Bayonetta 2 Director Shows Off New “Umbral Climax” Feature

By Ishaan . February 14, 2014 . 11:21am

Yesterday, Nintendo showed off a new trailer for Bayonetta 2 during their Nintendo Direct presentation, following which the game’s director, Yusuke Hashimoto, posted a brief message for fans on the PlatinumGames blog.



Hashimoto uses his blog post to touch briefly upon a new feature in Bayonetta 2, called the “Umbran Climax,” which he demonstrates using the video above.


“In addition to the original’s gameplay system—dodging at the last minute to perform Witch Time, saving up your Magic Gauge to use Torture Attacks—Bayonetta 2 includes a new feature called Umbran Climax,” he writes.


“Now saving your Magic Gauge also gives you the option to unleash a combo made of successive Wicked Weave and Infernal Demon summons. This wide-ranged attack can effectively give you free rein over the battlefield.”


Bayonetta 2 is slated for release in Japan this Summer, and in the west sometime this year. Hashimoto says that Platinum are “starting to reach the climax stage of development” of the game.


You can view new screenshots from Bayonetta 2 below.


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  • Nanajana

    I creamed myself over dat 60fps

    • Ishaan

      Yeah, I love the video player PG’s blog uses. Super fast at buffering, very stable, and it supports 60fps, too.

  • 하세요

    If I read the word climax one more time…

  • Chaos17

    This fluidity!

  • Guest

    The gameplay looks so fluid! Can’t wait!!!

  • Wake

    Christ. That is sex right there.

  • Minos

    Holy… how fluid!

  • Charles

    Makes me want to replay the first game.
    /digs through closet.

    • hng qtr

      I did that just now.
      I have the PS3 version ;_;

      • British_Otaku

        I’m probably thinking too much and should just play it, but is the PS3 version bad enough with the patch that I should get a 360 for cheap and play it there?

        • hng qtr

          It’s better than not playing at all, I guess. It runs at 30fps AT BEST. If you want the best experience 360 is the way to go.
          And get Ninja Gaiden 2 if you buy the 360.

          • mockturtle

            I dispute that 30 FPS claim. I’m fairly certain it runs at 60 most of the time.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Bayonetta runs at 60fps the sames way killzone shadowfall runs at “60fps”

            Its drops to the 30′s and stays there alot.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          PS3 version is ugly and brown.

          Compared to that Bayonetta 2 stomps all over the first one on the PS3 XD. Just look at the colors

  • idrawrobots

    For such a dirty game, it looks so clean.


    I need this game. Now.

  • TruSpindash

    This game is a thing of beauty, seriously can’t wait for it’s release.

  • Ixbran

    Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. 4, Hyrule Warriors, Sonic Boom, X; so many awesome games coming out for the Wii U. One of the best purchases I have ever done.

    I cant wait to get my hands on this game and play it for Hours, and with the Miiverse Photo Feature, I’ll be able to take Screeeen Shooooots~♪

    • Ixbran

      Wow, someone must have really disliked my comment to cheat and give me 154 down votes, lol.

      Sorry you dont got a Wii U dude, must suck knowing your missing out on so many awesome games.

      • Son of a Smooosh

        Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing personal. :p
        You might have noticed a similar amount of upvotes for positive sony-related posts.
        It’s some sort of fanboy-bot, don’t know the details tho.

        • TrevHead

          A sony fanbot? that’s so sad

        • Ixbran

          That or someone who just has it out for Nintendo. You notice just as many Xboners tend to get angry about Bayo2 being on Wii U as Sony Ponies.

  • AzureNova

    I’m going to have an Umbral Climax when Bayonetta 2 comes out.

  • Lalum

    Loving the short hair look more and more.

    • TrevHead

      I do it really goes with the blue colouring.

      I would still welcome an original Bayo costume unlock though

  • Ronldbx6

    Too bad the developers won’t get their deserved $$$$$$ by making the game Wii U exclusive, which is behind in sales.

    • 하세요

      They had no choice, if I recall correctly. Not saying the Wii-U was a last resort, but Nintendo was the only one willing to accept it.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Bayonetta would be dead if not for NIntendo

    • hng qtr

      They will, Nintendo is paying them to make the game. Even if it sell zero copies Platinum won’t lose money.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      That makes no sense, the WiiU is the next gen console with the most sales right now

  • harmonyworld

    I’ll get a WiiU!
    Stop messaging me!

  • Go2hell66

    whatever an umbral climax is it sounds filthy D:

  • mockturtle

    I still cannot get over that something as epic as Madama Butterfly vs Temperantia is just background fodder for the actual fight between Bayonetta and the new Lumen Sage. Amazing.

  • NeoPancho

    Wow, nothing short of awesome!.

    I would really love to get also the first Bayonetta for Wii U…

  • icup ✔️

    as a fan of the old dmc and first bayonetta games. i would love to play this but unfortunately i don’t plan to buy a console just to play one game. ;_;

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Then buy more games on the console.

      LIke the OTHER game by Platinum Games on said Console

    • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

      have you checked the roster of WiiU? i highly doubt you will only play Bayonetta2 in the WiiU with its full roster of games… plus ANY CONSOLE you buy for the 1st time can only play 1 game since you only own 1 game .. so whats the point?

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    The comboing into that move is so damn SMOOTH.

    And look at that gait bayonetta has! Damn that walk is looking fine.

    I cant wait to get my hands on this, the game looks so fast paced, going to be a total improvement over the first game

  • NightzeroAX

    This game is sexy.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Is she spanking a horse? OMG! XD

  • Guest


    It wouldn’t exist otherwise.

  • Kaihedgie

    Stop. Just stop with these comments. It’s been well over a year. We shouldn’t be having these complaints by now.

    You want Bayonetta 2? You want Bayonetta to succeed? Then buy a Wii U and get the game.

  • harmonyworld

    I basically ment the same thing and they deleted my comment

  • PreyMantis

    It would sell if only you people buy it, so stop complaining.

  • OlimacFTW

    Then, support the Wii U by buying one, period.

  • Pyrofrost

    It’s really a shame that people still need to be reminded of this, a year and a half later.

  • harmonyworld

    dropping over $300 on a console for one game isn’t enough for me.
    It’s a pretty game, but it’s not enough for me for that much money.
    The wiiU doesn’t have enough games on it to warrent buying it.

  • Guest

    Your loss. And that last statement is subjetive, Wii U is going to have two video-games developed by Platinum Games, that gives enough worth for me, even when there is a lot more.

  • Kaihedgie

    1: Then you don’t really care about Bayonetta 2. Your complaint is completely void

    2: Well that’s just like, your opinion, man.

    The Wii U has plenty games for a lot of people to warrant a purchase from. Aside from the games already out, there are also a good number of games worth looking forward to

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Bayonetta 2 wouldnt exist without Nintendo. Nintendo’s funding and publishing this game. The bayonetta franchise would be dead without Nintendo.

    You’re missing out on a console that already has a crapload of eshop games(around 60 so far) along with the Wii/WIIU VC

    103 retail games released already too

    Even more coming

    Shit you can find a WIiU for 200$ if you really try. Stop making excuses, if you want this game and the others on the console get up off your ass and look for a deal, or are you saying Bayonetta’s not compelling enough for you to get up off your lazy backside?

  • GH56734

    You could have said the same thing about the Xbox One or the original Xbox for example.

    Console exclusives like this are the things making a console purchase worthwhile

    There are two PG games, X, and three Sonic games, not even counting first-party stuff (a stellar 3D platformer comes to mind).

    While you’re at it, you could beg Microsoft to port Halo to the PS4, or Sony to port GoW to XB1.

  • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

    i have a vita… and it dont see any game (That i like) in it… for me its just a glorified camera, MP3player and a J Star VS (when it comes out) machine. i have the same opinion as you … but i still bought a vita to play 1 game that i really like

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    You can also buy a second-handed Wii U if you are that stingy and then selling it after finishing Bayonetta 2. I’m just sayin’.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Creeping on 2

  • harmonyworld

    Okay, I may have bought a vita for ragnarok and p4 golden but I regret it because it…..they’re fun games but it just feel like a waste.
    Thought it did replace my laptop for a short while when my laptop went down.

  • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

    Did you enjoy the game? if you did.. why regret getting it? if you had fun and planted 100+++ hours on it then its not a waste. plus a console can be handed down to your child or sold to a friend. (tho i dont think i will sell mine even if its catching dust but thats just me ahah)

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