is this another glorious Nippon can do no wrong thread?

        This is nothing but PR nonsense to appease investors and consumer faith and you’re getting suckered into it.

        • Mnstrzero00

          Stepping down is an attempt at fleeing what was seen as a sinking ship. Iwata is working to get things right again and for that he deserves a ton of respect.

          And cutting your own income in half would be a pretty dumb or move. Why would that make people buy consoles? And I can’t imagine investors caring much either.

        • DeathDias71

          Don Mattrick didn’t leave Microsoft because of some Microsoft budget cut or anything like that. He had been planning to leave for quite some time, and left to take over Zynga which was a higher paying position. He left because of a career decision, not for any other reason.

        • Lucky Dan

          Don Mattrick went from a high ranked position to CEO of Zynga I don’t think he stepped down that far more like a step up.

          The Xbox One also didn’t do too badly even though its a 100 more than the PS4 they are just lagging behind only just.

    • MaximDualBlade

      It is an admirable thing to do, but people seem to praise him like this couldn’t have been prevented, and it very easily could have been prevented. So it’s a mixed feeling for me and I hope this time they do it right, because it isn’t the first time.
      I think all those Nintendo doom articles have finally gotten to the Siliconera community

      • Very easily? What’s your Wii U magic bullet, armchair CEO? I’ve heard nothing but superficial criticism and half-baked suggestions

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Haven’t you realized that similarities between this situation and the one with the 3DS back in 2k11? I mean, even the cuts in salaries are the same. Yeah, it could’ve been prevented if Nintendo would’ve launched the system with a steady influx of games to keep it breathing month after month. They didn’t learn a thing and instead launched a system that saw very little action in its first year. If Nintendo would’ve waited a year so that it’d come out with games like WWHD, TW101, Pikmin 3, SMW3D; etc, they’d be rocking the market~.

          • This suggestion completely ignores the fact that the Wii exists and tells owners “please understand” that there are no first-party games for a year until the Wii U comes out. Also leaves out the third party launch ports that would be ancient by Xmas 2013.

            See what I mean?


          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            I see the drought the Wii U had since launch to the release of TW101. Yes~.

          • Grape Monet

            If they waited a year, they’d have launched directly against the PS4 and Xbox One. That’s not a good position to be in.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Because being in the market without strong software is a better position? Look how well that worked for the PSV~.

          • First: Stop talking like this~, it makes your comments come off in a condescending fashion, and people will ignore your statements as a result.

            Secondly, the problem stems from the fact that Nintendo didn’t realize how much work would go into HD games– they intended games like Pikmin 3 to be out a lot sooner than they actually were, but ended up encountering troubles when it came to how much more manpower HD requires. This is not to say that it didn’t result in great games, but you’re assuming that Nintendo has the magical ability to control when a game will be complete, when honestly, Nintendo tries it’s best to make sure that they don’t come out with a half-assed job, just so there’d be a constant stream of titles. The upside of this though is that come this time next year, Nintendo /will/ be better at HD development.

            This is not to say that I don’t agree that Nintendo should have a better release schedule. It’s not to say that I think that Nintendo should stop trying to give third parties room– since obviously, third parties don’t /want/ the room. Nintendo was relying on a big hitter like Rayman Legends, and they got burned really hard there. EA just about gave up on them, too– apparently because they felt that the Wii U was not the kind of console that their games would sell on, according to recent information I’ve seen flying around now.

            But situations like that are not things that Nintendo could actually control. What Nintendo could control is a market awareness of the system, and what the Wii U brings to the consumer. That is where Nintendo failed, and they’re obviously intending on fixing that.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Pot, Kettle, Black. Telling people how to talk online makes you prone to be dismissed for being presumptuous~.

            The Wii U was released with nothing. Zombie U was probably its best exclusive. Mario U was nice but more of the same. The others were ports that most people already played in PC / XBOX 360 / PS3. So really, same as Sony did with the PSV; in the first year they dug a hole for the system and now both consoles are paying the price of the image built upon them. It’s negligence, nobody cuts Sony any slack for the PSV fiasco [rightly so] and nobody should cut Nintendo one either~.

            That said, I understand favoritism will always exist~.

          • I would prefer to point out where I feel it will hinder your point, than to ignore it, and have you say “well why didn’t you say so before?” But if you want to ignore the advice, then fine.

            I am not cutting either company slack. I love both the Wii U, /and/ my Playstation Vita. But I wish there were more games for the both of them. I recognize where their problems are though, but I also can admit that some of those problems are not Nintendo’s, nor Sony’s exact faults. Much as you may say that there’s a problem of ports, it’s not like Nintendo or Sony told the third parties to make the ports– the third parties chose to make the ports, because those are the safest bets, business wise. Thing is though, it’s a catch-22.

            Say you’re a third party. The newest system came out, so to test the waters, you release a port of your popular game to it, while focusing your development on the previous system (such as the case when the PSP still got multiple games from Japanese developers after the Vita came out). It costs a minimal amount of money compared to making a brand new game entirely. But the thing is, many other third parties had the same idea, and as a result, the system doesn’t take off. So, you withdraw your support… along with many other developers. The first party then has to try to force out games to fill in the gap that they didn’t expect, at expense to quality. As a result though, the system goes down in popularity, and the third party is left going “well, that’s not my problem.”

            Is this the fault of the first party? Sure, there might be things the first party can do to mitigate it, such as paying the third parties directly to develop games, but the decisions of third party developers can be entirely separate from what the console maker actually wants. This is especially painful in the case of Nintendo, where third parties seemed to be all but ignored in the course of the Wii’s line-up… mainly because they felt that they were drowned out by Nintendo’s own products. Which is why Nintendo has kept trying to give third parties room to make a footprint on the 3DS and the Wii U. Sadly, this obviously has not made a difference to those companies, huh?

          • ronin4life

            It was good enough leading up to launch, and more content packed than either ps4 or XboxOne its whole first year.

            And it would have been better if 3rd partieparties didn’t ditch them; ANd that started BEFORE any problems arose.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            They were ports, good ports, but ports. The PSV had an equal amount of games at launch, didn’t mean much considering that they were ports in its majority. The issue with the Wii U is the same with the PSV, third parties aren’t to blame. There’s a reason both Nintendo and Sony have competent studios. They should’ve been behind their new systems instead of waiting for third parties to do the job for them~.

          • So your solution boils down to either 1) make more games regardless of quality or 2) don’t get hit by a tsunami. Reason 1 is fair but not simple. Making worthwhile software for an unreleased product is never going to be easy. “Launch better” isn’t much more nuanced than “sell better.”

        • LaserVision

          Heh. I gave you an upvote, but I am earnestly asking you, is this your first time here?

          The vast majority of the comments here are “I want this now!!”‘s or superficial criticism/half baked suggestions from armchair CEOs. Or one leading to the other. (No really guys! an English Type 0 will save SE!!)

      • Shippoyasha

        I’m not so sure we can categorize it as some Nintendo hate. Nintendo themselves are saying they are struggling and there are a lot of fans with ideas. Having ideas that may be radical isn’t wrong.

        The sad fact is that home console viability at least in Japan is going to be seriously tested this coming generation. While everybody gets powerful smartphones and handheld systems, even home systems that do well like the PS3 is selling a lot less than PS2 did. Nintendo hit the casual gamer magic bullet with the Wii but home consoles likely will struggle even disregarding missteps by Nintendo.

        • KnifeAndFork

          Everyone’s moving to Metro…

      • KnifeAndFork

        It’s smoke and mirrors. Focus on preventing the problem not apologizing for it

      • LaserVision

        Running a publicly traded company really isn’t as easy as you think it is. Really.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Thing is, he didn’t learn from his mistakes. That’s why he’s doing the exact same thing he had to do in 2k11 after they screwed up with the 3DS launch by not giving it games~.

      • konsama

        It’s not the fact of not giving it games, but you factor other stuff like paying more money than the actual system can offer especially compared to, just putting it close, the 3DS itself. Taking risks is as obvious risky, but it can pay off, the 3DS was a miss at start but it carried on, we need to see if Wii U will live to the expectations too or sink as the new virtual boy.

        This can get really mixed opinions, but i would rather see these kind of innovative ideas, even if some are quite stupid to go out, hell some even find a good way to stick around, like the 2 screens on DS/3DS, than make a “new” console that is essentially the previous one with a Share button and more limitations.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I might buy this if the Wii U and 3DS had the exact same problems, but they didn’t (or don’t). The 3DS’ early floundering was not owed solely to its lack of games, while the Wii U’s current situation largely is. Largely.

        Their positions may have been similar, but they didn’t land there for the same reasons and the Wii U won’t be pulled from the pit of despair by the same means as the 3DS either. The handheld and console markets aren’t similar enough in nature for there to be a catch-all lesson that Nintendo could have learned from the 3DS and applied to save the Wii U.

        Iwata made a mistake with the 3DS, he acknowledged, he learned, now the 3DS is booming. He made a mistake with the Wii U and only time will tell if he can fix it, but one would be grossly mistaken to say that a lesson wasn’t learned from the 3DS early days.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Considering that the Wii U came bare naked for the first 6 months in terms of quality games [games, not ports], I would say I’m not “grossly” mistaken. The 3DS came out empty handed, even a price cut gave it a momentary break as the sales didn’t really go too high. Then came MH3, MK7 and a few other Nintendo first party games and the 3DS blossomed into a system to be reckoned with~.

          True, the Wii U won’t get out of the pit with games only but that’s because it took too long for Nintendo to address the issue. Same happens with the PSV; it’s a misconception to say that the PSV has no game yet that’s the image that stuck with people courtesy of its first year in the market. The Wii U will deal with the same, Nintendo screwed the system’s image~.

          However, I digress. Back to the point, my point, it’s your opinion to think that the issues aren’t the same. From where I sit, both systems lacked/lack games and thus they didn’t/don’t sell after a price cut to make them more accessible. I’d say calling the similarities “grossly mistaken” is byproduct of bias in favor of Nintendo~.

          • Solomon_Kano

            > I’d say calling the similarities “grossly mistaken”

            Did you even read what I said? I said saying Iwata didn’t learn a lesson from the 3DS would make you grossly mistaken. You seem to be rearranging things to fit your perception that I’m somehow biased towards Nintendo.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          The 3DS came out with next to no games of quality; OoT and Star Fox gave it a breath but it didn’t help for long. A price cut barely changed the tides because really, the system lacked games. Then came MH3 [in Japan, at least], MK7 and several other 1st party games and the 3DS began to blossom into a system to be reckoned with~.

          The Wii U came out with next to no exclusive games and ports of games people were already playing in their system of choice [PS3 / XBOX 360 / PC even]~,

          Seems to me the the initial challenge both systems faced are the same. Lack of must-have software right from the get go. The difference is that with the 3DS, Nintendo turned things around within a year and with the Wii U they are still throwing punches in the dark. The system should’ve been launched with games the like of Zelda WW and SMW3D to at least have that initial wow factor to lure people in. 2k14’s pipeline of exclusives should be the pipeline the Wii U should’ve had in 2k13~.

          If the Wii U now won’t get out of a pit with new games is only because Nintendo took too long to come up with them. A year of drought with only three noteworthy games is too much time. The same happened to the PSV, that initial year with next to no games is what lead people to repeat even to this day that the system has no games when, in fact, it has a healthy library~.

          So, to me, the issues seem fairly similar. To call it a “gross” mistake feels more like a byproduct of bias in favor of Nintendo rather than something you are supporting with facts~.

          • KnifeAndFork

            That’s just it. If Nintendo convinced Capcom to take the risk and make the next main Monster Hunter game a Wii U exclusive, then people would have no choice but to get it if they want MH.

            MH tri didn’t sell that well on the Wii back in its first month of release in 2009 from what I remember (even PS2’s SD Gundam G Generation World beat it in the first week of sales) due to it being pay to play in Japan and there already being MH portable games coming out on the PSP

            But Capcom won’t take that risk and Nintendo fails to persuade Eastern third party as they flock to the 3DS anyway. (We all know Western third party gave up)
            If they all start flocking to smartphones though then Nintendo might as well throw in the towel..

          • Solomon_Kano

            I think you’re already so set upon the conclusion that everyone is biased in favor of Nintendo that you’re just going to keep throwing that out, despite nothing to indicate such. What exactly is it that leads you to these claims of bias? That I don’t think the Wii U’s current situation perfect mirrors the early 3DS? That I think Iwata learned from the 3DS’ beginning and turned it around?

            It’s not much of a discussion if you’re just going to claim “bias” to any who aren’t of the same opinion.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Actually, that second post is pretty much verbatim of the first. For some reason, Disqus didn’t show the first one I made so I retyped it, it’s not like I deliberately wanted to repeat myself. Fixed it now~.

    • Jero

      How much money does these guys make to actually have an impact on the company finance though. Or maybe this is just an image cleaning move, I don’t think Nintendo is troubled enough to fire people.

      • Solomon_Kano

        A good question. From what I hear, the pay of CEOs in Japan isn’t quite as extravagant as it is in the US, so maybe it’s not a major boon, but from Iwata’s having done this in the past, I figure they make enough that cutting their pay suffices to offset what they might have otherwise gained by firing employees.

        I think that’s key. While they may not seem to be in quite that much trouble, it’s really a question of management. Perhaps, in the same scenario, another CEO wouldn’t have changed anything. Perhaps, they’d have made a few cuts. Perhaps, they’d have stepped down altogether. Sometimes management instigates firings preemptively to prevent the situation from worsening, rather than waiting til everything goes south.

    • Same here. As a kid, I was always taught that if you fall of the horse, get right back on and try again. Don’t fire the horse or the rider for making mistakes. Sometimes if you want your company to be successful, you have to take a beating instead of running away from it. Iwata seems to stand out for his failures, but everybody completely forgets about how he led Nintendo through their most profitable period. I doubt firing the guy would solve all of Nintendo’s problems because Iwata is just one person. He’s responsible for the company’s health, but he isn’t the company itself. There are tons of people there that all have input and decisions and they aren’t always going to be for the best, but sometimes you never know until you actually try it.

      That’s why I like him so much. He’s one of the most human people in this industry with an actual vision.

  • Göran Isacson

    Good Guy Nintendo: Let’s the directors take paycuts instead of letting go every employee who’s worked there for less than two years.

    ‘Course, this is most likely because of cultural differences and all the higher ups at Nintendo caring about NIntendo, not their own parachutes. But a question: wasn’t Iwatas pay already slashed from the 3DS price cut? Did that paycut period end, or is this added onto the first paycut?

    • They didn’t really specify how long that lasted…

      I’m guessing it was in the same span.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      All those slashes are temporary until things improve. So no, this isn’t a cut over a cut~.

      • Göran Isacson

        Aah, gotcha. So he got a paycut umtil 3DS started balancing the numbers, and will now do so until… well, Wii U probably isn’t gonna sell well anytime soon, soo until something brings them back in black, I guess.

  • I’m glad to know that no one is getting fired and that they get the chance to fix their mistakes (if they made any, that is), but I honestly don’t know how to feel about this……….all I can say now is “Nintendo: Always doing things differently.”

  • Guest

    I got fooled by the article’s title… 50% paycut is NOT the same as 30% plus 20% paycut…

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Read the article again. Iwata is getting a 50% pay cut.

      Miyamoto and Takeda are getting a 30% pay cut while the rest of the board members are getting a 20% pay cut.

      Did that part cause the mix up?

  • Tonton Ramos

    And what will Masahiro Sakurai get?

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Sakurai doesnt work at Nintendo anymore

      • Tonton Ramos

        This means he can do MVC4 with a better roster oh wait…

        • Judgephoenix

          I rather no more MVC games mainly cuz of Disney/Marvel pickyness. I’ll take a SNK/Cap game before that

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          No sakurai has his own company

  • XypherCode

    I salute Nintendo’s dedication of not laying off employees and rather have a huge pay cut to make up loss.
    But damn that’s gotta hurt…

  • Kalis Konig

    Pretty cool that they’d do this rather than down-size and cut jobs. Hopefully Nintendo gets it together. They can’t afford to ignore the wants and needs of gamers outside of their core fa base any longer.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Bologna. I don’t believe that for a second. This is typical play in the Japanese media–making a big public announcement pretending to take a pay cut or pay some sort of honour fine.

    • Herok♞

      So you assume this is just a honor thing because? It is completely possible for this to happen for a company and it is a respectable move, you aren’t hearing about how people are losing their jobs at Nintendo so you are just being overly cynical and disrespectful for no reason especially when this has happened before and recently at that.

    • Göran Isacson

      Well now I’m kinda curious… is there a way to actually monitor of a paycut actually happens? And can you show some other examples of this happening, and later being revealed to be a lie? It’s just that this is the first time I hear this accusation.

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        That’s a good question. I think it’s unlikely that there’s a way of monitoring it.

        The example that immediately comes to mind is Akanishi Jin of Kat-Tun, a boyband managed by Johnny’s Jimusho (Talent Agency).

        As you may know, Japanese idols are meant to uphold the illusion of being untouchable idols. They have relationships, yes, but are urged to keep it out of the public eye so as not to outrage their fanbase.

        Members of Johnny’s need to alert management of any relationships, etc. so the agency can handle press, potential scandals, etc. Akanishi Jin secretly married his girlfriend, model Meisa Kuroki, without telling management. When the tabloid press caught wind of this, there was a huuuuuge scandal and the fanbase went nuts.

        In response, Johnny’s cancelled Kat-Tun’s tour and put Akanishi on “suspension”. They made a press release saying that as punishment, Akanishi Jin would be refunding all sold tickets, totalling 100 million Yen (just shy of $1 million USD), out of his own pocket.

        Not only is such a practice extremely illegal, it’s also a nonsensical grand spectacle employed to appease rabid fans.

        The heat died down, other scandals about other idols made the news, and Akanishi came back, business as usual.

        Obviously, this situation is a bit different and Nintendo’s CEO isn’t a boy band idol. It’s not impossible that he’s taken a cut, but I’m skeptical all the same.

        • PreyMantis

          And where’s the proof that he didn’t pay out of his own money? All I read was just a conspiracy.
          Back to Nintendo. Say Iwata and the rest of those that have slashed their pay didn’t actually cut their payment, what will they do besides that to cushion the losses? With their no-job-cut policy, what’s their other option? Heck, why would a president of a company lie to their investors just for the sake of “honor?”

        • Is it really that hard for you to believe that a CEO might be less greedy than they have the opportunity to be?

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            Yes :P

  • hazelnut1112

    Sucks to see this happen to Iwata but it’s one hell of a move, enough for him to be respected by his employers. That is a lot of dedication for a few people to do.

  • leingod

    So he’ll just make a gazillion dollars a month, then.

  • NocturneDream

    First the cut on his paycheck for 3DS sales and now this…

    Kind of sad that Japan’s markets suffered for being too nice to their employees in the past and not firing employees. Seems Iwata’s headed the same way. :(

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    When this happened in 2k11 (yes, let’s not forget this isn’t the first time), I felt respect for Iwata and the rest of Nintendo~.

    This time? Not at all. What happened with the 3DS could’ve happened to anyone, what happened with the Wii U was the repeat of said mistake. That’s not unfortunate, that’s negligence. If you are going to be dumb and own up to it, props to you. But don’t expect respect when you brought bad times upon yourself for repeating mistakes you should’ve learned from~.

    • Göran Isacson

      True. I still say this is better than firing employees for mistakes the higher ups are pretty much to blame for though… and I guess in todays climate, we’re happy to see anyone acting the least bit decently.

    • konsama

      You said it yourself, first time can be accident, the second time…not so much.

      Tho i respect Iwata in this situation too, since he’s doing what real leaders should, take the blame on their shoulders for the whole group or company, instead of hide their face and fire tons of people that aren’t probably even at fault of how the company is going at the moment.

      The best we can do is wait, since the Wii U is flopping way worse than Vita right now, and not even having MH saved it from screwing up even in Japan.

  • SupaPhly
  • Michael Richardson

    There’s a headline you’d never read with regard to any major American company. This guy is awesome.

    • Mike Pureka

      Totally this; I don’t care if he’s still rolling in money, at least he’s not doing the American Bank CEO “Yeah, we had to get a billion dollar bailout from the Federal Government to avoid declaring bankruptcy, but I’m giving myself an $12million dollar bonus, because I am AWESOME.” thing.

    • Symbol de Au

      Ridiculous.Someone made this claim the last time Iwata took a pay cut and I found several articles where American CEO’s have taken cuts.

      • J_Joestar

        they are more exceptions than the rule though for CEOs of western companies.

        • I’m pretty sure Iwata’s humility isn’t exactly representative of Japanese CEOs either.

          • J_Joestar

            well maybe not every CEO in Japan as there are always exceptions, but it is more common practice for them to look after their employees rather than throw them under a bus.
            Like the Japan Airlines CEO

  • Morningstar

    I know how this would pan out:

    Release Pokemon Bank to appease rabid fans
    It crashes the eshop again
    Retool Transporter so that it does not need bank (or internet access) to appease the rabid fans.

    Then take a third paycut

  • That’s how businessmen act. He’s earned my respect.

    • That’s how they should act, not how they act.

  • Earthjolly

    Meh, The dude wipes his ass with money. This wont faze him

    • J_Joestar

      he isn’t an American CEO/President.

  • Lucas

    Nintendo you have restore reboots of NES games onto Wii U right now.I don’t care Itoi don’t want his MOTHER 4 or prequel of MOTHER 1.

  • Lucas

    I want to see games on Wii U:
    Sequel of Star Fox Assault,Uprising,Other M,MOTHER HD Trilogy,Scriblenauts Unlimited on Japan and Europe,Taxman’s Sonic Ports,Sonic 4 ep.1&2 on wii u.Nintendo you didn’t noticed lack of those game until wii u was launched including sequel of F-ZERO GX.

  • Lucas

    …and new banjoo kazooie,concker’s bad furry day,crash bandicoot,spyro on wii u as well.

  • Lucas

    Most of Sonic United fan games should be released on wii u not on only PC.

  • Lucas

    Wii U sales is temporary weaker than 3DS.

    • Ferrick

      would it kill you to compile all of your posts into one?

      • Lucas


  • Epic Markell Joshua

    I gotta respect this i hope things turn around i’m not sure what is the key to turning the console around i own one and love it so far just need the awesome games like MK8, smash and X already.

  • Original Sayin Prince

    and he the stills makes 1000x more than me

  • Marley Ferreira-Malyon

    I’d like to know where to find tangible monetary amounts about the salaries. 50% of what, precisely?

    • Original Sayin Prince

      roughly…50 million, that’s my guess if not more

  • If more CEOs were like Iwata, capitalism would work.

    • ElAbuelo69

      No? He’s a fuck up. He’s the cause of Nintendo’s downfall.

      That’s why he’s actually doing this…So I don’t see how capitalism would work if everyone was like him.

      • Oh, please. Nintendo’s had a “downfall” every other year for at least the past decade by this point. You’d think alarmists would wise up.

        • Shippoyasha

          I think we are past the alarmist stage when Nintendo themselves is saying they are struggling. They haven’t done this even during Gamecube days.

          • I’m pretty sure they did the same during the early days of the 3DS.

        • Kelohmello

          Didn’t know that entire generation where they were making bank off the Wii could be described as a “downfall” by anyone.

  • Altin

    Very selfless. Despite not owning many Nintendo products, I really respect this man.

  • subsamuel01

    Iwata is a great person, but hes made some terrible decisions for the company over the past couple of years. I really hope he can turn things around, the Wii U and 3DS are both great pieces of hardware.

  • Slickyslacker

    Oh, Iwata. It’s moments like these that display how strong of a leader he truly is.

    Let’s hope Nintendo has more up their sleeves than just promoting themselves through smartphones, somehow.

  • Foxeh Shihōin

    i like this guy, this is why i would make games for this man. sure he hasn’t really hit the ball out the park lately but i hope things will pull through for the best.

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Is this supposed to be a shock? In the United States, you would most likely see the exact opposite. “Our company isn’t doing well because I don’t get paid enough! Give me more bonuses and I’ll work hard(er).”

    • Arrei

      Uh… isn’t that point about the United States the exact reason why this SHOULD be a shock?

  • Jeremy Barnes

    Ahh, the executive paycut. The definitive warning that says, “I have no clue how to fix this. Please don’t fire me.”

    • J_Joestar

      it’s better than having a round of layoffs on the lower levels.

  • Callonia

    Huh, that’s pretty cool xD

  • Yan Zhao

    As much as people love to hate on Nintendo, they are at least ran by some great people. I mean, any other companies would’ve just laid off a bunch of people and scapegoat blames on some dumb stuff (Hi Capcom).

    These guys? Nah, lets take a paycut voluntarily so we can keep everyone on board and not force anyone out of a job, and not blame anyone for our mistakes, and try to remedy the situation.

    Mad respect to Iwata.

    • NimbusStev

      Yeah, no matter what your opinion of Nintendo is, this is a pretty classy move on Iwata’s part. Let’s just hope it’s enough to get them back on track.

  • Shady Shariest

    “The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire…”
    Serious respects for the higher ups taking the cuts… 50% is an immense cut, no matter how well one might be waged :<

  • KnifeAndFork

    This is just silly…

  • TheBlackKnight3

    Miyamoto of all people doesn’t deserve a cut… Though he probably doesn’t care much about the money anyways.

  • Guest

    if they just made new commercials with 2 japanese people going to random houses saying “Wii would like U to play” they wouldnt be in this mess

  • Lucas

    Pay cut to EarthBound Zero + EarthBound 2 as Wii U Virtual Console in Japan/USA & Europe.

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