Drakengard 3 Producer On What Makes The Game Appealing

By Ishaan . March 4, 2014 . 10:12am


In the above video shared by Square Enix, Drakengard series producer Takamisa Shiba discusses what he feels makes the Drakengard games appealing to its audience.


“Since this is a Drakengard game, there are of course aerial battles and fighting on dragon-back,” Shiba says. “But after having worked on Drakengard 1 and Drakengard 2, we realized what really captured the players’ imaginations is the games’ unique world and story. How should I put it… Many refer to it as a dark fantasy.”


“Eight years ago, there weren’t very many dark fantasy games on the market, so it became a memorable work in a way. It’s very distinctive; I don’t know if this is the right way to say it, but the world and story have very unique qualities.  So first of all I wanted to really accentuate that uniqueness.”


“Besides,” Shiba says, “the market has changed a lot in eight years, and I’m sure players have had new experiences in that game. So I thought about what would be the most effective way to provide something unique, that they haven’t experienced yet… And I basically tried to incorporate those elements into the game.”


Shiba also mentions that certain features in Drakengard 3 were added to speed up the game’s action, as players in Japan felt that the first two games were too slow. In this sense, the game is “very different” from its predecessors, he says.


Drakengard 3 will be available in North America on May 20th and in Europe on May 21st.

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  • Mind0105A

    6 beautiful and charming girls. What other reason do we want?
    More DLC = More Buy. Total win for business.

    • Anesia Hunter

      And don’t forget one very moe dragon.

      • Neophoton

        I wonder why Square hasn’t jumped on making plushes of him, he’s just downright adorable.

        • Anesia Hunter

          The world may never know.

  • What’s not appealing is that it is Square Enix Store Exclusive…..

    • Nickie

      I agree with you there. I did buy the CE version mind you to show support but I would have much rather have bought it in a store and not have to pay for tax PLUS shipping and handling.

      I’m just hoping they will continue the series but adveho quis may.

      • Franggio Hogland

        And here in Europe we don’t have a choice, digital only. HELL YEAH?…yeah?….

        • Ash_Riot

          With absolutely NONE of the extras that the US are getting, like the DLC missions, Japanese VA, costumes etc. SE-Europe suck.

          • Hyosuke575

            I’m pretty sure the DLC will be available later, just not free or that’s what someone mentioned before after speaking with a Square Enix rep. Though it’s technically not free because you still had to pay close to a hundred dollars for the collectors edition… that sold out within a month anyways. Though you could still get the standard edition with the three bonuses if you prerecorded fast enough, and not have to pay as much. Point is it sounds like the DLC will be included for anyone that preorders, and the rest will have to pay for it later on once the game is out. I don’t see them not doing the same for Europe. Though some of the collectors edition DLC (costume, accessory, extra mission) might only be available people that preordered the collectors edition. The Japanese VA and the other untold bonuses should be available later on.

          • Ash_Riot

            You can’t pre-order it from the Square Enix store since it’s locked to US only (you can’t import). Believe me – I tried.

          • Hyosuke575

            Oh no, I already understood that. I’m talking about Europe should be able to get the DLC (or at least some of it) later after the game comes out. You’ll just have to pay for it is all. If Square Enix is not going to release any of the retail editions in Europe, then I can’t see them screwing you guys out of the DLC as well. I could be wrong though.

        • Skeptika Crediblus

          I wondered why this didn’t exist already, so I just made one real quick….

    • Tinye

      I really think it’s getting better. You might want to try reevaluating your opinion based on the improvements they’ve made because I know they have been listening.

  • César H. Sandoval

    The first two should be up in PSN as PS2 clasics.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    Hope they’ve fixed the framerate. I played the Japanese digital version and there was times when the frames would dip to less than 10fps. Unfortunately this happened more often than not. So I hope they’ve tried fixing it at least

    • Nope, framerate issue will exist as it was in the JPN version. Unfortunately they tuned as well as they could but the engine choice they made combined with the PS3 hardware just overpowers the poor box anytime particle effects are used.

      I just gave up ever triggering the dragon assists because of how it made the game unplayable for 5 – 10 seconds at a time.

      • firstarioch

        I never had any issue with framerate and I’m just grinding to get ending D .
        I think disk version installed and updated to version 1.02 or 0.3 is very stable .I get constant fast speed and great frame rate .
        I have 10th Anniversary Edition.

        • Promising. I think I finished my platinum on 1.01 so I’m looking forward to seeing if the framerate is improved while playing the new DLC this week!

          (I always install to disk, the framerate issue was a processing issue, not a read problem though, most likely due to the difficulty they were having in optimizing unreal for the PS3.)

          • firstarioch

            I also installed the disk . It was Begining of January when I got it .than they got and update to 1.02 or 0.3 . So with breaks I have managed (almost …lol ) to get to ending D .
            Bit request mission the last one is making me very angry . And there are few in between as well which I didn’t do ….so feel a bit disheartened and frustrated. I don’t know if I will continue ….lol bit I do want to play the dlc so need to force myself …
            When do you get the unlimited ututai , when you complete all request missions ?

          • Blood outfit/unlimited invoker is reward for fully upgrading all weapons.

            I farmed out the desert payday quest (3x low-end chakram mission, then payday, rinse repeat) until I finished all weapon ups for unlimited utaitai.

            From there you can easily clean up the few remaining Accord requests. Just gotta grind out the gold for the weapon upgrades.

            Edit to add: I would suggest buying/acquiring all weapons first and completing D before grinding the weapons. You get some good upgrade/gold rewards during the D path.

          • firstarioch

            I haven’t got all weapons yet .on 82 percent .
            Problem is I have a mission missing in each of the levels if we can call it like that so it doesn’t allow me to do last mission . Also if you have one series of Missions full and you left a mission uncomplete in another series above you can’t do any of money missions on any series below …. Hope it makes sense what I just wrote …lol
            So I’m s bit pissed off .
            So I need to get all weapons and than upgrade them to the max …hmm
            Don’t know if I will .it’s very frustrating.

            I also preordered the USA limited edition.
            So I will play it again …lol
            Maybe I will wait till than …lol
            Bit soundtrsck is great .got ost from amazon japan .it’s fantastic .

            I also got Dengeki issue from December and famitsu first week of dec . They have codes for all the skins on ps3 xmb …
            They are really lovely .
            Put them up on my instagram so if yku want to see them it’s :

  • TheCynicalReaper

    “The NPCs are designed with strong personalities, but the player never gets the chance to learn about them enough to like them.” – Shiba
    That’s not a game element, that’s just poor writing. I mean, if it’s unintentionally that way it’s poor. If it is intentionally that way then it’s fine, but then why bemoan it?

    For better or worse, most other JRPGs give you plenty of time with the party members to flesh them out. Tales Of [anything], Persona, and to have far better comparisons due to their dark and mature nature: Shin Megami Tensei [any #], Digital Devil Saga, etc. Even Nier!
    You get a LOT in each party member because they are written as characters in a lengthy story. That’s what JRPGs are, really. They are lengthy, novel-like videogames where story comes first.

    I like Drakengard very much and am looking forward to Drakengard 3, but to hear Shiba say the reason they made the novel was because the characters needed to be fleshed out OUTSIDE of the original work is just sad. Dude’s great, but Nier surpassed Drakengard by actually having its party/characters fleshed out properly. It’s not good to hear that such basics in storytelling (character backstory and development), was dropped from the game and to get the full experience you need to read the novel or look online.

    Extra content should be like the Silmarillion, something that ADDS to things, not essential reading for giving us emotional ties to the characters.

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      Yeah, Shiba… they just….. that is, well, here’s your sign.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    I did enjoy Shiba’s honesty, though. I wish the guy wasn’t a reverse Anno and actually could make Drakengard his Evangelion. But sadly it seems this business isn’t like anime: it doesn’t care what impact your work had on the industry in terms of storytelling, just in terms of money-making.

    I’m glad he looks healthy, at least. Maybe someday we’ll get another Draken. Who knows?

  • Vash bane

    interesting but sadly for me the only thing that got me into the series was that I had a un-healthily obsession with dragons then I would play any game that I saw had a dragon on the cover or mentions it ( dragoon series >.>) but after getting knocked off angela so much is what made start to listen to the character and finally understand the story lol ( still havnt finished drakengard 2…iono something about that game I dis-like and its not the combat speed) now if you don’t mind back to youtube to look up some gameplay to see if I will buy this or not.

    ps: seems a certain someone is rubbing off on me … freaking all of text >.<

  • Sydney Losstarot

    I got the OST for Drakengard 3, I have been listening to it when I go to school. This game has some good music, but I don’t like the boss music on the second disk of the OST that much. I liked the boss music named “Gods Bound By Rules” from Nier though, I wish more boss music was like that.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    The only thing I can’t wait for more (less?) than this game is DarkId’s Let’s Play write-up of this game….

    • TheCynicalReaper

      Yes. I’m genuinely looking forward to it, if he does it.

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