Metal Gear Solid V Was Going To Have An ’80s Filter

By Ishaan . February 15, 2014 . 9:30am

Metal Gear Solid V was going to have an “‘80s filter” that director Hideo Kojima wanted to include in the game. Kojima also referred to this as the “Apocalypse Now” filter, he said over Twitter.


The idea for the filter was largely dropped, but you can still see remnants of it in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, in the form of a burnt film effect on the screen when the player takes damage.


The reason for its removal was an issue that Kojima Productions actually encountered in Metal Gear Solid IV. In that game, they attempted to implement a glare effect that strengthened shadows. They dubbed this the “Munich filter”.


Unfortunately, the effect blackened out a number of the finer graphical details in the game, including those on character models. As a result, Kojima jokes that the idea of another such filter was met with strong opposition from his designers.

  • kaimo

    Are we going to retroactively use roman numerals for previous entries now?

    • Shippoyasha

      MGSV has a point to make with the V symbolism though. They made a very big deal of it in Peace Walker when the game was heavily hinted to be a MGS5. And now the game has a lot of connotations with a lot of V words like Vladimir (Russian for Peace), V for victory and V for peace.

  • JustThisOne

    Oh, I thought it was just so it could be more Escape from New York than ever before.

  • Bur

    For a few seconds I imagined an ’80s filter to be clashing patterns, huge shoulder pads, high tops, and popped collars. I’m so sad this isn’t what he was talking about.

  • Death Saved

    Dear Kojima,

    While it is true that the filters as well as the corrections that it will require to reduce or remove the blackening effect is beyond the capability’s of consoles, it is well within the capability’s of a middle end PC *wink wink nudge nudge*.

    • David García Abril

      I think you didn’t read what he said correctly…

      • Death Saved

        How so in another interview he stated that it would require too many resources, as being the reason for him not implementing it.

  • ChiffonCake

    I quite enjoy the idea of the burnt film effect when taking damage, it’s a stylish alternative to the generic red filter you see in most FPSs nowadays.

  • easter

    Kept you squinting, huh?

  • Heartek

    In other words such a filter would be artistically fitting but it would be an obstacle for the graphics to show their ‘muscles’ and therefore an obstacle for the sales and the ‘muh next gen’ reviewers… Let’s make this clear: I don’t blame them in any ways. It’s just healty to remember that these game first of all have to be shiny toys.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I would have guessed the 80’s filter turned Quiet’s clothes (The tiny amount of them) into this:

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