These Are The Improvements To Bravely Default In Our Version Of The Game

By Ishaan . February 23, 2014 . 5:00pm

Last October, Bravely Default producer Tomoya Asano revealed that a number of significant improvements had been made to Bravely Default: For the Sequel, an updated version of the game. These improvements, Asano stated over Twitter, had lowered the game’s completion time from around 70 hours to around 30 hours.


This didn’t mean that there was less to do in the game. Just that all that improvements added up to make the game a more streamlined affair. And since “For the Sequel” is the version of Bravely Default that has been localized for the west, we decided to ask Asano just what it was that had so drastically reduced completion time.


“We added more character side stories in the latter half of [“For the Sequel,” the U.S. and European version of Bravely Default],” Asano said to Siliconera. “However, the shortened playtime is more due to better playability due to improvements to the system.”


Asano then listed out the main improvements that were made to the game, a number of which will also be carried over to its sequel, Bravely Second. Here’s Asano’s list, in his own words:


1) Toggling difficulty. Thanks to this, players who just want to play through the story will have fewer instances where they get stuck because they can’t defeat a boss.


2) Manipulating encounter rates. The gameplay has become more efficient, allowing players to focus on leveling up or strategy.


3) Auto in Battle. It’s a function that lets you repeat the moves of the previous turn, which reduces both labor and time.


4) 4X speed up for battles. In the original version, the battle could only be sped up to 2X speed, so this has really been a way that has shortened the time.


We also made other small changes, and including both the previous game and added content, we’ve made it so you can probably play through 100 hours of content in I think roughly 50 hours (though you can play through more carefully at your own pace too).


“Basically, the game has become much denser,” Asano concluded. He also briefly discussed the game’s sequel, Bravely Second, with us, and you can read about that here.

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  • KuroNathan

    Having played the game and knowing that ch 7 and 8 in the original had no difference then 6 I’m very very very glad for the changes. In fact I probably would have given up in frustration early on without fast forward

  • Herok♞

    I really appreciate all those changes, they made it really enjoyable to go through the game in my opinion.

  • vileBrenman

    I’ve gotta say Bravely default is the best turn based rpg I’ve played in a while. The story telling is pretty good and it takes all the things I like about classic final fantasy and mixes that with more modern games like tales of and persona 4. The party chat is a lot like the goofy skits in persona 4 or tales of. While the combat is a very satisfying play on final fantasy 3

  • flameraver64

    Anyone else still not manipulate the encounter rate? Dunno why, I’d just feel kinda….dirty turning it off, but damn I do get frustrated at the long walks full of enemies sometimes haha

    • Lalum

      At the beginning I decide if I’m doing a low/no encounter rate playthrough or a regular one, then I never touch it again.

    • AuraGuyChris

      I turn it off or increase the encounter rate. No shame in doing it.

      Lowering the difficulty, on the other hand…

      • domonkun

        Ughh BD’s hard mode is one of the hardest hard modes I’ve played in a while.

      • There no shame in adjusting the difficulty to a level you feel comfortable with either….

        Not everyone’s got the time to grind out their chars and try a boss battle over and over again until they come up with the right strategy. You know, for some people, there’s more to life than just playing games. ;)

        • Lalum

          If I like a little difficulty that means I have no life?

          • I didn’t say that, I only said there is no shame in not having the time for a challenge! :)

          • Lalum


          • RinaDawg

            miruki never said that. All he/she said is that some people can’t invest as much time in game as others, thus making difficulty changes a reasonable choice for them.
            He/she didn’t attack anybody’s choices, and I definitely didn’t see her/him call people who spend time in video games people who have no lives.
            Chill, bro.

          • Lalum

            I was just trying to get a confirmation from her because the statement could be read in 2 ways.

        • Pyrofrost

          I understand what you’re trying to say, but there is a less rude manner to do so.

          • I was in no way rude, don’t take the internet so personal and relax a little. :)

          • Pyrofrost

            I wasn’t taking it personally, because it didn’t apply to me. I was just making an observation :p

            I actually play my games on normal or easy a lot because I just want to play the story and move on. With the number of games I own and have in my backlog, I don’t have that kind of time myself.

            I tend to read things as serious unless sarcasm is indicated or obvious; but it’s hard to convey sarcasm via text.

          • I thought using a “;)” smiley would indicate that my last statement wasn’t to be taken too seriously… :D

            I’m a single mum, I don’t have time for anything, so I’m really glad whenever games add any kind of time saving options… it’s not that I don’t like a little challenge every now and then, but life already provides me with lots of challenges every day, so I quite enjoy going easy on games and just relax and enjoy the story. And yes. that enormous backlog… all those Steam & PSN sales don’t help with making it any smaller either… ;__; *first world problems*

          • Pyrofrost

            That’s part of what makes conveying sarcasm hard via text, even the emote can be used to be cheeky.

            No harm done though, and nothing is taken personally. I see where you’re coming from too. So no worries ^_^

    • SlickRoach

      I haven’t bought the game yet but I wouldn’t touch it. I feel bad enough using the cheat shop in Disgaea D2 so I’d just keep everything as is.

    • Samsara09

      When I was gettin used to the turn based system,I used to turned down the enconter rate to get away from uncomfortable situations..

      .but as I got back the skills…I stopped doing that.
      but yeah,when you are on a really huge area or dungeon,you need to cross it quick and the enconters are just pushovers….I don’t think there is a problem in disabling it.You just need to have responsibility when using it.

    • 하세요

      I did for some subquests later on. I was already high enough to do what I needed to do, so random battles would just frustrate me towards my goal. I see no shame in using it.

    • Raltrios

      When you’re out of MP to heal, I like doing it to get back to town.
      Alternately, in Chapter 3 there are a number of quests that have you traveling all over the damn world. It would take forever with random battles in there, so to alleviate the tedium I cut it to 0 for those parts.
      Sometimes you just wanna move on, you know?

      • flameraver64

        Is that the Fire Temple one? Because yeah, that’s what I was thinking of: you have to go through the mines, then the lower mines, then the fire temple….AND the mines are far away from Hartschild too. With normal encounter rate it can be quite a pain (but, I did get to a pretty high level though)

        • Raltrios

          I was more referring to the Performer sidequest, which has you traveling to Caldisla, Florem, and Ancheim in addition to Hartschild.
          Also, ferrying Egil all over the damn place.

          I couldn’t take it, so I cut random encounters while doing those parts. I’m already overleveled anyway.

          • flameraver64

            Ah, that sidequest, but it’s also part of the same chapter. You got like 4 asterisks to get, all the dungeons are pretty far away, and you have to backtrack across the whole world lol. Was quite the pain

    • Namuro

      I do!

      I don’t have as much time (or patient…) to play RPG like when I was a kid (so much free time back then, aah…). So I’m really glad they have such options for people like me that just want to get through the game at some points.

    • Linhua

      … I will admit, I use it… a LOT.

      … not abusively, though.

      … more like, when i’m in the middle of a dungeon or something and far away from a save spot and I need to quit the game because real life is knocking at my door, I turn it off so I can run straight for the nearest save spot.

      … otherwise, I leave it at the normal encounter rate… which seems to be just about perfect.

      … one thing I am struggling to avoid is raising the bar to the max and grinding out my jobs… = =;; … and truthfully, I have already failed this attempt on two of the jobs… but NO MORE!!

      .-. I-I hope..

    • Jero

      I do, but i reached a point where i didn’t know if i was under leveled or what because bosses were hitting really hard (2hits to kill any of my characters even in default) I still managed to beat them just fine so I didn’t really know what level I should have been. I beat chapter 5 around level 57 playing in hard.

      The thing is, I normally toggled it between 0 and -100 and then +100 for grinding if I found a sweet spot (like florem).

      • Skeptika Crediblus

        That cave with the green chompers? Man, those little bastards are MADE of JP…

        • Jero

          Yes! But later (chapter 5+) you can get up to 999+333 JP right outside of florem.

          • Skeptika Crediblus


          • Jero

            It’s kinda pointless to grind JP before chapter 5.

          • Skeptika Crediblus

            Welp, I did it anyway. Now what do I do?

          • Jero

            I did it too though, just don’t waste time grinding for jobs you don’t really need and wait for that until you arrive chapter 5 :o

    • Saraneth

      No need to feel dirty, it just increases the challenge since you get less levels.

    • Bio438

      By chapter 5, about forty hours in the game was getting way to easy so I turned them off so I could just rush the bosses.

      EDIT: Also after winning the game I turned it to max to reach max level and job level. I hundred percented everything by seventy six hours.

    • Kayriss Wins

      Only when I’m searching a dungeon for treasure chests I may have missed or when trying to get out of a dungeon. Otherwise I keep the it at +0 and the difficulty always remains normal.

    • It’s called “Gamer’s Pride” lol. It’s the same reason why even if a game is too hard on Normal, I’d rather push through than change to Easy.

    • Slickyslacker

      BD has finally made a simple, bosses-only handicap entirely accessible. In virtually every other RPG, the player has to somehow manipulate the game and/or flee from every random encounter in order to provide this for themselves.

      I’m just putting that out there.

      • s07195

        What? Starting a boss battle at full HP and MP?

    • Nan

      I’ll admit it: I’m lazy.

    • J_Joestar

      I felt that way until Vampire Castle, first place i really turned off the encounter rate for.
      Though i never felt any issues with ramping it up at times.
      never touched the basic difficulty setting though, normal all the way through.

  • BleuVII

    Now if only POKEMON would take note! Speeding up the battles makes the game better.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Online battles probably wouldn’t take it so well, though. In the main game, yes.

    • Ramengeddon

      turn off battle animations and increase text speed

      • 하세요

        Yeah, turning off animations makes battles pretty fast. What’s faster than speeding up animations? Removing them completely.

      • k.b.a.

        or or… turn up battle animations, and remove speed text. #PokeSmash

    • Yvonne Tsang

      Would love it if they just had slicker battle animations instead of sluggish ones that you fast fwd. Think Quick Attack in GSC or most battle animations in BW. XY animations, while beautiful, feel way too slow and delayed.

  • Jesse

    Guess I’ve been dillydallying quite a bit then, since I’m past 90 hours right now. XD;

    • 하세요

      I was at about 85 hours in before I completed it myself. Don’t feel bad, lol.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I’m still like on Ch.1…plus I like to take my own time when it comes to rpgs.

  • Anthony Birken

    I’m not really into toggling difficulty. I play it on hard, like to leave it there. I do like the manipulation of encounters simply cause it helps with grinding along with the auto function and battle speeds. Levels weren’t really a problem for me at all. I do feel though that I might get addicted to 4x speeds, simply cause my game is on 2x when job leveling always, unless there is a new animation~

  • Bryan

    This is honestly one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. Deep character development, flexible but traditional gameplay, and good storyline pacing makes this a great game. Can’t wait for the sequel!

    • Bio438

      Okay these comments are really getting on my nerves. The story pacing is literally some of the worst that has ever existed, and there is so little character development throughout the game. Within the first few hours SMT 4 already had devolped a better world and established the characters in a relatable and sensible away. Anges has to be Lightning tier bad in terms of character. She constantly whines and makes decisions that make little sense and doesn’t even consider other opinions. None of them feel real except Ringabell. Junpei in persona 3 devolps more than all of the characters in bravely default combined, and he isn’t even that great. Bravely Default is in my top ten RPGs but it does not have a great story.

  • Foryth

    I just broke past the 60 hours mark in chapter 5 and don’t feel like I’ve been wasting that much time. >_>;; Really enjoying the game, it definitely brings back the feel of my favorite FFs. 4x battle speed is quite addictive though, they should implement this in more games!

    • J_Joestar

      i’m nearing 70 hours and still at the end of chapter 4 -_-‘ Cerberus in Vampire castle made it take forever to get through.

      Really grateful for the modifications since I ended up just “no encounter”-ing after 2 floors of that place.

  • Bio438

    * SPOILERS * Would be my favorite 3ds game if it wasn’t for the second half of the game. The devolpers should be ashamed for creating such a thing. If you wanted to extend the game add a boss rush or arena mode but instead they made me repeat the exact thing in an endless eight fashion. They at least explored making the time travel interesting like in one world Tiz’s brother was alive. Also having two endings made no sense, there was a clear canon ending and a bad ending. It’s not like someone is going to quit after the false ending with two huge mystery boxes in the menu. If your going to have multiple endings do it SMT style.

    My other huge problem is the pay to win gimick. I know that it is entirely optional and the game is really easy without them. But it still left the worst taste in my mouth. I really hope it was a publisher choice and wasn’t Silicone studios.

    • Magicks

      I agree on the first point; the fact that they made you go the crystal process the same way every time was quite infuriating. Heck, the bosses don’t even feel like they changed every time I fight them. (Or at the very least, I don’t feel any strength difference other than the first time vs. the second time.)

      The second point I’m so-so. I think that t doesn’t make sense for them to NOT include the path that you can shatter the crystals. It just doesn’t make sense if you don’t, not even once, think about shattering them. Yes, it’s glaringly obvious that by doing that you didn’t get the true ending, but it was a choice nonetheless.

      The problem with the pay-to-win gimmick, I frankly did not care. As long as they don’t force me to buy content that should’ve been in the game in the first place as part of the story (COUGH COUGH FF13-2). I never needed it, and it’s there for those who do and have a bigger wallet.

      • Herok♞

        FF 13-2 didn’t have anything as dlc that should have made them delay the game to include it, you didn’t miss anything if you didn’t buy dlc, except the normal extra content that you would miss by skipping over dlc for any other game. or are really saying the game should have been delayed for pieces of content that didn’t even include the games main characters?

        Back to Bravely Default, the bosses did receive minor upgrades each time, but it didn’t change the way you take them down.

        • Magicks

          I’m just slightly bitter because I felt that Requiem of the Goddess should’ve been included. Of well…

          And about Bravely Default, they did get minor tweaks, and that’s actually what got me through the game; especially Chapter 7 when the bosses started coming in groups. And some of those scenes were pretty funny to watch. ( Girl Power, Yulyana+ Mephilia)

      • Bio438

        It is not a choice driven game though. Why am I suddenly allowed to choose what I want to do when through out the game I as forced through a fairly linear path until one point? Why was I not allowed to voice my option that Airy was hiding something earlier in the game based on the subtle hints?

        Edit: About the sleep potions. There was a tutorial quest that tells you to use a bravely second. This put it on my mind and made me remember the micro transactions.

        • Magicks

          By the time I caught on to Airy’s plan, that was Chapter 4, and you had the option to break the crystal by Chapter 5 IIRC. I was pretty satisfied with just having that option. (Yeah, I was pretty dense to not have caught on until Lester literally had to spell it out for me when obtaining the Vampire Asterisk.) So from my experience, I didn’t really need to question about Airy’s motives until I reached the repeats.

          It may not have been choice-driven, but IMO the choice to act on your own was satisfying, and the ending that doing so was reasonable. (It made sense; found the plan early, and defeated the minion before the mastermind awakened.)

          • Bio438

            But that is just you? I suspected her ever since chapter two or three because of the constant rush to awaken the crystals and Edeas father must of had reasons for what he was doing other than we do not need the crystals. Plus the whole story was predictable.

            Edit: Its like if kingdom hearts had a second ending, it would feel unnatural. The game is telling you the story of these characters without your input until suddenly you have a choice.

          • Magicks

            I know it was just me, and I was just giving a reason why they might’ve given the choice as late as they did; some players are sharper than others, definitely.

            Reading the other comment, I see what you mean that the other choice to stop her plan was unsatisfying to you. What have you liked from the other ending? The mastermind still breaking out of his prison?

            Anyway, I can’t argue further about how they could’ve done multiple endings and other possibilities that they could’ve done minus the above. (I actually have not played SMT IV yet. >__> It’s just sitting on my shelf until I can motivate myself to begin playing it.) About your micro-transaction edit, all they did was just give you info about it. :/ Again, just me, but I just dismiss that info because I just remember, “Eight hours on sleep mode per SP, got it.”

          • Bio438

            It just didn’t make sense why the sage and the vampire told you about airy’s plan when they did. Cool so we know that she’s evil but we see that in the proper ending anyway. The sage telling us that she’s evil helped prevent nothing.

    • Herok♞

      *SPOILERS* I don’t like how they made the canon ending the one where you essentially keep doing what Airy wants you to for an extra 2 pointless chapters, when the sage said the crystal will reform even when you shatter it. I thought that was a well you were listening to her this whole time, now think outside the box to win moment. But no you have to win by giving the villain what they want and then beating them. I can’t be the only one who thinks they should have had them reversed where doing what she says leads to normal and forging your own path leads to true ending.

      • Bio438

        I agree. It made the whole point of learning she is evil pointless, why not just have you find out after awakening the crystals and she betrays you.

  • Aqua King

    I understand these changes, but am not seeing how any of them ‘lower the completion time from 70 hours to 30 hours’

    • Magicks

      The fact that in the original you can only increase the speed up time to 2x, while in this you can increase the speed to 4x cuts battle times in half. On top of that, the Auto-Battle allows the game to automatically input the previous commands. I now don’t have to input the commands everytime I enter a fight while I’m grinding/roaming the dungeons (which does take a good amount of time). And if you really want to, you can just put the encounter rate down to -100%, so you don’t encounter monsters as you’re moving through the dungeons. And you could always just grind later.

  • Omikuji

    I haven’t enjoyed a jrpg like this in a very long time. It oozes charm and just makes me beyond happy to see the simple plot and really adorable characters, more focusing on them imo. I have heard more of the changes they had did, and you can feel the love and attention you get from it. Those changes really make the game shine.

    I must be in a very small minority that had no issues with the chapter 5+ time, because they added just small bite sized character things and it didn’t bother me at all it was grindy. The battle system was loads of fun and just refighting things was a bonus-e time.

  • katamari damacy

    So basically by allowing Auto, speed Up, and variable encounter rate, he shed 50 hours of grinding. Well done.

    • Bio438

      I found this to have almost no griding needed until the secret dungeon so its more like he shed off unnecessary gameplay like half the random battles. Now they can be avoided completely.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    I love this game. Cranking up the encounter rate makes it so much easier to grind JP for jobs.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    I just want the original eastern costumes, because censorship is dumb.

  • I love how it has hours and hours of content that I almost missed just sitting in the journal. That thing is a gold mine!

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