Konami Drops Price Of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes By $10

By Ishaan . February 25, 2014 . 8:00am

Konami are dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes by $10/€10/£10, the publisher announced this morning.


The price cut will affect the retail versions of Ground Zeroes on the two platforms. This means that the retail version will drop from $39.99/€39.99/£39.99 to $29.99/€29.99/£29.99 , bringing the game’s price in line with the retail PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.



Konami stated in a press release that the goal of the price drop is to “provide as many people as possible an opportunity to experience Kojima Productions’ FOX Engine and the first installment in the two-part Metal Gear Solid V experience”.


Additionally, Konami revealed that players who buy the first run of Ground Zeroes copies will be given exclusive content in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, in the form of “additional resources” for their Mother Base. (This offer also pertains to the download version of Ground Zeroes for a limited time.)


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be available in March for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

  • new_tradition

    So I guess that means if you buy the PS3 version of GZ, the bonuses will only be available in the PS3 version of PP, not the PS4 version, right?

    • malek86

      That sounds like it, but perhaps they could work something out with Sony/MS (Sony is more likely to accept).

    • Elliott Moon

      plus it also depends if phantom pain will come out on ps3 and 360 i have a felling it wont be, but could be super wrong

    • Brion Valkerion

      Unless they do some account bound third party stuff its best to assume what you’re thinking.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Konami said some tiem ago that you can use your PS3 save of GZ to unlock stuff in PS4 TPP.

    • Anime10121

      Its transffarring beatch! :P

      But seriously, I think Kojima confirmed that saves and DLC work across both :P

  • Paul Rodriguez

    So no word on the US versions? Checked Amazon and Gamestop earlier today and the price is unchanged.

    • Nanaki

      I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until it reflects this also.

    • ViperX2

      Prices have been updated at Best Buy. I’m sure Amazon and Gamestop will update their prices soon.

      • subsamuel01

        Still the same price on Bestbuy.ca

  • Minos

    “provide as many people as possible an opportunity to experience Kojima Productions”

    WAHAHAHAHAHAHA… yeah sure, it was not the PR disaster that this scam is.

    It is still a “Lets see how much money we can get from these suckers before they get mad” experiment just that $10 cheaper.

    • Monterossa

      If they really want as many people as possible to experiece their new engine then it should be on PC too.

  • zferolie

    This price cut most likely is to justify it being a bad game;. Calling it now.

    • ViperX2

      I think it has more to do with the fact that it is a 2-3 hour game.

      • idrawrobots

        If you only play Ground Zeroes for 2-3 hours you don’t like the game.

        • ViperX2

          Considering it is not out yet, I have not played it. I am just reciting what I read from an Game Informer interview.

          • KoRLumen

            Kojima has stated that the clear time is, on average, 2-3 hours. However, he asks everyone to NOT consider the clear time but rather the PLAY time.

      • What on earth does game length have to do with price, I never understood this

        If its auch a big deal just play nothing but JRPGs

        • ViperX2

          I for one do not have direct playtime to price requirement to make a game worth it, but I think a lot of people would have major issues paying $60 for a 2-3 hour game with no multiplayer.

    • subsamuel01

      It’s not because its a bad game, its because its short. When has a Metal Gear game ever been bad.

  • XaviIniesta

    These things used to be called “Demos”, and we got them for free back in the day. I spent 11 hours playing the Bravely Default demo on 3DS, for example.

    I really hope this doesn’t catch on, as other companies are likely to follow suit if Ground Zeros is successful.

    • Ultima-X

      Shut up already. Can you explain why Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was so popular that it sold over a million copies?

  • maxobiwan

    Wow I used to hear complains about 1$=1€ conversion’s

    What about 1$=1£? That’s HUGE !

    £39.99=$66.75 O_o

    It was $66.75 for a “paid trial” for english people.
    It’s very far from an acceptable prologue like Dead rising case Zero (~$10)

  • idrawrobots

    Does this effect download prices?

    • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

      They are now the same price as the digital versions (PS4/X1 versions only)

  • Jeffrey Thrash

    To be brutally honest, that price drop changes everything for me. Maybe I just really want a taste of “next-gen” gaming before the year is out.

  • British_Otaku

    £29.99 is still high for what isn’t aiming to be a full Metal Gear Solid title, so I’ll wait for the MGSV Ground Zeroes + Phantom Pain release and perhaps pick up MGS3:SE 3DS and The Stanley Parable to keep me busy.

    • SuperSailorV

      I really liked The Stanley Parable.

  • otakumike

    ok, buying now. :)

  • Aoshi00

    Hm before the choice was easier, I didn’t want digital despite being the cheapest at $20, so I preordered the 360 ver being $10 cheaper plus another 20% GCU discount from best buy. Now at the same price, maybe I should switch to XB1.. I just don’t like the XB1 achievement icons :(.. Still not sure if I should order this now when they might bundle both ground zeroes and phantom rain later.. Haven’t finished peacewalker HD and revengeance anyway :(.. Since this is like a demo, wonder how fast price would drop.. Maybe should just rent from Redbox for a night…

    • Anime10121

      If Gran Turismo Prologue is any indication, MGS TPP will get a price drop faster than GZ….

      • Aoshi00

        Hm.. I don’t know anything about Gran Turismo.. just that so many games’ prices drop so quickly these days, and this is really a short demo (while I still have PW HD and Revengeance on backlog).. maybe next gen ver would hold up for a little longer like AC4 BF dropped to $25-30 sometimes but XB1 ver only at $50 the lowest.. Right now they’re like $50 on average.. For multiplatform stuff I still buy it on the 360 just to save room, seems like the 500Gb would be used up on next gen in no time w/ mandatory install for all games.

        So now I could get from BB for $23.99 + tax on both 360/XB1, just not sure which ver.. I don’t like the XB1 achievement icons, just look at Strider.. feels like I’m missing the real “icons”, those are so creative.. I think I would still go for 360 for Watch Dog or Murdered Soul Suspects, more detailed ground textures/foliage and effects be damned lol..

        • Anime10121

          Oh I’m no fan of GT either, I just remember it’s “prologue” (to GT 5) staying 40 bucks for a considerably long period of time…

          But honestly, If its the same price for both versions, I’d recommend the next gen one, I mean, I’m sure we’ll all be upgrading our drives soon enough anyway with the install requirements :P

          • Aoshi00

            yeah I got you. but for AC4 BG, I got it for XB1 at first, but later on traded it down to 360 believe it or not (dunno if you’ve seen the XB1 cheevo icons, there’s none for AC4, just the same pic).. I think most people played the 360 ver 1 month early and then trade it up. For some reason I still prefer the 360 controller to the new XB1 one.. triggers feel more w/in reach or comfortable or something.. but after play next gen, you could definitely see the improvement here and there, effects, lighting, framerate.. it’s a good bump but nothing too important (only thing that bugged me was the static bushes in AC4 on current gen)

            wonder if it’s the same case for GZ though.. even before release, most people’s impression is that it’s just a short demo (and I agree even if I don’t mind short games), and you have Kojima saying V would be 100 times bigger than this and now the price drop for next gen ver before release since $40 is just way too much compared to PS3/360 digital at $20.. I wonder how the sales would be and price might drop if there’s not much demand.. I usually buy games and never really rent, but if you could do a run in 2-3 hrs, renting it from Redbox for $2 a night might not be too bad.. still have to bring myself to finish PW HD & Revengeance first :(

            I know the XBLA/PSN games are different and can’t be compared, but I’m amazed at how enjoyable some of those $15 games are (or cheaper), like Brothers, new Strider, etc..

          • Anime10121

            Nah, havent seen the cheevos for the One yet, (I’ve got a PS4).

            I can DEFINITELY see what you mean by the controllers, though, its safe to say, you’ll get used to it the more games you play with it. I mean I felt the same when I originally got my PS3 back at its launch, saying the controller felt “weird” in comparison to my PS2 one, and now the DS3 feels FAR more natural in my hands. The DS4 is gonna take some getting used to, but I’m sure its time will come too with more play time.

            Sure its a large price to pay for more MGS, but I’m a huge fan, and even though I would have preferred a longer package, I’m buying this Next Gen, no questions asked, hell, its the reason I bought a PS4 early to begin with. Not really interested in any of Sony’s current exclusives, and most others I could get current gen, but I wanted to experience the new MGS the best way possible, so I took the plunge :P

            I can see how you havent finished PW, as I found it the least compelling MGS plot so far in the series. I mean, the gameplay was nice, and it had the most gameplay to date in any of the games, but it doesnt really have that MGS story that really pushes you to finish it (which I hope isn’t the trend they’re going into with MGSV, I want both gameplay AND a MGS plot)…

            But how the heck havent you finished Reveangeance? That game’s AWESOME :P with the only complaint I have being of the almost required perfecting of the cutting feature in the last boss fight ( I died SO many times)…

          • Aoshi00

            I hear ya, other than DR3, Ryse, & Crimson Dragon, one of my reasons to get an XB1 was to experience the best ver of AC4 BF, when both ver are released on current and next gen, you might as well get the best ver (that’s why I only got one next gen system so far). I know it’s a picky thing, but here’s what the cheevos look like, I dunno if PS3 & PS4 trophies look the same. so I assume XB1 GZ would have lame diff cheevo pics ;(

            AC4 BF 360

            AC4 BF XB1

            Strider 360


            Strider XB1

            I still don’t like the DS3 triggers after all these years.. I guess it would take some getting used to the new ones once I play more w/ them.

            Yeah, maybe story is one reason, not as many cool cutscenes, but I found PW to be pretty hard too, especially going against the bosses on your own. Actually I had a bad experience w/ the PSP ver first w/ only one analog stick.. so the HD collection is tons better, I got further but I feel lack of incentive to continue.. I think Kojima would still tell great story especially w/ next gen..

            I know, no excuses… everyone I know finished and loved it.. maybe it’s because I wanna go back to replay MGS4 again after the trophy patch then get to Revengeance, but I’m too lazy to play MGS4 all over again.. one of these holidays I would finish Revengeance, just tons of backlog.. I still have 2 more endings for Drakengard 3 and I’m playing FFX HD now.. loved Muramasa Fish Tales and just d/l’ed Daikon.. and Strider.. I have like 6-7 games for the Wii U and barely touch the system :(.. just too many games and too little time as always :) definitely need to get back to it, I owe Raiden that much lol

          • Anime10121

            Those AC4 Xbone one’s are just lazy as hell…but I like Striders…

            But yeah, I’m DEFINITELY feeling the whole too much no time, thing….being an adult sucks, you’re free to do generally whatever you want, but most times, lack the time and/or cash :(

          • Aoshi00

            The pics that aren’t the same are okay, but they’re just generic screenshots.. I don’t like trophies w/ same pics either, like Tales, Beyond Two Souls, Drakengard 3, so boring and no creativity at all.. I love both the fun names and the pics.. so I feel like XB1 doesn’t have the original and genuine cheevo pics.. small thing but I love em :) dunno why XB1 would use these fake ones, they are huge and take a lot of room too instead of being on a neat list.

            Yeah, unless we’re like ultra rich like winning the lotto, then we don’t need to work and have all the time in the world to do whatever we want. work to eat and eat to work, we’re all slaves :(.. oh well, it ain’t so bad, we just have to be more selective lol..

  • Sav

    lol should just made it 20 bucks for every console.

    it’s only worth a rent/one playthrough anyway really.

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