Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Details The Origins Of The Akatsuki

By Ishaan . March 10, 2014 . 3:28pm

As reported last week, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution has over 50 minutes of original anime footage, and that the game will also detail the story of the Akatsuki.


Namco Bandai confirmed the news in the west this morning, stating that the new animated scenes will be “woven into gameplay” and will detail the origins of the Akatsuki group, including the story of how Pain and Konan expanded their crew.


Additionally, Namco shared that Akatsuki members such as Sasori, Kakuzu, and others will have new outfits designed by Naruto series creator Masashi Kishimoto.


  • idrawrobots

    That sounds awesome. I need to catch up on the show.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    the REAL details of the birth of the Akatsuki is Obito visiting Nagato as “Madara”, not these fanservice flashback

    • harmonyworld

      For real, but for those who like the game series, it’s just a neat little thing :3

    • Uh I think the article means their recruitment of the other new Akatsuki members like Kakuzu and Sasori. IIRC the manga/anime never showed when and how they were recruited.

    • Rayshawn Davis

      It’s about how the other members were round up, I think that is generally clear from the screenshots >.>

    • greeeed

      that was good Akatsuki story not evil one
      (the one start with only last two members alive -> Nagato and Kanon)

  • Suriel Cruz

    Judging those pics, the animation is the GOOD one. ^ ^

    • Pinwheel

      Good one what? Studio? Sorry if I’m a bit confused here. Just not sure how you can tell if the animation is good from.. well, screenshots.

      • Suriel Cruz

        Is hard to explain, but yeah… I can tell.
        Do you watch the anime?… If so, how you haven’t noticed the difference in certain episodes animation?
        For what I see, this OVA may have Naruto Shippuden episode 322 “Madara Uchiha” animation, which is SICK. Is because, there’s more movement, complexity, richness and detail to it and is not repetitive, the art looks smoothly. This animation is the reason why I keep watching Naruto… that and Madara Uchiha, of course! ^ ^

      • MaskedHero99

        It seems you just dont have the anime ppl only are able to awaken them

        Haha you see that narutos fans .did I nail it XD
        (IM A NARUTO FAN)

        • Pinwheel

          A bit cringe-worthy, but okay.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    Konan <3

  • BeatTheGG

    Meh I’m still on the fence on this game. I’ll admit though, the animation looks like it will be top notch (something that rarely happens in the actual show) One thing I’ll say is, I’d kind of like a chance to play as Yahiko himself along with that nifty sword he carried around during the flashback.

    Anyone else want to possibly see that, or am I alone?

    • Koibito888

      I personally would disagree honestly. Only because CC2 has made a point to not do things from Anime only filler. Their main source is the manga, any non-canon material they do is their own and I think that’s a great conviction to stand by. Yahiko just didn’t do that much in the manga and as such I feel like he wouldn’t be all that great in game.

      Not to mention these are costumes with possible changes so Yahiko would need an existing Akatsuki character to be a skin for. Nagato is an existing character so a new version of him just makes sense, but with Yahiko the only option is Pain and all of his moveset is under Nagato’s control, all of which he never had as Yahiko. I doubt they would revamp a whole moveset for a skin and as a separate character again I personally don’t feel he’s done enough to be one of the 19+ new slots we’ll get.

      • BeatTheGG

        Yahiko has made an appearance sporting a single jutsu in the manga though, so they wouldn’t need to do anime only sources. True Yahiko didn’t do much but it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve taken a single move and stretched it to larger proportions to make a character work. Just look at Karin, Kureni, Obito’s or all of the Jinchuuriki who’s movesets were completely made up for the most part.

        Yahiko doesn’t need to be a Nagato skin. I sort of meant as his own character. Using the Pain skin (with lack of piercings and brown eyes) wouldn’t require much work to animate differently. Since they’re giving origin stories to the Akatsuki now, it would make sense to have the guy who lead them before his untimely death is all.

        Also he has shown combat against Jiraya as a kid if I’m not mistaken. They can take a little of that too. And they said we’ll have over 100 characters some who have never been seen in a Naruto game before so chances are we could end up with someone way worse.

        • Koibito888

          Well first off lets exclude Kurenai from that because she shouldn’t be in the game at all, that’s why they had her as support any, Kurenai hasn’t been in since 1 so really she shouldn’t count. Karin was lucky, that was about it; Storm 2 happened just as Kurenai was an accessory to a whole arc. She was just important enough to the plot to be put in the game that came out when she was focused on in the anime. Obito has one move but he is a popular character, has a very versatile move (being fireball Jutsu) and the rest is just combos, they didn’t have to make up much for him but more so he is incredibly important. Jinchuriki were pretty much the same just more so.

          I know he doesn’t need to be his own skin, I was just talking of the possibility since that is the point of all these Akatsuki origin stuffs is costumes with possible differences. As for a skin though I’m saying he wouldn’t be because the effort to take an existing model and changing it to be completely different is enough effort that they may as well just make the new character.

          So onto the subject of him as his own character I’m just saying I don’t think he’s all that important as Yahiko. Personally I think his worth as a character was first as a plot device for Nagato and then as Pain. This is of course excluding anime filler since it’s non canon and this is CC2 we’re talking about. They could do it I’m just saying I think there are more important characters to put in as a new character aside from him and who knows, we’re getting a lot of characters and Akatsuki is being focused on so it’s possible. I’m just saying it’s odd for it to all be Akatsuki costumes then one character gets a whole new character. Honestly I’d rather see Zetsu than Yahiko. I just don’t think Yahiko is as cool or important as say Edo Kages, 6 Swordsmen, Gin/Kin, Kitsuchi, Sound 4, Zetsu, and the like. Know what I mean? Of course that’s just my opinion on the matter.

          • BeatTheGG

            I think you’re reading a bit too much into this dude. People want something new. He isn’t relevant sure but seeing as they might be adding part 1 characters (you didn’t hear that from me) and while Yahiko himself isn’t a very big character, his legacy, face and presence shaped nearly everything Nagato stood for and are well known enough to warrant a place on the roster. You can take whoever you want over him and I’d even agree to having BlacknWhite Zetsu, 6 Swordsmen or even the Gold and Silver Bros, but my point was I just thought it would be kind of neat is all. Plus the fact that like most Naruto games, we’ll get a refresher on what has happened in the story over the years, his opportunity to be important, even just for a little bit, will come again.

            Hanzo is in this game and seeing how they went through the trouble of making an animated scene of Pain killing him (see above^^^), the events leading up to that could very well be a flashback of that moment when Konan, Yahiko and Nagato faced him, leading to Yahi’s death Nagato snapping. You never know.

          • Koibito888

            I am but reading into it is how you figure out who has the chances or not of being in the next game. Depends on why you think Part 1 will be a thing; if it’s because CC2 said Part 1 will be in, no, they say that about every game with Part 1 in it. If you mean because Generations went back to pull older characters in and this game is the same kind of game then sure, it’s possible but I really think that’ll only amount to Sound 4, at least I hope. But that’s irrelevant because Yahiko isn’t a Part 1 character.

            See I’m not saying he shouldn’t be in, just that most characters should be in first. Even his ‘legacy’ only amounts really to a part of Nagato’s legacy really, all his character is is a plot device for Nagato with only one canon move. He could very well be in but personally I just don’t think he’d be a very cool character to play as. I think instead we’ll just get an updated Pain. I’d like that to happen anyway but yeah.

            I just personally can’t see it. That’s all, I’m not saying you’re wrong or that he can’t be in, just that I personally don’t think he’d be all that great.

          • BeatTheGG

            Actually, regarding the part 1 thing, it was just a rumor I read on some site that they were considering adding part one characters the likes that we haven’t yet seen in the Storm series. Think Iruka, Anko, Shizune and Baku. Again this is just a rumor and I too lay in hopes of the sound 4 finally getting in FINALLY.

            And again I honestly have to disagree to that kind of thinking when it regards to a sub entry and not a mainline one. Much like Generations, they can afford to jack around with filler stuff and this big “what if” scenario seems like it will likely be where most of the stories work will be (Though whether they will continue the main story or not is debatable but this game seems like too much of a rushed job) I bring this up to remind us that the main story will likely be at a stand still (for the most part) and with them attempting to give a spine to some of our backstory areas, why Yahiko and maybe even Hanzo before he died would make sense to me. In order for them to supply the 100+ characters they promised, they’ll have to throw in some irrelevant characters (which now that I think about it would be the Edo Kage’s, 6 Mist swordsmen etc. at this point) Omoi, Karui, Tsuchikage’s two students, Chojiro, Mu, Danzo’s body guards, Tobi without the mask an updated Madara are all what I’m expecting to be honest.

            As for his legacy? It happened to shape Nagato’s entire image in the manga, plot device or not, he was the face of the Akatsuki and our believed antagonist until we saw what Nagato really looked like. Think young Obito and Kakashi and tell me it’s still ridiculous. To each their own I guess.

          • Koibito888

            I wonder what their reason for this rumor is. I mean even a rumor has to hold up to a standard of having reasoning other than someone said it. I don’t mean that as in your reasoning I mean I wonder where the guy online you heard it from got such a thing. I’d love if they gave us stuff like that, hell, imagine the Sound 3 even. People have wanted them forever and they’ve never been in a game ever at all. Storm would be the place to do it lol but I doubt it. Sound 4 is reasonable in my eyes but yeah.

            Ehh depends on what you mean. Even when they jack around they still never mess with filler (thank god), when they jack around we get stuff like Zabuza and Haku and Hanzo and that kind of stuff, they still don’t deal with existing non-canon. If anything is non-canon they make it up themselves and even then they always get Kishi involved so it’s almost more canon than anime filler really.

            The main story will continue though, they said so in the latest interview that the story from 3 will continue. I don’t know if this means going back into the war to give us means of Edo Kage and all that and overwriting the non-canon ending of 3 or if this literally will continue from Obito’s return. But the main story has been said to continue.

            Well lets think about that for a sec: At a minimum we’ll have 19 new characters to hit 100. I personally think the 4 clone slots (Edo Itachi, Samehada Bee, Gaara, Butterfly Chouji) are going to be condensed. They got a lot of flack for those slots and to see them carry over… It just doesn’t seem like what they’d do. So I’m estimating a minimum of 23 new slots.

            With that said we have a few confirmed:
            Mecha Naruto
            New Naruto
            New Sasuke
            4 Edo Kage

            So we have 7 there, here’s what I’m expecting:
            – Maskless Obito
            – 6 Swordsmen
            – Gin/Kin (I still think they’ll be one slot like Pain, they are too similar)
            – I honestly think Kitsuchi is viable since he’s the last general of the allied forces that isn’t playable and who also has a good few canon Jutsu.
            – Chojirou only on merit that both he has an in game model and that 6 swordsmen makes him relevant.
            – Sound 4
            – Zetsu in some form maybe?

            That’s 23 right there. We should be getting more than that obviously but I don’t see Edo Hokage getting a new slot nor do I see a flashback alive Madara getting one, I think they will be in the same slot. After that I would more so hope for what you suggested, the never before Part 1 stuff, Sound 3, Anko, Iruka maybe. All of those I would rather before just Yahiko.

            And see to me personally I just see that as not important to his own character, only Nagato’s. He made Nagato a character and to me was only really all that cool as Pain, with Nagato’s six paths powers and that’s it. That beloved face of Akatsuki before we knew about Nagato was Pain, not Yahiko, in a sense the two were too different to be the same entity in my opinion. I just don’t see Yahiko being a thing. And Young Kakashi and Obito had an entire mini arc that was canon dedicated to them. That’s not ridiculous at all from what I can see.

          • BeatTheGG

            I’d have to dig around for a link unfortunately but honestly I don’t expect that much from CC2 to surprise me as of yet. Also you mean those team Dosu guys? Yeah I had been asking for them for years. Too bad I can’t really see it happening though. Would be cool never the less.

            I guess my term for filler could be a stretch when it comes to the games. My best example is the Part 1 vs Part 2 stuff, not really involving anime only to stall from the manga.

            That’s a relief to hear but how much of it will they continue? By the looks of things they wont try and catch up with what’s currently happening in the manga (probably holding off for a 4th installment) but oddly enough not too much outside of the current battle has really happened in this war ( well story progression wise a lot has happen but they mostly accomplished nothing but an on and off fight with the same two guys and the 10 tails. And jeez this scenario has been going on for forever now) What I’m wondering is will we be getting to the whole Juubito thing?

            Wow now that you’ve brought the clone thing to the table, this new roster could get pretty underwhelming pretty quickly. Zetsu seems like an odd choice to me though. Would he be treated like a generic character with low health and an underwhelming moveset or do you think the swirly or black zetsu would be something to fish for? Now that I bring up generics, wouldn’t it be a surprise if they decided to make a samurai from the land of iron viable for the roster? I know DBZ has been doing something like that with Saibamen. Well as long as I get my Anko and the Sound 4 from part 1 I’ll reach some form of satisfaction (yes I’m that horrible lol)

            Alright you make a valid point. I guess it must have slipped my mind that the Kakashi flashback arc wasn’t just a filler because it keeps getting reinterpreted some many times, you would think it’s original use was superfluous. I mean Yahiko did have a major role during Jiraya’s long winded flashback on how the Sanin has taken the three orphans in… though you’re right it wasn’t the length of an entire arc.

          • Koibito888

            I expect a lot from CC2, if it were true, like lets say if they did announce something like “part 1 characters are returning, plus some you may not expect” or something vague, I’d see Sound 4 first but if they did that and still intended to bring an unexpected thing in I’d see them, Dosu and them yeah, before anyone else; at least I’d like to see them, or anyone before Kurenai… Yuck.

            Oh okay that makes sense if that’s what you mean by ‘filler’ haha.

            Well catching up wouldn’t be a thing they hold off on to hold out for a 4th, they literally couldn’t catch up, it’s impossible. A game’s plot has to be at least planned already by the time it’s announced. The latest they could go would be Juubito, specifically his defeat as that was the latest chapter out when this game was announced. Not to mention it is a really prime stopping point for the main plot. I’d hope they go that far, that would be perfect.

            Well see that’s my point is I don’t think it’ll get underwhelming, I think they’ll do away with the actual clone slots (‘actual’ because no matter what anyone says, the Naruto’s and Sasuke’s are not clone slots) because they got a lot of flak for them and when redesigning a character roster aesthetic like they do every game, it just seems too sloppy to carry them over, I don’t think they will have clone slots.

            As for Zetsu, who knows… It’d be interesting to see any really. In theory they could do full Akatsuki Zetsu. It’d be odd but theoretically we do know most of what both white and black Zetsu can do so they could. It’s probably not gonna happen though. Yeah, I really want Sound 4 and Anko would be cool.

            Haha yeah that happens to me too, I forget about the canonicity of it often but it in fact is haha.

  • Narrator 1

    I see they’re finally putting Hiruko into the game.

    Storm 2 would have had you thinking Deidara attacked the Hidden Sand alone.

    • BeatTheGG

      I know right? It’s about time too. And I also hope Kakuzu and Hidan manage to get full Akatsuki cloaks for once. It always irked me for some reason.

  • So we have an origin story on how Nagato made the Akatsuki his own and how it is today back when Naruto kicked Pain’s ass, an origin story on how Yahiko, Nagato and Konan formed and built up the Akatsuki recently and now this game is going to have an origin story on how Nagato or Obito/Tobi/Madara got the Akatsuki members we all know and love/hate. Why not make it all one origin story in one go rather than several stories throughout the series and games? Oh wait, I forgot, this is Naruto. As much as I love Naruto, especially the manga, the anime writers have royally fucked the anime. At least Kishimoto’s working on it as well.

  • MaskedHero99

    Fine ok fine jus great , thx alot

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh, so the story of how each Akatsuki member got recruited to the crew? Wonder if they will make an animated episode of it too, or if that info will be confined to this game… and how canon it will really be, you never know how these cross-media things will really affect the plot after all.

    • Koibito888

      Well canonicity depends completely on the writer so it depends on how involved he is. We know he designed the outfits of the costumes we’re getting so at least those outfits are their canon pre-Akatsuki appearances for the new ones like Sasori and Kakuzu.

  • megaten666

    So Naruto is the new FIFA, or what? New year, new Naruto?
    I wouldn’t mind, if CC2 would actually bother to change some combos, or update some characters and tweak the gameplay more, because I don’t find the Storm games good competitive ones. The PS2 era had really good and competitive Naruto games.

    • Koibito888

      First off the games are not supposed to be competitive, that’s the whole point. It’s an anime game, it’s point is that it is supposed to do it’s best to replicate the anime, to have combos and moves and supers and ultimates go off as close to as they would in the anime so that you become immersed in the experience as if you were the characters you like so much conducting a battle straight from the series itself. Yes as a fighter there are MINOR flaws that get slowly fixed as the series goes on but the fact that the main focus is not being a competitive game is not a negative point, it’s a good thing. More anime games need to be like that in my opinion.

      Second of all, being competitive or not has absolutely nothing to do with what you are mentioning about this game. No fighter ever, not even the most competitive fighters ever change every character’s combos every game. Some characters in some games have had the same movesets for a decade and no one counts it as something bad.

      Also CC2 DOES tweak the gameplay. They balanced a couple characters in 3, revamped the substitution mechanic in Generations, made the game faster as it goes along and this game has the most yet; new typing mechanics, tweaks like taking out the invincibility frames during Ultimate Jutsu, new game modes, more characters than we’ve ever gotten between Storm games, they are literally updating everything there is to a fighter.

      Is it the perfect fighter? No, but it sure is the perfect anime game series. Besides it’s also still fun, none of the things that could do with fixing ruin the game, they barely hinder the fun at all. More so when they do get fixed it just makes the game better than it already is.

      • megaten666

        “First off the games are not supposed to be competitive, that’s the whole point.”
        LOLWTF to the max!!!
        It’s a 1v1 fighting game. It has multiplayer == it’s meant to be competitive. Being something an anime game or not is not relevant. It only affects the art direction. Using Substitution Jutsu is way too easy, and the matches consisting nothing more than charging chakra, then Substitute Jutsu the living s**t out of yourself when caught in a combo.

        On the other hand, single player campaign is epic. Really the best representation of the series so far. It’s just the game mechanics that feels lackluster compared to past titles from CC2.

        • Koibito888

          And that logic would work if it were just a fighting game but it’s not. The simple fact that it’s based on a series means it’s made first and foremost for fans of that series, ergo it’s first job is to represent the series and bring the player into the experience of the series, to make you feel like you’re in the series itself, not just a fighting game that happens to have Naruto characters in it.

          I’m not saying it shouldn’t have a competitive edge to it, just that it’s not as important as the first job of the game. The focus should first and foremost be on the series and tight competitive mechanics should be second and clearly CC2 agrees because that’s how these games work, the priority clearly is the series experience while the tweaks made to the gameplay get better each time. The competition is important but the bigger part is that the game actually has a soul to it so to speak, it has significance to the movements and to the experience. It’s not just about “hey I beat my friend” it’s not about the player, it’s about making you feel in the shoes of the character you play, it’s about pulling off such epic moves and fights that they feel like they come from the series. Do you get what I’m saying here? Competition is there and good and getting better but the lack of does not hinder the game at all because the game is still fun and it perfectly completes it’s main job, that’s my point.

          Substitution is too easy, yes but that’s also the point. It’s way too easy to use them up and leave you vulnerable to the opponent to just beat the snot out of you. It adds a layer of strategy to the game, to use them sparingly so that you don’t spam them and if you do you pretty much lost.

          My point is that the mechanics to me don’t feel lack luster because the mechanics set in place create that series replicating experience, especially when they add a lot like I listed in the last post. That’s what it’s meant for, but just because the game isn’t uber tight and competitively perfect is in no way to say that the mechanics are lack luster and especially not to say that it’s the same game each time. It’s not the perfect fighter but it’s still a really fun fighter but it IS the perfect anime game, it replicates the series to a tee and that’s what anime games need to do.

          So it’s a perfect anime game and it’s a really fun fighter that becomes a better fighter with each game as well as each game adding quite a good bit to each installment. At that point I’d say it’s GOOD that it’s not a competitive game because competitive fighters are rarely ever about the characters or the showmanship, it’s all about the player and who can beat who, no story, no depth, no context. Since this is an anime game, a game based on something with story, depth, context, it should be about that, not the player. As such this game takes the other route and that is a rare occurrence, it doesn’t make it bland or lack luster, it’s just different, a good kind of different.

          • STigersPrank

            I totally agree with you plus the tiny unbalance is great so you feel really kisame is hard to beat and in the anime ofc not different a really tough enemy… naruto is a perfect comeback character aswell as bee and madara is untouchable -> in the game he has long arms and is for known players an easy catch :D

          • Koibito888

            See you get it. It feels like the series and that’s the point.

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