Slim PlayStation Vita Model To Launch In U.K. For £180

By Ishaan . January 30, 2014 . 4:29am


The slim PlayStation Vita model, which was launched in Japan late last year, is headed to the U.K., Sony announced today. The device will cost £180.


The slim PS Vita includes 1GB of internal memory, longer battery life, and a 5” LCD screen, as opposed to the OLED display of the old Vita model. Sony have stated that the slim variant is 20% slimmer than the old model and 15% lighter.


You can view a comparison of the two models above. The slim PS Vita will be launched in the U.K. on February 7th for £180.

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  • MaximDualBlade

    same price or in some places, more expensive than the 1000… I was expecting something like 180 US dollars, so really less that the 180 pounds

  • Pdugna

    meh at the price but hope this is announced for NA soon

  • Peace Legacy

    A few weeks ago, I finally caved in (got forced) to buy a PS Vita
    There were two options between the OLED one and the 2000 one, they were both at around the same price point
    Knowing the downgrading of screen quality, choosing which model to pick wasn’t much of an issue (I picked the OLED, of course). Some quick comparison in the store and previous demonstration of the differences online really shows the difference in quality between the two.

    While the 3D screen is 3DS selling point gimmick… I really think Sony undersell its gorgeous OLED screen as a marketing point… and essentially shoot themselves in the foot by releasing the second model with something akin to how the 2DS remove the 3DS main gimmick.

    The new Vita can persuade general consumers who thinks newer models are essentially better… but for people who check news regularly… this upgrade actually deters people from getting both models altogether while holding out, hoping for a third premium feature update that will features the best of both world (wouldn’t be a long daunting wait since by the time the 3rd update is released… the Vita’s title list might be healthy enough to justify its purchase anyway)

    • Herok♞

      Well I can justify taking out the 3D from the 3DS to make it cheaper to sell to young kids, getting rid of the OLED was silly idea

      • Anesia Hunter

        not really. costs + some user feedback about the OLED screen, may have driven them toward the LCD. i know a quite a few people are saying OLED is vastly superior, there’s also a lot who’ve mentioned the OLED having a number of problems which are simply common to OLED screens, like the blotches that can be viewed in certain situations and chance of burn-in.

    • I think this is a common mistake a lot of people make with the Vita.

      In general, I don’t think the audience at large has ever cared about the OLED screen. It never added anything significant or meaningful to the experience that you could actually explain to someone, which is why marketing it wasn’t really a feasible option.

      In the case of 3DS and its 3D, it’s something that they’ve managed to tie in to the gameplay experience of certain games, which is why that’s a bigger selling point. It also has more of an impact because not many mainstream consumer devices come with 3D screens, whereas a lot of devices have nice OLED screens.

      The other thing is, telling someone “3D” helps them understand what you’re talking about. Telling your average person that something has an “OLED screen” tells them nothing. It’s hard to visualize, it’s hard to explain. If marketing 3D was a problem for 3DS, marketing OLED is an even bigger problem because it’s a more technical term.

      To be honest, taking the OLED out was probably the right decision in the long run. Of course, the fact that they’ve priced this thing so high kind of defeats the purpose of that for the time being on the consumer side, but internally, it does help cut costs with little effect on the consumer.

      • Fronkhead

        I welcome the change, but to speak from a point of view other than Sony’s manufacturing costs falling.

        There’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the switch to an IPS LCD panel. The Super AMOLED Plus screen isn’t perfect, mainly because it’s an early generation version of the tech, based off the same scree technology in the Galaxy S II (and as such, inheriting the same flaws)

        The tech’s come a long way since then. For example, Samsung Galaxy S IV’s AMOLED panel finally rivals the top end LCDs at things like accurate colour reproduction, according to the boffins at DisplayMate:

        That aside, the main issues I’ve found Vita’s screen to have are not only the aforementioned black blotches when it shows dark images, but how it displays gaudy, oversaturated colours with too much contrast, which are too far away from what the colours are meant to appear as.

        The screen also struggles with rendering solid colours as solid colours, them instead appearing with a grain/canvas/MURA effect, which I also get on my phone which uses an older AMOLED panel, and AMOLED also suffers from the issue of burn-in, though that hasn’t affected me but I’ve read it’s affected others’ Vitas.

        Despite all of that, it’s still a good screen in absolute terms (certainly better than 3DS’s screens, though I’d imagine Nintendo having to buy three screens per 3DS is what caused that issue), and I love how it produces really nice black levels, but in relative terms it’s certainly not the best and I’d imagine the IPS LCD in the new model will fix some of the problems I listed above, so I’m quite excited about the new Vita Slim.

        Lastly, while the screen is objectively flawed, it’s all down to personal preference at the end of the day — some people may prefer the oversaturated colours, but it’s not for me. Probably because I’ve been spoiled by really good screens since the Vita’s been released. So I’m really optimistic about Vita-2000’s IPS LCD, so long as Sony doesn’t choose a low-end panel I think there’s every reason for other Vita owners to be optimistic, too.

      • Anesia Hunter

        it would be cheaper for them to import probably.

      • xavier axol

        so what do you think about the price? it seems to be that having that 1GB of memory was a bad idea, cause it’s not enough compare to the game I download on regular basis. and not having that on could have reduce the price for both sony and potentially the consumers. not to mention the quality of the vita 2000 seems to me that it’s saving sony a few bucks.

        as for the OLED, it really is a big deal. because as someone who’s buying a vita or thinking about getting a vita is not your average consumer if it’s not price heavily lower than it is. since the market for portable has gone to either 3ds or mobile devices. so it is really frustrating that sony can make some many great decisions on the ps4 and make dumb decision on the vita. there’s no other way around it to help improve the sale of the vita other than heavily invest in software, lower the memory cards to half the current price, and not depend on the “remote play for your ps4” campaign.

        • Well, here’s the thing about software–they’re already practically giving a third of the Vita’s library away for free using PlayStation Plus, and that still isn’t enticing too many people to buy the system. That approach clearly isn’t working.

          Even if they start doing things like bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 over (which I’m certain will happen at some point… Sony are running out of options now), sales of the system aren’t going to really increase in the long term.

          At this point, I really don’t think there’s much they can do. In Japan, the system will manage to survive to an extent, largely thanks to ports from companies like Namco Bandai, Compile Heart, Gust and Nippon Ichi, who are bringing a lot of their PS3 games over to Vita. But even there, the Vita has sort of managed to corner itself into this really niche market.

          Ideally, the solution is to start making games that have more of a mainstream appeal and can’t be better replicated anywhere else, but I’m not certain Sony know how to do that. Their expertise lies on the console side. Portables have never been a strong point for them. They’ve always gotten by on the support of one or two publishers. Last generation it was Capcom and Square Enix. This gen, it’s Namco and Compile Heart.

          • xavier axol

            and that is something that I can’t wrap my head around either, how can they make games that appeals to a wider audience? what sort of genre of games or ip should they invest on without giving the idea of copying Nintendo? to me it seems like the problem lies on the amount of games they themselves release on their handheld devices and the marketing as well. as a publisher when it comes to games, I’m seriously impress about how unique some their can be: gravity rush (you can’t possibly make a game like that work on any other hardware), soundshapes (having played on both ps3 & ps4 non can compared to the vita version when it comes to the menu and creating, it’s by far the definitive version to have), soul sacrifice can be called a monsterhunter clone but it plays so much different from it that the only thing in common would be playing with other players. etc etc …. and that’s the problem, you would only know this if you have a vita seeing how non of sony’s marketing is advertise on the vita.

            in contras with Nintendo, going by just how many games they have release and it becomes night and day. as for marketing I remember around the time that both tearaway and the legend of Zelda link between two worlds came out, never have i saw an advertisement for tearaway on tv. instead I would see a commercial of the legend of Zelda all the time on most station channels. it’s really a shame to see a game so great and unique just have the worst sales, a game could ever have.

          • It isn’t always about “copying Nintendo,” if you ask me. It’s about putting really good quality experiences developed by their best teams and marketing them appropriately, while ensuring that those same experiences aren’t available anywhere else.

            To put this in perspective, let me use the recent example of Kid Icarus: Uprising. Kid Icarus was hardly a well-known brand, and people’s only exposure to Pit in the last decade or two has been through Smash Bros. So, people liked Pit, but most had no idea of what Kid Icarus as a franchise was supposed to be like and didn’t really care about it.

            Uprising has sold over a million copies worldwide since its release. Think about for a moment. This is a flying rail-shooter with ground sections and a third-person multiplayer mode. It also looks kid-friendly, but is among the most hardcore games on 3DS. It’s essentially the 3DS’ equivalent of Call of Duty in multiplayer.

            If you were to take this to a marketing department and try to explain it to them, they’d look at you like you were crazy. It isn’t a conventional game. But it sold over a million.

            How that happened was that Nintendo put together a winning combination. Sakurai is a well-known developer with a following. They relayed information about the game in a very smart way, each time revealing something new that surprised people. At first, it was just a rail-shooter. Then it was a third-person shooter with online multiplayer. Then they introduced the weapon customization elements. After that, they introduced the chatter between Pit and Palutena.

            In short, they treated it the way they would treat any AAA game they work on. Those are the kinds of campaigns publishers put together for their biggest and best. And Uprising isn’t the only example of Nintendo doing this. They did it with Fire Emblem, too, which is another very niche game. That, too, has sold very well.

            Now, look at Vita. You mentioned Soul Sacrifice, so let me use that as a counter-example. SS is a game with an unappealing art style. Vita owners like to defend it, and that’s fine, but very seriously speaking, those images of people ripping their spines out and chickens with women’s heads weren’t doing them any favours.

            Another problem—and you mentioned this one yourself—is that Soul Sacrifice is a “Monster Hunter clone” in the minds of most people. Inafune himself acknowledges the similarities. And that’s the issue… for as long as that game is considered to be following in Monster Hunter’s footsteps, people will expect it to be as good as Monster Hunter, too. And the harsh truth is that it’s not.

            None of these games are. Not even God Eater, which was the first hunting title that came after MH. None of these developers put as much time and effort into their gameplay as Capcom does. GE2 was in development for three years or more, and Namco don’t really have much to show for it in the way of polish. And as long as that’s the case, they won’t get that kind of word of mouth that Monster Hunter gets.

            It’s the same as the difference between Call of Duty and Battlefield in the west. Battlefield is following in the footsteps of CoD, and at the same time, it’s never as good, so it’ll never gain that same recognition.

          • xavier axol

            I remember Nintendo announcing kid Icarus for the 3ds and I was more than just curious to check it out, since my nephew had a 3ds I decide to get the game and try it out. it was a bad idea, seeing how he took the game and he never let me played with it. as for fire emblem it really looks like a game that will hook you up for 100’s of hours, my friends talks about it all the time. when it comes to tactical rpgs the only game I remember ever been so immerse enough to finish it, was Jeanne D’arc and not even ff war of the lions, disgaea or shin megami tense devil survivor was able to do that. all those game were amazing but I felt disconnected it even though I enjoy them just as equally. fire emblem could that game that pulls me back in again.
            just as you mention. it was a combination of a great polish games with a very engaging marketing if sony doesn’t have both of them, then the game won’t be as successful. I have meet people in forums and have seeing most of the reviews for tearaway, everyone were praising the game and look how it turn out. I don’t think that the quality of the games sony have made is an issue, it’s more about who are they making the game for and making sure their marketing is targeting those people. another thing they have to change is making game base on their ideas and not following the trend. that’s were again gravity rush and sound shapes came to be, and I also didn’t like soul sacrifice’s art style but the music and the fun multi player really won me over.

    • handsome human

      I bought OLED vita also a few weeks ago and a bit disappointed actually when the screen has a LOT of black blotches which I later learned that they are common with OLED screen. I mostly play my games in the dark so those blotches are the first thing that I see.. Sure it does not affect gameplay whatsoever but for a device that I expect to use and last many years having ‘scars’ like those sure are disappointing… That said I’m still satisfied with my vita though.

      • Erikdayo

        Those blotches are so noticeable in any dark scenes. Can’t wait til the slim comes to America. Switching ASAP.

      • Detrimont

        i only notice the blotches if i’m playing in an extremely dark room, otherwise, i’ve never noticed them(even if theres a black screen)

      • Tinye

        I might have to really look at my screen now because I have never noticed this. Maybe I’m just really blind though

      • [S]unjay

        Mine barely has blotches.

  • malek86

    For that price, it doesn’t make sense.

  • Göran Isacson

    Think I’ma hang on to my first version Vita, doesn’t look like this version has THAT many improvements to justify a brand new purchase.

    • icecoffemix

      Actually there’s a rather large downgrade, so you better hold on to the first version for as long as you can.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Its not really a downgrade. If all you care about is the screen, but then again OLEDs die out quickly anyway,

        • Göran Isacson

          Gonna echo the comment I wrote to Icecoffemix, I’m not very knowledgeable in hardware so I don’t know much about the differences between OLEDs and LCDs. Is there a quick way to summarize them or is it a lot of technical jargon?

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            OLED’s shine bright and die fast.

            Your vita may last you 5 years.
            There are some other visual issues that pop up after time

            Blotches in the dark, visible lines on your vita, segmenting it into three parts

            LCD’s are less expensive,and like the Xbox One, they sharpen images. But that isnt an issue with the vita, the colors are less pronounced compared to OLED

          • Aerione

            There’s a lot of incorrectness in that explanation with no supporting facts.

            But to sumarize, OLED screens can produce their own light and don’t need a backlight, it can therefore produce far deeper blacks(ya know, by simply turning that part of the screen off). Which make colors appear much sharper against darker backgrounds.
            Unlike the previous statements, they actually consume less energy than LCDs, because of the lack of backlighting. What Sony did was just adding a beefier battery to the new Vita.

            This video demonstrates the differences in practice.


          • Erikdayo

            I prefer the color on the LCD from this comparison. OLED looks way too over saturated at times. But both are nice enough. OLED will have better blacks but also blotches.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Given how they’re manufactured, they do have less shelf life

          • Aerione

            Well, that is true. LCD will always have a superior life expectancy over OLED. However, I would say that an OLED of this grade will easily outlive a couple of console generations at the very least.
            And considering the average lifetime of 20k-30k hours, I’d wager that the physical buttons on your consoles will malfunction before the screen does. :3

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Probably. Lol.

      • Göran Isacson

        Well, now I’m interested. Reading the threads here it seems that they replaced the old screens, OLED with LCD. Now, I’m not really a hardware sorta guy so I don’t know much about the differences between them or why one is better than the other.

        • icecoffemix

          OLED is far better than LCD, but expensive to make, thus the downgrade.

  • Sangaz

    I bought a pre-owned OLED 1000 model Vita last year for £130….
    Don’t see how £180 is justifiable for a downgraded screen.

    Who care’s about it being a tiny bit lighter? The screen quality is one of it’s most important features.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      LCD last longer than OLED

      • JMaster3000

        Don’t know what you mean by that.
        The thing u said was that the OLED Vita is gonna die faster than the LCD Vita?
        There’s no logic in there.
        If you are talking about OLED burns then Vita is protected from it.
        OLED burns only occur when the screen is on a static backgroud for longer period and cause Vita is an gaming device then that doesn’t affect it.
        Even if you launch the browser and leave it on it the Vita is gonna after a while go to standy mode so again no burns.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Not talking about burn in reduction

        • kureno

          “The reason of Burn in on OLED screens is because of the fast degradation of the organic compounds. Actually OLED panels suffer from a very very fast degradation on the blue diodes”

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Honestly, I care more about the extra battery life and built-in memory than I do about OLED. For me, LCD is good enough.

  • chibiwall

    no more sun in my eyes

  • tubers

    Still betting it will be $ 179.99 U$D MSRP when it gets announced.

    *crosses fingers*

  • DarkLight

    Slim version….meh.Original was better and that price for the new model is a no go.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Slim doesnt require a memory card

      • Armane

        It does for games that previously required it, and 1GB of internal storage isn’t enough to download most games. So yes, it does still require a memory card.

        • Detrimont

          and internal memory isnt added upon ext. memory… so yeah

      • brostar

        That doesn’t solve the existing memory card issue. Had they made it so the slim took say SD cards then that would be a big reason to upgrade.

        • Judgephoenix

          Guess 3rd parties will not be making a reduced price for the memory cards probably licensing issues oh well T_T;

  • Go2hell66

    i can’t even tell which one’s which to be honest


      look at the corners and R and L buttons place. 2k is more round

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    The real benefit of this vita comes from better internal, better buttons, analog placement(sticks are the same though, so that wasnt fixed, yay) and the lack of memory cards requirement, So you can put it off for long as you need.

    • brostar

      It’s a good choice for people buying a Vita now but literally no reason to upgrade. And i thought the sticks had fine placement.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Sticks and buttons are too close.

        Sticks also drag way too much imo.

        Vita 2.0 gets a 8.2
        Would be a 8.5 with better sticks,
        Would be a 9 if it was more than a glorified Xenogears/indies/Hunting games machine

        Give me more Tearaway. Come on sony, make me feel, and keep David cage and his emotuns away plrs

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Ys: Memories of Celceta, Killzone: Mercenaries, Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, P4: The Golden, Atelier Totori+, Atelier Meruru+, DoA5+, Injustice: Gods amongst us, UMvC3, SFxT, Dragon’s Crown, Muramasa: Rebirth, NGS+, NGS2+, Metal Gear HD Collection, LBP, Wipeout 2048, Unit 13, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time…do those games strike you as indies/hunting games~?

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Damn you picked out a fifth of the ports in the Vita’s 500+ library

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Of the 20 games I named: Ys, KZ, GR, U: GA, DC, LBP, SC, W2048, LBP and Unit 13 are exclusives / shared exclusives (sure, DC and SC came out for the PS3…at the same time they did for the PSV). That means that out of 20 games I mentioned, 10 are ports. So your point is kinda weak~.

            Does the PSV have a lot of ports? Sure. It also has a good amount of exclusives and unique experiences. You implied that the PSV is a glorified Xenogears/indies/Hunting games machine. As somebody who owns one since launch day rather than been “informed” through online sites, I am in a position to tell you that you are incorrect~.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Half of the exclusives you named are from launch by sony. I’ve had a Vita since last year lol.(bought a 2000 as well in Japan)

            I mainly use it to play PS1 games and Jet Set Radio.

            And Tearaway.

            But having 10 hunting games for the machine is a bit much man. Especially when 4 of them are funded by Sony, the other is a crappy subscription MH game, the other’s toukiden(on psp), god eater(boring) and Phantasy Star.(only one I care about )

            oddly enough, I dont know why falcom only released ys on the vita. Strange.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Last I checked it has: Soul Sacrifice. That’s all for the West. Next month we are getting Toukiden. That’d be two. Want to count Japan? Sure, that’d add God Eater Burst 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2. Total? 4 hunting games. I’ve no idea where your other six are coming from~.

          • Soul Sacrifice Delta and Freedom Wars. It’s not ten, but that wasn’t his point. His point was oversaturation.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Actually, quantity makes the whole point of oversaturation. I don’t see people complaining about “oversaturation” of JRPGs, SRPGs, Sports games and so on and so forth. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but the argument of a system being “oversaturated” for having four games in the market + two upcoming belonging to a genre is kind of being overly nitpicky~.

          • That’s because those are the only “big” games on Vita with few other exceptions. Several of the others are ports of PS3 titles.

            You’re happy with “shared exclusives” because you bought a Vita out of love for the device and are now enjoying playing games on it, regardless of whether they’re exclusive or not. Most people aren’t like that.

            Most people will only buy a piece of hardware if it has games they really want to play and can’t get anywhere else. You’re a fan of the hardware. Most people are fans of the software and the hardware is a necessary evil.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            I bought a PSV hoping for a successor to the PSP. Considering I bought it on launch date, I am fairly certain I didn’t love a thing that had nothing for me to base an opinion on. Speaking of, it obviously didn’t act as a successor to the PSP, no JRPG powerhouse~.

            I bought the PSV as an investment, one that it didn’t pay off the first year. The second was better, we will see how this one goes. I just don’t agree with the statement that the only “big” games on the PSV are hunting games, I just don’t think the exceptions are few. There are several great games that aren’t hunting titles. Much like there are several great games for the 3DS that aren’t Nintendo games [which I really don’t like for the most part]~.

          • [S]unjay

            Disgea 4, Persona 4, Atelier Meruru, Atelier Totori, Ateltier Rorona, Atelier Ayesha, Choronas Materia, Criminal Girls Invitation, Demon Gaze, Disgea 4, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 and much more.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Ragnorok oddyssey too.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Actually it was ten, that’s how many I listed when I said the PSVita was becoming like the Xbox is with shooters.

            Sony funded 4 of the games XD

          • hng qtr

            Isn’t the f2p Monster Hunter also on Vita?

          • 하세요

            There’s no such thing as a F2P MH game. Either it’s a main series or it’s an MMO with a paid, IP (I believe) region locked subscription. To my knowledge, even on PC you have to use proxies to access the server outside of Japan/Korea (even Korea requires a Korean SSN.)

            You may be thinking of PSO2.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Freedom wars, Both soul sacrifice games, others I cant be arsed to remember where I wrote them on the site. Ask Isha oh wait, he already answered


          • hng qtr

            “shared exclusives”

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Can you get Dragon’s Crown or Sly Cooper on a platform that isn’t the PS3 or PSV? No? Ok~.

          • hng qtr

            So it isn’t exclusive to either of these platforms?

    • Detrimont

      unless you don’t plan on buying any digital games, yeah, you won’t need a memory card, and even then, some game saves still take up a lot of space. (i should also mention that the 1GB internal memory becomes unusable if you put and ext. memory card in)

  • Monterossa

    Just bought it last week. It’s so beautiful and I love it.

  • While I love my OLED screen on my Vita (it looks gorgeous, and I’m one of those types who can tell with that), I hope this convinces more people to buy into the Vita overall.

    Still hoping for a Vita TV release westward, though. It feels like they dropped a ball with it in Japan, but they might push it harder with the PS4’s release next month.

    • nihongogamer

      I’m also keen to see if PS Vita TV sales increase after PS4 is released in Japan. It’s one of the main features advertised in the introduction video on the official site…but there’s still no PS4 to use it with! Can’t wait to test it on Feb 22nd~~~

  • Michael Richardson

    Normally I’d be annoyed by the lack of a N.A. announcement on this, but… meh. There is no reason to downgrade to this.

  • JMaster3000
    • Yeah, I’d say there’s a difference. The OLED is definitely much more vivid, visually.

      This does really come down to preference, though. I certainly like the vividness.

  • Arizato

    Pretty much a fail all around… I love my Vita! But you can get a PSVITA 1000 for a cheaper price. This is supposed to be cheaper to make, remember? Sony should’ve reduced the price on this one.

    • Ferrick

      i think the only good thing (in my opinion) of V2000 is the bigger start+select button (my fingers are too big to press V1000’s in one go XD)

  • Ferchenko

    I’m still waiting for this model

    • tonyp1987

      Is that really never seen thoses before

    • xavier axol

      it seems like one of those prototypes they made, though it I can’t imagine it’ll feel comfortable to hold with your hands specially around the edges. as side from that it looks beautiful.

  • It’s nice, but to be honest I didn’t really notice THAT much of a difference. It’s nice for those who don’t have a Vita to have a choice between which one they want now, but as for me it would be a waste of money since I already have one. Besides, I like my OLED screen very much as well.

  • Dragard Kaos

    I’m not sure I’ll be buying the new model. I don’t see enough improvements, but if something does happen to my Vita, I’ll get a Slim.

  • Slickyslacker

    “1GB of internal memory.”

    Well, it’s not as if the original model had much more (3GBs). The Vita’s lack of data storage is arguably the handheld’s greatest blunder.

  • Anesia Hunter

    (please don’t bite my head off for me guessing what i’m about to say.)

    i was watching some videos where they were talking about monitors and they mentioned about how certain colors (mainly tints of blue) create eye-strain after extended periods of time. then i remember another video i watched about the ps vita 2000 where the person describe the ps vita 1000 and the ps vita 2000 having different color temperatures (the OLED’s being cooler so a tint of blue and the LCD’s being warmer having a tint a yellow). i then realized that it’s possible that the reason the LCD on the ps vita 2000 looks the way it does is on purpose. a number of people say the LCD screen has more realistic colors, but it’s also probably designed for players to play longer without experiencing eye-fatigue after long play sessions (like 6 – 8+ hours). i mean they even make special yellow tinted glasses used for looking at screens for extended periods of time that are supposed to help prevent your eyes from being strained. and i know many of you say the OLED is vastly superior (however in some cases there’s not much of a difference.) but it has it’s downsides as well. however, i will say this that it would have been nicer for them to give us the option to adjust the color temperature on the ps vita 2000. anyways though, in the end it’s all a matter of preference. although, i do wonder about how much people would actually notice the difference in games after a extend period of use.

    Edit: Hopefully in PS Vita 3000 it’ll have adjustable color temperature and the ability to use SD cards, since not even 64GB is enough storage for the many games out there.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Blunder of the century.

    • hng qtr


  • Anesia Hunter

    A question remains: which colors will be available at launch? Since there’s black, black/pink, black/khaki, white, white/light blue and white/lime green (or something like that). It would be a shame if they only release black or just black and white.

    • GodLikesSnacks

      As I heard only black.

      • Anesia Hunter

        yep… importing is a better idea.

  • artemisthemp

    Why would you pay £180 for a inferior PS Vita 2000, when the PS Vita 1000 with 10 games on a 16 GB Memory card can be brought for £149.99

  • nihongogamer

    I’m pretty excited to see how this does in the west. Whichever model you prefer, offering a slimmer, more colourful version, is bound to increase the Vita’s popularity with people who weren’t convinced the first time around (and thus, more devs making more gamezz! …I hope).

  • Meanwhile the old 3G + Wifi Vita with 10 game pack and 16GB memory card bundle was on sale for £139.99 yesterday morning (ShopTo via

    Vita is about dead here in the UK. I got one for Christmas, and there are hardly any games available for sale in shops, no-one seems to stock decent-sized memory cards (and if they do they cost a fortune).

    I mean, compared with the Vita, the Wii U is a roaring success. It’s that bad.

    UK PSN Vita catalogue is pretty empty; the best thing going for it at the moment is the Final Fantasy sale which is full of PSP / PS1 games.

    I really wish I could link more than one account to the Vita at once, I’m sure I’d get more use out of it if I could download and play US / JPN games as well.

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