Careful! You Can Accidentally Hurt Yourself In The New Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . March 10, 2014 . 2:00pm

Last week’s batch of Super Smash Bros.screenshots detailed a few more miscellaneous points about the game. Director Masahiro Sakurai touched upon various characters, gameplay mechanics and items that will be present in the 3DS and Wii U title.


Sakurai: “So far, which attack can blast away enemies the most dynamically… Is it King Dedede’s fully charged Jet Hammer? Nah, it can’t beat the K.O. uppercut. You can damage yourself by overcharging this attack, so watch out.”



Sakurai: “The Bumper is back with a detailed new design. This also means there will be no Flippers. Here’s the back side of the Bumper. There’s way too much detail put into the side you can’t really see. The designers really went overboard.”


Sakurai: “The twin grannies, Kotake and Koume, appear in Gerudo Valley! They’re definitely up to no good.”


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  • Christopher C

    So maybe the twin witches burn down the bridge?

    • Satori Satya

      Maybe they attack you.

      One witch could freeze you while the other witch could burn your bum.

  • Self harming in Smash Bros? Bitch that was so 2001!

    • PreyMantis

      Roy agrees.

      • O_O Master Clueless

        Ike too..

    • Anime10121

      Leh Pichu a Pi (flips hair and continue electrocuting itself) :P

  • OtoriGolden

    For a second I thought it was going to be another form of tripping…

    • The Watcher

      that was my immediate thought too

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Will this equal the tripping in Brawl?

    • Kaetsu

      It’s just one move in the game(could be a few others) and it doesn’t happen randomly.

    • hazelnut1112

      Happens a lot in previous games, even if you get the level 1 hammer for G&W he inflicts damage on himself instead.

  • ZnTxn

    Twinroba! Hope we get to see their fusion here <3

  • Crevox

    Dedede could always hurt himself, couldn’t he?

    • maelxich

      yes he always did with that move

  • David García Abril

    Wait, there will be a Gerudo Valley stage?!

    40000% SOLD!

    • Where have you been since the first trailer? The stage has appeared in many screenshots since. Although, I will admit, this is the first time Sakurai said it was Gerudo Valley…*ahem* I’m loving the fact Koume and Kotake are in it! ^_^

  • RazeXI

    the title of this article scared me a bit > _ >

  • Shadowman

    Dedede looking like you don’t want none of this!

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