Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Trailer Shows Off Kirito’s Moves

By Ishaan . February 13, 2014 . 9:28am

Sega have shared a new trailer for Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, showing Kirito from Sword Art Online in action, among other characters. You can view the trailer below.



In case you missed Kirito’s reveal, you can get caught up with the specifics of his playstyle here.

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  • Leon_Tekashi

    Obligatory Kirito hate comment.

    • GodLikesSnacks

      Crap, I missread! Sorry I thought its about KiriNo. ^^’

      • 하세요

        Now now, let’s not tell others they have no life over the internet. In the end, we all look silly.

    • Roberto

      I like kirito not too much but i like he

  • Guest

    Based TouMAN at the end!!

  • Ecchi Pantsu

    Based ToaMAN at the end!!

  • Jaeger Knighty

    Touman is there to make sure you’re living your life correctly.

    Also to promote gender equality.

    • Shippoyasha

      Touman also makes sure every fight has a pro wrestler mic promo leading up to it.

  • Being relegated to mere support character… SUCH MISFORTUNE!!!
    (Of course, if Touma were playable, I suppose I’d just keep spamming the whole… block everything ability of his. And then an instant KO punch to the face, once the opponent is finally worn out?)

    • dark-kyon

      dont forget what every attack of him must be touma preaching to his rival what he or she need to stop doing bad things.

  • This game is looking mighty fine. A great selection of playable characters, and very tight looking gameplay. I’m excited to see how this lasts in the tournament scene. Also, if a console version is released I will definitely import. Very hard to play when arcades are much harder to find in North America.

    • DyLaN

      Not trying to nitpick , but the support charas out number the PCs one…

      • That’s no issue for me. Small casts of playable fighters don’t deter me. It tends to mean that there’s a lot more diversity in the available fighters.

  • Shippoyasha

    More anime, manga and light novel series should try crossovers in game form. I am fully used to their premises by themselves, but it is outrageous when they are all together like this. It’s sensory overload Super Robot Wars style. I love it!


    Kousaka Kirino = top tier. Calling it now.


  • DyLaN

    Can we have a glimpse at the newly announced support charas pls? Also is the arcade ver out ady and does it have any plot if it is? I’m curious abt the plot set up on the crossover.

    Wow, that a really old art asset that they used for Mikoto cut-in. Though Kirito character art is pretty old too so it balances out?

    So for those who’ve seen R-K-B, what its about and how it is?

    • Shippoyasha

      Ro-Kyu-Bu is all about cute loli sports exactly as it appears. The anime is actually pretty nicely animated with a good soundtrack. It’s worth a watch if it seems fun for you.

  • ivanchu77

    Lol, just when i finished watching ro-kyu-bu a few hours ago this trailer appears.

    It´s a little weird to see Mokan in a fighting game to be honest xD but i love how she relies in her other 4 friends to do most of her attacks, just like in the anime that is mostly about the values of teamwork and friendship, so they nailed her.

    Definetly making her my main

  • Freakmasta

    Lucky Glauber must be spinning in his grave right now

  • David García Abril

    So, Kirito can use both a single sword and the dual wielding skill?


    Although if Kirito and Asuna could support each other in battle (ala “Marvel Vs. Capcom”), that would be awesome. My favorite moments in the anime were when both kicked ass together.

  • DivinePhoenix69

    Inb4 Kirito is top tier.

  • sunK1D

    What are the odds of this being released on PS4

  • Thomaz Barros

    B-Ball Lolis are truly the best fighting games

  • I_made_this_account_to_post_th

    To be honest the game looks pretty shitty, it even has sound effects straight from Under Night in Birth. Many of the fan favorites being relegated to mere assists and SAO getting two main spots just adds insult to injury.

    • ivanchu77

      SAO is what sells the most right now, so it can´t be helped, putting characters from that franchise there is more likely to gain more attention than others, but i agree that 2 is enough already, hey should focus in including as much franchisesas possible

      and geez , things change so quickly now that i think about it, i remember another game in 2010 (Z.H.P i think ) featuring dengeki characters where SAO and ro-kyu-bu just got one crappy item as a reference instead of playable characters , Index representing her franchise instead of Touma or Misaka , and Horo, Kino, Celty and taiga actually being playable, popularity trends change so fast ^^;

    • darkbartz

      Hey look on the bright side, this means that every franchise now has the chance to have a second playable. What I want to see though, if we can have characters be both support and playable (making it unable to choose them as support if you’re playing with them of course).

      SAO had two items in Z.H.P, it’s how you unlocked the Starburst Stream special move. Then again, it had items for many Dengeki Bunko characters, with the playable ones also including Silver Crow and Shana.

  • MSJ

    So much pettanko madness!!! Tomoka B-ballin was the best, and is Imagine breaker too OP?

  • Kornelious

    This needs a console release and then a localization :)

  • FedeChart

    why is there no luise or saito? Isn’t zero no tsukaima a novel from dengeki also?

    • Shiki

      No. Media Factory published it. And the author is dead, putting it in copyright limbo.

  • Shiroishi Hajime

    This game ever gonna get a console port?

  • EtherealEarth

    I believe the creator has made the right move not to include Touma as a playable character.

    It is because of his “virgin breaker” (right punch for harem).

    It will seriously cause an all-out war O_o!

  • pokeslob

    if this doesn’t come to ps3, i will sell my house to buy a damn cabinet!

  • darkbartz

    Wonder if they put in Spinning Shield just because it was used in one of the best parts in the LN or sheer coincidence.

    Also that last part of the trailer is gold.

  • megaten666

    So, DB Fighting Climax is like J-Stars Victory VS, but in a more traditional way. I. Fukken. Love it.

    Imma throwin’ ma money at the screen but nothing happens. Why not? Why not?!

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