JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Hits North America On April 29th

By Ishaan . March 6, 2014 . 11:12am

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle has a release date in North America. The game will be available on April 29th for the PlayStation 3.


Additionally, Namco have announced that pre-ordering the game through Amazon or will get you a special DLC character—Shigekiyo Yangu from Amazon and Yoshikage Kira from Club Namco.


Screenshots of the two characters can be found below.


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  • Lloyd Christmas

    Ground control to Major Kira.

    • Superior Spider-Man

      Part of me says that Major Kars is more appropriate.

      • Aspenharls

        Heh, I see what you did there.

  • Dingus

    So this pretty much confirms the DLC isn’t free, I’m not surprised, but I’m still not happy.

  • Arcade Bumstead

    The NA version isn’t coming with the dlc? Screw that. I was gonna be okay with buying it again for the translation but I already bought all the dlc for the jp version.

  • Rafael Martines

    And here I go unlocking the costumes again… :(

  • Monterossa

    LOL who the hell wants Shigekiyo instead of Kira? OMG!! is it a permanently exclusive DLC? I’m gonna get mad if they don’t release it to the PSN someday.

    • Merveilles Lespace

      If it’s like most pre-order DLC, it’ll probably be available at launch or a couple weeks afterwards for a small price and this is just a bonus for people shilling out for the limited physical release.

  • it could always be a timed exclusive. i think there have been a few games that have exclusive dlc that later becomes free for all.

  • Herok♞

    Man, I was hyped for this but now I am less hyped, I thought they were just going to give us everything at once with no dlc since the fanbase isn’t as large outside of Japan but this sucks, how bad was character pricing for the dlc anyway?

    • Corn

      I believe when each character came out, they were 300 yen (~$3) for about a week. Then they returned to regular price of 600 yen (~$6). With 7 DLC characters to buy (assuming you get one of the pre-orders free) you’re looking at ~$42 for regular price, ~$21 at 50% off if you want all of them. Hopefully they offer the 50% off special in the West too.

  • D. Collins

    Yes finally! I get to play as CEASAR!!!!!!!!
    This is going to be great.

  • KonjikinoSora

    This is unfair, as Europe gets both characters for free. Either way, I don’t mind throwing extra money at this game. I’m just glad to see all of JoJo contained on one disk; I’m sick of buying Naruto every year.

    • SeventhEvening

      Well…. It’s a good selection of characters, but I’d bet there will be a sequel in a year or so. The game has less than 2% of all the Jojo characters and the game made enough money in Japan that I’m sure it will keep going.

      • KonjikinoSora

        That would be cool, but they would eventually start milking the series like they are with Naruto. Also, the sequels would gradually have lower chances of coming westward.

    • Hound

      I believe Namdai claimed that due to the success of the Jojo’s All Star Battle that the game would be able to see success similar to the Naruto series.

      So, I believe that we WILL be seeing yearly expansions of the game + DLC characters.

      • KonjikinoSora

        DLC in any possible sequels would definitely be a mistake, as the majority of the Japanese audience hated it in the current game. With the bad reputation the game has now, it would probably take a lot to make a significant profit off of the series in the future.

  • Shinobikens

    Wait so will I not be able to get Kira then if I don’t get it from Club Namco?

    • Hound

      Kira was available as paid DLC a few weeks (maybe a month?) after the game’s release in Japan (where first print copies got Kira for free.)

  • Scipio

    So I’m still reading part 4, how lost will I be if I play it?

    • SilvaStarRippa

      Not too lost, but the game does have characters from parts 5-8, so expect spoilers on things like Pucci’s stand abilities and part 5’s main antagonist, and part 7’s plot. And depending on where you are at part 4, Kira’s stand and appearance too. You’re set for part 8 since that’s still pretty new, even at 6 volumes released.

      • Scipio

        Guess I better get reading then.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Also worthy to note that the EU version comes on the 25th April.

  • Muffum

    I’m kind of confused by the people who expected the DLC characters to be free. Cheaper, maybe, but free?

    • Gemlit

      The reason why people are expecting DLC characters to be free is because of the competitive players of fighting games. Suppose if someone wants to get into that league but is unsure if this game is the best way to start in this culture. The player also might not like this game to start out with. And when the player is up against someone with a dlc character, that player will have a disadvantage. Some people don’t have that much money, or are have strict budgets.

      While I agree with you that this a business, and they should be entitled to getting more money, having characters playable only by dlc affects the whole community of fighters and the company’s integrity for the ethical violations of selling an unfinished product.

      • SeventhEvening

        This game is great, but it really, really, really isn’t a competitive fighter. It’s a game for fans. CC2 said so themselves many times and the game was so unbalanced when it released that it is laughable. It’s fun as hell, but seriously, it is not a game that belongs in serious tournaments.

        • Gemlit

          While I sort of agree with your opinion, I think Muffum was asking the question about the DLC characters for fighting games in general, not just for this game.

          And every fighting game, no matter what it is, has the potential to build a fighting game community around it and thus would and should be treated as such. It’s just natural.

          • Hound

            Not to mention that almost every fighting game has to get the fans interested in its expanded and upgraded sequel. “Buy our DLC characters” followed a year or two later by “Buy our expanded game” is horrifyingly bad for the genre.

            Especially since the games usually don’t have drastic changes cosmetically or mechanically (like strategy games may have). Characters will have different timings, new attacks, and maybe a new dodge or block system (and better balance), but rarely will the game appear (visually or conceptually) to be as much of a sequel as games from other genres.

    • Hound

      Japan got Kira (for first printings) and Fuugo for free, Europe is getting Shigekiyo and Kira for free, the US will getting one of the two free Euro characters in exchange for pre-ordering the game from either Amazon or Namco.

      We haven’t seen the DLC costs (which are notoriously high for Namco games in the US), but so far the US is getting screwed.

      • Muffum

        So far doesn’t mean much, if anything, though. Fugo wasn’t announced to be free for a while, so taking this as a sign that the US is being completely screwed in all aspects is overly reactionary.

        • Hound

          Fuugo was released one week after Shigekiyo in Japan and became free in Japan last September.

          Considering Jojo’s obscurity (and lack of releases) in the west, I can’t see why they would only announce two free characters in Europe (which are separated and pre-order only in the US) while holding back on Fuugo. There’s no hype to build up.

          Everyone that’s following (and therefore knows this release date) knows what characters are available and would only be less enticed by being told that we’re only getting one character compared to Japan and Europe’s two.

          Considering how it is with the Naruto games, we’ll probably also hear the announcement for the game’s sequel a few months after such a pre-order as well.

          • Muffum

            Two weeks. And was announced as free in the intervening week. After initially being announced as costing money when he was revealed on release day.

            And they’re holding back on the DLC characters in general; other than the announcement of Shigechi and Kira, all they’ve said about them is alluding to them through the blurb for the game saying it has 41 playable characters.

            They might ultimately screw over the US release, but seeing this as any indication of that is just being paranoid.

  • Zonic505

    Dang, I think they planned it so Kira was available from Club Namco to get more people to pre-order from them….I wanna pre-order from Amazon with my credit, but I want Kira….

    & guess this confirms the other 7 DLC characters aren’t included. Just hope they’re priced decently.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      How much does kira cost?

      • Zonic505

        No word on DLC pricing yet. Kira’s Club Namco exclusive at the moment. Though in Japan, the DLC characters cost 600 yen each, & with the exception of Fugo since he was free, that’s 4,800 yen or $46.56 to buy all of them. Which is why I hope the pricing in the US is done much more reasonable.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Yeah… nah man this is namco. they charge out the ass for DLC. Lol.

  • vileBrenman

    YES YES YES and I just caught up to the manga. I started reading it last summer. I’m really excited to play the game.

  • leingod

    I’m glad to know the release date, at least. Nice!

  • SlickRoach

    Only one more month till it comes out! I’d honestly pay $100 for the game alone on top of having to pay for DLC but I just love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure so that’s just me. But same goes for Disgaea DLC too.

  • Hound

    The text looks bad. They need a thicker border. I can imagine it being rather obnoxious to read during some of the cinematics.

  • Keko

    I was at least expecting to play as Kira, but looks like he’s exclusive to a NA-only store. Oh welp, I’ll just go and play my Japanese (and physical) copy…

    • Lots of DLC is done temporarily as a store exclusive. Heart and Thug were each store exclusive DLC characters for Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, but they both eventually became available for all (for some reason, it was instantly on the 360, but a few month wait for the PS3 version).

      So yeah, odds are, both will eventually be available for all to purchase.

      • Keko

        I hope so. Maybe I’ll end up buying the digital version if that’s the case. Though that still leaves the problem of all the other DLC characters staying as paid DLC characters.

  • ifidontwhowill

    So wait they are listing 42 characters as a selling point, but a couple of them are actually DLC that you have to pay for? That just seems shady. I’ll cancel my preorder if thats true.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    I’m guessing everyone’s excited about the playable demo coming to PSN next week.

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