External Hard Drive Storage Coming To Xbox One In A Future Update

By Ishaan . March 5, 2014 . 11:10am

The system March update for Xbox One has started to roll out, Microsoft have announced, and contains a number of adjustments and features that improve the system’s multiplayer capabilities. Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer, breaks some of the improvements down over at the Xbox news blog.


Getting to your friends list is now faster, Whitten says, as the friends list is now “front and center” on the homepage of the Friends app. Alternatively, you can say “Xbox, go to Friends” to see your friends and organize games.


Additionally, you can chat with friends playing different games now. Party chat has been separated from other players playing your game, so you’ll be able to chat with friends who are online, or with everyone playing the game. A list of “Recent Players” also allows you to see Xbox Live users that you recently played with, making it easier to add new friends or report users for bad behaviour.


For European users, 50hz output is now supported on Xbox One, which is intended to fix framerate issues that certain users in Europe were experiencing while watching live TV on the console. You can view the full list of improvements in the March update over at the Xbox Wire blog.


Finally, Whitten also says that Xbox One owners want an external hard drive storage solution, and that this is on Microsoft’s to-do list as well. At present, the Xbox One does not support external storage devices.


“We’re working on that for a future update and will keep you posted,” Whitten writes. “We’re also working on friends notification improvements and experimenting with how to make that better. Just as we do with Xbox 360, we’ll be continuing regular updates to Xbox One – some will be big, like this March update, and some will be smaller.”

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  • Freud_Hater


  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Now release a version without the spy camera, and I’ll consider buying one.

    • majestix1988

      or more games not gimmicks like apps that really dont need for gaming

      • ZEROthefirst

        How about some real exclusives that aren’t Halo and Gears.

        • neo_firenze

          What exactly are games like Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break (and some… quirkier stuff like D4 or Crimson Dragon)? There are plenty of valid complaints about Microsoft and Xbox One, but this just isn’t one of them. You could EASILY turn your snarky comment around and say the exact same thing about PS4: “How about some real exclusives that aren’t Uncharted and Infamous?”

          And in fact, Microsoft hasn’t even officially announced an Xbox One Halo OR Gears yet, so it’s not like they’re relying on those franchises in their marketing (if anything, they’re going all in on a brand new IP with Titanfall as an MS-exclusive on consoles).

          Know that this is coming from someone who has a PS4 and expects that system will eventually have many more system-exclusives that I care about (Japanese developed stuff, mainly) than XBO. But as of right now that’s all speculation.

          • ZEROthefirst

            I don’t have a PS4 or an Xbone, but from the last 2 generations alone you can already tell how well the Xbone will do when it comes to worldwide support. It will more than likely be as lackluster as before and the only real support for it will get will be from the West. Dead Rising 3 is about as fun as the first 2 games, the new Killer Instinct is in my opinion worse than the originals (and I don’t think they’re very good), Forza 5 is far inferior to Forza 4 with MUCH less content and the only thing going for it is slightly prettier visuals… Crimson Dragon is pretty bad, Sunset Overdrive is another shooter and there’s no real news on D4 yet so there’s nothing going for it right now.

            Last I checked a new Halo game was announced for the Xbone pretty much the same day it was shown off at E3 and Black Tusk Studio will be working on the next Gears games and Rod Fergusson is helping with it. So I’m not sure where you’re coming from you say they haven’t been announced yet. Halo and Gears are truly the Xbox’s only notable exclusives, and almost everyone I have met and talked to will tell you they wouldn’t keep their 360’s if it wasn’t for these 2 franchises. I know not everyone is like that, but that’s the general consensus that people go on about when they talk about the Xbox.

            I’m not biased against the Xbox either, I have the original Xbox because of some neat games hat came out for it (granted I didn’t buy it until half way into the 360’s life). I always look at games for every platform to see if there are games that I might want and I promise you when I say I literally haven’t been interested in anything on the 360 aside from Tales of Vesperia. I have the expanded PS3 version, but sadly it’s not in English. I keep hoping that maybe we will get it someday since the voices for the expansion had been recorded, but I might just have to suck it up and buy a 360 at some point to play it. Only downside is I can’t find a reasonably priced used 360 online, if it’s used online and under $150 then it’s either broken for parts or has the RROD *sigh*

          • Lucky Dan

            So how many of these so called exclusive games are released right now on either system? That’s right exactly what your name said ZERO so stop being an hypocrite and wait for the games to be released before you even you open your trap.

            And do some research into emulation if your that desperate to play Tales of Vesperia in English subs with Japanese Voice track cause its out right now, jeez plebs who can’t use google these days

          • ZEROthefirst

            I clearly stated that I don’t have either of the 2 systems and that if the past 2 generations between MS, Nintendo and Sony, it’s that MS will not get good worldwide support for games. So how’s that being a hypocrite exactly?

            Also I know about the English patch for the PS3 version, and that’s not legal and breaches the terms of service with Sony. Take pirating and hacking else where my poor little troll.

          • Lucky Dan

            Your laying the eggs before they hatch, anything can happen between these 2 systems because both of them are essentially PCs and could be ported from one system to another to the other and remember the last guardian? That was one exclusive that I’m playing right now on the PS3 !!!

        • SlickRoach

          I think that’s asking for way too much, haha

    • Lucky Dan

      Someone hasn’t read Sony’s Terms of Service, also where are the promised 200 games from both the PS4 and Xbox One side at launch, which were considerably downsized towards the launch date?

      • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

        >implying my dislike of the XBone means I love the PS4

        • Lucky Dan

          Naw but you can’t ignore the fact that both have the same terms of services you can’t take 2 apples and call one an lemon.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Finally MS realizes that a device with mandatory installs for 50 GB media is going to need more than a non-upgradable 500 GB HDD

    Too little too late though.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Wii U could do that from day 1, and yet it’s supposedly the inferior console x3

    • Wii U had a host of problems on day 1. The console is great now, but it seems par for the course now to release a half-finished system and add make-up updates over the next year.

      • neo_firenze

        And it’s understandable that WiiU added system functionality post-launch too. Modern systems are just FAR more complex than your old SNES or PS1. There’s a lot more OS-level complexity, and it’s much more prevalent with software development in general today to have more of a continually updated model.

        If you wait for things to be perfect, you’ll never launch the machine. If it plays your games fine on day 1 (isn’t that what everyone says they care about? the core game playing function??), I’m OK with filling in the supplemental functionality over time.

        This is just the way these things are going to work now, like it or not. It’s not even new. Same thing happened with PS3/360/Wii/PSP/3DS. Same thing happens with Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android. Same thing is going to continue to happen. The most surprising thing is that this would be news to anyone in 2014 who has used electronic devices in the past decade.

        • Phones and PCs don’t generally arrive missing advertised features. I got my laptop in the mail, plugged it in, set it up and started working. There wasn’t a mandatory 3 hour download to get the internet working. I didn’t need to wait 3 months to get a patch that cut load times by 70%.

          I agree “like it or not” this is going to happen, but these morons are rushing products to market every Christmas. I would understand if 5% of launch systems were buggy, DOA, etc (and that’s still the case) but we’re talking 100% of launch systems missing advertised features.

          The Wii had N64 (2 generations back) Virtual Console functionality at launch. There’s no Gamecube functionality even announced for Wii U yet.

    • neo_firenze

      I like my WiiU, but let’s not be ridiculous here. I don’t think the level of USB peripheral support is the reason anyone says WiiU is inferior… try much more dated technology or dismal prospects for non-first party software.

  • Milewide

    Very impressive. In just a few updates the Xbox One will be ready for market. /s

  • SirRichard

    So presumably at some point, the circle will be complete and Sony will do as these two always do and add it in as well. Good to see Microsoft giving the option, regardless.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Watch out, it might require an additional fee.

  • neo_firenze

    I know it’s fashionable to bash Microsoft, but there’s no real reason to do it here, this is nothing but a positive.

    500GB surely isn’t enough with the size of game installs and the constant push toward downloadable content, but I can’t imagine free space is a constraint for anyone yet with only a handful of available games. As long as this functionality arrives before it’s necessary, I’m fine with it not making launch so as not to have delayed the system that works just fine without it.

    Heck, it’s a major improvement over Microsoft’s past consoles. 360 required massively overpriced proprietary hardware, at least now you can use your own drive. Yes, that only brings MS more in line with both other machines (WiiU external USB drives, PS4 allowing you to swap out internal drive), but it’s certainly not a bad thing. Maybe it will help gamers as a whole by encouraging Sony to add the option to PS4 as well…

  • KnifeAndFork

    Sony better work on this too. 500gb isn’t enough with the massive games they have and ther mandatory installs.

    Also bring back the ability to play movies and mp3s off an external hard drive or USB stick

    • Godmars

      You can switch out the PS4’s HDD w/o voiding its warranty.

      Though they do need to bring back external media support. I’ll likely be holding off getting one specifically because of that.

  • Keiji Johnson

    How about making Xbox Live Gold permanently free this time and release a Kinect-less Xbox One as well? Is that so wrong to ask MS?

    • Garrett Stephens

      A Kinect-less Xbox One is not a bad idea. It would appeal to quite a few. Free Xbox Live however is the problem. What many people do not understand is that online gaming is a privilege not a right. The reason that Xbox Live is not free (Which $50 a year is not that high of a cost anyways, if it was $50 a month, then that would be a different story) is so that they can pay their employees to maintain the servers and xbox Live and keep it running. If you want Xbox Live to be free and have dysfunctional servers and service, then that is your prerogative. I would rather pay a small fee for something that works great, then pay nothing and have something that works so-so or even awful.

      • Keiji Johnson

        Well, of course I don’t want to have terrible services and services on the Xbox platform, but we should at least pay ONLY to play online! I mean, the system has about 81 features locked behind the Gold subscription. EIGHTY-ONE! Some of them are apps that require a subscription of their own in order to access them, others are available to use for FREE everywhere else. And for God’s sake, you also have to pay MS to use the Xbox One’s Game DVR and TV features as well. At least with Sony’s PlayStation 4, you can be able to record gameplay footage, and access apps like Netflix without the need of a PlayStation Plus subscription, only for access to online multiplayer. I know their reason for requiring PS+ for PS4, because they don’t want to have a repeat of what happened to the PlayStation Network three years ago, and I understand that Microsoft wants to keep their servers running. But you must understand that they have been going overboard with locking all these features within a paygate. That’s what the service has evolved to now: a paygate.

        • Garrett Stephens

          You do make a fair point, and quite frankly, I agree with you completely. I am just sick of people bashing either console without knowing the reason behind why it is that way in the first place, or even, not using logic, reason, and an open-minded non-fanboy’ism. Just because it’s an Xbox does not make it bad, or even just because it’s a playstation does not make it bad. Everyone needs to look at both the pros and the cons and then weight them before bashing.

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