J-Stars Victory Vs.’s Boss Can Mimic The Game’s Other Characters

By Ishaan . March 12, 2014 . 10:22am

Wondering who will serve as the boss for J-Stars Victory Vs.? The latest issue of Jump in Japan reveals that the boss spot will be filled out by something called the “Dark Phantom,” who has the ability to mimic the game’s other characters, along with their powers.  (Thanks, kazu4281)


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  • WolfDuo

    I thought It’d be too hard to set one main boss. Making a mimicing phantom seem the most logical way.

    Making a hybrid character from various manga’s could do more harm than good.

    • katamari damacy

      Dr. Mashirito. He’s from Dr. Slump AND the man is he based off of is the chief editor of jump. So he works in a meta sense

  • ragingmerifes

    ANOTHER final boss that can mimic characters instead of having an unique moveset. Bah.

    • Rafael Martines

      Why not just put Gintoki as a boss? XD

      • anthony apduhan

        He will turn into a Silver Beast and he will be OP…

    • WolfDuo

      So do you mean thats you’d rather have an already rostered character but with additions ‘boss’ movie sets? Or A completely diffrent character or hybrid character?

      • ragingmerifes

        Maybe an hybrid/original or MAYBE, just maybe, a villain from a really obscure series that no one will complain about.

        • WolfDuo

          I’d go with a obscure characte. But hybrids would most likely damage a current manga.. Well unless it’s from the same universe.

          Though, as someone stated. I wouldn’t of minded a character from the roster with additional cpu only attacks… Something like their super mode though whole battle.

  • Mind0105A

    This is what I learned from MUGEN so far. To make a new boss, just add the same character, but with two or three additional moves that only the boss AI can do. This way you will make a new boss, but with less effort.

    • Kaihedgie

      That was done long before MUGEN

      • Mind0105A

        Should be obvious, because MUGEN characters are made from old characters. So, it’s just like the axis of symmetry in math.

        Well, it also depends more on what “old” you mean, maybe my “old” is different than your “old. That is another factor that effects the meaning too.

  • ZetaSiren

    As long as the boss isnt given all the spammy moves like Seth from sfiv we should be good haha

  • Kaihedgie

    Even today, people still ride on the coattails of Shang Tsung

    And I approve

  • J_Joestar

    “Can Mimic the game’s other characters”
    First thing i thought of when reading the title was “The End”
    Although reading more it seems closer to the “Metonymy” Style instead.

  • Aww i was hoping it would be Dr.Mashirito messing shit up like it was in JSS & JUS.

  • Thatguy


    It’s JUMP mascot – pirate from cover, who want to play with characters for fun

  • RichyGaming

    This should have been expected though.

  • Yan Zhao

    So basically a lazy boss. K

    • Just Tim

      Rugal wished to be that kind of boss back in 1994 + his own broken attacks. :P

  • TheGameTagerZ

    Fully translated. But yeah lazy boss battle.


  • ThomasTruong

    With cross-over games, I’m not surprised.

    Reminds me of Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos, in which 2/3rds of the game was spent fighting Melona recolored clones of your characters.

    Or much of Dissidia in general.

  • Lifestreamer

    I saw it coming….
    Typical crossover stuff.

    I was secretely hoping for a new version of Kazuhiko Torishima…
    Oh well.

  • eilegz

    i wait for review on this one, i have my doubts hopefully im wrong and this game its gonna be epic…

  • Arcana Drill

    I hope that are some secret characters… it would be neat being surprised.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Well Namco said there would be no paid DLC but there’s still chances of non-paid.

      If not well, this is the final roster

  • …From that screenshot, seems the final boss is a freakin’ Shang Tsung with the ability to morph into any characters.

  • KnifeAndFork

    How was this “expected”?

    This wasn’t the case for Famicom Jump, Famicom Jump 2, Jump! Superstars, Jump! Ultimate Stars (which had Dr. Mashiroto from Dr Slump as the final boss), Namco Super Wars, Namco x Capcom, Project X Zone, Battle Stadium D.O.N., Dream Mix World TV Fighters, Sunday vs Magazine, Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost, Or any of the Capcom VS series, so why should it now?

    You’re just making apologetic excuses for laziness..

  • katamari damacy

    That’s pretty lame.
    Mr. Mashirito in Jump Ultimate Stars as the last boss was great as he worked both as a character from Dr. Slump and in the Meta sense as explained in Bakuman, the man Mashirito is based off of is the chief editor of Jump.

  • Servant BerserCAR

    The last boss is probably Shinnok.

  • [S]unjay

    Genkisihi from KHR?

  • JoJo_718

    Lazy boss, Dr. Mashirito or Dr. Hell would’ve been better.

  • Namuro

    I was expecting to see who the big boss could be, or at least an original boss character that combines the best of all the famous villains or something…

    This is just lazy…

  • Zeta Kondom

    A final boss should be a giant who covers almost the whole screen like in Marvel vs Capcom

  • J_Joestar

    Should have been Anshin’in-san (but sealed version so they stand a remote chance)

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