Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Brings New Equipment Sets For Lightning

By Ishaan . February 25, 2014 . 6:39am

New downloadable content for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is available today in North America. This is available in the form of three new equipment sets for Lightning, which you can find listed below, along with the necessary details.


Ultimate Savior ($3.99)

  • Garb: Celestial Body
  • Weapon: Excalibur
  • Shield: Aegis Shield
  • Adornment: Tiara of the Goddess


Moogle Lover ($3.99)

  • Garb: Moogle Queen
  • Weapon: Mog’s Staff
  • Shield: Mog’s Shield
  • Adornment: Moogle Hat


Divine Wear ($3.99)

  • Garb: Cosmocrator
  • Weapon: Crocea Mors
  • Shield: Abyss Gate
  • Adornment: Deathless Mask


Alternatively, you can buy a Premium Collection containing all three equipment sets for $9.99. Additionally, the Japanese voiceover pack for the game is now available for download for $3.99. Finally, you can also grab four new PlayStation 3 themes ($1.99) and Xbox 360 Avatar items ($3.99) with a Lightning Returns-styled theme.


Meanwhile, in Europe, Yuna’s Final Fantasy X-2 outfit is available for download for €3.99/£3.19.

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  • Bobby Jennings


  • Now we just need Yuna, Cloud and Aerith’s preorder costumes, not to mention the other retailer exclusives like those samurai armors.

  • venomryu

    Excalibur sword of the king take me on your wings and were I belong Excalibur

  • DemonShadowX

    Looks nice. Shame I already got platinum for the game and traded it back in. :P

    • Tinye

      Dang already? I have like two more weeks for that

  • Ryuukishi

    I can’t find the article now, but I thought I read that they were planning another new set of DLC garbs for Japan for February, and one more set after that. Does anyone remember?

  • LastFootnote

    Do you remember when Final Fantasy VI came out on the Super Nintendo? God, I was just a kid back then. What a magical game that was for me. Sure, the graphics were beautiful for the time, and the soundtrack was amazing. But it was the characters that really brought the game to life; a wonderful ensemble cast.

    It cost $70. It was my parents’ money, of course. But I think I would pay $70 even today for another game of that caliber.

    R.I.P. SquareSoft. You are gone, but not forgotten.

    • Herok♞

      FF VI is a classic and I won’t say LR:FF13 is anywhere close to it in quality but it isn’t bad either. However to use a classic as a jumping point to Square makes bad games today is not a good argument. I would say they only improved after they stopped being Squaresoft, because after Squaresoft doesn’t have a perfect track record either. But whatever for all I know you opinion could stem exclusively from nostalgic bias.

      • LastFootnote

        Oh, I’m sure that’s a lot of it. Looking back today, there are several design decisions in FFVI that I disagree with. I definitely am an old man and I am definitely yelling, “Get off my lawn!” That being said, there are games I have played in adulthood that have captured my interest in a similar way. Phantom Brave. Guacamelee. Legend of Grimrock. And—to SquareEnix’s credit—Bravely Default. But FFXIII didn’t hook me, and I’m not really that psyched for FFXV. Compared to how excited I was for FFVI through FFX, that says something.

        • Herok♞

          I would argue it doesn’t really say anything except maybe your interests have changed. all your original comment really does is show an overly negative outlook on the new games, with no reason why, except nostalgia.

        • Strangely I had more fun playing 13-3 then playing Bravely Default. I got bored really fast on that one. I think turn-based combat a little to dated for me to care anymore. I liked that final fantasy has gone more of a tales of “x” gameplay then “spam fira on the boss that’s weak to fire”.

      • Saddio

        Chrono Cross / Parasite Eve / Valkyrie Profile / All FF before SE was made / X E N O G E A R S / Saga Frontier and others would like to have a word with you on how SE is better than Squaresoft. LastFootnote isn’t speaking from nostalgic bias I assure you. I wouldn’t say SE makes bad games, but they’re not as good. That being said, I’m still an avid support of SE’s RPGs.

      • Setsu Oh

        i m curious to kow how (titles) they improved. to me and many others the merge is a disappointment.

    • SlickRoach

      And from what I heard it only took about a year to make. I have fun with A Realm Reborn but other than that IX was the grand conclusion to the series to me.

    • Richard N

      One thing that I always wonder; if Squaresoft remained to this day would they have produced so many titles and give so many developers a shot like Square Enix does? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Square back then was big enough to produce titles and acquire other companies aside from a select few.

      Yeah, I agree the games they develop internally aren’t all amazing, but we wouldn’t have gotten Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider if it wasn’t for SE so that’s something.

      • theBridgeburner

        SE’s Japanese arm has come under fire these past few years, and while the quality of some of their games has dipped, they’re still no that bad as far as games go.

        However, since SE purchased Eidos, their western arm has turned out a lot of quality material, indeed. IMO, it’s been their saving grace these past 2-3 years. Titles like the ones you mentioned – especially Sleeping Dogs, which I loved for the HK film influences – alongside Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution.

        If only the suits in Japan finally realize they have properties people are interested in, like Chrono. Almost 15 years since Cross was released…

        • LastFootnote

          I think it would be better if they proved they could make really good games again before they start dipping into the old IPs. Have you seen what they’ve done to Seiken Densetsu (the Mana series)? I don’t want a new Chrono game if it’s going to be a free-to-play, mobile debacle.

    • JSYK

      To be honest, one major factor why most of us liked the past ff characters was because they weren’t voiced. It was up to the creativity of the player to conjure up how the characters sounded and how they spoke. We create a sort of bias since we kinda split a little bit of our personality into all the other characters.

      The present games still have those characters. There’s actually even more personality in them than you think. But try to mute half of the game, use your creativity, see where it gets you.

    • Setsu Oh

      you can’t judge a company on a new concept(13) compared to an old one htey mastered(6). -2&-3 were made from the OG’s left overs and the whole full title is experimental.
      squeenix sucks because it goes after money(didn’t care about legends like chrono croos,xenogears of ivalice) but 13-3 is the irst game i enjoyed since ff12, in ff10-2 style meaning like a snack compared to a full meal(12)

  • Christian Wright

    it begins :)

  • Spirit Macardi


    That is not the holy sword Excalibur! The true sword’s legend dates back to the 12th century! And it starts every morning with a cup of coffee with cream.

    • Travis Hulen

      Ha souleater is awesome

    • yomachaser

      He could have helped so much in the last fight, but he just stood there whirling his cane.

    • Kotori Itsuka

      BAKAME!!! you forgot the morning exercises

    • KoRLumen

      From the United Kingdom, it’s looking for Heaven! Going to California!

      • Kotori Itsuka

        Soul Eater ftw XD

    • Notquitesure?

      I went to supernova wearing a Excalibur “face” mask.

  • LuciferD666

    Interesting wears. I have a question for players though. At any point or form is Lightning able to get her savior glasses from the first cut-scene. I heard from a friend you could. But I don’t really know how to go about getting them.

    • Ferrick

      yes you could, from day 3 onwards, there will be a wandering npc with a red hat and adventurer’s backpack who will sell rare outfits and lightning’s sunglasses

      • Tinye

        Dang you beat me to it

        • Ferrick


        • LuciferD666

          Well your intent is still appreciated ^_^

      • LuciferD666

        Much thanks!Gonna go get it now.

        • Ferrick

          just a word of warning, this npc has randomized appearances and will change areas every hour, the only way to increase your chances is to use chronostasis, but won’t guarantee his appearance

          • LuciferD666

            Thanks again. Would have looked silly only looking for it in Yusnaan lol

          • Ehren Rivers

            For the record, he has a chance of appearing every hour BUT every 4th hour he appears automatically. No ifs, ands, or buts. According to the guidebook, apparently, he has 5 locations on each continent where he can appear.

            Some areas, such as his Moogle VIllage and Warren locations, are timelocked so you cannot enter them except during specific times of the night. If you want to do a morning run, I’d suggest starting in the Willands and using Chronostasis as much as possible. If you’re strong enough, slay Reavers for the EP.

    • Riku Lucifen

      Yep, you can. From a wandering merchant called “Forge (Rare)”. He seems to follow a path, but I am afraid I do not know it. I believe I found him on Day 4 at around 9am in Luxerion’s old town. There are a few places, so I’d do a bit of Googling to find where he is on your day.

      And I am blind and couldn’t see someone beat me by 3 hours… xP

  • Tinye

    Well I’m excited for this stuff. Dressing up Lightning… they’ve hit my weakness!

  • new_tradition

    Divine Wear appeals a lot to me, but 4 dollars for a schemata is too rich for my blood :/

    I might cave if they ever make a sale or something, but as of now? Pass.

  • Warren

    That Moogle Queen outfit would be better if the Moogles were turned the other way around lusting for her body.

  • Ardus

    I remember reading a comment ages ago calling XIII-3 “lightnings dress-up party”. Didnt think it would be that bad but here we are…

    • Firekitty

      Most games have a costume-changing feature these days, so I don’t really see how this is a bad thing?

      And while the game will certainly be easier if you’re constantly switching outfits around for better stats and unique skills, there’s also no reason you couldn’t go through the whole game with just the three starting garb (Or, if you have saves to import from XIII and XIII-2, with the default garb and Lights’ two previous outfits) and totally ignore the ‘dress-up’ feature entirely?

      It’s kinda funny…people ask for different equips to change the look of their character RPGs all the time, and then call it out for being a ‘dress-up party’ when it happens…

      • pocong

        The problem isn’t that it’s a dress up party. The problem is that it’s a SHITTY dress up party. It’s also a party that you have to bribe the bouncer an inordinate amount to enter.

        That moogle outfit hit me the hardest, since it’s both unnecessarily cutesy and a clear rip off of a real life thing. It’s literally just Lady Gaga’s kermit outfit, but with moogles. Nothing against the musician herself, it’s just that this outfit is now unoriginal on top of being weird.

        • Firekitty

          Except there are dozens of costumes in-game, and…I think seven DLC outfits (and you got two of those free if you were smart and pre-ordered), so there’s no need to ‘bribe the bouncer’ at all.

          You don’t NEED those extra seven outfits, and you’re under no obligation to pay for them unless you feel they’re worth the money.

  • Revorse

    Anyone know the stats on the weapons? I’d like to know them before I decide to buy.

    • Vash bane

      a certain faqs has all the garbs list with stats and abilities

  • Nice. So glad they came out with these before I beat the game. I’m about half way through it now, and these will be fun to try out =)

  • nathaniel

    Tempted to get the moogle costume just cuz of how weird it is.

  • artemisthemp

    It’s sad to see Square Enix taking $1.99 for Theme’s that should have been attached to certain Lightning Returns Trophies.

  • Frank Bautista

    Three ugly ass costumes for 3.99 each? Give me some incentive to shelling out money… y’know, by designing actually GOOD DLC costumes. These look like a bunch of crap glopped together.

    • STOPAC

      Well if you could do better you should have took part in that costume design contest on deviant art.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    This game was/is great. Long time since I’ve had such a great enjoyment from a FF. I’d say not since FF X or maybe X-2.

  • Izzeltrioum

    Is there any School Costume for her in-game/dlc?

  • LustEnvy

    Valkyrie Profile: Lightning.

  • Ace

  • Alex Webber

    Not a good start to the year square Enix is it? You screwed up thief and Lightning returns was a game that could have been money better spent elsewhere its not as bad as some say it is but over extending yourselves is not a viable business strategy and will ultimately alienate all but the most loyal of fans. Capcom probably will die later this year and I would hate to see the same happen to you.

  • Vash bane

    sweet I’ve been holding out not to play the game much (freaking lost anyway lol) been waiting for Cosmocrator since I first of it

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Thank you Disqus for not allowing downvotes to be seen anymore. I can happily exclaim how much this game sucks without feeling the wrath of dowvotes! And indeed, LR is one of epic failure proportions! But seriously DLC already, I know sales are bad, but didn’t expect DLC so quickly.

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